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Making Sense of Global Health Governance

Author : Kent Buse
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The Millennium ushered in renewed interest and investment in global health, in part because of concerns that globalization would intensify the risks of ill-health. But are we taking advantage of emerging opportunities? This book shines a light on the central actors, institutions and mechanisms involved and proposes an agenda for meaningful action.

Globalisation And Health

Author : Hanefeld, Johanna
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Global health is a relatively new but rapidly expanding field, recognizing the important challenges that global changes are posing for human health.

Globalization and Health

Author : Johanna Hanefeld
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Global Health Diplomacy

Author : Ilona Kickbusch
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The world’s problems are indeed world problems: social and environmental crises, global trade and politics, and major epidemics are making public health a pressing global concern. From this constantly changing scenario, global health diplomacy has evolved, at the intersection of public health, international relations, law, economics, and management—a new discipline with transformative potential. Global Health Diplomacy situates this concept firmly within the human rights dialogue and provides a solid framework for understanding global health issues and their negotiation. This up-to-the-minute guide sets out defining principles and the current agenda of the field, and examines key relationships such as between trade and health diplomacy, and between global health and environmental issues. The processes of global governance are detailed as the UN, WHO, and other multinational actors work to address health inequalities among the world’s peoples. And to ensure maximum usefulness, the text includes plentiful examples, discussion questions, reading lists, and a glossary. Featured topics include: The legal basis of global health agreements and negotiations. Global public goods as a foundation for global health diplomacy. Global health: a human security perspective. Health issues and foreign policy at the UN. National strategies for global health. South-south cooperation and other new models of development. A volume of immediate utility with a potent vision for the future, Global Health Diplomacy is an essential text for public health experts and diplomats as well as schools of public health and international affairs.

Global Health Justice and Governance

Author : Dr. Prah Ruger
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In a world beset by serious and unconscionable health disparities, by dangerous contagions that can circle our globalized planet in hours, and by a bewildering confusion of health actors and systems, humankind needs a new vision, a new architecture, new coordination among renewed systems to ensure central health capabilities for all. Global Health Justice and Governance lays out the critical problems facing the world today and offers a new theory of justice and governance as a way to resolve these seemingly intractable issues. A fundamental responsibility of society is to ensure human flourishing. The central role that health plays in flourishing places a unique claim on our public institutions and resources, to ensure central health capabilities to reduce premature death and avoid preventable morbidities. Faced with staggering inequalities, imperiling epidemics, and inadequate systems, the world desperately needs a new global health architecture. Global Health Justice and Governance lays out this vision.

