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Management Options in Breast Cancer

Author : John Benson
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Management Options in Breast Cancer is the only comprehensive resource devoted to exploring the systematic approach to breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, and postoperative care. This guide is an ideal tool for oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, and gynecologists seeking alternative management options for breast cancer. In addition, trainees will find this text a valuable reference for learning the basic principles and clinical guidelines of the field. Key features in this stand-alone text: an international review of the management options in the field of breast cancer clinical practice case-based examples designed to aid in optimal clinician decision-making two chapters devoted to rarely-explored topics: male breast cancer and geriatric breast cancer

Management of Breast Cancer in Older Women

Author : Malcolm W. Reed
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I was looking at Mrs T – all 45 kilos of her – with somewhat puzzled thoughts. I had prescribed her capecitabine at very prudent doses, in view of her 91-year-old kidneys and physiology. She had reduced my treatment even further, “because it was making her tired.” As a result, she was taking a grand total of 500 mg of capecitabine a day. Yet, her metastatic, ER/PR-negative, Her2-positive breast cancer was undoubtedly responding. Her pain was improving and her chest mass was shrinking, as were her lung metastases... What was the secret of that response? Were Mrs T’s kidneys eli- nating even less drug than predicted by her creatinine clearance? Was her sarcopenia altering drug distribution? Was she absorbing more drug than average? Or was her tumor exquisitely sensitive to fluoropyrimidines? “Physicians,” said Voltaire, “pour drugs they know little for diseases they know even less into patients they know no- ing about.” Medicine has made tremendous progress since the eighteenth century. Yet, there are fields where quite a lot remains to be learned. In developed countries, 25% of breast cancers occur in patients aged 75 years and older. Yet, these patients represent only 4% of the population of traditional clinical trials. That ought to let us wonder how relevant data acquired in patients in their 60s are to a nonagenarian. Fortunately, geriatric oncologists have been stepping up to the task and have gen- ated data to help us to treat such patients.

Breast Cancer Fertility Preservation and Reproduction

Author : Nicoletta Biglia
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This book provides a comprehensive overview on issues surrounding fertility in patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or belong to a high-risk population. The impact of breast cancer treatment on fertility is clearly explained and all the available options for fertility preservation are discussed, including the use of assisted reproduction technologies. Guidance is offered on family planning and on management options when breast cancer arises during pregnancy and when pregnancy occurs after breast cancer. Answers are provided to a wide range of key questions, including: What is the impact of pregnancy after breast cancer on prognosis? What advice should be given on the timing of pregnancy in relation to chemotherapy and endocrine treatment? What is the effect of reducing the duration of endocrine treatment to allow an earlier attempt at pregnancy? Is breast feeding possible? Medical treatments of breast cancer have a huge impact on fertility. While many procedures can be applied to preserve fertility, all must be put into action within the very short time available before starting treatment. Any delay in referral of a woman wishing to preserve her fertility to an ART center with experience in oncologic patients may preclude the possibility of a future pregnancy. In addition, an increasing number of high-risk patients are asking questions about their reproductive life, from choice of contraception to the risks of assisted reproduction techniques. Physicians will find this book an invaluable aid in providing flawless counseling to their patients and ensuring that they receive optimal management.

ABC of Breast Diseases

Author : J. Michael Dixon
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This book provides comprehensive guidance to the assessment of symptoms, and how to manage all common breast conditions and provides guidelines on referral. It covers congenital problems, breast infection and mastalgia, before addressing the epidemiology, prevention, screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It outlines the treatment and management options for breast cancer within different groups and includes new chapters on the genetics, prevention, management of high risk women and the psychological aspects of breast diseases. This 4th ed. remains a practical guide for general practitioners, family physicians, practice nurses and breast care nurses as well as for surgeons and oncologists both in training and recently qualified as well as medical students.

Handbook of Breast Cancer and Related Breast Disease

Author : Katherine H. R. Tkaczuk, MD
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Handbook of Breast Cancer and related Breast Disease is a practical guide to the management of patients with breast malignancies and related non-neoplastic lesions. Written and edited by leading experts, this handbook focuses on the application of conventional and novel treatment strategies to the care of patients with nonmalignant breast disease and all stages of breast cancer. The handbook is organized chronologically, from screening, through diagnosis and management, to survivorship care and related medical issues. The bulk of these chapters provide evidence-based treatment strategies for all patient subsets, including how to manage patients with high risk breast lesions, invasive breast carcinoma at each stage, and with all known molecular subtypes of breast cancer. Surgical, radiation, and medical treatment options are all discussed for each stage of breast cancer including treatment approaches in pregnancy and for high risk lesions and Phyllodes. This handbook is a comprehensive yet concise resource for residents, fellows, and early-career practitioners. Community oncologists, breast surgeons, radiation oncologists, primary care practitioners, and OBGYNs will also find its concise review of new research and procedures to be very useful in this dynamic field of medicine. Key Features: Includes discussion of genomic testing in management of early stage breast cancer Covers adjuvant and neoadjuvant treatment approaches Includes short clinical trial reviews for quick update of study endpoints and results for reference in management of breast cancer Outlines strategies for survivorship issues Key points in each chapter highlight clinical pearls and summarize other important concepts

