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Making Your Church More Inviting

Author : Roy M. Oswald
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If you've read the book or viewed the course, now lead your church in study with this workbook approach to Alban's Inviting Church materials. Its fifteen sessions are designed to help clergy or lay leaders guide committees or study groups through a dynamic exploration of their congregation's IQ (invitation quotient). Discover how well you invite, welcome, and incorporate new members. As participants uncover the inviting elements of your church, they develop a personal witness style that emerges comfortably from their individual gifts.

Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church

Author : Michael Harvey
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We like to think our church welcomes visitors. But how welcoming can we be, if we are not inviting? We are welcoming as long as people get themselves across the church threshold, but we fail to take our welcome outside. During the years Michael has been developing Back to Church Sunday, he has conducted an extensive study on the seemingly simple subject of 'invitation'. Over 650 times in 12 countries he has asked: 'Why don't we invite our friends to take a closer look at Christ?' The many answers form the impetus for this book. After considering why it seems so hard to invite friends to church, Michael looks at our concerns over acceptance and rejection, and suggests ideas gleaned from years of trying to establish a culture of invitation. 'When I have specifically encouraged Christians to issue an invitation, some people say yes and some no. God sent his son to invite us all into a relationship, and so to be like God is to be a person who invites!'

Minutes of the Troy Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church Held at

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The Minutes of the Session of the Central Pennsylvania Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church

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Living Communion

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This official report of the thirteenth meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, held in June 2005 in Nottingham, England, includes texts of the Archbishop of Canterbury's presidential address, the daily record of the Council's proceedings, reports from throughout the Anglican Communion, and presentations by the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada providing a theological rationale for their consent to the election of a bishop living in a same-gender relationship, and the blessing of same-gender relationships, respectively. It includes: Texts of Archbishop Rowan Williams' highly regarded daily Bible study presentations during the meeting; Definitive record of proceedings, without filtering from news organizations, special interest groups, or commentators; Full text of ECUSA and Anglican Church of Canada presentations.

Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams

Author : E. Stanley Ott
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The concept of bministry teamsb is rapidly taking hold in churches, but just what are they and how do they work? "Transform Your Church with Ministry Teams" outlines what effective ministry teams look like, describes what they can offer local congregations, and gives concrete step-by-step suggestions for making them happen. The power of ministry teams lies in their unique capacity to generate genuine Christian fellowship, nurture disciples, develop leaders, and mobilize people for ministry. While traditional church leadership organizations concentrate almost exclusively on task, policy, and program, ministry teams are designed to enhance faith development and, thus, ministry effectiveness. E. Stanley Ott explores three main areas of ministry-team development. First, he explains the philosophy behind ministry teams and discusses the issues involved in shifting from committee-based to team-based ministry. Second, he tells how to begin ministry teams, including how to identify team leaders and members and how to determine their roles. Third, he looks at the details of ministry-team life, including ways to build team fellowship, foster discipleship and communication within teams, and accomplish specific ministry tasks. Filled with wise, time-tested advice, including four how-to appendixes, this book will help pastors and lay leaders transform the life of their church or Christian organization.

Grow Your Church from the Outside In

Author : George Barna
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According to the author, America has more unchurched people than the entire populations of all but 11 of the world's 194 nations! Based on research among several thousand unchurched people, the book discusses their values, attitudes, beliefs, religious practices, demographics, life goals, and spiritual expectations. Using additional research conducted among churches that have had great success in attracting and retaining unchurched people, the author also outlines perspectives and effective strategies for churches that wish to reach those who avoid churches. Understanding what makes the unchurched tick will give you a better chance of relating to them in meaningful ways.


Author : Davis Wasgatt Clark
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100 Ways to Get Your Church Noticed

Author : Neil Pugmire
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Packed with simple, good advice and ideas for generating publicity for your church and its mission. First published in 2006, it is now updated with extensive new material on using social media. Written in clear and jargon-free language, it is illustrated throughout with real examples that have worked successfully.

Church Connection Cards connect with visitors grow your church pastor your people

Author : Yvon Prehn
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