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Managing Information Quality

Author : Martin J. Eppler
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What makes information useful? This seemingly simple and yet intriguing and complicated question is discussed in this book. It examines ways in which the quality of information can be improved in knowledge-intensive processes (such as on-line communication, strategy, product development, or consulting). Based on existing information quality literature, the book proposes a conceptual framework to manage information quality for knowledge-based content. It presents four proven principles to apply the framework to a variety of information products. Five in-depth company case studies show how information quality can be managed systematically. The book uses frequent diagrams and tables, as well as diagnostic questions and summary boxes to make its content actionable.

Challenges of Managing Information Quality in Service Organizations

Author : Al-Hakim, Latif
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"Incorrect and misleading information associated with an enterprise's production and service jeopardize both customer relationships and customer satisfaction, and ultimately have a negative effect on revenue. This book provides insight and support for academic professionals as well as for practitioners concerned with the management of information"--Provided by publisher.

Data Quality

Author : Thomas C. Redman
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Data Quality begins with an explanation of what data is, how it is created and destroyed, then explores the true quality of data--accuracy, consistency and currentness. From there, the author covers the powerful methods of statistical quality control and process management to bear on the core processes that create, manipulate, use and store data values. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Data and Information; 3. Dimensions of Data Quality; 4. Statistical Quality Control; 5. Process Management; 6. Process Representation and the Functions of Information Processing Approach; 7. Data Quality Requirements; 8. Measurement Systems and Data Quality; 9. Process Redesign Using Experimentation and Computer Simulation; 10. Managing Multiple Processes; 11. Perspective Prospects and Implications; 12. Summaries.

Enterprise Knowledge Management

Author : David Loshin
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This volume presents a methodology for defining, measuring and improving data quality. It lays out an economic framework for understanding the value of data quality, then outlines data quality rules and domain- and mapping-based approaches to consolidating enterprise knowledge.

Management of Data Quality in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Author : Michael Röthlin
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Information Quality

Author : Yng-Yuh Richard Wang
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Annotation This volume presents research on information quality. Part I seeks to understand how data can be measured and evaluated for quality. Part II deals with ensuring quality while processing data into usable information. Part III presents case studies, and Part IV explores organizational issues. Part V addresses issues in information quality education.

Data Quality

Author : Thomas C. Redman
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Can any subject inspire less excitement than "data quality"? Yet a moment's thought reveals the ever-growing importance of quality data. From restated corporate earnings, to incorrect prices on the web, to the bombing of the Chinese Embassy, the media reports the impact of poor data quality on a daily basis. Every business operation creates or consumes huge quantities of data. If the data are wrong, time, money, and reputation are lost. In today's environment, every leader, every decision maker, every operational manager, every consumer, indeed everyone has a vested interest in data quality. Data Quality: The Field Guide provides the practical guidance needed to start and advance a data quality program. It motivates interest in data quality, describes the most important data quality problems facing the typical organization, and outlines what an organization must do to improve. It consists of 36 short chapters in an easy-to-use field guide format. Each chapter describes a single issue and how to address it. The book begins with sections that describe why leaders, whether CIOs, CFOs, or CEOs, should be concerned with data quality. It explains the pros and cons of approaches for addressing the issue. It explains what those organizations with the best data do. And it lays bare the social issues that prevent organizations from making headway. "Field tips" at the end of each chapter summarize the most important points. Allows readers to go directly to the topic of interest Provides web-based material so readers can cut and paste figures and tables into documents within their organizations Gives step-by-step instructions for applying most techniques and summarizes what "works"

Journey to Data Quality

Author : Yang W. Lee
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All organizations today confront data quality problems, both systemic and structural. Neither ad hoc approaches nor fixes at the systems level—installing the latest software or developing an expensive data warehouse—solve the basic problem of bad data quality practices. Journey to Data Quality offers a roadmap that can be used by practitioners, executives, and students for planning and implementing a viable data and information quality management program. This practical guide, based on rigorous research and informed by real-world examples, describes the challenges of data management and provides the principles, strategies, tools, and techniques necessary to meet them. The authors, all leaders in the data quality field for many years, discuss how to make the economic case for data quality and the importance of getting an organization's leaders on board. They outline different approaches for assessing data, both subjectively (by users) and objectively (using sampling and other techniques). They describe real problems and solutions, including efforts to find the root causes of data quality problems at a healthcare organization and data quality initiatives taken by a large teaching hospital. They address setting company policy on data quality and, finally, they consider future challenges on the journey to data quality.

