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Mainstreaming the Marginalised

Author : Seemita Mohanty
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This book offers a comprehensive view of the relationship between the Indian tribes and the mainstream. It covers key topics such as health, education, development, livelihood, disability and culture, and presents new insights by focusing on the perspective of the 21st-century tribal youth of the country. The volume explores inclusive education for scheduled tribes children; mainstreaming tribal children; mental health and superstition; ageing and morbidity and psychological distress among elderly tribal population; empowerment via handicraft; livelihoods via non-timber forest produce; the Forest Right Act; the tribal sub-plan approach; tribal cuisine and issues of food; identity; myths and feminism. The book combines fresh research viewpoints with ideas on implementable solutions that would facilitate a more inclusive development for one of the most marginalized communities while highlighting critical issues and concerns. An important intervention, this book will be useful to scholars and researchers of tribal studies, sociology, rural sociology, development studies, social anthropology, political sociology, politics, ethnic studies, sociolinguistics, education and public policy and administration.

From the Margins to the Mainstream

Author : Hugo Gorringe
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A brilliant analysis of the socio-political processes that help us understand the challenges faced by marginalized populations for representation and recognition in India. The premise of democratic politics is that all citizens are equal and have an equal right to a say in national politics. This definition of democracy, however, is observed far more in the breach than in practice. Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis continue their struggle to seek entry into the institution from which they seem to be barred. Drawing on in-depth case studies the book explores how marginalized groups that achieve a degree of political inclusion often discover that it amounts to ‘adverse incorporation’ which is disempowering because it requires them to moderate or abandon key demands. The book is a unique work on the irony of ‘institutionalization’.

Mainstreaming the Marginalised

Author : V. S. Vyas
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Some of the questions asked in the context of contemporary economic development in India are: Why despite high rate of growth for nearly a decade there has not been any major reduction in the number of the poor households? Why despite high growth, dependence on the agriculture has not declined in any measurable way? Why with all the relevant institutions in place the delivery systems are not able to reach the 'last man'? In various essays collected in this book, attempt is made to answer some of these questions.

Media the State and Marginalisation

Author : Rachna Sharma
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The media has a close relationship with socio-cultural and political systems in today’s society. This relationship both offers the potential to tackle the various challenges associated with inequality and, at the same time, creates a nexus with the elite classes of society to keep the marginalized away from the mainstream. This complex relationship between the media, state and the marginalized becomes more complex and interesting in the Indian context, where we find diversity not only in groups and communities, but also in power-relations. This book, containing twenty-one chapters and an editorial introduction, thus, deals with Indian perspectives in relation to the media, the state and the marginalized sections of society. This book will be of interest to academics, scholars and students of social sciences, especially in the fields of media studies, political science and sociology. It will also be useful for the people working in the media industry.

Urban Infrastructure and Governance

Author : G Ramesh
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The book contains a selection of papers on urban governance in its multiple perspectives. It has evolved from the presentations made at the Third International Conference on Public Policy and Management held in 2008.The topics are grouped into several themes: Urban Plan and Governance, Urban Governance through Partnership and Participation, and Financing Urban Infrastructure. With several examples from developing nations, the book dwells into the practical and managerial aspects of urban planning, partnerships, participation, financial mobilization and effective governance. One of the highlights of the book is that it looks at financial mobilization as a strategy for governance and how the financial system in itself can be an instrument of governance.

Youth Mainstreaming in Development Planning

Author : Commonwealth Secretariat
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Youth Mainstreaming in Development Planning: Transforming Young Lives is a compendium of concepts to initiate dialogue and mobilise consensus around visions and strategies for young people and includes practical tools and techniques that will support initiatives to mainstream youth rights, voices and capabilities across government and other institutions. It is aimed policy-makers and practitioners in all sectors engaged in development planning at all levels.

Mind the Gap

Author :
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Alternative Entry Programs to University for Mature Age Students

Author : Marguerite Mary Cullity
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Australia has a long history of accepting unmatriculated, return-to-study and equity group mature age learners into undergraduate courses. Universities enrol mature age students on the basis of, for example, their equity background, prior learning, work experiences, scores on a mature age entrance test, or results in an alternative entry program. This study examined the nature and outcomes of four alternative entry programs (AEPs) to higher education for mature age learners (21 years plus). Alternative entry programs provide mature age students with a way to explore their academic aptitude for, and confidence to, study.

