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Margaret Thatcher

Author : George Gardiner
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Margaret Thatcher s Revolution Revised Edition

Author : Subroto Roy
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"With a new preface by Sir Peregrine Worsthorne"--Cover.

Margaret Thatcher on Leadership

Author : Nile Gardiner
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This inspirational and practical guide for conservatives combines stories from Lady Thatcher’s life with principles and strategies conservatives can apply to their challenges today. Nile Gardiner and Stephen Thompson outline the critical lessons conservatives can learn from Lady Thatcher on articulating conservative principles to a broader audience, cutting through bureaucratic messes to achieve goals, and standing up to aggressive regimes.

Margaret Thatcher

Author : Robert Philpot
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Margaret Thatcher's premiership changed the face of modern Britain. Yet few people know of the critical role played by Jews in sparking and sustaining her revolution. Was this chance, choice, or simply a reflection of the fact that, as the Iron Lady herself said: ‘I just wanted a Cabinet of clever, energetic people and frequently that turned out to be the same thing’? In this book, the first to explore Mrs Thatcher’s relationship with Britain’s Jewish community, Robert Philpot shows that her regard did not come simply from representing a constituency with more Jewish voters than any other, but stretched back to her childhood. She saw her own philosophical beliefs expressed in the values of Judaism – and in it, too, she saw elements of her beloved father’s Methodist teachings. Margaret Thatcher: The Honorary Jew explores Mrs Thatcher’s complex and fascinating relationship with the Jewish community and draws on archives and a wide range of memoirs and exclusive interviews, ranging from former Cabinet ministers to political opponents. It reveals how Immanuel Jakobovits, the Chief Rabbi, assisted her fight with the Church of England and how her attachment to Israel led her to internal battles as a member of Edward Heath’s government and as Prime Minister, as well as examining her relationships with various Israeli leaders.

Margaret Thatcher

Author : Charles Moore
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Not For Turning is the first volume of Charles Moore's authorized biography of Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving Prime Minister of the twentieth century and one of the most influential political figures of the postwar era. Charles Moore's biography of Margaret Thatcher, published after her death on 8 April 2013, immediately supercedes all earlier books written about her. At the moment when she becomes a historical figure, this book also makes her into a three dimensional one for the first time. It gives unparalleled insight into her early life and formation, especially through her extensive correspondence with her sister, which Moore is the first author to draw on. It recreates brilliantly the atmosphere of British politics as she was making her way, and takes her up to what was arguably the zenith of her power, victory in the Falklands. (This volume ends with the Falklands Dinner in Downing Street in November 1982.) Moore is clearly an admirer of his subject, but he does not shy away from criticising her or identifying weaknesses and mistakes where he feels it is justified. Based on unrestricted access to all Lady Thatcher's papers, unpublished interviews with her and all her major colleagues, this is the indispensable, fully rounded portrait of a towering figure of our times.

Margaret Thatcher s Case Against Democratic Socialism and Keynesian Economics

Author : Eric R. Crouse
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The author argues that Margaret Thatcher's free-market arguments highlighted the economic shortcomings of Keynesianism and socialism and paved the way for a significant realignment of the Conservative Party and re-thinking of British economics.

Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan

Author : J. Cooper
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A new exploration of the relationship between the Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan administrations in domestic policy. Using recently released documentary material and extensive research interviews, James Cooper demonstrates how specific policy transfer between these 'political soul mates' was more limited than is typically assumed.

A Communication Perspective on Margaret Thatcher

Author : Janet L. Fallon
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This book looks at British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher from 1975 through 1991, during which Mrs. Thatcher was Conservative Party Leader and then Prime Minister. Janet Fallon emphasizes her rhetorical appeals to enact a vision of social, economic, and political change in Britain.

Margaret Thatcher the Conservative Party and the Northern Ireland Conflict 1975 1990

Author : Stephen Kelly
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The first woman elected to lead a major Western power and the longest serving British prime minister for 150 years, Margaret Thatcher is arguably one the most dominant and divisive forces in 20th-century British politics. Yet there has been no overarching exploration of the development of Thatcher's views towards Northern Ireland from her appointment as Conservative Party leader in 1975 until her forced retirement in 1990. In this original and much-needed study, Stephen Kelly rectifies this. From Thatcher's 'no surrender' attitude to the Republican hunger strikes to her nurturing role in the early stages of the Northern Ireland peace process, Kelly traces the evolutionary and sometimes contradictory nature of Thatcher's approach to Northern Ireland. In doing so, this book reflects afresh on the political relationship between Britain and Ireland in the late-20th century. An engaging and nuanced analysis of previously neglected archival and reported sources, Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative Party and the Northern Ireland Conflict, 1975-1990 is a vital resource for those interested in Thatcherism, Anglo-Irish relations, and 20th-century British political history more broadly.

A Journey with Margaret Thatcher

Author : Robin Renwick
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In a remarkably candid new book, former high-ranking diplomat Robin Renwick provides a fascinating insight into Margaret Thatcher's performances on the world stage. He examines her successes, including the defeat of aggression in the Falklands, her contribution to the ending of the Cold War and her role in the Anglo-Irish agreement; her special relationship with Mikhail Gorbachev and what the Americans felt to be the excessive influence she exerted over Ronald Reagan, and attitudes towards F. W. de Klerk and Nelson Mandela; and what she herself acknowledged as her spectacular failure in resisting German reunification. He describes at first hand her often turbulent relationships with other European leaders and her arguments with Cabinet colleagues about European monetary union (in which regard, he contends, her arguments have stood the test of time and are highly relevant to the crisis in the eurozone today). Finally, he tells of her bravura performance in the run-up to the Gulf War, her calls for intervention in Bosnia and the difficulties she created for her successor. While her faults were on the same scale as her virtues, Margaret Thatcher succeeded in her mission to restore Britain's standing and influence, in the process becoming a cult figure in many other parts of the world. Including material from the recently released War Cabinet files on the Falklands conflict, this book is an important exploration of an outstanding world leader.