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Managing Drug Supply

Author : Management Sciences for Health (Firm)
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This edition of Managing Drug Supply provides a complete overview, as well as step-by-step approaches, on how to manage pharmaceutical systems effectively.


Author : Management Sciences for Health (Firm)
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Managing Drug Supply (MDS) is the leading reference on how to manage essential medicines in developing countries. MDS was originally published in 1982; it was revised in 1997 with over 10,000 copies distributed in over 60 countries worldwide. The third edition, MDS-3: Managing Access to Medicines and Health Technologies reflects the dramatic changes in politics and public health priorities, advances in science and medicine, greater focus on health care systems, increased donor funding, and the advent of information technology that have profoundly affected access to essential medicines over the past 14 years. Nearly 100 experts from a wide range of disciplines and virtually every corner of the world have contributed to this third edition. In addition to many new country studies, references, and extensive revisions, MDS-3 offers new chapters on areas such as pharmaceutical benefits in insurance programs, pricing, intellectual property, drug seller initiatives, and traditional and complementary medicine. The revisions and new chapters echo the wide variety of issues that are important to health practitioners and policy makers today. MDS-3 will be a valuable tool in the effort to ensure universal access to quality medicines and health technologies and their appropriate use.

Human Resources Management in Pharmacy Practice

Author : Michael W. Noel
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Controlling Drug Abuse

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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Supply Chain Management in the Drug Industry

Author : Hedley Rees
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This book bridges the gap between practitioners of supply-chain management and pharmaceutical industry experts. It aims to help both these groups understand the different worlds they live in and how to jointly contribute to meaningful improvements in supply-chains within the globally important pharmaceutical sector. Scientific and technical staff must work closely with supply-chain practitioners and other relevant parties to help secure responsive, cost effective and risk mitigated supply chains to compete on a world stage. This should not wait until a drug has been registered, but should start as early as possible in the development process and before registration or clinical trials. The author suggests that CMC (chemistry manufacturing controls) drug development must reset the line of sight – from supply of drug to the clinic and gaining a registration, to the building of a patient value stream. Capable processes and suppliers, streamlined logistics, flexible plant and equipment, shorter cycle times, effective flow of information and reduced waste. All these factors can and should be addressed at the CMC development stage.

Supply Chain Management Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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In order to keep up with the constant changes in technology, business have adopted supply chain management to improve competitive strategies on a strategic and operational level. Supply Chain Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a reference collection which highlights the major concepts and issues in the application and advancement of supply chain management. Including research from leading scholars, this resource will be useful for academics, students, and practitioners interested in the continuous study of supply chain management and its influences.

Global Pharmaceutical Policy

Author : Frederick M. Abbott
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There is a strong argument that people throughout the world have a right to receive the medicines they need in an appropriate, affordable, and timely way. Global Pharmaceutical Policy describes the laws, policies, and customs relating to the development and provision of medicines, identifies their strengths and weakness, and then proposes global solutions for getting things better. Here is a masterpiece written in a clear and elegant style. Together, Dukes and Abbott have experience and insight that are unrivalled. Joe Collier, Emeritus Professor of Medicines Policy, St George s, University of London, UK Pharmaceuticals play a central role in health care throughout the world. The pharmaceutical industry is beset with difficulties as increasing research and development expenditure yields fewer new treatments. Public and private budgets strain under the weight of high prices and limited access. The world s poor see little effort to address diseases prevalent in less affluent societies, while the world s wealthy are overusing prescription drugs, risking their health and wasting resources. As the global economic crisis exacerbates pressure on health care budgets, a new presidential administration in Washington, DC has committed to broad health care reform. These circumstances form the backdrop for this extraordinarily timely examination of the global system for the development, production, distribution and use of medicines. The authors are acknowledged experts in the fields of pharmaceutical law and policy, with many years experience advising governments, multilateral organizations and policy-makers on issues involving innovation, access and use of medicines. Supported by a team of independent scientists, doctors and lawyers, they take an insightful look at the issues surrounding global regulation of the pharmaceutical sector, and offer pragmatic suggestions for reform. This book will be of interest to government policy-makers, members of industry, healthcare professionals, teachers, students and lawyers in the fields of public health, intellectual property and international trade.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chains Medicines Shortages

