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Marathon Sex

Author : Sonia Borg
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"Sonia Borg, bestselling author of Oral Sex He'll Never Forget, provides the latest tips and tricks in Marathon Sex. Marathon Sex gives the reader 12 incredible 3-hour lovemaking sessions that deliver incredible techniques and positions for making sex last longer and experiencing incredible orgasms. Each scenario is carefully composed to provide pacing so lovemaking lasts as long as possible. Scenarios include: 1) She Comes Again...and Again...and Again: multiple intercourse and oral techniques for prolonged orgasmic ecstasy. 2) Taking It Slowly...and Finishing Strong: a multi-position extended lovemaking session that teaches readers how to pull back from orgasm so the final climax can be really extraordinary. 3) Hot Spot Pinball: hands only in this session. Every one of his and her hot spots from A-Z (and certainly G and P) will be stimulated in this session. The catch? No intercourse and no oral. Get back in touch with each other by bringing each other to orgasm using only your hands (and a little help from the best sex toys)"--

The Art Science of Marathon Sex Why Runners Make Better Lovers

Author : Beverly & Graeme Parnell
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The Art & Science of Marathon Sex reveals how can joint marathon training can dramatically boost a couple's sex life!Sizzling action is guaranteed in our 18-week marathon-training plan designed to unleash run-ready bodies while bringing couples closer together. We reveal naughty and nice tips and tricks for a winning rhythm and life-long pace. We train the BEST organ of love--the brain--to build success in the bedroom and on the run.

Sex and the American Teenager

Author : R. Murray Thomas
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Sex and the American Teenager provides an expert's assessment of the controversies surrounding the sexual development of adolescents, and their beliefs and problems regarding such matters. Using numerous case studies, Dr. Thomas illustrates specific ways that sexual issues arise in school and the variables that impact each case, while suggesting ways parents and school officials can deal with problematic situations. Though not simply statistics-laden, Dr. Thomas's book is replete with information about teenagers who engage in sexual acts, become pregnant, are sexually abused, and contract sexually transmitted diseases. Dr. Thomas also discusses the coping methods teenagers use, and he describes the types of sex education programs in which students are most likely to participate. Dozens of case studies illustrate how problems of students' sexual behavior can differ from one incident to another depending on the teenagers' ages, family backgrounds, school settings, and the culture of the surrounding communities. Thomas concludes the book by summarizing the recent past and speculating about the likely status of sex in schools in the years ahead.

New Sex Therapy

Author : Helen Singer Kaplan
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First published in 1975. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Crystal Meth and Men Who Have Sex with Men

Author : Drescher Jack
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Could crystal meth use in the gay community be responsible for a resurgence in the AIDS epidemic? According to recent studies, gay men who use crystal methamphetamine were twice as likely to have unprotected sex as those who did not — and more than three times as likely to be HIV-positive. Crystal Meth and Men Who Have Sex with Men is an unflinching look at this dangerous threat to the gay community, addressing the health and mental health needs of “Tina” users who are lost in a downward spiral of addiction and high-risk sexual behaviors. This vital book is the product of a unique collaboration between the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and researchers, clinicians, and community activists. Crystal Meth and Men Who Have Sex with Men contains the published proceedings of two important community events that took place in 2004 in New York City—“The Crystal Meth-HIV Connection: A Public Forum with Harvey Fierstein” and “Crystal Methamphetamine: Understanding and Treatment an Emerging Health Crisis.” Each article—whether drawn from personal account, research study, or online survey—reinforces the reality for the gay community that wherever crystal meth is, increases in sexual risk behaviors for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are sure to follow. This powerful book will help you to identify, approach, and treat clients who use meth, examing the physical, medical, and psychological effects and consequences of its widespread abuse. Topics addressed in Crystal Meth and Men Who Have Sex with Men include: the medical complications associated with methamphetamine use in HIV-infected patients, including hypertension, hyperthermia, rhabdomyolysis, and stroke the alarming rise in the number of emergency room visits related to crystal meth use the psychiatric consequences of methamphetamine use sexual history taking and screening for sexually transmitted infections creative educational interventions and clinical strategies substance abuse treatment interventions cognitive-behavioral therapy motivational interviewing gay-identified community-based treatment programs “club drugs” and the increase of HIV incidence harm reduction and much more Crystal Meth and Men Who Have Sex with Men is an essential resource for health and mental health professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, counselors, primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. It’s equally beneficial for staff and administrators of community-based organizations that serve gay men.

Clinical Management of Sex Addiction

Author : Patrick J. Carnes
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Clinical Management of Sex Addiction’s newest edition updates many of the original chapters from 28 leaders in the field with new findings and treatment methods in the field of sex addiction. With a growing awareness of sex addiction as a problem, plus the advent of cybersex compulsion, professional clinicians are being confronted with sexual compulsion with little clinical or academic preparation. This is the first book distilling the experience of the leaders in this emerging field. It additionally provides new chapters on emerging areas of interest, including partner counseling, trauma and sexual addiction, and adolescent sex addiction. With a focus on special populations, the book creates a current and coherent reference for the therapist who faces quickly escalating new constellations of addictive sexual behavior. Readable, concise and filled with useful interventions, it is a key text for professionals new to the field and a classic reference for all clinicians who treat sex addiction.

Social Change in the Marathon Community Cortland County New York 1929 to 1954

Author : James William Longest
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Sexual Risk taking and Drug Use Among Latino Men

Author : Patrick Alan-David Wilson
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Marathon Co Area Annual Planning Information

Author : Wisconsin. Job Service Division
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A collection of pieces about SMSA's and other areas of Wisconsin arranged alphabetically by name of area.

The Sociology of a Village and a Surrounding Territory

Author : Bruce Lee Melvin
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Author :
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Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality

Author :
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Vampires Like It Hot

Author : Lynsay Sands
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New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands brings the heat in this new Argeneau novel, as one woman is rescued by an irresistible immortal … “Vampires...” When Raffaele Notte pulls a barely dressed, disoriented woman from the ocean, the last thing he expects is for her to utter that word. The immortal has come to the island resort to help his cousin, but now, it seems, there are rogue vampires dining on unsuspecting tourists. And he soon realizes that not only is Jess a target, she’s also the life mate he’s been waiting for… Vampires are real. Jess would’ve never believed it until she saw them with her own eyes. She knows she has to get off the island, and her gallant rescuer has offered to help. There’s something about Raffaele that’s unlike any man she has ever met, and his touch sends pleasure through her that is beyond all imagining. But when Jess discovers who he really is, will she risk life as she knows it for a chance of forever by his side?

A Legal History and Analysis of Sex Discrimination in Athletics

Author : Margo Lynn Anderson
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Status of the Timber Wolf in Wisconsin Performance Report

Author :
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Author : Nannette Stone
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Provides information from professionals on the abuse of cocaine, specific techniques for kicking the habit, and ways to recognize the danger signals of use and abuse


Author :
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HIV infection and risk behaviors among methamphetamine dependent drug users in northern California

Author : Guili Zhang
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Bad Girls

Author : Ellen Sussman
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Women writers celebrate and meditate on their acts of defiance, from using well-chosen expletives and engaging in less-than-ideal parenting techniques to getting back at an ex and wearing a stolen Girl Scout badge.

The Winstons of Hanover County Virginia and Related Families 1666 1992

Author : Alfred Sumner Winston
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"The work contained in this volume is meant to be a bank of information on the Winston Family as found by the compiler as well as some 'clues' for additions and or corrections by future researchers of related families."--Introd., p. I-9.