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Marching Powder

Author : Thomas McFadden
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Rusty Young was backpacking in South America when he heard about Thomas McFadden, a convicted English drug trafficker who ran tours inside Bolivia's notorious San Pedro prison. Intrigued, the young Australian journalist went to La Paz and joined one of Thomas's illegal tours. They formed an instant friendship and then became partners in an attempt to record Thomas's experiences in the jail. Rusty bribed the guards to allow him to stay and for the next three months he lived inside the prison, sharing a cell with Thomas and recording one of the strangest and most compelling prison stories of all time. The result is Marching Powder. This book establishes that San Pedro is not your average prison. Inmates are expected to buy their cells from real estate agents. Others run shops and restaurants. Women and children live with imprisoned family members. It is a place where corrupt politicians and drug lords live in luxury apartments, while the poorest prisoners are subjected to squalor and deprivation. Violence is a constant threat, and sections of San Pedro that echo with the sound of children by day house some of Bolivia's busiest cocaine laboratories by night. In San Pedro, cocaine--"Bolivian marching powder"--makes life bearable. Even the prison cat is addicted. Yet Marching Powder is also the tale of friendship, a place where horror is countered by humor and cruelty and compassion can inhabit the same cell. This is cutting-edge travel-writing and a fascinating account of infiltration into the South American drug culture.

Marching Powder

Author : Rusty Young
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San Pedro is Bolivia's most notorious prison. Small-time drug smuggler Thomas McFadden found himself on the inside. Marching Powder is the story of how he navigated this dark world of gangs, drugs and corruption to come out on top. Thomas found himself in a bizarre world, the prison reflecting all that is wrong with South American society. Prisoners have to pay an entrance fee and buy their own cells (the alternative is to sleep outside and die of exposure), prisoners' wives and children often live inside too, high quality cocaine is manufactured and sold from the prison. Thomas ended up making a living by giving backpackers tours of the prison – he became a fixture on the backpacking circuit and was named in the Lonely Planet guide to Bolivia. When he was told that for a bribe of $5000 his sentence could be overturned, it was the many backpackers who'd passed through who sent him the money. Written by lawyer Rusty Young, Marching Powder – sometimes shocking, sometimes funny – is a riveting story of survival.

The Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs

Author : Richard Lawrence Miller
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Draws together information from a variety of sources to list and describe more than 130 addictive drugs, including both natural substances and pharmaceutical products.

The Paris Review Book

Author : The Paris Review
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An exciting new anthology from the journal Time magazine called "the biggest 'little magazine' in history." To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the venerable Paris Review, Picador is proud to publish a unique anthology based on the themes of modern life. Like the work of the writers included, this book will inspire a dizzying range of thought and emotion, serving as a cumulative and breathtaking "mirror" to the world we live in. To appear: Jack Kerouac Norman Mailer Louise Erdrich Jonathan Franzen Gabriel García Márquez William Burroughs Denis Johnson David Foster Wallace Raymond Carver Italo Calvino Grace Paley and many more.


Author : Bruce Porter
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BLOW is the unlikely story of George Jung's roller coaster ride from middle-class high school football hero to the heart of Pablo Escobar's Medellin cartel-- the largest importer of the United States cocaine supply in the 1980s. Jung's early business of flying marijuana into the United States from the mountains of Mexico took a dramatic turn when he met Carlos Lehder, a young Colombian car thief with connections to the then newly born cocaine operation in his native land. Together they created a new model for selling cocaine, turning a drug used primarily by the entertainment elite into a massive and unimaginably lucrative enterprise-- one whose earnings, if legal, would have ranked the cocaine business as the sixth largest private enterprise in the Fortune 500. The ride came to a screeching halt when DEA agents and Florida police busted Jung with three hundred kilos of coke, effectively unraveling his fortune. But George wasn't about to go down alone. He planned to bring down with him one of the biggest cartel figures ever caught. With a riveting insider account of the lurid world of international drug smuggling and a super-charged drama of one man's meteoric rise and desperate fall, Bruce Porter chronicles Jung's life using unprecedented eyewitness sources in this critically acclaimed true crime classic.