Managing Spatial Data Quality Information

Author : Jibo Qiu
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Measuring Information Systems Delivery Quality

Author : Duggan, Evan
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"The book provides analyses and explains some of the contradictions and apparent paradoxes of many information systems quality perspectives"--Provided by publisher.

Quality Management for Information and Library Managers

Author : Peter Brophy
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This book introduces the concepts of quality management to information and library managers and those in related service industries and suggests how the strengths of the quality movement can be harnessed by those working in the sector. The first part examines how quality management has developed in other areas with particular reference to services, and shows how Total Quality Management can contribute to improved performance and effectiveness. In the second part, quality management in the library and information sector is reviewed, with particular reference to mission, performance measurement and charters. The emphasis is on quality management as an holistic approach which needs to permeate all parts of the organization, whilst retaining the primary focus of meeting customer needs. There is an extensive bibliography of sources from both library and information services and other service, commercial and industrial backgrounds.

Managing Information in Organizations

Author : Sharon A. Cox
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New core text for Managing Information modules examining the issue of information management from both a business and an IT perspective. Grounded in the theory, it takes a practical, problem-solving approach that provides students with tools and insights to understand how to formulate and implement information management strategies.

Journal of Database Management

Author :
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Globalization of Information

Author : International Federation for Information and Documentation
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Total Information Risk Management

Author : Alexander Borek
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How well does your organization manage the risks associated with information quality? Managing information risk is becoming a top priority on the organizational agenda. The increasing sophistication of IT capabilities along with the constantly changing dynamics of global competition are forcing businesses to make use of their information more effectively. Information is becoming a core resource and asset for all organizations; however, it also brings many potential risks to an organization, from strategic, operational, financial, compliance, and environmental to societal. If you continue to struggle to understand and measure how information and its quality affects your business, this book is for you. This reference is in direct response to the new challenges that all managers have to face. Our process helps your organization to understand the "pain points" regarding poor data and information quality so you can concentrate on problems that have a high impact on core business objectives. This book provides you with all the fundamental concepts, guidelines and tools to ensure core business information is identified, protected and used effectively, and written in a language that is clear and easy to understand for non-technical managers. Shows how to manage information risk using a holistic approach by examining information from all sources Offers varied perspectives of an author team that brings together academics, practitioners and researchers (both technical and managerial) to provide a comprehensive guide Provides real-life case studies with practical insight into the management of information risk and offers a basis for broader discussion among managers and practitioners

Information and Database Quality

Author : Mario G. Piattini
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In a global and increasingly competitive market, where organizations are driven by information, the search for ways to transform data into true knowledge is critical to a business's success. Few companies, however, have effective methods of managing the quality of this information. Because quality is a multidimensional concept, its management must consider a wide variety of issues related to information and data quality. Information and Database Quality is a compilation of works from research and industry that examines these issues, covering both the organizational and technical aspects of information and data quality. Information and Database Quality is an excellent reference for both researchers and professionals involved in any aspect of information and database research.

Advanced Topics in Information Resources Management

Author : Mehdi Khosrowpour
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Advanced Topics in Information Resources Management features the latest research findings dealing with all aspects of information resources management, managerial and organisational applications, as well as implications of information technology organisations. It aims to be instrumental in the improvement and development of the theory and practice of information resources management, appealing to both practising managers and academics. In addition, it educates organisations on how they can benefit from their information resources and all the tools needed to gather, process, disseminate and manage this valuable resource.

Ubiquitous Commerce for Creating the Personalized Marketplace

Author : Humphry Hung
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"This book is a compendium of definitions and explanations of concepts and processes within u-commerce"--Provided by publisher.

Managing Information as a Corporate Resource

Author : Paul L. Tom
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Journal of Management Information Systems

Author :
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