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Madonna and Corpse

Author : Jefferson Bass
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'If you like Kathy Reichs, you'll like Jefferson Bass' The Times. Dr Bill Brockton is leaving the Body Farm and heading to Europe for the most fascinating case of his career, The Bones of Avignon. But first, in this exclusive short story prequel, trouble awaits. Inspector René Descartes of the French National Police is awoken in the middle of the night to investigate a break-in at the Petit Palais in Avignon - the medieval town's museum. What Descartes discovers plunges him into a labyrinth of art-lined walls, leading to a master forger's lair. And inside, a charred corpse. And as he closes this case, he will be called to an altogether more intriguing death scene - and one of the greatest mysteries of human history.

The Monochrome Madonna

Author : Kalpana Swaminathan
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Sitara said, with awful distinctness, ‘I think I’m going to die’. And that’s how I got stuck with the annual corpse. Half an hour later I stood in an empty flat, along with a stranger who was very recently, and very violently, dead. Rushing to Sitara’s aid, Lalli’s niece Sita is distracted by Raphael’s Sistine Madonna. Why is it monochrome? And what does it have to do with the body on the living-room floor? Such questions are hardly relevant to the police in their hunt for the murderer. But Lalli is a detective who revels in curiosities, and she thinks otherwise. A brisk thriller of deceit and intrigue, The Monochrome Madonna has Lalli at her most astute as she interprets the nuances of a murder without motive.

The Nights of Straparola

Author : Giovanni Francesco Straparola
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An Essay on the Madonna in Christian Art

Author : Henry Martin Ladd
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Nights Without Stars Days Without Sun

Author : Conleth O'Connor
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A Corpse Auditions Its Mourners

Author : Conleth O'Connor
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Madonnas That Maim

Author : Michael P. Carroll
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In 1560 a poor woman named Margherita left the Italian city of Piacenza to check on her crop. In the field she heard herself being called, and turned to see a woman dressed in white. It was "the blessed Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mary." Mary was soon joined by a male figure, whom she identified as Christ. "The blasphemies of Piacenza angered Christ," said Mary, who had intervened before Christ devastated the city with a flood. She gave Margherita specific instructions for the people of Piacenza to save themselves from divine punishment. And to ensure that Margherita would be believed, Mary gave a sign: she paralyzed Margherita's legs. In Madonnas That Maim, Michael Carroll looks at the ways in which Italians have revered, invoked, feared, and placated their madonnas and saints. Carroll examines a range of devotional practices that have been legitimated by the local Catholic clergy in Italy for centuries--including the cult of the patron saint, relics, miracles, processions, sanctuaries, pilgrimage, and the mixing of Catholic ritual and magic. He explores the "dark side" of holiness--the willingness of the madonnas and saints of Italy to maim, occasionally even to kill, in order to maintain their own cults--and discusses the psychological origins of such a belief structure. He also considers differences between northern and southern Italy, both in popular Catholicism and in the social structures that have allowed differences to emerge. Including an English-language overview of literature on popular Catholicism in Italy and summaries of important studies by its authors, Madonnas That Maim offers a rich account of the development of beliefs and practices that have characterized popular piety in Italy for the past five hundred years.

Dickinson and the Boundaries of Feminist Theory

Author : Mary Loeffelholz
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Poetry written by the gifted recluse Emily Dickinson has remained fresh and enigmatic for longer than works by her male Transcendentalist counterparts. Here Mary Loeffelholz reads Dickinson's poetry and career in the double context of nineteenth-century literary tradition and twentieth-century feminist literary theory. "Mary Loeffelholz has written a book that actually performs what it promises. . . . It illuminates our understanding of Emily Dickinson with readings both elegant and useful, and as importantly suggests modified direction for feminist-psychoanalytic theory." -- Diana Hume George, author of Oedipus Anne: The Poetry of Anne Sexton

Do the Movies Have a Future

Author : David Denby
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A selection of essays by a prestigious New Yorker film critic examines the art, business and future of America's troubled movie industry, exploring topics ranging from "fandom" and the work of critics James Agee and Pauline Kael while evaluating how the global marketplace is threatening film with increasing demands for spectacle and digitalization. 40,000 first printing.

