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Making Literacy Real

Author : Joanne Larson
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Offering an overview of the major fields in literacy studies, this book presents a detailed and accessible discussion of key theories and their relevance in the primary classroom. Each chapter uses a real life case study to explore the application of theory in practice, followed by a detailed discussion of the case study material by a leading name in the field, including contributions from Barbara Comber, Michele Knobel, Colin Lankshear, Gunther Kress, Brian Street, Kevin Leander and Patricia Enciso. The text also offers reflections on theoretical foundations for research, exploring literacy as a practice grounded in social, cultural, historical and political contexts and in relationships of power. This second edition includes: New chapters covering digital literacy, space and play, and multimodality Examples and contributions from a range of international contexts, including US, UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa Further reading links. Essential reading for students at undergraduate and post-graduate level on primary education courses and an invaluable guide for anyone wanting to understand literacy theory and successfully apply this to the classroom.

Real Life Literacy

Author : Kathy Paterson
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The compelling connection between the classroom and what happens in the world is the basis of Real Life Literacy. It shows teachers how to turn kids on to learning and build skills that will help them function more successfully in the real world. It fills in the gaps often missing from traditional language arts classes and offers a range of classroom tools that promote real-world reading and writing. Some of the basic literacy topics that are covered include: Writing and deciphering messages — from notes and memos to invitations and advertisements; Taking the mystery out of labels — from understanding labels on medicine bottles to making sense of food and clothing labels; Coping with everyday money management — from completing order forms to writing cheques and balancing a bank book; Reading and interpreting specialized text — from finding information in nonfiction books to effectively using phone books, entertainment guides, and bus schedules. This timely book makes a powerful case for linking genuine, purposeful, and functional in-school activities to the lives of students. It promotes using classroom learning to guide and support students as they strive to make meaning of their world.

Writing in the Real World

Author : Anne Beaufort
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How can we prepare the work-force of tomorrow for the increasing writing demands of the Information Age? Anne Beaufort provides a multidimensional response to this critical question. Offering a vital view of the developmental process entailed in attaining writing fluency in school and beyond, and the conditions that contribute to acquiring such expertise, Beaufort illuminates what it takes to foster the versatility writers must possess in the workplace of the twenty-first century.

Make it Real

Author : Linda Hoyt
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Linda Hoyt provides a practical, classroom-friendly guide to unlocking the treasures of informational text.

Making it Real

Author : Alysan Bronwen Croydon
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Making Literacy Magic Happen

Author : Mark Gura
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A collection of the best literacy articles from the online journal: Learning and leading with technology.

Literacy as Snake Oil

Author : Joanne Larson
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This revised edition of Literacy as Snake Oil further investigates and critiques the commodification of literacy and education. Since the publication of the first edition, schools in the U.S. have been targeted even more as a market for private companies seeking to profit from the surveillance of NCLB (No Child Left Behind). Three chapters have been added: one that deals with the reproduction of racialized spaces during a textbook adoption, an analysis of America's Choice by a classroom teacher, and an analysis of the U.K.'s literacy strategy. This book will inspire teachers to remember their political commitments to resist oppression and unethical practice and find ways to subvert teacher- (and student-) proof packages.

Children Reading Print and Television

Author : Muriel Robinson
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Contrary to the popular assumption that television viewing is a very different process from book reading and inhibits reading in a variety of ways, the author argues that in fact the two activities can be mutually supportive and involve many of the same strategies. It may have implications for teachers as the book offers a research-based view and calls for a new emphasis in school practice which will include television as text and which supports children's developing abilities to make meaning from a range of texts. The author highlights the need for teachers to consider television in the same way as print media.

City Literacies

Author : Eve Gregory
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This work explores the lives and literacies of different generations of people living in two areas of London at the end of the 20th century. It contrasts these two to symbolize the link between poverty and wealth in Britain at this time.

Literacy and Social Inclusion

Author : Eve Bearne
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Although social inclusion has been high on government agendas for some years, there have been few attempts at policy level to examine the issues relating to literacy education. Many social and cultural groups feel alienated from traditional models of literacy education and some learners continue to underachieve. This book develops insights into how to address these challenges. Terms such as "social inclusion" and "social exclusion" are defined, explored, and related to literacy education by contributors who are renowned in the field. They deal with issues of literacy and social class, race, gender, language, and sexuality. They offer insights into current concerns in these areas, and they outline curricula and pedagogical approaches which address underachievement and disaffection. The book challenges traditional deficit notions of "at risk" communities and argues that the onus for change needs instead to be at policy level. The book is essential reading for all those concerned with ensuring that literacy education, as inscribed in institutions, meets the needs and interests of all learners and closes the gaps between home, community, and school. The contributors are Viv Bird, Victoria Carrington, Barbara Comber, Julia Davies, Eve Gregory, Gemma Moss, Kate Pahl, Brian Street and Mark Vicars.

Library Information Update

Author :
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Enhancing Literacy for All Students

Author : S. Jay Kuder
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This book prepares teachers to shape the reading, writing and language skills of children in diverse classroom settings. With its focus on early literacy activities in home and school settings, this book offers thorough coverage that helps readers grasp literacy development as it occurs from emergent to advanced levels. Rooted in practicality, it presents methods that have been successful with children who have a wide spectrum of learning abilities as well as those with substantial learning challenges. Chapter topics include foundations of literacy; students with literacy difficulties; assessing literacy; enhancing emergent literacy, early literacy, transitional literacy, and advanced literacy skills; specialized approaches for literacy difficulties; enhancing literacy with students with moderate and severe disabilities; literacy and diversity; and families and literacy. For elementary school teachers of reading and language arts.

Multiliteracies and Diversity in Education

Author : Annah Healy
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The text is intended for courses in multiliteracies which are offered at either first or second year in schools of education or in schools of cultural and language studies.

Reading Against Democracy

Author : Patrick Shannon
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Patrick Shannon's Broken Promises was hailed by Language Arts as one of nine seminal references on literacy and inequality in education. But so much has changed, and worsened, since its publication that instead of revising his classic Shannon has written an almost entirely new book. The result, Reading Against Democracy, is Shannon's fully documented, up to date, look at how businesses and political interests broke the promise that American education would teach students how to think, read, and write as citizens.

Literacy as Praxis

Author : Catherine E. Walsh
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Current Index to Journals in Education

Author :
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Windows Into Literacy

Author : Lynn Knebel Rhodes
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Windows into Literacy places the details of literacy assessment into a larger context that will encourage readers to consider the place of literacy assessment in instruction and in students' lives.

Summary report

Author : Robert Anthony White
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The Acquisition of Literacy

Author : Bambi B. Schieffelin
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Language and Literacy Learning in Multicultural Classrooms

Author : Leslie W. Crawford
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