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Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World

Author : Paul Stamets
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From the author of GROWING GOURMET AND MEDICINAL MUSHROOMS comes the only identification guide exclusively devoted to the world's psilocybin-containing mushrooms. Detailed descriptions and color photographs for over 100 species are provided, as well as an exploration of their long-standing (and often religious) use by ancient peoples and their continued significance to modern-day culture. Some of the species included have just been discovered in the past year or two, and still others have never before been photographed in their natural habitats.

Psilocybin Magic Mushroom Grower s Guide

Author : O.T. Oss
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In the 1970s two of the most influential thinkers of the psychedelic era gathered what was then known about psilocybin botany and culture and presented it in Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide. Writing under pseudonyms, the McKenna brothers provided simple, reliable, and productive methods for magic mushroom propagation, including black-and-white photographs that showed the techniques of the time. The development of more modern cultivation techniques does not eclipse the cultural contributions of this book. Philosophical asides, whimsical illustrations evoking the mystical nature of mushrooms, and speculations about the relationship of these organisms to humankind provide a lasting legacy. Truly the classic manual on home cultivation, the wisdom of Psilocybin: Magic Mushroom Grower's Guide continues to inspire new students of psycho-mycology—and refreshes psychedelic memories for others.

The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible

Author : Dr K. Mandrake
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The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible details every step of the complex mushroom cultivation process, making it hands down the largest and most comprehensive book ever written on the subject. Readers will learn how to produce their own magic mushrooms quickly, safely, and effectively. The book features over 40 step-by-step photographic instruction guides to each step of the process, including: sterilizing the equipment to produce mushrooms; how to build the containers used during home mushroom cultivation; safety measures for preventing contamination of the mushroom cultures; and a guide to consuming magic mushrooms safely and enjoyably. Dr. Mandrake uses his doctoral studies in mycology to detail the history and botany of psilocybin mushrooms to give readers an idea of their prevalence throughout human history. The book is highly detailed and comprehensive, allowing readers to learn the entire process required to produce perfect magic mushrooms every time.

Psilocybin Growing Bible

Author : Tyler Barrett
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How to grow Psilocybin Mushrooms better than anyone else even if you don't have any experience!A Psilocybin Mushroom is also known as a "Magic mushroom" or a psychedelic mushroom and is one of a polyphyletic group of fungi that contain psilocybin and psilocin. When you cultivate Magic Mushrooms, you will do so indoors. But have you ever considered developing outdoor mycelium too? This can have a number of advantages when growing mushrooms in your backyard or a similar area outdoors. You could expand the supply of shrooms for an entire year, and it'll be less costly! It isn't particularly difficult to grow magic mushrooms, especially if you grow your shrooms with a fully equipped grow kit. But if you want to grow shrooms from spores, there can be a learning curve, and a little more research may be needed. If you cultivate mushrooms, one of the main concerns is to prevent mold contamination. With a decent outdoor patch for growing in your greenhouse or backyard, you don't need to think about this and can look forward to good yields. You don't even need to have your own greenhouse if you want to cultivate magic mushrooms outdoors. You could also find a nice secluded spot in a wood. This give to you the benefit of free spreading your mushroom spores in the field, creating a "magic spot" where your shrooms can naturally grow over time! In this book of Mushroom Bible, you will learn: How to Successfully Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms The best place of mushroom Equipment and Supplies Needed for Mushroom Cultivation The Sterile Culture Technique for Mushroom Cultivation The PF TEK How to Work with Agar The Skill of Fruiting and Harvesting The Chemistry of Psilocybin Mushrooms Legal Status of Psilocybin Mushrooms Rewarding Experience: If you have ever grown your own food, then you will be aware of the sense of satisfaction after tasting that. A Hallucinogenic mushrooms cultivation is more than physical fruits; it's a spiritual experience that can induce incredible changes. How It's Used: Hallucinogenic mushrooms can be used either in fresh or dried form. People also eat them by mixing them with their food They can also be added to brew them in a tea for drinking. Do mushrooms show up in drug test? Hallucinogenic mushrooms will not show in routine drug test, but certain special tests might be conducted to detect them. How this book will help me? Magic mushrooms are simple to grow without having any experience in the field of agriculture, they only need few specific parameters to be checked along with little patience. To experience a real sense of satisfaction by growing your mushrooms, read this book and improve your wonderful sensations. If you want to start growing Psilocybin Mushrooms and get all the answers of your queries, simply scroll up and click "Add to Cart" Button!

Magic Mushroom Grower s Guide Simple Steps to Bulk Cultivation

Author : Principium Quaesitor
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This book is a comprehensive manual on the bulk cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms, using do-it-yourself equipment made of common materials wherever possible. It walks you through every step of the procedure, providing easy-to-follow instructions, essential information, and useful advice about growing these magical fungi using a simple and economical methodology. This book provides hundreds of photos and diagrams to help you understand the process--also offering helpful resources for sourcing equipment and materials. Advanced procedures are also presented, allowing for rapid progression from the basics to more sophisticated methods of cloning and growing with agar.

Psilocybin Mushroom Handbook

Author : L. G. Nicholas
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First genuinely up-to-date guide to psychedelic mushroom cultivation in years, containing information on both indoor and outdoor varieties. Contains step-by-step photographs and illustrations with detailed directions for the cultivation of four different psilocybin species, a resource guide for supplies and an introduction to mushroom biology, plus essays on the use of psychoactive mushrooms in traditional and modern contexts and ethnobotanical advice exploring medicinal use and the plant-human relationship.