Turing s Delirium

Author : Edmundo Paz Soldan
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A chilling literary thriller follows the leader of a group of computer hackers who oppose the government and the big corporations, the founder of the government's code-breaking unit, and a government agent who fears he works for the wrong side. By the author of The Matter of Desire. Reprint.


Author : Ken Bruen
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Somewhere in the teeming heart of London is a man on a lethal mission. His cause: a long-overdue lesson on the importance of manners. When a man gives a public tongue-lashing to a misbehaving child, or a parking lot attendant is rude to a series of customers, the "Manners Killer" makes sure that the next thing either sees is the beginning of his own grisly end. When he starts mailing letters to the Southeast London police squad, he'll soon find out just how bad a man's manners can get. The Southeast is dominated by the perpetual sneer of one Inspector Brant, and while he might or might not agree with the killer's cause and can even forgive his tactics to some degree, Brant is just ornery enough to employ his trademark brand of amoral, borderline-criminal policing to the hunt for the Manners Killer. For if there's one thing that drives the incomparable inspector, it's the unshakeable conviction that if anyone is going to be getting away with murder on his patch, it'll be Brant himself, thank you very much. Ken Bruen's Calibre is original and astonishing hard-boiled noir.

Dictionary of Contemporary Slang

Author : Tony Thorne
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With more than 7,000 definitions, this book provides a definitive guide to the use of slang today. It deals with drugs, sport and contemporary society, as well as favourite slang topics such as sex and bodily functions. In this convenient paperback edition of the highly acclaimed Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, language and culture expert Tony Thorne explores the ever-changing underworld of the English language, bringing back intriguing examples of eccentricity and irreverence from the linguistic front-line. "Thorne is a kind of slang detective, going down the streets where other lexicographers fear to tread." Daily Telegraph

Beating Cancer A Miracle on the NHS

Author : Simon Riley
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This is cancer story with an upbeat ending. Simon had only just had his second child when he was told he had myeloma and it was incurable. But he decided to fight it, and with the help of his brilliant doctors, defied the odds to return to health. It is a moving, sometimes funny story that will deliver hope to other sufferers and their loved ones.


Author : Martel Maxwell
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Meet Max and Lucy Summers - half-sisters and the best of friends. Max is a gorgeous showbiz reporter whose life is a whirlwind of celebrity parties, glamorous bars, juicy gossip and gorgeous men. Lucy, a beautiful, elegant fashion writer, has always been the sensible one, taking care of her little sister and never seeking the limelight. But that all changes when she falls for Hartley, Britain's sexiest royal bachelor, and her lovelife is suddenly splashed across the front pages of the tabloids. And when Hartley's ex-girlfriend starts scheming to get her man back, Lucy realizes that she's up against more than just the paparazzi... Meanwhile Max, tired of the non-stop partying that her job entails, has finally met the perfect man but when she finds out who he really is, she realizes that they can't be together. Can Max walk away from the love of her life? And will Lucy play the fame game in order to keep hers?

The Head Mistress

Author : Brandi L. Bates
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You were introduced to Milan, femme fatale of all femme fatales in Amid the Cacophony of Cries. What happens when this elite escort is given the keys to her on-again, off-again lover's international cocaine trafficking empire? What happens when she's expected to shoulder the burdens and blessings of spearheading all of his business operations, upscale call-girl ring, and handling his enemies? Milan is more ruthless than ever in The Head Mistress. She becomes the first woman to unwittingly inherit an international underground drug network which grosses over $12 million a month, in the formerly male dominated trafficking world of Kevin Restrepo and his Restrepo Cartel. An incest victim molested by her own uncle, turned elite call girl who came from the gritty streets of Los Angeles, Milan comes to terms with untold demons. Her Puerto Rican lover grants her access to the workings of his underground drug network. When he gets arrested by the feds she is expected to pick up where he leaves off. Sudden promotion puts her in the line of fire of a very wealthy, feared, and deadly man. She learns that she's a marked woman and there's a hit out on her life. Amid a cesspool of betrayal, Kevin's younger brother and business partner falls madly in love with Milan. What ensues is a lusty, tempestuous, kinky, torrid triangle of sorts. Being the promiscuous scandal-magnet that she is, Milan befriends a married woman who is highly curious about a bisexual relationship but waffles because of her commitment to God and her marriage to a prominent pastor of a world-renowned mega church in Brooklyn. While Milan miraculously survives brush after brush with death, new enemies materialize and old enemies resurface. Strap on your seatbelt! Hold on as you plunge into the world of The Head Mistress.


