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Major Cultural Essays

Author : George Bernard Shaw
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George Bernard Shaw's public career began in arts journalism-as an art critic, a music critic, and, most famously, a drama critic-and he continued writing on cultural and artistic matters throughout his life. His total output of essays and reviews numbers in the hundreds, dwarfing even his prolific playwriting career. This volume of Shaw's Major Cultural Essays introduces readers to the wealth and diversity of Shaw's cultural writings from across the breadth of his professional life, beginning around 1890 and ending in 1950. Topics covered include the theatre, of course, but also music, opera, poetry, the novel, the visual arts, philosophy, censorship, and education. Major figures discussed at length in these works include Ibsen, Wagner, Nietzsche, Shakespeare, Wilde, Mozart, Beethoven, Keats, Rodin, Zola, Ruskin, Dickens, Tolstoy, and Poe, among many others. Coursing with Shavian flair and vigor, these essays showcase the author's broad aesthetic sensibilities, trace the intersection of culture and politics in Shaw's worldview, and provide a fascinating window into the vibrant cultural moment of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Major Cultural Essays

Author : George Bernard Shaw
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George Bernard Shaw's Major Cultural Essays introduces readers to the wealth and diversity of Shaw's cultural writings from across the breadth of his professional life, beginning around 1890 and ending in 1950.

Essays in the Science of Culture

Author : Gertrude Evelyn Dole
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Essays on Contemporary Cultural

Author : Pál Soós
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Essays in Honor of Steven Paul Scher and on Cultural Identity and the Musical Stage

Author : Suzanne M. Lodato
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The eighteen interdisciplinary essays in this volume were presented in 2001 in Sydney, Australia, at the Third International Conference on Word and Music Studies, which was sponsored by The International Association for Word and Music Studies (WMA). The conference celebrated the sixty-fifth birthday of Steven Paul Scher, arguably the central figure in word and music studies during the last thirty-five years. The first section of this volume comprises ten articles that discuss, or are methodologically based upon, Scher's many analyses of and critical commentaries on the field, particularly on interrelationships between words and music. The authors cover such topics as semiotics, intermediality, hermeneutics, the de-essentialization of the arts, and the works of a wide range of literary figures and composers that include Baudelaire, Mallarmé, Proust, T. S. Eliot, Goethe, Hölderlin, Mann, Britten, Schubert, Schumann, and Wagner.The second section consists of a second set of papers presented at the conference that are devoted to a different area of word and music studies: cultural identity and the musical stage. Eight scholars investigate – and often problematize – widespread assumptions regarding 'national' and 'cultural' music, language, plots, and production values in musical stage works. Topics include the National Socialists' construction of German national identity; reception-based examinations of cultural identity and various “national” opera styles; and the means by which composers, librettists, and lyricists have attempted to establish national or cultural identity through their stage works.

Essays on Canadian Public Policy

Author : Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). School of Policy Studies
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Critical Essays on Major Curriculum Theorists

Author : David Scott
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This book is a critical appreciation of the work of sixteen leading curriculum theorists, taking account of the writings of a balance of established thinkers and curriculum analysts from the fields of education, philosophy, sociology and psychology. Together these commentators offer a broad perspective with views from the UK, the US and Europe, and from a range of political stances ranging from radical conservatism through liberalism to socialism and libertarianism. The theorists include major names such as Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Maxine Greene, Basil Bernstein, Micheal Foucault, Elliott Eisner, John White, Michael Apple and more. Ideal for students on all teacher training courses looking for an introduction to some of the key educational thinkers of our time, this key text can also be used as a companion volume to the Routledge four-volume set on curriculum theory.

The Ethnographer s Magic and Other Essays in the History of Anthropology

Author : George W. Stocking
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According to George Marcus of Rice University, the essays "represent the most informative and insightful writings on Malinowski and Boas and their legacies that are yet available." Beyond their biographical material, the essays here touch upon major themes in the history of anthropology: its powerfully mythic aspect and persistent strain of romantic primitivism; the contradictions of its relationship to the larger sociopolitical sphere; its problematic integration of a variety of natural scientific and humanistic inquiries; and the tension between its scientific aspirations and its subjectively acquired data. To provide an overview against which to read the other essays, Stocking has also included a sketch of the history of anthropology from the ancient Greeks to the present. For this collection, Stocking has written prefatory commentaries for each of the essays, as well as two more extended contextualizing pieces.

Essays in Celebrity Culture

Author : Pramod K. Nayar
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The collection of essays in the book moves from the largest domain of celebrity culture in India – Bollywood – through celebrity life writing and biopics and, finally, to the politics of and by celebrity culture. The book begins with an exploration of films made around celebrity victims to the vernacular cosmopolitanism of Bollywood stars’ philanthropic and humanitarian work and, finally, to celebrity charisma and its role in the current era of ‘post-truth.’ Two studies of celebrity biopics and auto/biographies – from sports stars to Bollywood stars – and their disease memoirs are included. Finally, a section of essays are devoted to celebrity cultural politics, including Indian writing as a celebrity, the Narmada River as a celebrity, the desacralization of celebrity statues, Arundhati Roy’s celebrated and celebrity activism and the self-fashioning of Indian authors in the age of digital culture.

