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Making Fast Food

Author : Ester Reiter
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Ester Reiter worked full-time at a Burger King outlet for ten months gathering information for this study. In Making Fast Food she shares her experiences and analyses the profound effect the fast food industry has had on women's work, youth employment, the labour movement, the family, and the community. Family life, for example, has changed dramatically in the last forty years as many activities that were traditionally part of the home have been replaced by services available in the marketplace.

Making Slow Food Fast in California Cuisine

Author : Victor W. Geraci
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This book follows the development of industrial agriculture in California and its influence on both regional and national eating habits. Early California politicians and entrepreneurs envisioned agriculture as a solution to the food needs of the expanding industrial nation. The state’s climate, geography, vast expanses of land, water, and immigrant workforce when coupled with university research and governmental assistance provided a model for agribusiness. In a short time, the San Francisco Bay Area became a hub for guaranteeing Americans access to a consistent quantity of quality foods. To this end, California agribusiness played a major role in national food policies and subsequently produced a bifurcated California Cuisine that sustained both Slow and Fast Food proponents. Problems arose as mid-twentieth century social activists battled the unresponsiveness of government agencies to corporate greed, food safety, and environmental sustainability. By utilizing multidisciplinary literature and oral histories the book illuminates a more balanced look at how a California Cuisine embraced Slow Food Made Fast.

Labour Relations in the Global Fast Food Industry

Author : Tony Royle
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The fast-food industry is one of the few industries that can be described as truly global, not least in terms of employment, which is estimated at around ten million people worldwide. This edited volume is the first of its kind, providing an analysis of labour relations in this significant industry focusing on multinational corporations and large national companies in ten countries: the USA, Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Russia. The extent to which multinational enterprises impose or adapt their employment practices in differing national industrial relations systems is analysed, Results reveal that the global fast-food industry is typified by trade union exclusion, high labour turnover, unskilled work, paternalistic management regimes and work organization that allows little scope for developing workers' participation in decision-making, let alone advocating widely accepted concepts of social justice and workers' rights.

Orange Coast Magazine

Author :
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Orange Coast Magazine is the oldest continuously published lifestyle magazine in the region, bringing together Orange County¹s most affluent coastal communities through smart, fun, and timely editorial content, as well as compelling photographs and design. Each issue features an award-winning blend of celebrity and newsmaker profiles, service journalism, and authoritative articles on dining, fashion, home design, and travel. As Orange County¹s only paid subscription lifestyle magazine with circulation figures guaranteed by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, Orange Coast is the definitive guidebook into the county¹s luxe lifestyle.

The Fast Food Kitchen

Author : Sheri Torelli
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Sheri Torelli, coauthor with Emilie Barnes of the popular More Hours in My Day (over 240,000 copies sold), presents a wonderful mealtime solution for families on the go, on a budget, and ready to switch from drive-through answers to fast, healthy, home-cooked meals. Sheri provides realistic, fine-tuned ways to bring sanity and the family back to the table: double-duty cooking—how to maximize a minimal amount of time in the kitchen menus by design—foolproof ways to plan meals and a month’s worth of menus creating little helpers—skill-appropriate tasks for kids of all ages tips for an efficient kitchen—tweaks and tools to organize a fast-food kitchen fast food with friends—hosting simple meals at home without feeling intimidated This unique and practical resource provides the recipe for better eating and better living: meal plans, organization helps, and lots of encouragement.

Making Connections Level 1 Student s Book

Author : Jessica Williams
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This title introduces first-time readers of academic text to basic reading strategies such as finding paragraph topics, finding supporting details and learning to read quickly.

Healthy Fast Foods

Author : Kim Etingoff
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Nutrition can be complicated. How do you know what foods are healthy and what aren't? How much should you eat? What about fast food? From burgers to fries to milkshakes, fast food can be a delicious treat—but it can also cause problems if you don't make healthy choices. Choosing the right restaurants and the right food can make eating fast food as healthy as it is delicious and easy! Discover how to make better choices when it comes to fast food.

Fast Food Nation

Author : Eric Schlosser
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Explores the homogenization of American culture and the impact of the fast food industry on modern-day health, economy, politics, popular culture, entertainment, and food production.

Making Smart Choices About Food Nutrition and Lifestyle

Author : Sandra Giddens
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Explains how choices about food, nutrition, and lifestyle affect you and how to have a healthy lifestyle.

English in Mind Level 3A Combo with DVD ROM

Author : Herbert Puchta
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This second edition updates a course which has proven to be a perfect fit for classes the world over. English in Mind 3 Combo A with DVD-ROM features the Welcome Unit and Units 1-7 from the full Student's Book renumbered as Units 1-8, together with the corresponding pages from the Workbook. Thought-provoking topics motivate teenage students. Content-rich photostories present contemporary spoken English in realistic contexts. 'Culture in mind' sections give insight into different aspects of English-speaking life. The DVD-ROM features stimulating grammar exercises, games, video, unit tests, Workbook audio and selected Student's Book audio. The videos feature the photostory characters and include 'Videoke', which allows students to record and hear their voices in portions of the video dialogues.

