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Many Are the Crimes

Author : Ellen Schrecker
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Offers an analysis of the McCarthy phenomenon, tracing the machinations of anticommunism in creating a culture of fear and suspicion.

The McCarthy Hearings

Author : Jesse G. Cunningham
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Presents a selection of primary and secondary source articles featuring diverse opinions about the McCarthy Committee and its hearings.

Encyclopedia of Criminology

Author : J. Mitchell Miller
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This three-volume work offers a comprehensive review of the pivotal concepts, measures, theories, and practices that comprise criminology and criminal justice. No longer just a subtopic of sociology, criminology has become an independent academic field of study that incorporates scholarship from numerous disciplines including psychology, political science, behavioral science, law, economics, public health, family studies, social work, and many others. The three-volume Encyclopedia of Criminology presents the latest research as well as the traditional topics which reflect the field's multidisciplinary nature in a single, authoritative reference work. More than 525 alphabetically arranged entries by the leading authorities in the discipline comprise this definitive, international resource. The pivotal concepts, measures, theories, and practices of the field are addressed with an emphasis on comparative criminology and criminal justice. While the primary focus of the work is on American criminology and contemporary criminal justice in the United States, extensive global coverage of other nations' justice systems is included, and the increasing international nature of crime is explored thoroughly. Providing the most up-to-date scholarship in addition to the traditional theories on criminology, the Encyclopedia of Criminology is the essential one-stop reference for students and scholars alike to explore the broad expanse of this multidisciplinary field.

America s Courts and the Criminal Justice System

Author : David W. Neubauer
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This Fifth Edition of America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System provides readers with a fascinating overview of how this nation's court system actually works to administer justice. Exploring a range of criminal cases - from the points of arrest, prosecution, and appeal, author David W. Neubauer takes readers through all stages of court processes. Cutting through the legalese, he explains legal concepts and court structures and illustrates the working dynamics that occur within the court system. As a result, readers learn to see how and why various outcomes - such as the setting of bail, sentencing, and so on - are actually determined. Taking an objective stance, Neubauer views the problems and solutions inherent within our courts and criminal justice system. He puts public sentiment concerning crime and just punishment on the stand and evaluates current proposals for reforming our criminal court system.

Bohan and McCarthy Capital Acquisitions Tax

Author : Brian Bohan
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Bohan and McCarthy: Capital Acquisitions Tax is recognised by tax practitioners as the leading authority on the law of capital acquisitions tax in Ireland. It guides the practitioner through the financial processes required to navigate when handling transactions with a capital acquisition tax aspect.The fourth edition includes:1. Changes to CAT Consolidation Act 2003 and the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 introduced in five Finance Acts (2009 to 2013 inclusive).2. Relevant Irish and other case law since 2008.3. Analysis of and reference to updated Revenue commentary and precedents since 2008.4. Updated worked computations and examples where necessary in the context of any changes in CAT law.Table of contents:Chapter 1 IntroductionChapter 2 DefinitionsChapter 3 TerritorialityChapter 4 Gift Tax, Inheritance Tax and PropertyChapter 5 Taxable ValueChapter 6 ValuationChapter 7 Valuation DateChapter 8 ReliefsChapter 9 Agricultural PropertyChapter 10 Business ReliefChapter 11 ExemptionsChapter 12 Computation of CATChapter 13 Double Taxation ReliefChapter 14 Co-ownershipChapter 15 Partnerships and Lloyd's UnderwritersChapter 16 SettlementsChapter 17 Discretionary TrustsChapter 18 InsuranceChapter 19 Anti-avoidanceChapter 20 Returns and AssessmentsChapter 21 Revenue Powers and AppealsChapter 22 Payment of Tax and Interest on TaxChapter 23 MiscellaneousAppendicesAppendix A: Probate TaxAppendix B: Agricultural Relief prior to 22 January 1997Appendix C: Statement of Practice SP-CAT1-04Previous print edition ISBN: 9781847662439

The Criminal Law Reporter

Author :
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Crimes of the Criminal Justice System

Author : Joel H. Henderson
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The Cumulative Book Index

Author :
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Criminal Justice Newsletter

Author :
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Crime and the Politics of Hysteria

Author : David C. Anderson
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Provides a behind-the-scenes look at the Willie Horton case and its political, penal, and judicial implications


Author : The Progressive
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The Criminal Justice System

Author : Ronald G. Burns
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This book explains the criminal justice system and how criminal cases are processed via the police, the court, and the correctional system. To give readers a better understanding of how the criminal justice systems works the author follows one case throughout the book to demonstrate how it is processed step-by-step through the justice system. It uses critical thinking exercises and Point/Counterpoint debate sections to explore hot issues from different points of view including parole, prisoners with HIV, crime reporting practices' impact on minority groups, and inmates with mental illness. Detailed discussions i.e., who gets arrested and why and what role a defendant's appearance plays are among the many topics addressed, which makes this a compelling text. Covers the steps of the criminal justice system including entry into the system; processing and pretrial procedures; trials, sentencing and appeals; and corrections. Includes information on how we address crime in society. Explores important issues within the system such as victim impact statements, who reports crime?; the investigative process; factors influencing arrest; case processing & the grand jury; the arraignment process; jury trials & sentencing; and the appeals process. Appropriate for introductory criminal justice courses and for those seeking to better understand the criminal justice system.

Unmanifest Destiny

Author : T. D. Allman
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Sex crime Panic

Author : Neil Miller
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Following the brutal 1954 murders of two children in Sioux City, Iowa, police attempted to quell public hysteria by arresting 20 men whom the authorities never claimed had anything to do with the crimes. Labelled as sexual psychopaths these gay men were sentenced to a mental institution until 'cured'. Shedding a harsh light on 1950s attitudes toward homosexuality, this carefully researched account of this horrendous event shows how the paranoia of the McCarthy era destroyed the lives of gay men and exposes a dark chapter in the history of post-war America.

Victims of Crime

Author : Robert A. Jerin
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This comprehensive text for students in criminal justice, victimology, and victims' issues examines past and current victimological studies and information. The authors discuss crime victims in relationship to the criminal justice system including the police, courts, and corrections. In addition, women, children, elderly, and minority victims are addressed, as well as international victim systems and crime prevention strategies. This text is a thorough and complete analysis of victims' issues.

Cases and Materials on Criminal Law and Procedure

Author : Albert J. Harno
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Justice Crime and Ethics

Author : Michael Braswell
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A textbook comprised of 23 contributions. Topics covered include various philosophical approaches to criminal justice ethics, ethical issues in policing, ethics in the courts, ethical issues in corrections, and ethics in crime control policy and research. Also includes seven case studies constructed to illustrate ethical dilemmas and three exercises. The included study guide reviews key concepts and provides chapter summaries. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Journal of Proceedings Board of Supervisors

Author :
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Author : D. Stanley Eitzen
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The aim of this book is to provide a text that is both readable and interesting for students. To that end, the authors have incorporated a wide variety of sources: everything from newspapers and popular magazines to official government data to scholarly research and studies.

Annual Report of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to the Governor of the State of Minnesota

Author : Minnesota. Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
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