Breast Cancer

Author : Michael H. Torosian
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Michael H. Torosian, MD, and a panel of physicians and clinical researchers critically synthesize the wide variety of treatment options available to create a state-of-the-art reference for the management of breast cancer patients. Writing from a multidisciplinary perspective, these authoritative contributors review in the light of the most recent findings the major clinical aspects of breast cancer, including, epidemiology and risk factors, breast imaging, biopsy techniques, breast-conserving surgery and reconstruction, mastectomy, and the latest developments in radiation, hormonal, and chemotherapy. Their expert discussion also addresses special clinical situations (adjuvant chemotherapy, axillary adenopathy as initial presentation, breast cancer during pregnancy, and sarcoma and lymphoma of the breast) and explains current clinical controversies (breast-conserving surgery without radiation therapy, axillary lymph node management, and management of internal mammary lymph nodes).

Breast Cancer Collaborative Management

Author : J.K. Harness
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Prominent specialists champion the view that contemporary management of breast, or any, cancer requires the partnership of physicians, nurses, social workers, and all others whose special training and talents should be integrated for treating the whole patient. Here is the book that sets forth the rationale for this nationwide emerging concept and the means for accomplishing it. Dealing with total care of the whole patient, this new classic text is written by and for surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologist, pathologists, radiologists, nurses, social workers, and others involved with the care and management of the patient with breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Essentials

Author : Mahdi Rezai
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Breast cancer is a disease requiring multidisciplinary management including surgery, medical and radiation oncology, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, genetic counseling, and psychological support. Each member of the team needs to be updated continuously on breast cancer treatment because of its rapidly changing nature. From the diagnostic procedures to operations and even in metastatic stages of breast cancer, surgeons play an essential part in multidisciplinary teams. After standard surgical options, oncoplastic breast surgery is rapidly becoming one of the most important surgical topics that should be learned by attending surgeons. The idea of writing this book stemmed from a collaboration between the European Academy of Senology (EAoS), European Institute of Oncology (IEO), Euro-Asian Society of Mastology (ESOMA), and SENATURK (Turkish Academy of Senology), which have been working together to promote better training in breast care for professionals. The book offers invaluable support for breast surgeons by covering critical and essential information in senology. It will also greatly benefit the other members of multidisciplinary teams, surgery residents, gynecologists, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Breast Cancer

Author : Emilio Bombardieri
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There can never be enough material in the public domain about cancers, and particularly breast cancer. This book adds much to the literature. It provides general information on breast cancer management and considers all new methods of diagnosis and therapy. It focuses on nuclear medicine modalities by comparing their results with other diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The coverage provides readers with up-to-date knowledge on breast cancer as well as information on the advances in the field of diagnosis. It also details data on the development of some new modalities and provides a general overview of the available tools for breast cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer

Author : Kelly K. Hunt
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BREAST CANCER is the first volume of The MD Anderson Cancer Care Series, featuring the best standard treatment protocols from the experts at MD Anderson Cancer Center. As more is learned about the relative roles of different treatment modalities, a pattern of practice is emerging where several different disciplines are involved early in the diagnostic and treatment phases of breast cancer. The impact of new and established diagnostic approaches that utilize radiodiagnosis and pathology in combination are requiring that a full range of special expertise from these disciplines be made available to patients. This clinical guidebook is an essential resource for the busy practioner, allowing for quick, authoritative access to the latest and best in multimodality therapies. Topics covered in this volume include screening for early detection of breast cancer, hereditary breast/ovarian cancer genetic sydromes, diagnostic radiology, ultrasonography, pathology, surgical options, radiation therapy for early and advanced breast disease, tumor markers, standard and high-dose chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, reconstructive surgery, post-treatment rehabilitation, and symptom management and quality of life. Over 125 photographs and line-drawings illustrate the principles discussed in the text. This handbook will become an important guide and resource for community oncologists, as well as general surgeons, internists, and family practioners.

Management of Advanced Breast Cancer

Author : L. Norton
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A Review of Research on Women with a Family History of Breast Cancer and Management Options

Author : John L. Hopper
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Breast Cancer in Young Women

Author : Nancy Klauber-DeMore
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"This publication is dedicated to a comprehensive overview of breast cancer in young women for all members of the healthcare team who treat women with breast cancer. Breast cancer requires multidisciplinary management, and as such this book provides input from epidemiology, basic science, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, medical oncology, plastic and reconstructive surgery, genetics, reproductive endocrinology, psychology and nursing. Because breast cancer in young women occurs during the reproductive years, additional emphasis is placed on managing breast cancer in pregnant patients, as well as reproductive options for breast cancer survivors. The contributors to this volume comprise 30 experts from 6 academic institutions across 10 disciplines. By presenting a clear and comprehensive review of all aspects of breast cancer treatment in young women, the contributors hope to have provided a valuable resource to assist with patient care for all members of the multidisciplinary breast cancer team."

