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Making Schools and Families Successful

Author : Joseph W. Gauld
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Schools will learn to first emphasize cooperation and unity, which would create a successful school culture; one encouraging competition with respect rather than arrogance.

What Successful Schools Do to Involve Families

Author : Paula Jameson Whitney
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From traditional forms of communication—such as open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and fundraising efforts—to hot-button topics such as bullying and discipline, this book helps educators bridge the gap between school and home.

Schools and Families

Author : Sandra Christenson
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"This is a resource for school-based practitioners, including psychologists, counselors, social workers, and special education consultants; clinical child psychologists; inservice and preservice teaches; and school administrators. It will serve as a text in courses on school consultation, building home-school partnerships, parent counseling, and parent education."--BOOK JACKET.

Home School and Community Collaboration

Author : Kathy B. Grant
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Using the culturally responsive family support model, this text prepares teachers to work effectively with the diverse families of their students Filled with practical suggestions and reflective opportunities, Home, School, and Community Collaboration uses the culturally responsive family support model to prepare readers to work with children from diverse families. This text includes contributions from 24 experts in the field in addressing the issues in family involvement that today's teachers are likely to encounter. Key Features Covers family systems theory, family involvement models, and the family support approach Includes a wide range of practical strategies for use in today's schools, as well as activities that help readers make connections between the course content and their own experiences Features case studies and vignettes that provide opportunities for reflection and help readers apply text information to real-life settings

Handbook of School Family Partnerships

Author : Sandra L. Christenson
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Family-school partnerships are increasingly touted as a means of improving both student and school improvement. This recognition has led to an increase in policies and initiatives that offer the following benefits: improved communication between parents and educators; home and school goals that are mutually supportive and shared; better understanding of the complexities impinging on children’s development; and pooling of family and school resources to find and implement solutions to shared goals. This is the first comprehensive review of what is known about the effects of home-school partnerships on student and school achievement. It provides a brief history of home-school partnerships, presents evidence-based practices for working with families across developmental stages, and provides an agenda for future research and policy. Key features include: provides comprehensive, cross-disciplinary coverage of theoretical issues and research concerning family-school partnerships. describes those aspects of school-family partnerships that have been adequately researched and promotes their implementation as evidence-based interventions. charts cutting-edge research agendas & methods for exploring school-family partnerships. charts the implications such research has for training, policy and practice especially regarding educational disparities. This book is appropriate for researchers, instructors, and graduate students in the following areas: school counseling, school psychology, educational psychology, school leadership, special education, and school social work. It is also appropriate for the academic libraries serving these audiences.

Handbook of Research on Engaging Immigrant Families and Promoting Academic Success for English Language Learners

Author : Onchwari, Grace
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In the past few years, there has been an influx of immigrant children into the school system, many with a limited understanding of English. Successfully teaching these students requires educators to understand their characteristics and to learn how to engage immigrant families to support their children’s academic achievements. The Handbook of Research on Engaging Immigrant Families and Promoting Academic Success for English Language Learners is a collection of innovative research that utilizes teacher professional development models, assessment practices, teaching strategies, and parental involvement strategies to develop ways for communities and educators to create social and academic conditions that promote the academic success of immigrant and English language learners. While highlighting topics including bilingual learners, family engagement, and teacher development, this book is ideally designed for early childhood, elementary, middle, K-12, and secondary school teachers; school administrators; faculty; academicians; and researchers.

Families Schools and Communities Together for Young Children

Author : Donna Couchenour
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FAMILIES, SCHOOLS, AND COMMUNITIES: TOGETHER FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, 5th Edition, emphasizes the role of families and communities in children's education, and is geared to meeting national standards in teacher preparation programs. Content reflects current research and best practices in education. Divided into two sections, this book helps you understand contemporary families and provides you with the skills that you will need to build relationships with families and the community. You'll find specific ideas and strategies for increasing family involvement in the community and schools, encouraging learning at home, working with military families, recognizing family strengths, diversity in the classroom, and many other topics. New content includes integration of current standards and a new video feature as well as expanded material on advocacy, technology, and strategies for dealing with parents. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Reviewing the Success of Full Service Community Schools in the US

Author : Mavis G. Sanders
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Originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, this expanded text provides new insights into the successful, sustained implementation of Full-Service Community Schools (FSCSs) in the United States. Reviewing the Success of Full-Service Community Schools in the US documents the experiences of students, teachers, and communities involved in the establishment and growth of FSCSs. By considering how successful this reform strategy has been in meeting the needs of underserved communities, the text illustrates the potential these schools have to transform students’ learning and outcomes. In particular, the studies illustrate the value these schools have in supporting low-income students and students of color. At the same time, by interrogating the defining pillars of FSCSs – expanded learning opportunities, integrated services, family and community engagement, and collaborative leadership – chapters identify challenges that if left unattended, could limit the transformative potential of this reform strategy. This groundbreaking text will be of great interest to graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academics, professionals, and policy makers in the fields of Educational Change and School Reform, Multicultural Education, Sociology of Education, Education Policy, and School Management and Administration.

The Characteristics of Successful School Family and Community Partnerships

Author : Kenneth V. Brittingham
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What Successful Science Teachers Do

Author : Neal A. Glasgow
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This easy-to-use guide features 75 research-based strategies for teachers of students in Grades K–12. Engage your students' creativity and build their science literacy.

Family Involvement in Childrens Education

Author : Janie Funkhouser
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Describes how some schools and their communities have overcome key barriers -- finding the time, increasing their information about each other, bridging school-family differences, improving schools, and tapping external supports to strengthen school-family partnerships. Successful partnerships require the sustained mutual collaboration and support of school staffs and families at home and at school. Business or community groups can also help schools and families to work together. This Book is based on case studies of 20 successful education programs around the country. They include elementary and secondary schools and districtwide programs.