Psychoactive Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

Author : Joseph Weninger
File Size : 40.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This field guide contains more psychoactive mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest than any book previously published. With this field guide, you will learn to safely recognize the amazing number of psychoactive mushrooms that can be found right here in the Pacific Northwest from psilocybin mushrooms to psychoactive Amanitas. This book includes: ?Çó Detailed information on every known psychoactive mushroom in the Pacific Northwest as well as the most common deadly lookalikes ?Çó Over 90 color photographs ?Çó In-depth descriptions of all featured mushrooms including appearance, habitat, distribution, growing season, and effects ?Çó Information on mushroom identification, terminology, and techniques for taking spore prints ?Çó Additional information about the history, preparation, and active ingredients of psychoactive mushrooms

How to Grow Psilocybin Mushrooms

Author : Leo Holden
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Hallucinogenic mushrooms are just one of the many delights that nature spread throughout the Earth, for us to indulge into the blissful state of oneness and return with the knowledge of humility and gratitude for being part of this one special manifestation. They bring light unto the sacred interconnectivity of all life cells, dissolving code barriers and implementing a non-discriminative perception of reality. Some call it the revelation of God; others refer to it in more rational, scientific terms, as consciousness expanded to the limit of over-all clarity. For this reason, magic mushrooms have been considered sacred in all parts of the Earth, with cults and rituals devoted to them, revered with overwhelming respect for their mind-blowing capacity - portal to unknown universes, keepers of truth. Mushrooms like other hallucinogenic plants, used medicinally and ritualistically throughout our history, differ in effect from their chemically refined counterparts, by clearly establishing themselves as an enigmatic presence inside your trip scenario. A mystical guide usually projected as an archetypal figure of the collective unconscious, a spirit of Mother Nature that descended inside you to reveal her beauty, her wisdom and her laws. A universal soul contained in a seemingly plant organism. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: - PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS - GENERAL - PREPARATION - SPORE PRINT - PREPARING YOUR SPAWN - INOCULATION - INCUBATION - FRUITING - HARVEST

Psilocybin Mushrooms

Author : Michelle Stamets
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Have you heard about magic mushrooms and aren't sure what it really means, how to cultivate it or how to use? Do you want to know how to get immeasurable benefits from psilocybin mushrooms? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are not alone. We are with you in the process of thinking and wishing to put this information into practice. This exciting, in-depth guide to growing your own psychedelic mushrooms is filled with chapters on where to start, how to start, what to grow, and how to make the experience worthwhile. Psilocybin is believed to be a miracle of the natural world due to its powerful psychoactive effects. This book breaks down the intriguing benefits and side effects of this fungus in simple terms. Whatever your level of experience is, this book is the right companion on your psychedelic journey. There are many unanswered questions regarding magic mushrooms for most people. This book answers them all. Psilocybin mushrooms have an age-old history of ritual use and medication for depression, terminal illness, anxiety disorders, and mental health diseases. According recent studies, psilocybin is capable of boosting the birth of new brain cells, which is crucial for mood, cognition, and overall brain health. This book contains just about everything you need to grow your own mushrooms in the comfort of your own home. With the help of this book, you will learn: How to grow edible mushrooms at home Method of Growing Mushrooms) How to Detect Different Types of Magic Mushrooms Types Of Magic Mushrooms How to Grow Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Grow magic mushrooms with grow kit - Step by step instructions: Health Benefits of Magic Mushrooms with Psilocybin The Effects of Magic Truffles (Psilocybin) How to Make Spore Footprints Of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Hallucinogenic Mushrooms - How To Work In A Sterile Environment How to Identify And Prevent Mushroom Contamination And much more... The ultimate goal of this book is to give you a better understanding of psilocybin and know how to grow it easily. Even if you are a beginner to the whole concept of psychedelics and don't know the right amount of magic mushroom to use, this book will show you how it really works. Scroll Up and Click The "Buy Now" Button to Get This Book Today!

Magic Mushrooms Guide to Cultivation and Safe Use

Author : Israel Bouseman
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GROW YOUR OWN MAGIC MUSHROOMS AT HOME "The Psilocybin Mushroom Bible" is for anyone who wants to understand the basics of magic mushrooms, their safe use and ways to cultivate them quickly, safely, and effectively at home. This book will guide you through different methods of cultivating psilocybin mushrooms and provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to create your first flush at home. The author outlines different ways to grow magic mushrooms to fit everyone's needs, from basic growing teks, such as the PF tek and Psilly Simon's Method, ideally suited for the beginner, to more advanced techniques such as working with agar and grain. Whatever your level of experience is, this book is the right companion on your psychedelic journey. In detail, this book allows you to... Get a comprehensive overview of magic mushrooms and feel comfortable to start your own mushroom experience Learn everything about the biology of the psilocybin mushroom Get to know the most common psilocybin species and be able to identify them Discover some facts and figures about the magic of mushrooms that you'll have never heard before! Understand the essentials for your psychedelic journey and be prepared to get the most out of your trip Gain insights about the pharmacology and effects of the psilocybin mushroom Learn everything about the set, setting and the optimal dosage for an enjoyable and safe trip Discover how psilocybin can help you through a journey of personal growth Learn about the benefits of microdosing Discover the basics for magic mushroom cultivation and gain the confidence to embark upon your own project Learn everything you need to know about the life cycle of the mushroom and the stages of cultivation Gain an understanding of the basic teks and the equipment needed to start growing Understand the importance of sterilization and their safety measures to prevent contamination Explore more advanced techniques and bring your cultivation to the next level Discover how to work with agar and learn the specifics of grain Get to know techniques to make spore syringes to reuse the spores from one batch Intensify your knowledge about outdoor cultivation Take the first step on your psychedelic journey.To get started, scroll up and grab your copy.