Author : Craig Holden
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Darcy Arlen, a beautiful young American, is dangerously bored. Though she's on a very pricey tour of Europe, she's already sick of museums and ruins, and eager for distraction. After slipping away from the group one afternoon, she meets Will, an attractive young drifter who carries about him the scent of true adventure. Will invites Darcy back to the hostel where he's been staying and introduces her to Justine, his darkly seductive lover and mentor. Justine, a master of the con, senses a grand opportunity in this amenable blonde. She and Will manage to turn things so that Darcy not only accompanies them to Venice, but finances the trip as well. There they meet Maurice, a shady figure who offers them a job smuggling an important package to Greece. As the threesome travels across Europe toward the island of Crete, what unfolds is an astonishing tale of shifting alliances and shocking betrayals, of sexual obsession and mercenary enterprise, of conflicting passions and fateful choices. When the adventurers finally reach the village of Matala with the package in hand, they learn that what they have delivered is more valuable, and the repercussions of their involvement more terrifying, than they ever could have imagined. Endlessly surprising and altogether riveting, Matala is an unforgettable novel about the intersection of love and ruthlessness.

Lunar Park

Author : Bret Easton Ellis
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He became a bestselling novelist while still in college, immediately famous and wealthy. He watched his insufferable father reduced to a bag of ashes in a safety-deposit box. He was lost in a haze of booze, drugs and vilification. Then he was given a second chance. This is the life of Bret Easton Ellis, the author and subject of this remarkable novel. Confounding one expectation after another, Lunar Park is equally hilarious, horrifying and heartbreaking. It’s the most original novel of an extraordinary career – and best of all: it all happened, every word is true.

Ham Bones

Author : Carolyn Haines
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Carolyn Haines's Southern Belle mysteries kick sleuthing up a notch with Sarah Booth Delaney, the sassiest heroine this side of the Mississippi. . . Displaced from its New Orleans venue, a red-hot touring production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is opening right in the heart of Zinnia, and featuring hunky star Graf Mileau! Sarah Booth, who had her own brief stint with Mileau himself, is less than thrilled. Graf is now linked with his costar, Renata Troviola, a dyed-in-the-wool diva who plans to ride Graf's coattails all the way to Hollywood. But Renata's trip to the top comes to a screeching halt on the play's second night when someone laces her lipstick with cyanide. It seems Renata was stirring up plenty of drama behind the scenes, making enemies galore: her long-suffering makeup artist, an extremely harsh critic, an angry audience member. . .even boy toy Graf had a motive. But the most damning evidence points to Sarah. Now, to save her reputation, Sarah reckons she'll have to bring the curtain down on a mystery with more twists and turns than the Old Muddy. . . Praise for Carolyn Haines and her Southern Belle mysteries: "Funny, ingenious. . .and delightful." --Dallas Morning News "Wickedly funny. Devilishly clever. Scintillatingly Southern. Carolyn Haines is an author to die for." --Carolyn Hart

Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High Risk Behaviour

Author : Richard Pates
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Harm Reduction is a philosophy of public health intended as aprogressive alternative to the prohibition of certain potentiallydangerous lifestyle choices. Recognising that certain people alwayshave and always will engage in behaviours which carry risks, theaim of harm reduction is to mitigate the potential dangers andhealth risks associated with those behaviours. Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour offers acomprehensive exploration of the policy, practice and evidence baseof harm reduction. Starting with a history of harm reduction, thebook addresses key ethical and legal issues central to the debatesand developments in the field. It discusses the full range ofpsychoactive substances, behaviours and communities with chapterson injecting, dance drugs, stimulant use, tobacco harm reduction,alcohol use and sex work. Written by an international team of contributors, this textprovides an essential panorama of harm reduction in the 21stcentury for educators and researchers in addiction and publichealth, postgraduate students and policy makers.

