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Managing Volunteers How to Maximize Your Most Valuable Resource

Author : Nancy Sakaduski
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Volunteers are the backbone of many an organization. This practical, hands-on guide, filled with useful tips and everyday examples, will help those responsible for volunteers successfully recruit and manage this invaluable resource.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Recruiting and Managing Volunteers

Author : John L. Lipp
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Advice on the unique challenges of managing a volunteer workforce. Volunteers provide vital services to millions of people each year. However, because of their work's special nature, they're one of the most challenging work-forces to manage and retain. Lipp has managed these workers for over 20 years and shares his experience in recruiting, balancing paid and volunteer staff, creating schedules that work, addressing the transient nature of volunteers, motivation, and retention. ? Expert Author in the field ? There is a growing need for volunteer workers as budgets are cut ? Most current book on the subject ? Clear, jargon-free text full of anecdotes and step-by-step advice

Managing Volunteers in Tourism

Author : Kirsten Holmes
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Recent years have seen an explosion in research on tourism volunteering. Volunteers are an essential part of tourism, whether they are volunteering in their local museum, at a sporting mega-event, as an airport ambassador, or travelling the global as a volunteer tourist. Managing Volunteers in Tourism reviews the latest research to highlight the key management issues and relate them to the tourism volunteering context. It includes previously under-researched forms of tourism volunteering such as meet-and-greeters, surf life-savers, conservation, festival, and information centre volunteers and volunTourists. The book develops through three distinct sections, the first of which begins by introducing the concept of volunteering and considering the variety of volunteer forms and settings within tourism. The next part picks up the organisational approach and examines volunteer program design and planning, volunteer motivation, recruitment and selection, training and development, reward and retention, and diversity management. The final part consists of ten case studies from leading international researchers and practitioners identifying best practice and key management challenges. Real-life examples and case studies throughout this book provide an in-depth examination of the challenges facing those managing tourism volunteers, making this book indispensible for current and future managers in the tourism industry.

Recruiting and Managing Volunteers in Museums

Author : Kristy Van Hoven
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We are in the middle of a museum paradigm shift and a new type of museum volunteer is emerging from the community. Non-profit volunteers are looking for unique and satisfying ways to engage in their communities and museums are primed to offer just the experiences these volunteers are looking for. Here’s a practical exploration of the differences between the “then” and “now” volunteers and solid advice on volunteer recruitment, communication, and retention strategies. Kristy Van Hoven and Loni Wellman will help you answer the questions: What are new volunteers looking for? What is their motivation? How can you spot the hidden gems in your local community? How can you develop a successful relationship with potential volunteers? How do you keep the museum volunteer motivated and happy? What can teens, adults and retiring professionals bring to your organization? How can your museum support a robust and active volunteer program? How do you reward volunteers and keep them for the long term? and, most importantly, How can you meet volunteer’s needs and still benefit from their work? The Guide highlights successful projects, incentives, and general museum culture which support volunteer activities and includes examples of Volunteer Job Descriptions, Calls for Volunteers, Evaluation forms, as well as volunteer project outlines. Written in a light hearted spirit, Recruiting and Managing Volunteers in Museums: A Handbook to Volunteer Management will engage and inform any professional tasked with developing and managing a volunteer program at their institution. Museums offer an amazing array of volunteer opportunities that help create a greater sense of belonging and purpose for the volunteer. With a growing number of retiring professionals and students looking for professional experiences, now is the time to embark on developing a volunteer program that will thrive in the years to come.

