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LUCAS Associative Array Processor

Author : Christer Fernstrom
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After historical introduction, the aspiration technique and imaging modalities are described. Thereafter, the use of aspiration cytology in the diagnosis and mainly in the sta- ging of urologic cancers is on still not well known appli- cations of the procedure in the staging of some organs (bladder, adrenals, penis, testis and secondary ureteral strictures) are reported.

The Lucas Associative Array Processor and Its Programming Environment

Author : Christer Fernström
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An Associative Array Processor Supporting a Relational Algebra

Author : Ivan Kruzela
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Encyclopedia of Microcomputers

Author : Allen Kent
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"The Encyclopedia of Microcomputers serves as the ideal companion reference to the popular Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology. Now in its 10th year of publication, this timely reference work details the broad spectrum of microcomputer technology, including microcomputer history; explains and illustrates the use of microcomputers throughout academe, business, government, and society in general; and assesses the future impact of this rapidly changing technology."

Lucas Processor Array

Author : Bertil Svensson
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Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision

Author : Y.A. Feldman
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Current research in artificial intelligence and computer vision presented at the Israeli Symposium are combined in this volume to present an invaluable resource for students, industry and research organizations. Papers have been contributed from researchers worldwide, showing the growing interest of the international community in the work done in Israel. The papers selected are varied, reflecting the most contemporary research trends.

Digital Image Processing Methods

Author : Edward R. Dougherty
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This unique reference presents in-depth coverage of the latest methods and applications of digital image processing describing various computer architectures ideal for satisfying specific image processing demands.

Field Programmable Logic and Applications Reconfigurable Computing Is Going Mainstream

Author : Manfred Glesner
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, FPL 2002, held in Montpellier, France, in September 2002. The 104 revised regular papers and 27 poster papers presented together with three invited contributions were carefully reviewed and selected from 214 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on rapid prototyping, FPGA synthesis, custom computing engines, DSP applications, reconfigurable fabrics, dynamic reconfiguration, routing and placement, power estimation, synthesis issues, communication applications, new technologies, reconfigurable architectures, multimedia applications, FPGA-based arithmetic, reconfigurable processors, testing and fault-tolerance, crypto applications, multitasking, compilation techniques, etc.

Parallel Computing Technologies

Author : International Conference on Parallel Computing Technologies
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Proceedings -- Parallel Computing.

Perspectives of System Informatics

Author : International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference
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This book constitutes the refereed post-conference proceedings of the Second International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference on System Informatics, held in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia, in June 1996. The 27 revised full papers presented together with 9 invited contributions were thoroughly refereed for inclusion in this volume. The book is divided in topical sections on programming methodology, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, dataflow and concurrency models, parallel programming, supercompilation, partial evaluation, object-oriented programming, semantics and abstract interpretation, programming and graphical interfaces, and logic programming.

Integrated Optics and Optical Switching

Author : IGIC, Inc. Staff
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Uncertainty in Knowledge Based Systems

Author : Bernadette Bouchon
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Negation and Control in Prolog

Author : Lee Naish
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The contributions to this volume cover all aspects of the assessment and management of hepatobiliary disease. The focal points of the book consist of three state-of-the-art summaries. The first of these deals with the highly topical problem of liver transplants from the point of view of patient selection. The second considers drug-induced liver injury in view of the fact that the liver is the main metabolic site for a number of drugs. The final summary deals with liver and aging: it asks whether the liver follows the aging process of the host organisms and whether the liver of aged liver transplant candidate donors could be suitable for grafting. Aside from these topics, the volume presents basic research on hepatic transport mechanisms, intrahepatic cholestasis and gall-stone disease, which serves as a background for the topics more specifically concerning the assessment of liver function. Much of the book is then devoted to the management of the commonest forms of liver diseases and their complications, such as chronic active hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, portal hypertension, hepatic encephalopathy, hepatorenal syndrome, and ascites.

