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The Baha i Faith

Author : Moojan Momen
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A valuable and relevant insight into the youngest world religion. The youngest of the world religions and the second most widespread after Christianity, the Baha’i Faith is well known for its belief in the oneness of all religions. In this clear, readable, and informative guide, Momen provides a vibrant introduction to all aspects of this fast-expanding faith, which now has over 5.5 million adherents. From its teachings on the spiritual development of the individual to the belief in the need for world peace, Momen’s comprehensive study gives anyone interested in the contemporary religious landscape an authoritative insight into this 150-year old tradition, whose spiritual and social teachings are so much in tune with the concerns of today.

My Baha i Faith

Author : Justice St. Rain
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My Baha'i Faith is a user-friendly introduction to the teachings of the Baha'i Faith - a fairly new world religion that teaches that all the major world religions were revealed by messengers of the same God. Written in a conversational tone by a long-time Baha'i, it is geared towards a mainstream audience that has a casual interest in the Baha'i spiritual and social teachings and how they might apply to one's personal life.

The Baha i Faith A Guide For The Perplexed

Author : Robert H. Stockman
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Founded by Bahá'u'llah in Iran in the 19th century, the Bahá'í Faith is one of the youngest of the world's major religions. Though it has over 5 million followers worldwide, it is still little understood outside of its own community. The Bahá'í Faith: A Guide for the Perplexed explores the utopian vision of the Bahá'í Faith including its principles for personal spiritual transformation and for the construction of spiritualized marriages, families, Bahá'í communities, and, ultimately, a spiritual world civilization. Aimed at students seeking a thorough understanding of this increasingly studied religion, this book is the ideal companion to studying and understanding the Bahá'í Faith, its teachings and the history of its development.

Baha i Faith The Basics

Author : Christopher Buck
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Bahá’í Faith: The Basics provides a thorough and accessible introduction to a fascinating, independent world religion. Examining its historical development, current “community-building” efforts and the social contributions of the Bahá’í Faith in the world today, this introduction covers: • Beliefs: Bahá’í spiritual teachings. • Principles: Bahá’í social teachings. • History: Bahá’u’lláh and his covenant. • Scripture: Bahá’í sacred texts and inspired guidance. • Institutions: The Bahá’í Administrative Order. • Building community: What Bahá’ís do. • Social action: Bahá’í social and economic development projects. • Public discourse: The Bahá’í International Community. • Vision: Foundations for a future golden age. With features including a glossary of terms, and references to the Bahá’í writings throughout, this is the ideal text for students and interested readers wanting to familiarize themselves with the Bahá’í Faith.

The Bah Faith

Author : William S. Hatcher
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Outlines the history, teachings, structure and community life of the international Baha'i community, in an updated edition that includes coverage of the Baha'i Faith's views about world peace and the equal roles of women.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Religions

Author : Chris Richards
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Everything from Primive religions, Judaism, this book covers the major intitutions.

The Bah World 1999 2000

Author :
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Baha i World

Author :
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Bah World Faith

Author : Baháʼuʼlláh
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In Search of Purpose in Education

Author : Peter Craig Newton
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The Baha i Faith

Author : Joel Bjorling
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Baha i Writings

Author : Hugh Carden
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Concordance to the Baha'i writings: Baháʼuʼlláh,, by H.J. Balyuzi, 1972 ed.; Kitāb-i īqān, 1961 ed., Epistle to the son of the wolf, 1953 ed., Baha'i world faith, 1956 ed., Gleanings, 1949 ed.; Seven Valleys, 1968 ed.

Worldviews Religion and the Environment

Author : Richard C. Foltz
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"This [text] strives to be as inclusive as possible. It attempts to give voice to as wide a range as possible of the diverse sources of contemporary worldviews throughout the globe, Western and Eastern, Northern and Southern, women's and men's." -- Preface.

The Lyric Potential

Author : James Edwin Miller
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Expanding the Boundaries of Adult Religious Education Strategies Techniques and Partnerships for the New Millenium

Author : E. Paulette Isaac
File Size : 44.75 MB
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The field of adult religious education is rich with opportunitiesfor study and service. This sourcebook showcases adult religiouseducation as an important site for program creation, teaching,learning, and adult development. It offers insight into the waysthat adult religious education serves adult learners. You'll get numerous examples of adult education within andbetween religious institutions, along with helpful ideas to enhancepractice as well as programs. Researchers will find it useful as asource on religious institutions, adult religious education, andadult learners in general. This is the 133rd volume in this Jossey Bass higher educationquarterly report series. Noted for its depth of coverage, thisindispensable series explores issues of common interest toinstructors, administrators, counselors, and policymakers in abroad range of adult and continuing education settings.

A Divine Invitation to Create a New World

Author : Reynaldo Pareja
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Television, radio, newspapers or the internet show a daily dismal world scenario. Every week, every month there is a major civil conflict or a terrorist attack somewhere. All over the world innocent are imprisoned, women are victims of domestic violence, are forced into underpaid labor or sex work. Children are still dying by the millions before they are five years old due to unsanitary conditions, lack of safe drinking water or malnourishment. Malaria and HIV-AIDS kill millions yearly and thousands of adolescents are kidnapped to become rebel soldiers. Autocratic governments deny democratic participation to the majority and suppress ferociously any popular peaceful manifestation. The worlds climate is now threatened due to man-made disequilibrium inflicted on the atmosphere by uncontrolled fumes and gas emissions of all types. Water sources are being poisoned by unscrupulous corporations dumping huge amounts of deadly chemicals into waterways. The inequality between rich and poor nations is so vast that 7 - 10% of the worlds population controls the natural and financial resources of the world at the expense of the rest who have no access to a minimum for survival. The reasons for this hellish situation are multiple and varied. They encompass deeply ingrained religious beliefs, unacceptable economic, military and power disparities, and uncontrolled moral degradation affecting all realms of everyday life. These problems have profound spiritual causes and thus require a spiritual perspective. Discover the origin of the new Divine Invitation and the specific solutions it offers for todays major world problems.

Buddha Maitrya Amithaba Has Appeared

Author : Jamshed Fozdar
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Teaching the Bah Faith

Author : Nathan Rutstein
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Understanding the Baha i Faith

Author : Wendi Momen
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The Bahá'í Faith is the youngest of the world's independent religions and the second most widespread after Christianity. Dating from its Iranian origins in 1844, it has rapidly spread to every country of the world and counts more than five million adherents. The central teaching of Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith, is that it is imperative for humanity to recognize that it is a single race so that it can act in unity as one global community to meet the challenges of the present day. The Bahá'í scriptures provide a wide-ranging social program designed for people living today coupled with spiritual principles that echo those found in the great faith traditions of the past. Understanding the Bahá'í Faith focuses on the impact that the religion has, looking at what it has to say about personal life, the home, the community, social issues, global concerns, as well as the spiritual life. This book provides a factual and straightforward account of the history, organization, development and sacred texts of the religion, as well as a time-line of important events and a glossary. It is suitable for general audiences, students of comparative religion and teachers.

World Order

Author :
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