A Corpse s Nightmare

Author : Phillip DePoy
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"Storytelling at its finest...beguiling!" -- Kirkus Reviews (starred) on The Drifter's Wheel Fever Devilin is killed by an intruder. He doesn't stay dead - thanks to an emergency medical team - but he does slip into a months-long coma. When he comes out of it, there are two things he now knows: that he's been dreaming about the legendary Paris 20's café scene and that his would-be killer was after a blue tin box, containing a photo of what Fever believes to be an angel. As Fever struggles to recover, out there is a would-be killer who must be found while there's still time.

The Ruby Slippers Madonna s Bra and Einstein s Brain

Author : Chris Epting
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Anyone who has ever wondered where Dorothy's ruby slippers, George Washington's teeth, or the world's largest olive are located will be thrilled to take this journey to find hundreds of the most important items from America's popular culture. Found in such major institutions as the Smithsonian and the Basketball Hall of Fame as well as in such offbeat collections as the Sing Sing Prison Museum and the Delta Blues Museum, these pop culture treasures include the most famous—and quirkiest—items from movies, crime, TV, sports, music, history, and America's roadside attractions. The Ruby Slippers, Madonna's Bra, and Einstein's Brain is divided into the following chapters: American Curiosities, Roadside Relics, Historic Artifacts, Criminal Remains, Celebrity Antiquities, Movie and Television Keepsakes, Music Mementos, and Sports Memorabilia. There's even a list of the Top Ten Missing in Action Pop Culture Artifacts. Some of the most fascinating treasures found in the book include: The Cardiff Giant Thomas Edison's Last Breath World's Largest Ball of Twine George Washington's Teeth Lizzie Borden's Axe John Wilkes Booth's Thorax Watergate File Cabinet Abraham Zapruder's Camera Tom Thumb's Wedding Cake Casablanca Piano Easy Rider Motorcycle Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock Guitar Elvis Presley's Report Card Paul "Bear" Bryant's Hat Miracle on Ice Skates


Author : Alina Simone
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When Alina Simone agreed to write a book about Madonna, she thought it might provide an interesting excuse to indulge her own eighties nostalgia. Wrong. What Simone discovered instead was a tidal wave of already published information about Madonna—and her own ambivalence about, maybe even jealousy of, the Material Girl’s overwhelming commercial success. With the straight-ahead course stymied, Simone set off on a quirky detour through the backroads of celebrity and fandom and the people who love or loathe Madonna. In this witty, sometimes acerbic, always perceptive chronicle, Simone begins by trying to understand why Madonna’s birthplace, Bay City, Michigan, won’t even put up a sign to celebrate its most famous citizen, and ends by asking why local bands who make music that’s authentic and true can disappear with barely a trace. In between, she ranges from Madonna fans who cover themselves with tattoos of the singer’s face and try to make fortunes off selling her used bustiers and dresses, to Question Mark and the Mysterians—one-hit wonders best known for “96 Tears”—and Flying Wedge, a Detroit band that dropped off an amazing two-track record in the office of CREEM magazine in 1972 and vanished, until Simone tracked it down. Filled with fresh insights about the music business, fandom, and what it takes to become a superstar, Madonnaland is as much a book for people who, like Simone, prefer “dark rooms, coffee, and state-subsidized European films filled with existential despair” as it is for people who can’t get enough of Madonna.

Music Sound and Multimedia

Author : Jamie Sexton
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This new series aims to explore the area of "e;screen music"e;. Volume topics will include multimedia music, music and television, Hollywood film music, and the music of Bollywood cinema.Music and other sound effects have been central to a whole host of media forms throughout the twentieth century, either as background, accompaniment, or main driving force. Such interactions will continue to mutate in new directions, with the widespread growth of digital technologies. Despite the expansion of research into the use of music and sound in film, the investigation of sonic interactions with other media forms has been a largely under-researched area. Music, Sound and Multimedia provides a unique study of how music and other sounds play a central part in our understandings and uses of a variety of communications media. It focuses on four areas of sound and music within broader multimedia forms - music videos, video game music, performance and presentation, and production and consumption - and addresses the centrality of such aural concerns within our everyday experiences. Charting historical developments, mapping contemporary patterns, and speculating on future possibilities, this book is essential for courses on sound and media within media and communications studies, cultural studies and popular music studies.Key features* Charts a number of key developments in music and multimedia interactions* Provides both historical overviews and theoretical analyses* Features a number of in-depth case studies of important issues.