Coordination Among Schools Families and Communities

Author : James G. Cibulka
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Addresses a relatively new emphasis in the educational reform movement, the attempt to improve linkages between schools, families, and communities in the delivery of support services to children.

Engaging the Families of ELs and Immigrants

Author : Renee Rubin
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Learn how to engage the diverse families of English learners (ELs) and immigrants with the effective, practical approaches in this book. This must-have resource for teachers and school leaders is packed with fresh ideas geared toward building a partnership between school communities and ELs and immigrant families at school and at home. The book includes information and activities to: Assess current practices Investigate family perceptions and expectations Overcome challenges Improve communication Fund family engagement Fully revised and up-to-date, the new edition shines a much-needed spotlight on immigrant families from numerous homelands and includes a chapter on schools and organizations that have applied many of the ideas in the book for successful partnerships. New online resources include 20 new activities to complement the book chapters, over 50 annotated websites, and additional book recommendations to provide insight into the immigrant experience. The support materials can be found at Organized with the busy educator in mind, the book can be read straight through or section by section to best fit your specific needs. As the demographics of America's schools continue to grow and change, this book guides you to building an inclusive school community in which every family can thrive!

The Link

Author :
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Source of information about current education research. Each issue contains short descriptions of new resources available from AEL and other R & D producers, news from around the region, and information about free and low-cost products and services.

HC 111 II House of Commons Children Schools and Families Committee Looked after Children Volume II

Author : Barry Sheerman
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Introduction to Teaching

Author : Gene E. Hall
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Introduction to Teaching: Making a Difference in Student Learning, Second Edition is the ideal text for aspiring teachers. Acclaimed authors Gene Hall, Linda Quinn, and Donna Gollnick thoroughly prepare teacher education candidates to make a difference as teachers, presenting first-hand stories and evidence-based practices while offering a student-centered approach to learning. The authors target one of the biggest challenges facing many of today’s schools—making sure that all students are learning—and help teachers make student learning the primary focus in all that they do. From true-to-life challenges that teachers will face (high-stakes testing, student learning assessments, low teacher retention, Common Core Standards) to the inspiration and joy they will discover throughout their teaching careers, this text paints a realistic picture of the real life of a teacher.

Juvenile Delinquency

Author : Christopher A. Mallett
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"This textbook is an excellent tool that explores issues impacting juvenile delinquency, theories, system response, community interventions, and effective programs to help reduce delinquency." —Robbin Day Brooks, MSW, CPP, Arizona State University’s School of Criminology & Criminal Justice Juvenile Delinquency: Pathways and Prevention explores the pivotal roles that family, trauma, mental health, and schools have on juvenile delinquency, while exploring opportunities for prevention and intervention. Authors Christopher A. Mallett and Miyuki Fukushima Tedor draw from years of experience working with juvenile offenders to shed light on the nature of delinquency and the diverse pathways to juvenile delinquency, while offering evidence-based techniques for preventing and rehabilitating youthful offenders. Clear explanations of the concepts and thought-provoking case studies move students beyond memorization—encouraging them to think critically about juvenile delinquency and make recommendations for better practices and policies. Give your students the SAGE edge! SAGE edge offers a robust online environment featuring an impressive array of free tools and resources for review, study, and further exploration, keeping both instructors and students on the cutting edge of teaching and learning. Learn more at

Preventing Problem Behaviors

Author : Bob Algozzine
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`This book offers am array of suggested good practice with consistent thinking behind it and teachers and other education professional will find much that both interest and challenges in it. The book has much to teachers not only in the setting of challenging behaviours but also in the wider context of effective classroom practice aimed at preventing problems that become challenging′ - Chris Lee, British Journal of Special Education Today, most teachers will tell you that they spend an inordinate amount of time, energy, and effort managing problem behaviours - and that time spent managing behaviour seriously limits the amount of time they can spend teaching. Removing students who misbehave from the classroom only displaces the problem, and does nothing to address the school system′s responsibility to educate them. This book follows an OSEP-funded (Office of Special Education Programs) project titled Prevention Strategies That Work, which covered four years of implementing school-based prevention practices. The effective prevention (NOT intervention) programmes are based on the premise that early response to learning, behaviour, and emotional problems can lead to better outcomes for students. The three fundamental areas addressed are: improving individual behaviours, improving classroom and school-wide conditions, and improving family and community partnerships. This is a strategy book, presenting practices to counter behavioural problems before they get out of hand. They have been tested, adapted, and proven effective in a variety of settings. Each chapter cites the research that supports the recommended practices.

Enhancing the Well being of Children and Families through Effective Interventions

Author : Wendy Rose
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Services for families and children are rightfully the focus of intense scrutiny and debate, and there is a clear need to establish a knowledge of which services work well. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of research evidence from the UK and USA on the effectiveness of selected child welfare interventions. It addresses the challenges of measuring effectiveness in child welfare and explains the policy context for child welfare service delivery. Leading international contributors summarize the evidence of effectiveness in each core area, and consider the impact on children's development, parenting capacity and the wider community. Critically, the book also draws out the implications of the evidence for policy, practice and service delivery as well as for future research. This book is essential reading for policy makers, practitioners and commissioners of services in child welfare as well as students and researchers.

At Risk Families Schools

Author : Lynn Balster Liontos
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Provides help for educators in meeting the challenge of involving parents and extended families of at-risk children with ideas on how to communicate with low-income, nonwhite, and non-English-speaking parents.