Author : Ana Paula Barbosa-Povoa
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This book provides an insight of relevant case studies and updated practices in “PharmaceuticalSupply Chains” (PharmSC) while addressing the most relevant topics within the COST Action “Medicines Shortages” (CA15105).The volume focuses on the most recent developments in the design, planning and scheduling ofPharmSC, broadening from the suppliers’ selection to the impact on patients and healthcaresystems, addressing uncertainty and risk mitigation, and computational issues. It is directed at MSc/PhD students and young researchers (Post-Docs) in Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical sciences, Engineering fields, Economics/Management, as well as pharmaceutical decision makers, managers, and practitioners, and advanced readers demanding a fresh approach to decision making for PharmSC. The contributed chapters are associated with the homonymous COST Training Schools (TS), and the book creates a better understanding of the Action “Medicines Shortages” challenges and opportunities.

Procurement of Health Sector Goods

Author :
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These Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) and its companion Technical Note (TN) have been prepared by the World Bank for use by borrowers and their implementing agencies in the procurement of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and condoms through international competitive bidding (ICB). For the purpose of these documents, pharmaceuticals also include nutritional supplements and oral and injectable hormonal forms of contraception. The procedures and practices presented in these SBD have been developed through broad international experience and are mandatory for use in projects that are financed in whole or in part by the World Bank in accordance with the provisions of the latest edition of Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits. The purpose of the TN is to provide background information to the Bank's project staff and borrowers, about the complex issues in the procurement of health sector goods and to help them make well-informed decisions in each special situation.

Global Health

Author : Michael H. Merson
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The Third Edition (formerly titled International Public Health) brings together contributions from the world's leading authorities into a single comprehensive text. It thoroughly examines the wide range of global health challenges facing low and middle income countries today and the various approaches nations adopt to deal with them. These challenges include measurement of health status, infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, nutrition, reproductive health, global environmental health and complex emergencies. This thorough revision also explores emerging health systems, their financing, and management, and the roles of nation states, international agencies, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations in promoting health. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of how globalization is impacting on global health, and of the relationship between health and economic development.

Battling HIV AIDS

Author : Yolanda Tayler
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This technical guide examines the elements required to establish and ensure continuity of supplies, including HIV/AIDS medicines and other commodities, for programs scaling up antiretroviral therapy (Art) and associated health services. It provides extensive guidance on key topics: Quality Assurance, Selection & Quantification methods, Intellectual Property Rights, Procurement Strategies, Pricing & Financing, the Supply Cycle and Policy Issues.

Supply Chain Manual

Author :
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Global Pharmaceutical Policy

Author : Zaheer-Ud-Din Babar
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Pharmaceutical Practice International Edition E Book

Author : Arthur J. Winfield
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This comprehensive book covers a wide range of subjects relevant to pharmacy practice, including communication skills, managing a business, quality assurance, dispensing, calculations, packaging, storage and labeling of medicines, sterilization, prescriptions, hospital-based services, techniques and treatments, adverse drug reactions, pharmacoeconomics, and medicines management. Features useful appendices on medical abbreviations, pharmaceutical Latin terms, weights and measures, and presentation skills. This is a core text for pharmacy practice and dispensing modules of the pharmacy curriculum Covers key exam material for essential review and test preparation Features a user-friendly design with clear headings, chapter summaries, helpful boxes, and key points Text restructured with 14 new or radically revised chapters. All text revised in light of current pharmaceutical practice. New design using two colours.

RFID in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Author : Thorsten Blecker
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Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response

Author :
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Following the worldwide success of the first edition of The Sphere Handbook, this new second edition is the result of feedback from current users and from training workshops, with revisions from a focal group of representatives from major organisations. Key changes include: · addition of an entirely new section on Food security · revisions from a cross-cutting review on Gender, Children, Elderly, Disabled, Environment, HIV/AIDS, Protection · updated and refined qualitative and quantitative indicators · expanded introduction and development of common standards · clearer cross-referencing and more concise, user-friendly text The new edition is in the same handy format and structure, with a new CD-ROM featuring the full text.