Managing Spontaneous Community Volunteers in Disasters

Author : Lisa Orloff
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While history has identified a need for improved coordination during emergencies, it has also demonstrated that community volunteers positively impact their neighborhoods during times of crisis. Laying out the rationale and process by which emergency managers, community leaders, and non-governmental aid organizations can effectively collaborate and integrate citizen response, Spontaneous Community Volunteers in Disasters explains how to engage, train, and utilize spontaneous unaffiliated community volunteers (SUCV). The book prepares leaders to integrate local volunteers into any scale emergency response. Protocols and flexible management solutions are outlined to ensure safe and effective planning and execution. Work templates provided can be modified to suit the needs of any community. This accessible manual provides the tools to: Assess your agency’s role, tasks, and challenges to meet community needs in a disaster Build a plan for managing SUCVs by developing internal and external protocols Develop effective spot screening and selection methods Engage community members in information-sharing and outreach campaigns Consider policies and procedures that create relevant roles for volunteers and community groups to build a resilient team for disaster recovery Provide National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant answers to address common barriers to using SUCVs Combining field experience and psychosocial research, the book makes a strong case as to why community involvement in disaster response will have a positive impact on a community’s resilient recovery. Praise for Spontaneous Community Volunteers in Disasters: All emergency management coordinators can benefit from this book. —Howard Butt, New Jersey State Police, State CERT Coordinator Lisa Orloff has done an excellent job in both identifying a significant opportunity in emergency response and meticulously outlining how that opportunity can best be leveraged. —Dr. Michael Chumer, New Jersey Institute of Technology The Alliance for Nonprofit Management has nominated the book for the Terry McAdam Award. This award is bestowed upon the Committee's choice for the most inspirational and useful new book published for the nonprofit sector.

Managing Library Volunteers

Author : Preston Driggers
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This hands-on guide to recruiting, training, managing, and recognizing library volunteers is packed with ideas that will help you to both start from scratch or reenergize the system you already have. It is a must-have for any size or type of budget-savvy, proactive library.

Stop Managing Volunteers

Author : Sue Vineyard
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Recruiting and Managing Volunteers in Libraries

Author : Bonnie F. McCune
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Topics include recruitment, placement, training, evaluation, and recognition. US origin.

Nonprofit Management

Author : Michael J. Worth
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Written specifically for students, Nonprofit Management provides a balanced and integrated approach to the practices and principles of the field based on the latest literature and research findings in this burgeoning area.

Volunteers in Hospice and Palliative Care

Author : Rosalind Scott
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The book provides comprehensive, practical guidelines on the responsibilities of those who lead, co-ordinate and manage volunteers in small hospices, large specialist palliative care units, and in general hospitals with palliative care teams. Volunteers are key workers, who often perform difficult and important work. In the United Kingdom alone there are thousands of volunteers in hospice work, a small proportion doing work with patients, and the vast majority doing equallyvaluable work such as driving, sitting with relatives, manning charity shops and telephones. As a result, Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada are very interested in the United Kingdom's use of volunteers.Aimed primarily at Voluntary Services Managers in small hospices, large specialist palliative care units, and in general hospitals with palliative care teams, this updated second edition covers volunteer selection, training, supervision and support, and legal and ethical considerations. Information is presented in an easily accessible way, using key points, summary panels and checklists. This book will also appeal to the volunteers themselves.

Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Author : Ernest B. Abbott
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Rev. ed. of: A legal guide to homeland security and emergency management for state and local governments. c2005.

Managing Nonprofit Organizations in a Policy World

Author : Shannon K Vaughan
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In explicitly tying the policy realm to management skills, this book sheds new light on how nonprofit managers can better navigate policymaking and regulatory contexts to effectively lead their organizations.

Motivating and Managing Today s Volunteers

Author : Flora MacLeod
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Motivation is the biggest challenge facing nonprofit organizations. Today, only one in five adults donates time to a group, and of those, many new and long-time members sometimes end up quitting; they feel their ideas and expertise are neither considered nor valued. But, with funding drying up, and contributions slipping, now, more than ever, organizations need their unpaid angels. Managing volunteers and making sure they feel they are full-fledged contributors to the organization is a full-time job. This book will help you hire a volunteer program manager and set up a program that organizes, evaluates, and recognizes your volunteers. Also includes details on: -- Attracting new volunteers and maintaining a community presence -- Interviewing and selecting the right volunteers for your organization -- Orientation and training for new volunteers -- Maintaining volunteer commitment through supervision, support, and recognition -- Evaluating volunteer performance and placement -- Designing and using volunteer program forms and records -- A listing of useful resources, a full bibliography, and helpful sample forms