Mathematical Foundation of Programming Semantics

Author : Austin Melton
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Röntgenbefund und die sich in ihm widerspiegelnde pathologische Anatomie sind neben dem klinischen Bild die wichtigsten Säulen, auf denen die Diagnostik von Knochengeschwülsten und geschwulstähnlichen Läsionen beruht. Radiologen und Pathologen stellen in diesem Buch Klinik, Radiologie und Histolgie der verschiedenen Knochenläsionen am Gliedmaßen- und Achsenskelett umfassend und synoptisch dar. Das umfangreiche Material resultiert aus einer fünfzehnjährigen interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit. In einem einleitenden Kapitel werden die verschiedenen radiologischen (konventionelles Röntgenbild, CT, Kernspintomographie, Angiographie, transkutane Biopsie) und histologischen Untersuchungstechniken und ihre Wertigkeit beschrieben. Der radiologischen Befundungsmethodik von Knochengeschwülsten u.a. mit Hilfe der Lodwick-Graduierung und einem neueren Staging-System für Knochengeschwülste werden eigene Kapitel gewidmet. Im speziellen Teil des Buches erfolgt die Darstellung der einzelnen benignen und malignen Knochengeschwülste in einer systematischen Untergliederung in ihre Häufigkeit, Lokalisation, Alters- und Geschlechtsprädilektion, Klinik und Prognose, Histologie, Radiologie und Differentialdiagnose. Besonders die unter den Knochengeschwülsten und tumorähnlichen Läsionen häufig vorkommenenden Entitäten sind mit einem umfassenden Bildmaterial ausgestattet, um dem breiten Spektrum ihrer Morphologie gerecht zu werden. Durch das Verständnis klinischer, radiologischer und pathologisch-anatomischer Befunde werden Diagnostik und Therapie der Skelettläsionen sehr erleichtert. Die synoptische Art der Darstellung macht dieses Buch für alle Disziplinen, die sich mit Knochentumoren befassen, zu einem idealen Nachschlagewerk.

The Munich Project CIP

Author :
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This book is the second of two volumes that present the main results which emerged from the project CIP - Computer-Aided, Intuition-Guided Programming - at the Technical University of Munich. Its central theme is program development by transformation, a methodology which is becoming more and more important. Whereas Volume I contains the description and formal specification of a wide spectrum language CIP-L particularly tailored to the needs of transformational programming, Volume II serves a double purpose: First, it describes a system, called CIP-S, that is to assist a programmer in the method of transformational programming. Second, it gives a non-toy example for this very method, since it contains a formal specification of the system core and transformational developments for the more interesting system routines. Based on a formal calculus of program transformations, the informal requirements for the system are stated. Then the system core is formally specified using the algebraic data types and the pre-algorithmic logical constructs of the wide spectrum language CIP-L. It is demonstrated how executable, procedural level programs can be developed from this specification according to formal rules. The extensive collection of these rules is also contained in the book; it can be used as the basis for further developments using this method. Since the system has been designed in such a way that it is parameterized with the concrete programming language to be transformed, the book also contains a guide how to actualize this parameter; the proceeding is exemplified with a small subset of CIP-L.

Systems of Reductions

Author : Benjamin Benninghofen
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Lectures on the Complexity of Bilinear Problems

Author : Hans F. de Groote
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Global Dynamics of the Earth

Author : Roberto Sabadini
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This volume opens up new perspectives on the physics of the Earth's interior for graduate students and researchers working in the fields of geophysics and geodesy. It looks at our planet in an integrated fashion, linking the physics of its interior to the geophysical and geodetic techniques that record, over a broad spectrum of spatial wavelengths, the ongoing modifications in the shape and gravity field of the planet. Basic issues related to the rheological properties of the Earth's mantle and to its slow deformation will be understood, in both mathematical and physical terms, within the framework of an analytical normal mode relaxation theory. Fundamentals of this theory are developed in the first, tutorial part. The second part deals with a wide range of applications, ranging from changes in the Earth's rotation to post-seismic deformation and sea-level variations induced by post-glacial rebound. In the study of the physics of the Earth's interior, the book bridges the gap between seismology and geodynamics.

Future Parallel Computers

Author : Philip C. Treleaven
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Organized by the University of Pisa on behalf of the European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology (ESPRIT)

Logic Programming 85

Author : Eiiti Wada
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