The Most Delectable Nights of Straparola of Caravaggio

Author : Giovanni Francesco Straparola
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Summer in Baden Baden

Author : Leonid Tsypkin
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Summer in Baden-Baden is Leonid Tsypkin's beautiful and original cult classic. One bitterly cold winter in the 1970s, Leonid Tsypkin's obsession with Dostoyevsky leads him to Leningrad by train, so that he can see for himself where his hero died. As the train makes its way across Russia, a journal inspires Tsypkin to conjure up the summer of 1867, when Dosteyevsky and his young wife Anna travelled across Europe to Baden-Baden. The destructive demons that beset Dostoyevsky in his later life were in full force at this time, and man and wife battled for their very souls. Yet in Tsypkin's hands this elegy to the great Russian writer becomes a glorious and unforgettable love story. Praise for Summer in Baden-Baden: 'A remarkable fantasia . . . written in a unique and unforgettable style' James Wood, Guardian 'A hypnotic double narrative, a journey within a journey, both real and imagined, from the present to the past and back again, told in miraculous prose' Evening Standard 'Luminous, extraordinary, magnificent' Literary Review Leonid Tsypkin was born in Minsk in 1926 of Russian-Jewish parents. Summer in Baden-Baden is the culmination of a passionate, clandestine literary vocation. A distinguished medical researcher by profession, Tsypkin never had even a measure of 'underground' fame. Twice denied permission to leave the Soviet Union with his family, he died of a heart attack in Moscow in 1982.

Stories of Love and Adventures

Author : Gilda Sbrilli
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The protagonists of the stories presented in this anthology constitute a lively and varied line-up of exemplary characters: from the enamored heir of the courtesy of knights to the astute woman who amuses herself behind her husband¡_s back, from the mocked fool to the young merchant who gains experience from his own errors. All of them move, thanks to the narrative skill of the author, with great naturalness, recreating with their sentiments and actions the fascinating tableau of a distant civilization while still completely valid.

Dostoyevsky and the Process of Literary Creation

Author : Jacques Catteau
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This book is an original and detailed attempt to re-examine Dostoyevsky the artist.

Friars Scribes and Corpses

Author : Kimberly J. Vrudny
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The Speculum humanae salvationis (Mirror of Human Salvation), a medieval book recounting in forty-five chapters the story of human redemption within the larger context of the Virgin Mary's life, was something of a "best seller" in the Middle Ages, surviving in over 400 copies. Because the author wrote anonymously, however, little about the book's initial context is known despite a century's-long effort to uncover the author's identity. Friars, Scribes, and Corpses investigates a Marian confraternal setting for the Speculum's emergence, and newly proposes consideration of Nicola da Milano as the poem's author. Its central chapters show how the scribes who copied the Speculum preserved the author's rhetorical considerations that served so well the purposes of Marian confraternal preaching, including elements that suit memory training techniques used in the Middle Ages, such as building an architectural structure in one's mind, tagging memories with emotion, and internalizing the transformative nature of spiritual lessons. The final chapter asserts that the poem's lessons would have been particularly desired in the context of plague, when the number of corpses threatened to destroy people's faith in a merciful God. Friars, Scribes, and Corpses challenges assumptions about the Speculum, as well as the dominantly held view that there was an overwhelming emphasis on death in the late medieval period. Rather, this book demonstrates that there was a competing emphasis on life as glimpsed in the glass of the Speculum.

Picturing Death 1200 1600

Author : Stephen Perkinson
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Picturing Death: 1200-1600 brings together essays considering four key centuries of imagery related to human mortality, from tomb sculpture to painted altarpieces, from manuscripts to printed books, and from minute carved objects to large-scale architecture.

C is for Corpse

Author : Sue Grafton
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Fearing that the assailant who had once tried to kill him--and had left him badly scarred and partially amnesiac--would again try to murder him, Bobby Callahan turns to Kinsey Millhone for help