An Empowering Approach to Managing Social Service Organizations

Author : Donna Hardina, PhD
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Presenting an empowerment-oriented management approach, this ground-breaking how-to guide covers the most recent innovations and current theories you need to create a successful social service organization. This all-in-one guide to service organization management best practices will help you gain the skills you need to effectively lead and empower your staff. Expert authors provide a comprehensive approach and tackle every important issue related to this complex management field including: Values and ethics Organizational structure Diverse clientele and access to services Barriers to service delivery Cultural competency Fight for social justice Financial resource management Evaluating program outcomes Control of the external environment A must-have reference, An Empowering Approach to Managing Social Service Organizations will help practicing professionals and students on the cusp of leadership improve service delivery to clients, make improvements in workplace conditions, acquire critical resources and retain the leadership power needed to survive in a turbulent social, political and economic environment.

The Care Feeding of Volunteers

Author : Bill Wittich
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School Library Management

Author : Patricia A. Messner
File Size : 89.66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Written in clear, simple language, this book provides information that will help an aide or paraprofessional manage a school library. * Illustrations by the authors * An index enables easy searching

School Library Management Just the Basics

Author : Patricia A. Messner
File Size : 48.69 MB
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Written in clear, simple language, this book provides information that will help an aide or paraprofessional manage a school library. • Illustrations by the authors • An index enables easy searching

Managing Nonprofit Organizations

Author : Mary Tschirhart
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MANAGING NONPROFIT ORGANIZATIONS This essential resource offers an overall understanding of nonprofits based on both the academic literature and practitioner experience. It shows how to lead, manage, govern, and structure effective and ethical nonprofit organizations. Managing Nonprofit Organizations reveals what it takes to be entrepreneurial and collaborative, formulate successful strategies, assess performance, manage change, acquire resources, be a responsible financial steward, and design and implement solid marketing and communication plans. "Managing Nonprofit Organizations is the only introductory text on this subject that manages to do three critical things equally well: It's comprehensive, covering all the key topics leaders of NPOs need to know about; it's practical, providing lots of examples, case incidents, and experiential exercises that connect the content to the real world; and, best of all (and most unique compared to others), it's research-based, drawing on the latest and best empirical studies that look into what works and doesn't work in the world of nonprofit management." —Vic Murray, professor, School of Public Administration, University of Victoria "This book is a rarity—a text that can be used both as the focus for academic study and as a source of stimulating ideas for those practitioners who want to explore theories about management and how they can be applied so they can do a better job. Tschirhart and Bielefeld have explained all aspects of nonprofit management and leadership in a way that will stimulate as well as inform." —Richard Brewster, executive director, National Center on Nonprofit Enterprise, Virginia Tech University "Managing Nonprofit Organizations presents a comprehensive treatment of this important topic. The book satisfies the competencies and curriculum guidelines developed by NASPAA and by NACC and would be ideal for instruction. The book maintains its commitment to informing management and leadership throughout the nonprofit sector." —Jeffrey L. Brudney, Albert A. Levin Chair of Urban Studies and Public Service, Cleveland State University "This is an important book, written by two of the leading scholars in the nonprofit studies field. Nonprofit managers, board members, funders, educators, and others will find Managing Nonprofit Organizations extremely valuable." —Michael O' Neill, professor of nonprofit management, University of San Francisco "Here's the book that my students have been asking for—just the right mix of theory presentation, research findings, and practical suggestions to serve the thoughtful nonprofit management practitioner. It will inform, instruct, and ultimately, inspire." —Rikki Abzug, professor of management, Anisfield School of Business, Ramapo College

Working with Volunteers in Sport

Author : Graham Cuskelly
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The contribution of volunteers in terms of time and expertise is integral to sport development and delivery from ‘sport for all’ to elite levels. Good volunteer management and a clear understanding of the way volunteers work in sport is essential to protect and nurture this valuable group of individuals. This is the first academic text to examine the role of volunteers in sport, and links theory and research to provide clear guidelines for implementing good volunteer management practice. The authors are well known for their research in this subject and cover the key issues including: developing sport through volunteers recruiting and retaining volunteers government policy and international comparisons specialist volunteers – coaches, officials, administrators relationships with paid staff volunteers and the law. Nearly six million adult volunteers work in sport in the UK alone and this work forms the backbone of much sporting success. Working with Volunteers in Sport is a valuable read for students and professionals alike.

