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Category: Macintosh (Computer)

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MacUser guide to shareware


Author: Gregory Wasson

Publisher: Ziff Davis Pr

ISBN: 9781562760762

Category: Computers

Page: 421

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Explains the concept of shareware, describes two hundred and fifty popular shareware programs, utilities, fonts, desk accessories, games, and extensions for the Macintosh, and offers some sample shareware

Digital Design Using QuarkXPress 4


Author: Paul Honeywill,Tony Lockhart

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 1871516765

Category: Reference

Page: 192

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Digital Design using QuarkXPress 4 gives you the ability to fully understand QuarkXPress, while developing a knowledge of the rules of design and how computers can exploit them. Students with non-visual backgrounds can rapidly improve, producing worthy examples of pages that integrate text and image. Knowledge gives you choices. The authors approach the subject of teaching QuarkXPress from all the necessary directions. Learning software enables you to lay out a page but not to design one. So this does not take the reader through a series of steps reproducing designed pages - that teaches you nothing. Instead, the authors provide an objective understanding of what makes your designs work.

Mac User's Starter Guide - How To Master Mac In A Day


Author: Laura Whitworth

Publisher: Laura Whitworth

ISBN: 152423401X

Category: Computers

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Whether you own apple MacBook pro, Mac laptop, IPad, or any other apple computer, it is time that you took the big step to master your Mac so that you can get the most mileage for the money you’ve paid! Now you can quit wringing your hands and wondering what to do next. When it comes down to head to head performance, it is the Mac that wins, hands down every single time. Consumers Reports gives Mac the nod as well as most professionals who what a superb outcome, such as musicians, writers, artists and photographers. For years, the big rub against the Mac compared to Windows has been the cost. PC users say that why spend the extra money for the Mac when you can get the same thing with a PC? Mac users say that the extra cost is well worth it when it comes to pure productivity, and there are much fewer problems with a Mac and you don’t have to be aggravated with the gritty problems the PCs like to present to you. Probably one of the most aggravating issues that PC users have to put up with is the periodic need to upgrade to a new operating system just because Microsoft decides that they need a new profit center. The software makers all demand higher and higher capacity, so Microsoft comes out with a newer and more expensive version of Windows to run it. Can anyone spell collusion? As you learn and master the techniques that are mentioned in this eBook, you will continue to improve in your skill levels as well as obtaining increasing knowledge and confidence in your ability to use the Mac to assist you in whatever endeavor you are currently engaged in. Mac offers you a rare opportunity to excel at being very productive at whatever task you apply yourself, with a very positive result being a good probability. This book will show you how to use your Mac the way that you will get so much more out of its various resources. Also know that the more you use your Mac, the better you will become at optimizing you skills as well as increasing your productivity – Good Luck!

100 Things Every Mac User Should Know (Macworld Superguides)


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Publisher: Macworld

ISBN: 0984615822


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We all like to think we're pretty savvy when it comes to using our Macs. In the case of the typical Macworld reader, that's usually true. (You're all unusually handsome and have wonderful singing voices too.) But there's a funny thing we've noticed when we talk to Mac users, even the supposedly savvy ones: There's often some essential information — basic things that would make their Mac use easier or more efficient — that they've either forgotten or never learned. So we got some Macworld editors and contributors together and asked ourselves: What are the things that every Mac user should know how to do? We didn’t meant the really basic stuff -Command-C, Command-V, and so on - but the skills and knowledge that mark you as Mac-literate. And we came up with a list of 100 things that seemed to fit that bill. They range from customizing your Mac’s boot-up sequence to shutting down unresponsive apps. In between, they cover Finder navigation, launching apps, keyboard shortcuts, Spotlight, PDFs, user accounts, and much, much more. (Our one rule: None of these things could require third-party tools; we’re talking only about stuff you can do with OS X itself.)

Digital Magazine Design

With Case Studies


Author: Paul Honeywill,Daniel Carpenter

Publisher: Intellect Books

ISBN: 1841500860

Category: Design

Page: 160

View: 1972

Publishers of contemporary magazines invest more and more money in developing innovative design for an increasingly design-literate reader. Innovation, however, must always be grounded in the underlying conventions of legibility to ensure loyal readership and economic success. Digital Magazine Design provides detailed descriptions of all the necessary rules of design, and uses these rules to cast a critical eye over a selection of contemporary high-street magazines. The second part of this volume, written by publishing students, demonstrates how the tools of design can be applied to the analysis and practice of contemporary magazine design. Through an understanding of the relationship between text, image and design, and the ability to make informed judgements, the student is able to critically evaluate all publishable material.

Geographic Information Systems

The Microcomputer and Modern Cartography


Author: D.R.F. Taylor

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 148329286X

Category: Science

Page: 272

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Technological changes are revolutionising cartography and there is a growing convergence between geographic information systems and computer assisted cartography. This book describes in detail the relationship between geographic information systems and modern cartography and considers all aspects from data collection to presentation and applications. Written by some of the world's leading cartographers, the book examines the emergence of electronic mapping systems and stresses both analysis and visualisation.

Mac OS X for Photographers

Optimized image workflow for the Mac user


Author: Rod Wynne-Powell

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136105174

Category: Photography

Page: 328

View: 475

An insider's guide to optimizing your Mac for Photoshop and the photography workflow

The Scottish Web Directory

Over 10,000 Household Names & Official Websites


Author: Clive Zietman

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749438166

Category: Internet addresses

Page: 414

View: 895

`The definitive guide to Scottish websites.` Scotland`s New Homebuyer This comprehensive and easy-to-use directory provides a one-stop guide to essential addresses on the Internet from a Scottish perspective. The Scottish Web Directory, offers a selection of over 10,000 official sites, top 'household names' and sites of interest to Scottish families, business users, and anyone interested in Scotland Conveniently classified by category, the directory enables both begineers and experienced users alike to find elusive web addresses with ease, saving hours of fruitless searching and surfing on the Internet. Categories include: Arts & Entertainment Business Children Education, Training & Research Food & Drink Government Hobbies & Leisure Living Museums, Libraries & Information Personal Finance Shopping Sport Technology Travel