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Managing Concussions in Schools

Author : Susan Davies, Ed.D., NCSP
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The first book to focus on managing concussions from prevention to post-concussion return to school Concussions pose a serious and complex issue for schools – from determining if a student may have suffered a concussion during a school activity to ensuring that students diagnosed with this condition can safely and effectively resume study, recreation, and sports. This is the first comprehensive text for school staff, including psychologists, counselors, and nurses, on managing concussions in students, from prevention to post-concussion return to school. With a focus that addresses concussions on and beyond the sports field, the book describes how to create and lead a concussion management team in school and provides clear, non-technical information on how concussions can affect learning, mental health, and social-emotional functioning; tools for school-based concussion assessment; and guidelines for creating accommodation plans in collaboration with the family, community, and school team. The text guides key school professionals in navigating the barriers, system issues, knowledge gaps, and complexities in recognizing and responding to student concussions. Case studies integrated throughout each chapter feature the same four students from point of injury to recovery. Reproducible forms and handouts include signs and symptoms checklists, a post-concussion care plan, a checklist of academic adjustments, and progress monitoring tools. Key Features: Offers comprehensive, practical information on concussion for school psychologists, counselors, and nurses Provides skills in developing and leading a school-based concussion management team Explains how concussions can affect learning, mental health and social-emotional functioning Offers tools for school-based concussion assessment Includes guidelines for creating symptom-based adjustments to the learning environment in collaboration with family, community, and school team Includes in-depth case studies and handouts, forms, and checklists

Managing Concussion in the School Setting

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Concussion is a significant injury that can occur in physical education, during recreational activities, and during sports. School nurses should be included as an integral member of the concussion management team and assist with education, evaluation, and management of a concussed student. Recent and updated sport-related concussion management recommendations from the National Athletic Trainers' Association Research and Education Foundation as published in the March 2014 Journal of Athletic Training are reviewed to provide an understanding of best practices for concussion management in the school setting.

Concussion Competencies

Author : Arthur Maerlender
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This book presents necessary information and data for people working with concussion recovery or experiencing a concussion, especially of a sports-related nature. There is currently no defined body of knowledge presented to practitioners, a lacuna this book serves to fill. While medical attention is often needed at the initial stage of treatment, the most important parts of ongoing treatment are behavioural, specifically managing and monitoring the patient and engaging them in “active rehabilitation” strategies. The competencies described here address multiple constituencies, from medical personnel to patients. The book is designed to direct the reader to appropriate sections in a straightforward manner supported by evidence and research. Its core focus is on schools in the US, where the majority of sports-related concussion occur and are managed. However, the knowledge competencies detailed here are broad enough to provide a solid education in concussions, and what to do about them, across various environments.

Protecting School Age Athletes from Sports related Concussion Injury

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Health
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Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Departments of Labor Health and Human Services Education and Related Agencies Appropriations for 2007

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies
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American Journal of Health Education

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Author : Briton Hadden
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It s All in Your Head

Author : Ann Engelland
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"Dad fell off the ladder and struck his head. Your son took a hard hit in the soccer game and probably has a concussion. What do you do now? [This book] will walk you through the steps of evaluating a head injury and will assist in diagnosing, managing, and recovering from a concussion. Based on the simple principle of The Four Rs: Recognize, Respond, Rest, and Reassess, [it] will empower you to support the injured and advocate for the best possible treatment and outcome, whether the injured person is you or someone you care about. Following the Four Rs will guide the injured through what they need in order to recover successfully and return to work, school, play, and other everyday activities as quickly and safely as possible." --Page 4 of cover.

Dissertation Abstracts International

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Concussion Competencies from a British Perspective

Author : Arthur Maerlender
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This book presents information needed for people working with concussion recovery, as well as anyone currently experiencing a concussion, especially those which are sports-related. There is currently no defined body of knowledge that practitioners in this field need to know, and this book serves to fill that gap. While medical attention is often needed at the beginning of the injury, the most important parts of ongoing treatment are behavioural, namely managing and monitoring the patient and engaging them in appropriate â oeactive rehabilitationâ strategies. The competencies described here address multiple constituencies, from medical personnel to patients. The book is designed to direct the reader to appropriate sections in a straightforward manner supported by evidence and research. The core focus here is on schools, where the consequences of sports-related concussion are significant. However, the knowledge competencies are broad enough to provide a solid education in concussions and what to do about them across various environments.

Minnesota Statutes

Author : Minnesota
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Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine

Author : Anthony L. Petraglia
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Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine: Concussion and Other Nervous System Injuries in the Athlete presents techniques for diagnosis and treatment of head-related injuries to enable medical professionals to provide the best care possible. Authored by a respected team of neurosurgeons, including highly regarded concussion researcher Julian Bailes, this evidence-based reference offers expert guidelines for managing these serious injuries. A strong focus is placed on concussion due to the risk involved with this common injury. The text outlines how to recognize, assess, and treat concussions, preparing practitioners to calmly respond to athletes who are exhibiting signs of this dangerous condition. It also reviews the biomechanics and pathophysiology at the core of concussions to better understand their clinical presentations. Critical return-to-play guidelines and participation recommendations for patients with preexisting neurological conditions or structural lesions arm medical professionals with the principles needed for making appropriate decisions for athletes’ safety. The text explains the roles of pharmacological management, natural treatment approaches, rehabilitation strategies, and education. In addition, chapters provide coverage of postconcussion syndrome, subconcussion, and second-impact syndrome. Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine also takes a look at other traumatic injuries, including injuries to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, and the soft tissue and fascia within the spinal unit. It provides an overview of peripheral nervous system injuries to ensure medical professionals understand those serious and potentially career-ending issues, reviews facets of optimal response with suspected or proven spinal injury, and discusses the evaluation and management of athletes with non-concussion-related headaches and heat illness or heatstroke. The text includes additional features to address issues surrounding critical injuries: • Guidance on developing an action plan for athletic events prepares first responders for emergency situations. • A review of cases of interest provides examples of situations that can—and do—occur. • Medicolegal considerations educate practitioners about negligence, standard of care, and proximate cause. • More than 150 photos and illustrations offer visual support to further explain the injuries. The evaluation and management of sport-related neurological injuries have matured at an unprecedented rate. Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine is a critical resource for all who encounter and treat neurological injuries, providing the foundation for the clinical decisions that all athletic medical practitioners must make to give their patients the best treatment possible. Continuing education credits and units may also be earned based on the subject matter in this book. Explore online CE course options in Human Kinetics’ Continuing Education store.

Heads Up

Author : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (DHHS/PHS), Atlanta, GA.
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This guide provides general information to high school sports coaches about concussions. It focuses on the fact that coaches can play a key role in preventing concussions and managing them properly when they occur. The following sections are included: (1) The Facts; (2) Signs and Symptoms; (3) Prevention and Preparation; (4) When a Concussion Occurs; and (5) Communicating Effectively about Concussions.

Clinical Neuropsychology

Author : Peter J. Snyder
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"Neuropsychologists consult in diverse health care settings, such as emergency care, oncology, infectious disease, cardiology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry. A pocket reference is a critical resource for interns, postdoctoral fellows, and practicing clinicians alike. With over 100 quick-reference tables, lists, diagrams, photos, and decision trees, this handbook offers guidance through the complicated work of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. This new edition of Clinical Neuropsychology builds on the success of the best-selling first edition by adding information on how to use and interpret cutting-edge neuroimaging technologies and how to integrate pharmacological approaches into treatment. The reader will also find new chapters on neuro-oncology, schizophrenia, late-life depression, and adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder"--Cover.


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Wisconsin Statutes

Author : Wisconsin
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Concussion Care Manual

Author : David L. Brody
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This is a practical manual for clinicians who take care of patients with concussions. The long-term effects of concussions are an increasingly recognized problem in the medical community and by the general public. Most people recover well from concussions, but a substantial minority does not. However, most clinicians do not have specific training in how to evaluate and treat concussion patients who do not make a rapid and complete recovery. This manual, based on the experience of the director of the concussion clinic at Washington University in St Louis, provides specific step-by-step guidance for managing a variety of problems related to complex concussions: making an accurate diagnosis, general treatment strategies, headaches, sleep disruption, attention deficit, mood instability, anxiety and depression, post-traumatic stress, personality change, balance problems, dizziness, fatigue etc. Furthermore, there are specific sections on return to work, return to driving, return to school and return to contact sports. Finally, the manual includes information on special topics, such as concussion in adolescents, children, contact sport athletes, military personnel, and patients involved in medico-legal matters. The manual is written for clinicians with a broad range of backgrounds: primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants, athletic trainers, emergency medicine doctors, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, and rehabilitation medicine physicians should all be able to use the manual effectively. There is information on how to set up a specialty concussion clinic, and an extensive list of internet-based resources related to concussion. A list of other publications is provided to point to additional detailed information beyond what a pocket-sized 'on-the-fly' manual can provide.

The Sports Medicine Resource Manual

Author : Peter H. Seidenberg
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Written by primary care sports medicine physicians, The Sports Medicine Resource Manual is the one musculoskeletal textbook that is ideally suited for family medicine and sports medicine providers. Chapters on physical exam and diagnosis are carefully integrated with sections on rehabilitation and management-including a complete guide to procedural skills such as casting, injections, compartment testing, running shoe prescriptions and more. In this conveniently sized volume, sports medicine physicians, orthopedists, emergency medicine physicians, physical therapists, pediatricians, team physicians, athletic trainers, and others share their expertise on everything from diagnosis and proper rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain to "field side" coverage and acute management of the injured athlete. Designed as both a tutorial and a trusted reference, this easy-to-reference resource will provide you with expert guidance for years to come. Integrates sports medicine diagnosis and management with procedural skills, making this a one-stop reference for outpatient sports and musculoskeletal medicine. Features expert guidance from multiple medical disciplines, providing you with well-rounded coverage from various perspectives. Includes evidence-based guidelines and ratings, wherever available, ensuring you have the best clinical knowledge to deliver the best possible outcomes. Emphasizes rehabilitation of soft tissue injury, fracture management, and musculoskeletal procedures to help you effectively treat more of what you see regularly. Presents appendices on exercise and injury for special populations, including pregnant women and pediatric and geriatric patients, enabling you to appropriately care for the diverse range of individuals in primary care practice. Uses a templated format throughout making reference a snap.

Exploring Brain Activation Patterns in Asymptomatic Athletes with and Without a History of Two Or More Concussions

Author : Robert J. Elbin
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