Gender Power and Knowledge for Development

Author : Lata Narayanaswamy
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Knowledge-for-development is under-theorised and under-researched within development studies, but as a set of policy objectives it is thriving within development practice. Donors and other agencies are striving to improve the flow of information within and between decision-makers and so-called ‘poor and marginalized groups’ in order to promote economic and social development, including the empowerment of women. Gender, Power and Knowledge for Development questions the assumptions and practice of the knowledge-for-development industry. Using a qualitative, multi-site ethnographical study of a Northern-based gender information service and its ‘beneficiaries’ in India, the book queries the utility of the knowledge paradigm itself and the underlying assumption that a knowledge deficit exists in the Global South. It questions the value of practices designed to address this presumed deficit that seek to increase information without addressing the specific problems of the knowledge systems being targeted for support. After reviewing the evidence, the book recommends that international organisations, governments and practitioners move away from the belief that information intermediaries can employ progressive correctives to ‘tinker at the edges’ and thus resolve the shortcomings of on-going attempts to use knowledge alone as a driver of development. Gender, Power and Knowledge for Development will be of great interest to researchers, students in development studies, gender studies, and communication studies as well as INGOs, donor agencies and groups engaged in information for development (i4D), ICT for development (ICT4D), Tech4Dev, knowledge mobilization and knowledge-for-development (K4D).

Gender Mainstreaming an Innovation in Europe

Author : Verena Schmidt
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The concept of gender mainstreaming has experienced an unexpected boom in the European Union and beyond since the United Nations World Conference of Women in Beijing in 1995. Starting from the evolution of gender mainstreaming, this book examines the extent to which gender mainstreaming can be regarded as an innovation and as an institution in a complex organisation like the European Commission. By ensuring that the effects on both genders of all policies and organisational processes are taken into account, gender mainstreaming seeks to bring what are often marginalised as ́women ́s concerns ́ into the mainstream of the analysis. Gender mainstreaming is often regarded as a paradigm shift compared to previous concepts of equal treatment and positive action programmes.

Mainstreaming Microfinance

Author : Elisabeth Rhyne
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The history of the microfinance movement in Latin America, brought to life through the lens of the Bolivian experience. The study investigates the transformation of NGOs into formal financial institutions, examining microfinance under the conditions of commercialization and competition.

Social Movements the Poor and the New Politics of the Americas

Author : Håvard Haarstad
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Håvard Haarstad is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Geography, University of Bergen. He has worked extensively on the political economy of natural resource extraction, and the role of social movements, civil society and labor unions in politicizing extraction. Mark Amen is graduate program director in the Department of Government and International Affairs at the University of South Florida/Tampa and Deputy Editor of Globalizations. His current research is on urban indebtedness and the global economy. Asuncion Lera St Clair, philosopher and sociologist is Research Director at the Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research in Oslo-CICERO and Associated Senior Researcher with Chr. Michelsens Institute (CMI). Her research focus is on the interface between climate change, poverty and development, with particular emphasis on justice, ethics, and knowledge productions processes.

Pro poor Or Pro growth

Author : N. Ngwira
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Empowering Society

Author : Usha Jumani
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Empowerment is an integral element of a democratic system. The maturity of a democracy is directly related to the level of empowerment its citizens and institutions experience. The term 'empowerment' is used in different contexts and this book addresses this problem through a comparative analysis of three major organisational systems - business, government and social development. The book presents a new conceptual framework for understanding the process of empowerment. It combines case studies specially for this volume, with secondary data and the author's first hand experience of working with development organisations. The differential understanding of empowerment in various organisational contexts helps to promote cross-sectoral learning, and contributes to a qualitative shift in empowering society as a whole.

Mainstreaming Islam in Indonesia

Author : Inaya Rakhmani
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This cutting edge book considers the question of Islam and commercialisation in Indonesia, a majority Muslim, non-Arab country. Revealing the cultural heterogeneity behind rising Islamism in a democratizing society, it highlights the case of television production and the identity of its viewers. Drawing from detailed case studies from across islands in the diverse archipelagic country, it contends that commercial television has democratised the relationship between Islamic authority and the Muslim congregation, and investigates the responses of the heterogeneous middle class towards commercial da’wah. By taking the case of commercial television, the book argues that what is occurring in Indonesia is less related to Islamic ideologisation than it is a symbiosis between Muslim middle class anxieties and the workings of market forces. It examines the web of relationships that links Islamic expression, commercial television, and national imagination, arguing that the commercialisation of Islam through national television discloses unrequited expectations of equality between ethnic and religious groups as well as between regions.