21st Century Global Health Diplomacy

Author : Thomas E Novotny
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Global health diplomacy begins with a recognition that the most effective international health interventions are carried out with sensitivity to historical, political, social, economic, and cultural differences. It focuses on the interplay of globalization, economic interdependence, social justice, and the enlightened self-interests of nations. Global health diplomacy can help sustain peace and economic stability in a globalized world, but the skills necessary for this endeavour are not taught in standard health sciences curricula or in Foreign Service academies. However, they bear directly on the success of international health cooperation, be it from the global north to the global south or south-to-south cooperation. Global health diplomacy can be a critical pathway to assure good global governance and improved international relations among the great powers and between these powers and the developing world. It can be a mechanism to avert conflict and to augment health, peace, solidarity, economic progress, and multinational cooperation. Contents:21st Century Health Diplomacy: A New Relationship Between Foreign Policy and Health (Ilona Kickbusch)A History of International Health Encounters: Diplomacy in Transition (Vincanne Adams)Governance and Actors in Global Health Diplomacy (Wolfgang Hein)Instruments of Health Diplomacy (Ebony Bertorelli, Steven A Solomon and Nick Drager)Global Health in International Politics (Harley Feldbaum)Health is an Integral Part of Foreign Policy (Santiago Alcázar and Paulo Buss)Global Health and Security (Kristofer Bergh and Bates Gill)Military Health Diplomacy (Eugene V Bonventre and Lt Col Valérie Denux)Health Diplomacy in Humanitarian Action (Valerie Percival)Key Factors in Negotiations for Health (Kelley Lee)Global Health Begins at Home: Policy Coherence (Gaudenz Silberschmidt and Thomas Zeltner)The Way Forward in Global Health Diplomacy: Definitions, Research, and Training (Thomas E Novotny and Sebastian Kevany) Readership: Graduate students in global health masters and PhD programs. Students doing short courses in health diplomacy. Keywords:Global Health;Global Health Diplomacy;Foreign Policy;Global Health GovernanceKey Features:This is the first time different perspectives of global health diplomacy (i.e. foreign policy, security, policy cohesion, and governance) are brought together in one volume. This volume clearly articulates the formation of global health diplomacy as a new field of studyReviews: "Health diplomacy is a complicated, multi-disciplinary challenge that needs both intellectual, and more importantly, practical attention from our best diplomats and public health professionals. Professors Novotny and Kickbusch have assembled such a group for this comprehensive review of all the components of this emerging field. 21st Century Health Diplomacy can serve as a valuable reference manual for students, researchers, and diplomats from across foreign policy, security, public health, history and political science disciplines." RADM Kenneth Bernard, MD, DTMH Assistant Surgeon General (Ret.) Former Special Assistant to the President for Health and Security "21st Century Global Health Diplomacy is a must read for those interested in how things now work in the complex architectures of public health, security, and foreign policy. Globalization has presented both challenges and opportunities in public health, and by better understanding the history, politics, governance issues, and trends regarding these challenges, we can embrace more effectively the opportunities now available in health diplomacy. Professors Novotny, Kickbusch, and colleagues have provided a remarkable set of readings that will be of great value to today's public health students, foreign policy scholars, and practicing health diplomats." Professor David L Heymann, CBE Head and Senior Fellow, Centre on Global Health Security, Chatham House, and Professor, Infectious Disease Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine "‘Health diplomacy’ remains an awkward theme, lacking global consensus in both definition and implementation. All global health practitioners and observers are struggling with the political and economic sides of the diplomacy equation, while political leaders remain flummoxed regarding ‘health’ and governments' obligations to the well-being of their own citizenries, much less humanity, planet-wide. Novotny and Kickbusch's compendium of essays helps a great deal. The book reveals the facets of debate, and evolving thinking. I very much doubt we will reach any consensus on the boundaries and implementation of ‘global health diplomacy’ during my lifetime, but this book will help sort out many of the issues, and guide the debate." Laurie Garrett Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations, and author of I HEARD THE SIRENS SCREAM: How Americans Responded to the 9/11 and Anthrax Attacks

Global Health Governance

Author : Adrian Kay
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Scholars from a range of disciplines examine the pressing challenges of global health governance and the development of global health policy. Adrian Kay from Griffith University, Australia.

Michigan State Journal of International Law

Author :
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Trade Law and Global Governance

Author : Steve Charnovitz
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"This book addresses the linkages between freer trade and other societal objectives. The chapters are previously published articles on some of the most controversial issues in trade policy today. The topics include: (1) the core concepts of trade linkage, (2) trade and environmental policy, (3) trade, employment, and labour standards, (4) trade and human rights, and (5) the role of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in the World Trade Organization (WTO). The main theme of the book is that trade law should not be isolated from other realms of international law. Trade is vital to economic and human development, but trade restrictions are sometimes needed to preseve ecosystems and to achieve other social goals." -- from the Preface.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Global Governance of Food Production and Consumption

Author : Peter Oosterveer
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The analysis includes case-studies on the European BSE crisis, GM-food regulation, salmon and shrimp farming and food labelling.

Global Health Governance and the Fight Against HIV AIDS

Author : Wolfgang Hein
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This book addresses conflicts and institutional changes of global health governance in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Policy studies journal

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Abstracts of the Annual Meeting

Author : American Anthropological Association
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Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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Papers and Proceedings of the Annual Meeting

Author : American Economic Association
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The WTO and Labor and Employment

Author : Drusilla K. Brown
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A collection that aims to provide the reader access to the seminal papers analyzing the accommodation of labor interests within the WTO. This volume establishes an understanding of the interaction between global goods, capital and labor markets and the national government institutions that regulate their function.

The Impact of Globalization on the United States Law and governance

Author : Michelle Bertho
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This is the first work to systematically demystify the impact of globalization on the United States and American society in particular, turning the tables on the more familiar idea of America as the nefarious globalizer of the developing world.

Countdown to Istanbul

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House of Commons Debates

Author : Canada. Parliament. House of Commons
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