Handbook on the Economics of Leisure

Author : Samuel Cameron
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This interdisciplinary Handbook combines both mainstream and heterodox economics to assess the nature, scope and importance of leisure activities. Surprisingly, the field of leisure economics is not, thus far, a particularly integrated or coherent one. In this Handbook a wide ranging body of international scholars get to grips with the core issues, taking in the traditional income/leisure choice model of textbook microeconomics and Becker's allocation of time model along the way. They expertly apply economics to some usually neglected topics, such as boredom and sleeping, work–life balance, dating, tourism, health and fitness, sport, video games, social networking, music festivals and sex. Contributions from further afield by Veblen, Sctivosky and Bourdieu also feature prominently. Applying a mix of both theoretical and empirical data, undergraduate students in modules on sport/leisure economics as well as sport/leisure management will find this important resource invaluable.

Fear Itself

Author : Jonathan Nasaw
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The most terrifying novel you will read this year... Just as he's celebrating his last day on the job, FBI agent E L Pender receives a letter from Dorie Bell. Dorie is afraid. Last year she attended a convention for Persons with Specific Phobia Disorder. Since then, a couple of the delegates have died in suspicious circumstances. Carl Polander had acrophobia. Fear of heights. So what would he be doing on the 12th floor of the building the police say he jumped from? Mara Agajanian had haemophobia. Fear of blood. So how could she have cut her own wrists in the bathtub? Dorie, who suffers from an irrational fear of masks, wants Pender to look into these cases. She suspects there may be a twisted serial killer on the loose. Someone, who quite literally, enjoys scaring his victims to death. Dorie's right. But she has no idea just how close to her the killer is...

Key Concepts in Creative Writing

Author : Matt Morrison
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A comprehensive writers' guide to the terminology used across the creative writing industries and in the major literary movements. Packed with practical tips for honing writing skills and identifying opportunities for publication and production, it also explains the workings of publishing houses, literary agencies and producing theatres.

Exile in Rosedale the Musical Life of Seven

Author : Seven
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"Who stole the soul?" The man behind the console for Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet" amongst countless other records, tells his riveting story about a man, a dream, a jaded industry, and a life spent searching for one thing... Love. Love in life, music, and self. From the innocence of a boy fascinated with the music industry, to the exhilaration of realizing dreams, to the devastation of heartbreak and separation, Seven (Alan Scott Plotkin) shows us his "Musical Life" in and out of the music industry. He is a world-class producer, songwriter, arranger, drummer, guitarist, novelist, a true New Yorker, a jokester, smart-ass, cut-up, and a man who can out talk anyone and out entertain anyone... but mostly, he is a talented human being who has touched the lives of many. This is the side of Seven that few people know...This is "Exile In Rosedale!"

Rock and Hard Places

Author : Andrew Mueller
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Andrew Mueller is Australian by birth, a Londoner by choice, a wanderer by nature, and a journalist by profession. Unable to decide between being a rock critic, travel writer, or foreign correspondent, he hit upon the novel, if time-consuming, solution of trying to be all three at once. In Rock and Hard Places, published originally in the U.K. in 1999, now re-envisioned and updated and available for the first time in the United States, he travels to Lebanon with the Prodigy, comes to America with Radiohead, and goes all over the place with U2. He ventures to Bosnia Herzegovina with an aid convoy in the middle of the war, sees Def Leppard play in a cave in Morocco, and attempts to ask the Taliban not only what they think they’re up to, but who they fancy for the World Cup. He flings himself head first down the Cresta Run, sits in Stalin’s armchair, chases ambulances through Moscow, chases some kind of lost tribe in India, wakes up at least once in a park in Reykjavik, and strongly advises avoiding the seafood salad in Sapporo Airport. He’s funny. Occasionally he makes a point.