Managing Knowledge for Global and Collaborative Innovations

Author : Suliman Al-Hawamdeh
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Technological and knowledge diffusion through innovative networks / Beatriz Helena Neto, Jano Moreira de Souza and Jonice de Oliveira -- Knowledge flow networks and communities of practice for knowledge management / Rajiv Khosla ... [et al.] -- A case study of knowledge sharing in Finnish Laurea lab as a knowledge intensive organization / Abel Usoro and Grzegorz Majewski -- The role of "BriDGE" SE in knowledge sharing : a case study of software offshoring from Japan to Vietnam / Nguyen Thu Huong and Umemoto Katsuhiro -- Factors influencing knowledge sharing in immersive virtual worlds : an empirical study with a second life group / Grzegorz Majewski and Abel Usoro -- Re-establishing grassroots inventors in national innovation system in less innovative Asian countries / C. N. Wickramasinghe ... [et al.] -- Knowledge management & collaboration in steel industry : a case study / Chagari Sasikala -- Contingency between knowledge characteristics and knowledge transfer mechanism : an integrative framework / Ziye Li and Youmin Xi -- Emotionally intelligent knowledge sharing behavior model for constructing psychologically and emotionally fit research teams / R. Khosla ... [et al.] -- Fundamental for an IT-strategy toward managing viable knowledge-intensive research projects / Paul Pöltner and Thomas Grechenig -- A new framework of knowledge management based on the interaction between human capital and organizational capital / Zheng Fan, Shujing Cao and Fenghua Wang -- Knowledge management of healthcare by clinical-pathways / Tomoyoshi Yamazaki and Katsuhiro Umemoto -- Factors affecting knowledge management at a public health institute in Thailand / Vallerut Pobkeeree, Pathom Sawanpanyalert and Nirat Sirichotiratana -- The influence of knowledge management capabilities and knowledge management infrastructure on market-interrelationship performance : an empirical study on hospitals / Wen-Ting Li and Shin-Tuan Hung -- Functional dynamics in system of innovation : a general model of SI metaphoric from traditional Chinese medicine / Xi Sun, Xin Tian and Xingmai Deng -- Collaborative writing with a wiki in a primary five English classroom / Matsuko Woo ... [et al.] -- Cross-language knowledge sharing model based on ontologies and logical inference / Weisen Guo and Steven B. Kraines -- A study of evaluating the value of social tags as indexing terms / Kwan Yi -- Leadership 2.0 and Web2.0 at ERM : a journey from knowledge management to "knowledging" / Cheuk Wai-yi Bonnie and Brenda Dervin -- Motivation, identity, and authoring of the wikipedian / Joseph C. Shih and C. K. Farn -- Intellectual capital and performance : an empirical study on the relationship between social capital and R&D performance in higher education / Mohd Iskandar Bin Illyas, Rose Alinda Alia and Leela Damodaran -- Managing knowledge in a volunteer-based community / John S. Huck, Rodney A. and Dinesh Rathi -- Knowledge management practices in a not for profit organizations : a case study of I2E / Matthew Broaddus and Suliman Hawamdeh -- Personal information management tools revisited / Yun-Ke Chang ... [et al.] -- Competencies sought by knowledge management employers : context analysis of online job advertisements / Shaheen Majid and Rianto Mulia -- Migration or integration : knowledge management in library and information science profession / Manir Abdullahi Kamba and Roslina Othman -- Evaluating intellectual assets in university libraries : a multi-site case study from Thailand / Sheila Corrall and Somsak Sriborisutsakul -- From for-profit organizations to non-profit organizations : the development of knowledge management in a public library / Kristen Holm, Kelly Kirkpatrick and Dinesh Rathi -- Network structure, structural equivalence and group performance : a simulation research on knowledge process / Hua Zhang and Youmin Xi -- Exploring the knowledge creating communities : an analysis of the linux kernel developer community / Haoxiang Xia, Shuangling Luo and Taketoshi Yoshida -- Systemic thinking in knowledge management / Yoshiteru Nakamori -- Study on the methods of identification and judgment for opinion leaders in public opinion / Liu Yijun ,Tang Xi Jin and Gu Jifa