Dementia and Social Inclusion

Author : Anthea Innes
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There has been a considerable and welcome growth of publications about dementia care and Jessica Kingsley Publishers has certainly played a very useful part in this growth... we need more not less of this quality of work and writing if society is to include those with dementia as full citizens.' - Christian Council on Ageing 'The editors are to be congratulated on assembling a collection of contributions which make this book a milestone in the literature on dementia research and practice... [They] have collected papers on extraordinarily diverse issues and from a very diverse set of authors. Each of the chapters can be seen as an invaluable introduction to the topic area as well as addressing the main theme of the book. It is a milestone book because it manages to provide a snapshot of dementia studies at this moment in time and will, in my view, be widely quoted by policy makers, practice developers, researchers and trainers for the next few years... In such a treasure trove of approaches and issues it is hard to pick out the most striking... I would recommend this book: all readers of the journal will find chapters that they can use to improve dementia care.' - Journal of Dementia Care 'What makes this particularly notable is that Innes, Archibald and Murphy have harnessed such individual voices to address so cogently. Together they address the core issues, all too often neglected or marginalized, in dementia research and care. Sexuality, communication, risk taking, ethnicity, incontinence and practices within remote rural communities are all subjects that draw threads from the very fabric of our society, and it is indicative of how wide the spectrum has broadened that these historically dispirit strands can be tackled constructively.' - Signpost 'A diverse range of subjects are covered in a series of papers written by numerous professionals of standing from various disciplines... The subjects covered include ethnicity, spirituality, sexuality, dying with dementia (palliative care), faecal incontinence and risk-taking. There is a section addressing aspects of communicating with people with dementia and another covering the medical aspects of dementia that have not had much focus in recent years, such as hypertension and diabetes. Finally, there is a social science perspective, including discussing ways that people with dementia can be involved in the research process. I found the book easy to read and it is well written and clearly presented. Covering marginalized areas of practice, it offers food for thought for the reader and is a welcome addition to current literature'. - British Journal of Occupational Therapy 'This book provides invaluable research results and innovative thinking which professionals studying gerontology and dementia care will find very useful throughout their careers.' - London Centre for Dementia Care Newsletter 'The contributors to this volume examine the barriers to the consideration of social inclusion in the field of dementia studies and argue for the necessity of acknowledging the personhood of all individuals with dementia. The papers discuss the sexuality of people with dementia, communication and risk taking, and dementia care in remote rural communities, among other topics. The volume ends with suggestions for more inclusive values, service development, theory and research'. - Book News 'The book, commendably, tries to look at marginalized issues within dementia, such as death and dying, sexuality and faecal incontinence.' - Mental Health Today 'This is a book for the connoisseur. I wish I had contributed a paper. I wish I had read it even earlier. It will be appreciated by many people, from many backgrounds. This is the study of dementia and dementia-care grown to a new maturity. Chapters are original research papers, communicating new findings and analyses, set in the context of previous knowledge, well reviewed... Thanks to the editors and authors for this little gift. Let's be sure it is read widely.' - David Jolley, director of Dementiaplus Examining important issues in dementia research and care that are often neglected or marginalized, the contributors to this book provide fresh perspectives on current practice. The authors put dementia care into a socio-cultural framework, highlighting the impact of social change on dementia care over the last two decades and challenging current stereotypes. The contributors address the implications of power relationships between carers and people with dementia and discuss a broad spectrum of issues, including: * the sexuality of people with dementia * communication and risk taking * people with dementia from minority ethnic groups * faecal incontinence * dementia care and practice in remote rural communities. Taking an in-depth look at dementia research and service development, this book makes essential reading for practitioners, researchers and students working in the field of dementia care.

The Media

Author : Daniele Albertazzi
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The 2nd ed. was edited by Adam Briggs & Paul Cobley.

Mainstreaming Human Security in Peace Operations and Crisis Management

Author : Wolfgang Benedek
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The concept of human security is a new approach to security that focuses on the individual human being and provides policy alternatives to the traditional state-centred view, which considers the state to be the only and ultimate referent of security. Formally introduced into the United Nations system in 1994 the concept’s intellectual roots draw from international humanitarian law, human rights and human development, and since its introduction human security has been progressively integrated into the international security discourse. Mainstreaming Human Security: Policies, Problems, Potential paints a comprehensive picture of the relevance of the concept of human security in practice in a time of changing security paradigms and a challenging international environment. This volume looks at the practical implications of mainstreaming human security. It focuses on the potential, problems and policies of human security in peace operations and crisis management operations of the United Nations and of the European Union. Topics addressed by the contributors include mainstreaming human rights and human security in peace and crisis management in general and the role of human security in the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy, security sector reform, restorative responses to human rights violations by peacemakers, human security in Serbia and in African peace operations as well as proposals for human security training. The contributions to the book focus equally on mainstreaming human security in the UN and in the EU context. The global issues discussed and conclusions drawn are of relevance for the future of security addressed by peace and crisis management operations all over the world.

Marginalisation Or Mainstreaming

Author : Amita Shah
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Australia s war on terror Discourse

Author : Kathleen Gleeson
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Too often, existing literature has conflated the discourses that enabled the 'War on Terror', ignoring the contextual specificities of the states that make up the ’Coalition of the Willing’. Australia's 'war on terror' Discourse fills this gap by providing a full and sustained critical analysis of Australian foreign policy discourse along with the theoretical synthesis for a specific model of critical discourse analysis of the subject. The language of then Prime Minister Howard is the primary focus of the book but attention is also paid to the language of key ministers, political opponents and other prominent actors. The voices of those who challenged the dominant discourse are also considered to shed light on the ways in which discourses can be destabilised. Kathleen Gleeson shows how Howard successfully invoked narratives of identity and sovereignty that resonated with his audience and promoted his reworked narrative of Australia whilst facing dissent from many actors who voiced their opposition most successfully when they capitalised on inconsistencies within the discourse.