The Shade of the Saguaro La sombra del saguaro Essays on the Literary Cultures of the American Southwest Ensayos sobre las culturas literarias del suroeste norteamericano

Author :
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Essays in the Philosophy of Chemistry

Author : Eric Scerri
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The philosophy of chemistry has emerged in recent years as a new and autonomous field within the Anglo-American philosophical tradition. With the development of this new discipline, Eric Scerri and Grant Fisher's "Essays in the Philosophy of Chemistry" is a timely and definitive guide to all current thought in this field. This edited volume will serve to map out the distinctive features of the field and its connections to the philosophies of the natural sciences and general philosophy of science more broadly. It will be a reference for students and professional alike. Both the philosophy of chemistry and philosophies of scientific practice alike reflect the splitting of analytical and continental scholastic traditions, and some philosophers are turning for inspiration from the familiar resources of analytical philosophy to influences from the continental tradition and pragmatism. While philosophy of chemistry is practiced very much within the familiar analytical tradition, it is also capable of trail-blazing new philosophical approaches. In such a way, the seemingly disparate disciplines such as the "hard sciences" and philosophy become much more linked.

Essays in World Languages and Cultures

Author : Yves-Antoine Clemmen
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This volume consists of 16 papers selected from the 22nd Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures and Films held on February 25-27, 2016 on the campus of Stetson University in Celebration, Florida. The shared focus of the essays is to examine how writers, filmmakers and language educators address stereotypes in their representations of diverse cultural paradigms by using, deconstructing or displacing these stereotypes. The fourth section of this publication includes 4 experimental poems by the artist Susanne Eules.

Essays on Comparative Institutions

Author : Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt
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Exploring Turkish Cultures

Author : Laurence Raw
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This groundbreaking series of essays offers new insights into Turkish cultures both past and present. Moving beyond the traditional binaries of east/west, Islam/secularism, and Europe/Asia, the book contains a variety of perspectives on contemporary Turkey, from actors, directors, critics and other major cultural figures. The book tries to situate these opinions in context by looking at how such perspectives are employed in different cultural spheres—education, theatre, politics and the like. Exploring Turkish Cultures contains the first major interviews published in English with prominent public figures, including actors Türkân Şoray, Genco Erkal and Nesrin Kazankaya. Other figures interviewed include film directors Derviş Zaim and documentary filmmakers Ben Hopkins, Pelin Esmer and Özgür Doğan. An extended interview with the author, translator and academic Talât Halman rounds off the interview section. Complementing these interviews are a series of essays on major Turkish films and theatrical productions, both past and present. Combining historical analysis, comment and evaluation from an author who has spent two decades living in Turkey, Exploring Turkish Cultures represents a major contribution to contemporary Turkish studies.

Reference Library of Arab America Arab Americans

Author :
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A comprehensive survey of Arabs in America including their history, immigration laws, education, business, language, religion, literature, art, music, and prominent people.

The New Visibility of Religion

Author : Graham Ward
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Since the late 1980s sociologists have been drawing our attention to an international surge in the public visibility of religion. This has increasingly challenged two central aspects of modern western European culture: first, the assumption that as we became more modern we would become more secularised and religion would disappear; and secondly, that religion and politics should occupy radically differentiated spheres in which private conviction did not exert itself within the public realm. The new visibility of religion is not simply a matter of what Keppel famously called 'The Revenge of God', that is, the resurgence of Christian, Islamic and Jewish fundamentalism. Religion is permeating western culture in many different forms from contemporary continental philosophy, the arts and the media, to the rhetoric of international politicians. This collection of essays brings together a unique collection of voices from theology, aesthetics, social and political science, philosophy and cultural theory in an exploration of four major aspects of this new visibility of religion: the revision of the secularisation thesis, the relationship between religion and violence, the new re-enchantment of reality and the return of metaphysics. The exploration is conducted through essays by and interviews with figures at the forefront of reflecting upon this major cultural shift and its implications. It is distinctively multidisciplinary, examining the phenomenon of the rise of religion in Western Europe from a number of interrelated perspectives.

Collected Essays 2

Author : Patrick Olivelle
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The Evolution of Mass Culture in America 1877 to the Present

Author : Gerald Baydo
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Thinking about the Elgin Marbles Critical Essays on Cultural Property Art and Law

Author : John Merryman
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This book begins with a critical reexamination of the rival Greek and British claims to the Elgin Marbles. That case study identifies the questions that still dominate the growing international debate about cultural property policy and are explored in subsequent essays: Why do people care about cultural property? Is cultural nationalism a sound organizing principle for dealing with cultural property questions? Or is it a relic of 19th century romanticism, kept alive by the power of Byron's poetry? How can cultural nationalism be rationalized with the idea that works of art and antiquities are 'the cultural heritage of all mankind?' What alternative ways are there of thinking about cultural property policy and law? The author examines in particular the law and policy relating to cultural property export controls and the evolution and development of the 1995 UNIDROIT Convention on the Return of Stolen and Illegally Exported Cultural Property. In the second part of the book the author addresses a number of contemporary art law issues in essays on counterfeit art, the moral rights of artists, the artist's resale right (droit de suite), the litigation over the Mark Rothko estate, and problems of museum trustee negligence, conflict of interests, and misuse of inside information. The author, a Professor of Art Law at Stanford University, is a leading international figure in cultural property and art law circles.

Critical Essays on Chaucer s Troilus and Criseyde and His Major Early Poems

Author : C. David Benson
File Size : 77.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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