Fitness and Fat Loss for Busy People

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"If you find that life is busy, time is short, information is confusing and exercise is hard to fit into your life then Fitness and Fat Loss for Busy People is the book for you. Demonstrating how simple it is to exercise effectively by educating you on how your body works and why it works the way it does will lead you to a simple, effective exercise regime designed to get you in shape fast. Whether you are a novice exerciser or seasoned performer, the information and exercises in Fitness and Fat Loss for Busy People will take you where you want to be. Online demonstrations of exercises and stretches are easy to follow and our simple guide to healthy eating and a positive mindset will not only get you exercising effectively, but enjoying it!"

Fast Food for the Soul

Author : Barbara Berger
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The Road to Power... Fast Food for the Soul We are what we think. We can change our lives by changing our thoughts. Our thoughts and words are all-powerful. Through our thoughts and words, we create our lives. In this simple yet important book, Barbara Berger shows you how to harness the power of the mind to create the life you want. She reminds us of what is available to us - from the power of release and saying no to focusing, blessing, and giving. And she offers fast, effective techniques for solving health problems, financial difficulties, and other life challenges. Give your soul a boost and your heart a pick-me-up - when you change your thinking, you will ultimately change your life. Decide on the life you want, visualize it, affirm it, decree it, focus on it, believe it, have faith in it, and you will find yourself living this life much sooner and faster than you ever dreamed possible.

ABSolutely Lean Fast Food

Author : Tanner Gers
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Jacques Pepin s Fast Food My Way

Author : Jacques Pépin
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The master chef applies his skills to simple meals that can be prepared quickly, from instant beef tenderloin stew to pumpkin soup with toasted walnuts, that rely on pantry staples and canned goods.

Emerging Electronic Methods for Making Retail Payments

Author : Judith S. Ruud
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In 1604, Pope Clement VIII despatched a delegation of Discalced Carmelites to Persia to exhort Shah Abbas I to join an alliance with him. Thus began almost two hundred years of Carmelite activity in the region. During their time there, the Order not only bore witness to the great Safavid dynasty and its demise: they also amassed a huge written record. Herbert Chick's two impressive volumes present an important collection of these writings. The records provide an unparalleled source of detailed information on the politics, diplomatic rituals, foreign policy concerns, and matters of court ceremony of the time, including correspondence between the Popes and the Shahs. Now extremely rare, the work remains an invaluable resource for scholars. This new edition contains an introduction by Rudi Matthee, an acknowledged authority on Safavid Persia.

Fast Food

Author : John Burstein
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Shows how to make healthy choices when dining at fast food restaurants.

Decision Making in Systems Engineering and Management

Author : Gregory S. Parnell
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Decision Making in Systems Engineering and Management is a comprehensive textbook that provides a logical process and analytical techniques for fact-based decision making for the most challenging systems problems. Grounded in systems thinking and based on sound systems engineering principles, the systems decisions process (SDP) leverages multiple objective decision analysis, multiple attribute value theory, and value-focused thinking to define the problem, measure stakeholder value, design creative solutions, explore the decision trade off space in the presence of uncertainty, and structure successful solution implementation. In addition to classical systems engineering problems, this approach has been successfully applied to a wide range of challenges including personnel recruiting, retention, and management; strategic policy analysis; facilities design and management; resource allocation; information assurance; security systems design; and other settings whose structure can be conceptualized as a system.

Making Food Choices

Author : Michael Burgan
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This title discusses how the models can change and how we can make a difference every time we shop for food. Explains what the labels mean. Discusses how to get involved and what it means to "eat locally."

Making Connections Low Intermediate Student s Book

Author : Jessica Williams
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The series helps students gain insight into how academic text is organized and how to read effectively. Making Connections Low Intermediate is a reading skills book that introduces students to some basic skills and strategies for academic reading. Students then practice these skills in high-interest thematic units, each of which has multiple readings. The readings are written in an accessible academic discourse style, providing ideal practice for low-intermediate-level students who will eventually need to access authentic academic text.

Fast Food Fast Talk

Author : Robin Leidner
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Attending Hamburger University, Robin Leidner observes how McDonald's trains the managers of its fast-food restaurants to standardize every aspect of service and product. Learning how to sell life insurance at a large midwestern firm, she is coached on exactly what to say, how to stand, when to make eye contact, and how to build up Positive Mental Attitude by chanting "I feel happy! I feel terrific!" Leidner's fascinating report from the frontlines of two major American corporations uncovers the methods and consequences of regulating workers' language, looks, attitudes, ideas, and demeanor. Her study reveals the complex and often unexpected results that come with the routinization of service work. Some McDonald's workers resent the constraints of prescribed uniforms and rigid scripts, while others appreciate how routines simplify their jobs and give them psychological protection against unpleasant customers. Combined Insurance goes further than McDonald's in attempting to standardize the workers' very selves, instilling in them adroit maneuvers to overcome customer resistance. The routinization of service work has both poignant and preposterous consequences. It tends to undermine shared understandings about individuality and social obligations, sharpening the tension between the belief in personal autonomy and the domination of a powerful corporate culture. Richly anecdotal and accessibly written, Leidner's book charts new territory in the sociology of work. With service sector work becoming increasingly important in American business, her timely study is particularly welcome.