Breast Cancer

Author : Daniel F. Roses
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This updated New Edition provides a complete yet concise understanding of breast cancer-from biology, pathology, and screening through diagnosis, treatment, long-term follow-up, and adjuvant care. Its practical, multidisciplinary focus addresses the concerns of every member of the health care team. A unique question-and-answer format offers clear answers to clinical questions, enhancing communication among physicians, nurses, and patients. Considers the full range of management options, including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and monoclonal antibody therapy. Uses a question-and-answer format to make reference easy. Saves time by examining only well-established, proven diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. Incorporates new chapters on needle biopsy, lymph node pathology, sonography, new diagnostic imaging modalities, MRI, emerging surgical approaches (such as radiofrequency and cryoablative techniques), and medicolegal issues. Offers brand-new coverage of lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy, molecular pathology, and the latest chemotherapeutic options. Presents 50% new contributors who are international leaders in molecular biology, genetics, radiology, pathology, surgery, and oncology. Delivers nearly 300 new clinical photographs and line illustrations. With 60 additional contributing experts.

Medical Therapy of Breast Cancer

Author : Zenon Rayter
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There have been very significant advances across many areas of the study, investigation and treatment of breast cancer. This publication surveys how scientific advances have influenced, improved and extended therapeutic options. The volume spans prevention, screening, genetics, and treatment of pre-invasive breast cancer, before focusing in depth on management of established breast cancer. This includes chapters on the various therapeutic options available and their role in treating breast cancer from the very earliest stage through to advanced and metastatic breast cancer. In addition, the text looks forward at the potential for emerging experimental strategies to become adopted into medical management in the future. The volume concludes with a chapter on palliative care. This wide-ranging account will be essential for breast cancer specialists, trainees in oncology and clinical research scientists.

Breast Cancer Fertility Preservation and Reproduction

Author : Nicoletta Biglia
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This book provides a comprehensive overview on fertility issues in patients with breast cancer . The impact of treatments on fertility is clearly explained and all the available options for fertility preservation are discussed. Guidance is offered on management options when breast cancer arises during pregnancy and when pregnancy occurs after breast cancer. In addition, the management of high risk patients with regard to their reproductive life, risks of assisted reproduction, optimal contraception is enclosed. Answers are provided to a wide range of questions, including: What fertility sparing options are available for ER+ patients? Is ovarian tissue freezing ready for prime time? What is the role of LHRH analogues ?What is the impact of pregnancy after breast cancer ? What advice should be given on the timing of pregnancy after treatment? Is breast feeding possible? Physicians will find this book an invaluable aid in providing flawless counseling to their patients and ensuring that they receive optimal management.

Radiation Oncology

Author : William Small, Jr., MD
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Radiation Oncology provides residents, fellows, and clinicians with a practical, evidence-based guide to the current management of difficult cases in radiation oncology. Emphasis is on the management of those clinical challenges commonly seen in practice that the community practitioner would normally handle without outside referral. The book offers comparisons of treatment approaches to difficult situations, allowing the reader to compare their current treatment approach to that of experts and others in the community. Radiation Oncology is organized in seven sections corresponding to the major treatment areas of radiation oncology. Each section includes three cases to illustrate specific clinical challenges for which there is no clear treatment protocol. The case discussion includes an expert opinion on optimal management along with alternatives from a second academic expert's perspective and from a community practitioner's perspective. Radiation Oncology features: Evidence-based approach to difficult management challenges in radiation oncology Expert authors provide evidence assessment and management summaries through presentation of relevant cases Community practitioner reviewers ensure real-world relevance of each discussion Reviews the most relevant literature pertaining to the challenging scenarios clinicians encounter every day Management alternatives allow discussion of the full range of management options and specifics for difficult problems including hardline recommendations

Report from the Scandinavian Symposium New Treatment Options in the Management of Breast Cancer April 28 2000 Stockholm

Author : Anne Wästgård
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Novel Treatment Options in the Management of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Author :
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Essentials of Interventional Cancer Pain Management

Author : Amitabh Gulati
File Size : 86.98 MB
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This text provides a comprehensive review and expertise on various interventional cancer pain procedures. The first part of the text addresses the lack of consistency seen in the literature regarding interventional treatment options for specific cancer pain syndromes. Initially, it discusses primary cancer and treatment-related cancer pain syndromes that physicians may encounter when managing cancer patients. The implementation of paradigms that can be used in treating specific groups of cancer such as breast cancer, follows. The remainder of the text delves into a more common approach to addressing interventional cancer pain medicine. After discussing interventional options that are commonly employed by physicians, the text investigates how surgeons may address some of the more severe pain syndromes, and covers the most important interventional available for our patients, intrathecal drug delivery. Chapters also cover radiologic options in targeted neurolysis and ablative techniques, specifically for bone metastasis, rehabilitation to address patients’ quality of life and function, and integrative and psychological therapies. Essentials of Interventional Cancer Pain Management globally assesses and addresses patients’ needs throughout the cancer journey. Written by experts in the field, and packed with copious tables, figures, and flow charts, this book is a must-have for pain physicians, residents, and fellows.