Man Magnet

How to Be the Best Woman You Can Be in Order to Get the Best Man


Author: Romy Miller

Publisher: Book Factory

ISBN: 1932420983

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 152

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Success with men and dating is just a read away! Find out how you can date better, attract more men and become a Man Magnet because this classic dating guide is now revised! Most women, generally speaking, don't have much trouble attracting men. The problem is the men they're attracting. Some women are bum magnets. And others are pest magnets. But there is a special breed of woman who attracts just about any guy she wants. She is a Man Magnet and she gets what she wants. Man Magnet: How to Be the Best Woman You Can Be in Order to Get the Best Man (Revised Edition) will show you that you can be one, too. You can be that woman that guys go ga-ga for. All you have to do is utilize what you've got. This book can help you do just that. In addition to helping you enhance what you already have, it also shows you how to handle many of the pitfalls that single women face. How to talk to men, where to meet good men, how to approach your first date, game players, mama's boys, booty calls, what to wear, manchildren and whether or not it's okay to ask a man out are just a few of the topics this book explores. If you've had problems with dating and men in the past-or you're just looking for ways to improve-Man Magnet: How to Be the Best Woman You Can Be in Order to Get the Best Man (Revised Edition) can help you get past them and get onto the better life you deserve! Ready to be unstoppable?





ISBN: 110592372X

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 41

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The Magnet Man series is based on the characters of two teenage boys. Stan 'THE MAGNET MAN' develops powers to fight evil in his neighborhood. Ralph 'THE BOMBER' creates havoc and anarchy for the same neighborhood. The series is fictional and characters do not depict real people by name or true events. This series will help the youth in any community think and make better judgment on key issues they struggle with. Making life changing decisions require a lot of thought wisdom and counsel from parents and leaders. The Magnet Man series delivers the necessary tools to this effect.

Become a Total Man Magnet

Make Every Man Fall in Love with You Instantly - Make Him Chase You Down Desperately and Beg for Attention


Author: Sylvie Nicole

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781432724085

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 132

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Are You a Man Magnet? How to Attract the Love You Want! Become A Total Man Magnet: Secrets of Meeting and Dating Men - Tips and advice for how to attract, date, and flirt with men. Pick up lines, dating tips, love advice, relationships, what men want, dating advice, how to pick up men, how to get a boyfriend. To be a total man magnet you need to be a person whom men love to be around. What causes a man to prefer the company of one woman over another? Have you ever known the kind of woman -that men fall hopelessly in love with -with whom men want to spend all their time -who walks down the street and makes heads turn -who has that sense of confidence and self belief that just magnetizes others -who seems to know how to flirt, effortlessly -who men want to please and do anything for This woman is a total man magnet and she can attract any man that she wants. Do you want to be like her? What is that special quality, trait, or personality that she has that attracts men like a magnet, makes them powerless in her hands and makes them want to spend their lives with her? Would you like the secrets to become a total man magnet? Read this book to discover some of the most incredible ways on how to make any man love you instantly and achieve earth shattering results!

Love Goddess Man-Magnet 1

The Training Program Book 1: Fpo


Author: Mallica Anant Satyam

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781495492075

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 134

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The Love Goddess/Man Magnet training program is a complete training program to transform any woman into a siren, irresistibly attractive to many men, being able to date the men of her choice (and those once beyond her dreams), being treated like a queen and enjoying the highest possible quality of life in all possible respects.

Think & Date Like a Man

(Be the Woman Who Gets the Man She Wants and Keeps Him!)


Author: April Masini

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781462098217

Category: Self-Help

Page: 164

View: 5627

Think & Date Like A Man is not for the faint-of-heart, the easily embarrassed, or ladies wanting a feel-good session. It's direct, refreshingly real, and at times, down and dirty, just like actual relationships with men! Think & Date Like A Man is for women who are ready to hear the bold, honest, and often times brutal truth, about how and what men-and not just any men, but the most successful and wealthy men think about women. But that's just the tip of the dating iceberg. In this tell-all book, April Masini will take you on a step-by-step journey turning you into that exciting and elusive woman that successful and powerful men want. And if anyone would know, it's April. She has dated (and married!) some of the most successful, wealthy, and famous A-List men. Now she wants to show you how you can, too! Think & Date Like A Man is a combination of April's professional and personal expertise and experiences, her philosophies and strategies, along with her trademark humor and lots of juicy dating tidbits about the world of high-level dating. You'll find revealing insights into the minds of successful, rich, and powerful men, while uncovering the secret to attracting, captivating, and keeping them. After reading this book, you will know so much about thinking and dating like a man that you'll become the dating guru to every single woman who knows you. And the best part is you'll be so confident in yourself that you'll never give a second thought to revealing these tips to the competition. You can't ask for much more from a book than that-well you could, but that would be greedy!

