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Mama Needs a Margarita

Author : J. H. Notebooks
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Mama Needs A Margarita Notebook 6 x 9 120 formatted pages Mama's sometimes need to rehydrate....incorrectly. A personal gift.

Mama Needs a Margarita Blank Lined Journal to Write in Ruled Writing Notebook

Author : Uab Kidkis
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No regrets if you blame it on the margaritas you drank. Salt on the rim with ice or make it blended marg, endless sweet possibilities! Enjoy your next margarita in this product. A great drinking product for vacations, bachelor parties.Express Your Gratitude towards your mother with this product that conveys all the emotions of love, gratitude & thankfulness. This is a lovely gift from daughter, husband, son on Mother's Day or on her birthday. This design is sure to win your mom over!

Notebook Planner Womens Mama Needs a Margarita Mothers Day Mom

Author : Gordner Shirley
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NoteBook Planner Womens Mama needs a margarita Mothers Day Mom This notebook is perfect for high school and college students, professionals and writers. The awesome Notebook Planner for baby, women, men, boys and girls . Great Notebook for anyone interested in horoscope, astrology, zodiac signs, happy occasions .

Mamacita Needs a Margarita

Author : Mayra Statham
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Single mom Kayla Blanco is done waiting for her ex-bad-boy boyfriend and loser of a baby daddy to get his act straight. Determined to find happiness, she moves with her daughter to Beech Grove for a fresh start. Jasper Vega is captivated by the fiery woman he meets next door to the house he is currently flipping. The usually easy-talking Casanova finds he's as smooth as chunky peanut butter whenever he opens his mouth around her.Will Kayla give Jasper a chance, or will it blow up in her face when she discovers Jasper is more than he seems? Either way the coin lands, there is one thing she knows for certain: This mamacita needs a margarita!

Composition Notebook

Author : Neil C IRWIN
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This Cute Cat Notebook is popular with Cat lovers of all ages as a fun way to show love for your furry friend and to fondly remember your Kitty all day long when away at Work, School, Travels or wherever you may be using this Pretty Notebook. Product details: 100 blank lined white pages Modern and Trendy design layout Professionally designed matte softbound cover A perfect 6 x 9" size to carry around This Cute Cat Notebook can be used to write in as a personal journal, diary or any subject composition book. Perfect for taking notes, recipes, sketching, writing, organizing, doodling, lists, journaling and brainstorming both at home, school, college or in the office. Also a perfect Cute gift idea for Kitty Lovers!

Margarita Mama

Author : Alyssa Gusenoff
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Celebrate Maternity—With a Refreshing Materni-tini! From Watermelon Margaritas and Pineapple Mojitos to Mai Tais, Mimosas, and Cosmopolitans, Margarita Mama offers a pitcherful of delicious “mocktails” designed specifically for moms-to-be. These tasty treats are 100 percent alcohol-free and offer plenty of nutritional benefits for both mom and baby. Recipes include twists on old favorites such as Mudslides, Piña Coladas, and Sangria, plus yummy new libations like the Raging Hormone, the Nothing Fits Fizz, and the Perfect Pear of Jeans. Filled to the brim with delicious concoctions and whimsical illustrations, Margarita Mama makes the perfect gift for fun-loving moms-to-be everywhere.

Cottonwood Saints

Author : Gene Guerin
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Cottonwood Saints chronicles the lives of the Galvan family, especially Margarita and her son Michael. Margarita's life takes her from rural poverty to middle-class wealth and back again. Born in a lumber camp in 1913 and raised like a princess in her grandparents' hacienda, Margarita tangles early with the challenges of growing up in a man's world and lives out her years as a wife and mother in depression-ridden Las Vegas, New Mexico. To escape from Las Vegas, Michael becomes a priest and disgraces himself in the process. We follow the story from New Mexico's poorest citizens to the local power structure, to their Indian neighbors, and to the world beyond: the influenza pandemic of 1918, the rise of the Ku Klux Klan, the Great Depression, and World War II.

Day of the Dragon

Author : Katie MacAlister
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TWO FULL NOVELS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Fans of Lyndsay Sands and Gena Showalter will love this fiery paranormal romance from a New York Times bestselling author about a dragon shifter who finds his soul mate in the most unlikely place. Also includes WOLF'S MATE by Celia Kyle. With dragons like him, who needs enemies? Real scholars know that supernatural beings don't exist. But the moment I meet Archer Andras of the Storm Dragons, all my academic training goes out the window. Thanks to Mr. Tall, Dark, And Infuriating, I'm learning that I really should worry about those things that go bump in the night. . . and that dragons like Archer are 100 percent pure trouble. Now I'm caught in the middle of a war. On one side is Archer. On the other is his twin brother. And I am the key to translating an ancient text that could bring balance-or deadly ruin-to our world. But none of that is as dangerous as the seriously sexy sparks between Archer and me. He's too tempting to be real. Too gorgeous to trust. And when it comes to dragons, there's no smoke without deadly fire. Includes the novel WOLF'S MATE by Celia Kyle: When Abby Carter is threatened by an anti-shifter organization, werewolf shifter Declan Reed will have to convince her that there's no safer place in the world than in the arms of a big bad werewolf.

The Americas Review

Author :
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A review of Hispanic literature and art of the USA.

Rain of Gold

Author : Victor Villasenor
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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This all-American story of poverty, immigration, struggle and success is the Hispanic Roots.


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The Complete Library of American Phonograph Recordings

Author : Jerry Osborne
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The complete library... is the first attempt... to provide the reader with a year-by-year compilation of every known record release, of every possible type, by every conceivable record label.

Ay Mama In s

Author : Karina Lissette Céspedes
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Self Family and Community

Author : Laurel Maria Ashley
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A Kiss Gone Bad

Author : Jeff Abbott
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Judge Whit Mosley is called out in the middle of the night to certify a body - but when he discovers that the dead man on the yacht is none other than the son of the powerful Senator Lucinda Hubble, Whit knows all hell is going to break loose. Ignoring pressure from all sides to rule the death as suicide, Whit and Detective Claudia Salazar peel away the layers of corruption and cover-up behind Pete Hubble's death, despite the danger to their careers - and their lives. But more dangerous than the shocking truth they discover is the obsessed killer who has already chosen his next victim...

Contemporary Mexican Drama in Translation Azc rate Rasc n Urtus stegui

Author : Myra S. Gann
File Size : 42.57 MB
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Leonor Azcarate : Margarita Come Back to Life -- Victor Hugo Rascon Banda : Blue Beach -- Tomas Urtusastegui : Do You Smell Gas?

Margarita how Beautiful the Sea

Author : Sergio Ramírez
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León, Nicaragua, 1907. During a tribute he delivers during his triumphal return to his native city, Rubén Darío writes on the fan of a little girl one of his most famous poems, "Margarita, How Beautiful the Sea." In 1956 in a cafe in León, a group of literati gather, dedicated, among other things, to the rigorous reconstruction of the legend surrounding Darío--but also to conspire. There will be an attempt against dictator Somoza's life, and that little girl with the fan a half-century before will not be a disinterested party. In Margarita, How Beautiful the Sea, Sergio Ramírez encompasses, in a complete metaphor of reality and legend, the entire history of his country. The narrative moves along paths fifty years apart, which inevitably converge. The story becomes a fascinating exercise on the power of memory, on the influence of the past, fictitious or not, in the finality of reality.

The Surgeon s Family

Author : Carole Gift Page
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Publishers Trade List Annual

Author :
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Includes authors, titles, subjects.

What Do I Read Next

Author : Rafaela Castro
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Surveys works for children and adults.