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Atomic Age America

Author : Martin V. Melosi
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Atomic Age America looks at the broad influence of atomic energy¿focusing particularly on nuclear weapons and nuclear power¿on the lives of Americans within a world context. The text examines the social, political, diplomatic, environmental, and technical impacts of atomic energy on the 20th and 21st centuries, with a look back to the origins of atomic theory.

Meggido the March to Armageddon videorecording DVD

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In Armageddon s Shadow

Author : Greg Marquis
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The United States had important ties with Canada's Maritime Provinces that were profoundly shaken by the American Civil War. Drawing extensively on newspaper reports, personal papers, and local histories, Greg Marquis captures the drama of the times, effectively putting the reader into the thick of the action. In Armageddon's Shadow highlights Maritime support for the beleaguered Confederacy and the grave implications this had on race relations in Canada. Marquis details the involvement of maritimers in running blockades and recounts the experiences of some of the thousands of men from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island who served in America's bloodiest conflict. Book jacket.

The Origins of SDI 1944 1983

Author : Donald R. Baucom
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Most people think Star Wars began with the ideas of Ronald Reagan, but its roots reach decades further back. In this first scholarly account of the origins of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), historian Don Baucom traces these roots back to the dawn of the missile age in 1944. He finds SDI emerging after a period of nearly 40 years from forces generated by technological developments, changing strategic conditions, and the collapse of the SALT arms control negotiations of the 1970s.

United States Congressional Serial Set

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Armageddon s Walls

Author : Peter Oldham
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The British Army and her commonwealth Allies went to war in 1914 with little knowledge and experience of constructing permanent, shell proof protective structures. Some masonry fortifications, such as defensive blockhouses in South Africa, had been built but the Royal Engineers of the Army were more versed in simple temporary defences suitable for mobile warfare. Home defences were a limited number of forts around naval ports, and Martello Towers on the east coast. It was considered that the Navy was quite able to defend Britain's coasts.??The Germans, on the other hand, as with the other continental countries such as France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Poland, Austria, etc. had been constantly renewing and updating border forts for several centuries. They had also maintained fortification and siege elements of their armies, who were experienced in designing and constructing strong shelters. Both German and French armies began the war with a degree of expertise in what was to become a static war with little movement. However, by 1918 the British were to surpass both enemy and her allies in the design and construction, with supply and logistics, of such shell proof cover for troops and defensive positions.??This book gives the history of development and innovation of concrete bunkers, pill boxes, blockhouses and general concrete constructions during the First World War. Many of these structures _ some showing obvious signs of war damage - still exist in France and Belgium today.??All the existing structures, with photograph (except for some which are impractical, because of dense vegetation,) are shown within. Many entries have contemporary maps showing how they fitted into a defensive system, whilst for others the location can be identified from the text. GPS coordinates are given for each entry, except for a few which are on private land and where privacy has been requested.


Author : N. Nourizadeh
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This book is about politics and the close relation between Israel and US foreign policy.

What in the World is Going On

Author : Dr. David Jeremiah
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In the New York Times best-selling book, What in the World Is Going On?, Dr. David Jeremiah answers the hard questions, including these: "How is prophecy playing out in modern Europe?" "Why does Israel matter?" "How are oil reserves and Islamic terrorism related?" "Does the United States play a role in prophecy?" "How should we live in the end times?" The Bible has plenty to say about end times. But until now, there has been no other book that—in straightforward prose that’s easy to understand —gathers ten scriptural prophecies, lays out a chronological checklist, and offers a guideline for sorting it all out. In What in the World Is Going On? Dr. David Jeremiah answers the hard questions, including these: "How is prophecy playing out in modern Europe?" "Why does Israel matter?" "How are oil reserves and Islamic terrorism related?" "Does the United States play a role in prophecy?" "How should we live in the end times?" Events unfolding in today’s world are certainly unsettling, but they need not be confusing or frightening. Now you can know the meaning behind what you see in the daily news—and understand what in the world is going on! “A clear, compelling primer on God’s heart for Israel and the dramatic Bible prophecies that will unfold in these last days. What I loved most is that David Jeremiah unashamedly examines and explains the biggest global trends of our day through the Third Lens of Scripture. And his description of Jesus’ unconditional love and compassion for Jews and Muslims is alone worth the read!” —Joel C. Rosenberg, New York Times best-selling author, The Last Jihad and Epicenter: Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East Will Change Your World

Airpower Journal

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Marching to Armageddon

Author : Desmond Morton
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This military history examines the blunders, heroism, battles and suffering of World War I, as well as the effects of the war years on ordinary Canadians at home.