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Magic a Sociological Study

Author : Hutton Webster
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The Mothers

Author : Robert Briffault
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The Book of Immediate Magic Part 2

Author : Jacobus G. Swart
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The "Shadow Tree Series" comprises a unique collection of Western Esoteric studies and practices which Jacobus G. Swart, spiritual successor to William G. Gray and co-founder of the Sangreal Sodality, has actuated and taught over a period of forty years. In "The Book of Immediate Magic - Part 1" Jacobus G. Swart perpetuates the fundamental tenets of "Self Creation" in which it is maintained that the "Centre" establishes the "Circumference," and that personal reality is emanated in harmony with personal "Will." Hence this tome comprises an enhancement and expansion of the magical doctrines and techniques of Practical Kabbalah addressed in "The Book of Self Creation," "The Book of Sacred Names," and "The Book of Seals & Amulets." Jacobus Swart claims that working "Immediate Magic" is neither impossible nor difficult when we fully understand that consciousness is just one vast ocean, and that thoughts are the waves we make in it. It is all a matter of coordinating consciousness.

Dictionary of Magic

Author : Harry E. Wedeck
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A comprehensive reference guide to all things occult, covering a broad range of magic tradition from Babylonian times to the present day. This authoritative reference text by linguist and occult expert Harry E. Wedeck offers a broad understanding of witchcraft, necromancy, paganism, the occult, and many of magic’s other manifestations. With in-depth information on essential concepts, practices, and vocabulary, Dictionary of Magic also covers many of the most notable wizards and demonographers. Perhaps the most famous word in all of magic, Abracadabra is in fact a magic formula used in incantations against sickness or ill luck. Black Mass is a mass held in honor of the Devil. Geloscopy is the practice of divination through observing someone’s laughter. From A-to-Z, Wedeck covers magical names and terms from around the world and down through the ages.

Greek Magic

Author : John Petropoulos
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Magic has always been a widespread phenomenon in Greek Society, starting from Homer’s Circe (the first ‘evil witch’ in western history) and extending to the pervasive belief in the ‘evil eye’ in the twenty-first century Greece. Indeed, magic is probably the most ancient and durable among social and religious phenomena known to classical and other scholars, and it can be traced over a span of some three millennia in sources in the Greek language as well as in an impressive range of visual and other media. For instance, curse tablets from fourth-century B.C. Athens, the medico-magical gems of late antiquity, early Christian amulets, and various exorcism prayers from the medieval and later periods. Organised chronologically, the intriguing panorama offered by this book guides the reader through the ancient, medieval, modern and even contemporary periods, highlighting the traditions, ideologies and methods of magic in each period of Greek history. It brings together the latest insights from a range of experts from various disciplines: classicists, art historians, archaeologists, legal historians and social anthropologists amongst others.


Author : W.H. Ingrams
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This book provides a historical ethnography of the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. It describes local legends, and their important social function in recording and constituting the oral history of the islands. The book also provides a detailed and lively account of the society in the islands.

Acta Ethnographica

Author :
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Etnologiska Studier

Author : Göteborgs etnografiska museum
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The Magic Zoo

Author : Peter Costello
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Witchcraft Magic and Superstition in England 1640 70

Author : Frederick Valletta
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This study examines the relationship between élite and popular beliefs in witchcraft, magic and superstition in England, analyzing such beliefs against the background of political, religious and social upheaval characteristic of the Civil War, Interregnum and Restoration periods. Belief in witchcraft received new impulses because of the general ferment of religious ideas and the tendency of participants in the Civil Wars to resort to imagery drawn from beliefs about the devil and witches; or to use portents to argue for the wrongs of their opponents. Throughout the work, the author stresses that deeply held superstitions were fundamental to belief in witches, the devil, ghosts, apparitions and supernatural healing. Despite the fact that popular superstitions were often condemned, it was recognized that their propaganda value was too useful to ignore. A host of pamphlets and treatises were published during this period which unashamedly incorporated such beliefs. Valletta here explores the manner in which political and religious authorities somewhat cynically used demonic imagery and language to discredit their opponents and to manipulate popular opinion.

The Golden Bough pt I The magic art and the evolution of kings

Author : Sir James George Frazer
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Studies in Biblical Theology

Author :
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Many of the numbers are translations and/or reprints of previously published works.

General Catalogue of Printed Books

Author : British Museum. Department of Printed Books
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The Machakos Kamba Under British Rule 1889 1939

Author : J. Forbes Munro
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An Analysis of Malay Magic

Author : Kirk Michael Endicott
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The History of Magic in the Modern Age

Author : Nevill Drury
File Size : 26.79 MB
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An guide to understanding the dynamics of magical belief and practice in the modern era, this book traces the development of modern magical consciousness from its roots to the revival of Celtic religious traditions.

The Magic Circle of Rudolf II

Author : Peter Marshall
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An intriguing portrait of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II, heir to the Habsburg empire, focuses on the thirty-six-year reign and the extraordinary mathematicians, alchemists, artists, astronomers, and philosophers who made up his court--including Johannes Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Francis Bacon, and others--and made Prague the artistic and scientific center of Europe. 25,000 first printing.

Late Victorian and Edwardian British Novelists

Author : Gale Cengage
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This award-winning multi-volume series is dedicated to making literature and its creators better understood and more accessible to students and interested readers, while satisfying the standards of librarians, teachers and scholars. Dictionary of Literary Biography provides reliable information in an easily comprehensible format, while placing writers in the larger perspective of literary history.Dictionary of Literary Biography systematically presents career biographies and criticism of writers from all eras and all genres through volumes dedicated to specific types of literature and time periods.For a listing of Dictionary of Literary Biography volumes sorted by genre click here.

Kenya s Past

Author : Thomas Spear
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The Cat in the Mysteries of Religion and Magic

Author : M. Oldfield Howey
File Size : 50.76 MB
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