The Boy Detective in Early British Children’s Literature

Patrolling the Borders between Boyhood and Manhood


Author: Lucy Andrew

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319620908

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 243

View: 5830

This book maps the development of the boy detective in British children’s literature from the mid-nineteenth to the early-twentieth century. It explores how this liminal figure – a boy operating within a man’s world – addresses adult anxieties about boyhood and the boy’s transition to manhood. It investigates the literary, social and ideological significance of a vast array of popular detective narratives appearing in ‘penny dreadfuls’ and story papers which were aimed primarily at working-class boys. This study charts the relationship between developments in the representation of the fictional boy detective and changing expectations of and attitudes towards real-life British boys during a period where the boy’s role in the future of the Empire was a key concern. It emphasises the value of the early fictional boy detective as an ideological tool to condition boy readers to fulfil adult desires and expectations of what boyhood and, in the future, proper manhood should entail. It will be of particular importance to scholars working in the fields of children’s literature, crime fiction and popular culture.

How to Be the Man Women Want

The Get More Confidence and Meet Better Women Guide to Dating


Author: Romy Miller

Publisher: Book Factory

ISBN: 1932420851

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 132

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Confidence and attitude are everything in dating. These qualities are also an important part of meeting and attracting women. In fact, one could say they are crucial to being a man woman want. If you are ready to be this kind of man, this book can help you get started. How To Be The Man Women Want: The Get More Confidence and Meet Better Women Guide To Dating is the book to help you get the relationship—or relationships—you want. Whether it's insecurity or an inability to move forward, this book will give you the knowledge and confidence to overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back.

First You Kiss 100 Men...


Author: Carolyn Greene

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1460353501

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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By day, Julie Fasano was secretary to dashing private investigator Hunter Matthews. By night, she was the Mystery Kisser, a journalist with the assignment to kiss 100 men and report on the results. Only problem was, Hunter's assignment was to sleuth out the identity of the Mystery Kisser-and Julie had to help in the investigation! She hated lying to her boss, especially since her kissing score book rated him at the top and she was swiftly losing her heart to him. But if Hunter learned of her moonlighting activities, would he be unable to forgive her deceit? Or would he want to work-for the rest of their lives- on staying #1!?

Sex and the Single Sister

Five Novellas


Author: Maryann Reid

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1429908130

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 5594

The African American answer to Sex and the City---a collection of hip, sexy, funny novellas about successful black women in their twenties, on the dating scene, making all the wrong moves . . . A fine ambitious sister on the rise to stardom, junior correspondent to NBC News, Farah's, has life on a string. And she's looking for a quick hook-up. But this sister's about to learn what happens when you take the fast track to love . . .Alaya fled the projects, determined not to be anybody's baby-mama, got her degree, and opened her own accounting firm. Everything is perfect. All she needs now is that perfect someone. Only holding out for "Mr. Right" may mean missing out on love altogether . . .Kenya, an almost-thirty successful investment strategist is plotting some strategies of her own to alleviate her "Can't Find a Husband" blues. So when her hot Latin neighbor's dog kicks sand in her face while she's meditating on the beach, she realizes that it not quite the first move she had in mind, but it seems to be fate. That is until an old flame comes strolling back into her life and she has to make a choice...Alexis is fabulously fine and fresh out of a stifling relationship with the "right man." She's got a wild side (to put it mildly) she's been dying to release. Enter Mike, a strong brother with rough edges and enough daring to indulge fantasies Alexis didn't even know she had...Waceera's travels all over the world have taught her one thing: there is no such thing as one good man. The world is her buffet and variety is the spice that keeps life yummy. The last thing on this sister's mind is settling down.