Managing the Global Supply Chain Collection

Author : Chad W. Autry
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A brand new collection of insights and actionable techniques for world-class supply chain management… 2 authoritative books, now in a convenient e-format, at a great price! 2 authoritative eBooks deliver comprehensive resources for managing state-of-the-art supply chains in challenging global environments Master the latest techniques for overcoming your most difficult operations and supply chain management challenges! This unique 2 eBook package will help you address issues ranging from Lean/Six Sigma to transportation and warehousing, and anticipate emerging global issues – so you can transform them from risks into competitive advantages. The Encyclopedia of Operations Management is the perfect single-volume "field manual" for every supply chain or operations management practitioner and student. Nearly 1,500 well-organized, up-to-date definitions cover: accounting, customer service, distribution, e-business, economics, finance, forecasting, HR, industrial engineering, industrial relations, inventory management, healthcare management, Lean, logistics, maintenance engineering, management IS, marketing/sales, product development, operations research, organizational behavior/management, time management, production planning/control, purchasing, reliability, quality, service management, simulation, statistics, strategic management, systems engineering, supply chain management, theory of constraints, transportation, warehousing, and more. Next, in Global Macrotrends and Their Impact on Supply Chain Management, Chad W. Autry, Thomas J. Goldsby, John E. Bell prepare you to manage supply and demand in a world marked by demographic and economic shifts that will turn markets upside down. They offer a complete decision framework and practical tools, insights, and guidance for systematically mitigating new risks and building long-term competitive advantage. This book focuses squarely on emerging societal, technological, geopolitical, and environmental macro trends, helping you assess the impacts of population growth, migration, urbanization; socioeconomic change, global connectivity, environmental issues, geopolitics, growing scarcity, transportation congestion, aging infrastructure, and emerging supply-demand imbalances. It also provides comprehensive mitigation strategies based on logistics, resource recovery, resource protection, and demand/supply shaping. This collection will be an indispensable resource for all supply chain, logistics, sourcing, and operations management executives, managers, and professionals; and for all operations/supply chain research professionals, instructors, and graduate students. From world-renowned supply chain management experts Arthur V. Hill, Chad W. Autry, Thomas J. Goldsby, and John E. Bell

Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Author : Rob Whewell
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The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is hugely complex because it involves so many markets, products, processes and intermediaries. It is also heavily regulated, global, and used by everyone at some stage in their life. No wonder the supply chain for delivery of healthcare services is often fragmented and understood only in discrete sections. Changes in one area impact upon the others, and environmental factors such as pricing, regulatory change or actions by competitors impact the whole supply chain in ways that are not easily understood or managed. Accelerating technology, the commoditization of healthcare, increasing demands from ageing populations all influence the approach that suppliers of pharmaceutical products and services worldwide need to take if they are to design and manage an effective supply chain that will be capable of: exploiting their intellectual property in a sustainable way; providing safe and continuous provision of drugs or devices; and sustaining with resilience, yet still be flexible and cost efficient. Supply Chain in the Pharmaceutical Industry offers the basis for organizations to develop their own blueprint for managing the opportunities and threats to the pharmaceutical supply chain. Using examples from companies and markets across the world Rob Whewell offers a very vivid picture of the developing trends for pharmaceutical companies; the customers and markets they serve and points to some of the elements that underpin sustainable pharmaceutical strategies. The current global banking and financial crisis illustrates the important role played by regulation. The healthcare industry is similar in scope, and complexity, yet the implications of error are worse - life threatening. This review of key industry parameters will provide senior executives in the industry and policy makers in healthcare with a broad perspective of the issues and illustrates an understanding of the task at hand.

Public Health

Author : John Walley
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This is an action guide to improving public/community health in low-income countries, providing comprehensive coverage within the public health framework.

Managing the Future Supply Chain

Author : Wolfgang Kersten
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