The Bible Cure for High Blood Pressure


Author: Don Colbert

Publisher: Charisma Media

ISBN: 0884197476

Category: Bibles

Page: 96

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In this concise, easy-to-read booklet you'll discover a wealth of information to help you reduce and prevent high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure: 35 Tasty Dash Diet Recipes to Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure in 7 Days


Author: Sam Spotter

Publisher: Sam Spotter

ISBN: 1536508306

Category: Cooking

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Blood Pressure: 35 Tasty Dash Diet Recipes to Naturally Lower High Blood Pressure in 7 Days Discover the Proven Guide To Naturally Lower Your Blood Pressure With Natural Remedies Without Medication. BONUS! Includes Dash Diet recipes with a list of Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure. You’re going to find so much information in this book that will completely change your mind about being diagnosed with hypertension and how to handle it. In most cases, hypertension can easily be managed with a change in diet and taking a few extra supplements every day, as well as monitoring by your doctor to make sure progress is being made. A diagnosis of hypertension is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your life. You’ll find information pertaining to how you can lead a healthier life through exercise and diet when you have hypertension, as well as what herbs and supplements you can take in order to lower your blood pressure. If you’re not sure how you’re progressing, you’ll also figure out how to measure your blood pressure at home accurately so that you can monitor your own progress. Here Is The Overview Of The Lessons You Will Learn Understanding Blood Pressure? Lifestyle Changes to Lower the Blood Pressure Dietary Changes That Will Fight High Blood Pressure. Exercise Programs to Lose Weight a Blood Pressure The Importance of Managing Stress Levels to Lower Blood Pressure The Natural Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure What is Dash Diet and Why it is so effective 35 Tasty Dash Diet recipes to lower blood pressure An inspiring real life story of blood pressure lowering with exact method followed And Much More..

Lowering High Blood Pressure

The Three-type Holistic Approach


Author: Thomas Breitkreuz

Publisher: Floris Books

ISBN: 1782501428

Category: Health & Fitness

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This book offers a tailored and holistic programme for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, distinguishing between three core types of hypertension: stress-type, abdominal-type, and chaos-type.Conventional treatments for high blood pressure often fail. Around half of patients who are prescribed medicines stop taking them, often because their doctor hasn't taken a holistic view of the patient's needs and life situation. Other patients feel there is no alternative to a life-long course of pills.This book offers another way. Dr Thomas Breitkreuz, an experienced physician, wants to empower the reader to identify which of the three core types of high blood pressure they have. He then outlines a tailor-made therapeutic programme to care for body and soul, including nutrition and exercise, drawing on drugs and therapies from anthroposophical medicine. Numerous motivating case-studies demonstrate the positive difference that this holistic approach can make in someone's life.

Lowering High Blood Pressure with Acupressure

Normalising your blood pressure in 30 minutes naturally without prescription drugs


Author: Charles Chan

Publisher: Taoway Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

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Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing art developed over 5000 years ago. Similar to acupuncture using needles on the vital energy points of the meridians, acupressure uses only the fingers to massage on the energy points which activates the body to relief the symptoms and to heal itself. Acupressure massage is very effective in lowering high blood pressure, increasing circulation and vitality, relieving pains and aches, reducing stress and is a superb self-treatment for boosting the body immunity. It is a natural healing method and a safe alternative healing modality for treating hypertension and other associated conditions. There are altogether nine easy exercises in the full routine. The exercises are accompanied by well-illustrated pictures for the locations of the acupressure vital points. All you need is to perform the routine once a day. It will take roughly twenty to thirty minutes and the result is instantaneous. You can also monitor your own progress by measuring your blood pressure before and after performing the acupressure massage routine. In most cases, the systolic pressure will become normalised or have a significant drop after performing a basic twenty to a thirty-minute routine. Diastolic pressure will also have a significant drop corresponding to the systolic pressure drop. In the middle section of the book, it looks into the long-term prevention and treatment for hypertension, including tackling all the major risk factors: Your body weightDiet and lifestyleExcessive caffeine intakeExcessive alcohol consumptionInsufficient sleepLong term stressDiabetesMedication or oral contraceptivesCardiovascular health The final chapter looks into the strategies of eliminating high blood pressure and its associated illnesses for good using healthy regiment and natural healing methods including: Performing acupressure dailyExamine your diet and learn to eat less and eat wiselyExercise to strength your cardiovascular system and to keep your body weight normalOvercome stress and make changes in your life where necessary. Perform meditation and prayers daily to keep your body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony.

High Blood Pressure for Dummies

Easyread Super Large 24pt Edition


Author: Alan L. Rubin


ISBN: 1458725790

Category: Medical

Page: 428

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Since the last edition of this book, big changes have occurred in our understanding of high blood pressure and its treatment. The categories of high blood pressure have been reduced, and our recommendations about early treatment have changed as well. New drugs are available and old ones are off the market. A major Medicare drug plan, Part D, has confused millions of elderly Americans and changed how they pay for their drugs, including those for high blood pressure. These changes alone are more than enough justification for a new edition of High Blood Pressure For Dummies. This edition has more emphasis on prevention. I also include new discoveries and myths about high blood pressure, so if you already have the first edition, know that I've packed this one with new stuff. (At the very least, buy it for your spouse - then borrow it so you stay up to date!). But the main reason I wanted to write this update comes from an article that appears in the January 2007 issue of the journal Diabetes Care. The article points out that ''despite the publication of increasingly aggressive guidelines for lowering blood pressure, [high blood pressure] remains substantially unimproved among diabetic patients.'' In other words, the number of people with diabetes is increasing explosively, but they're not achieving the level of blood pressure control that will prevent heart attacks, strokes, and amputations. . I hope to change this outcome by helping the even larger population without diabetes to control their blood pressure. ----Alan L. Rubin, MD

The Complete Guide to Lowering High Blood Pressure Naturally

A Healthier Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Stress Management


Author: Deborah Mitchell

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks

ISBN: 1466862688

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 256

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I have high blood pressure-should I be worried? How can I prevent the health risks associated with it? Can I lower my blood pressure through diet and lifestyle changes? Are there alternatives or complements to prescription medications? How do I manage stress and hypertension-naturally? THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO LOWERING HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE NATURALLY includes THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION: Everything you need to know about the different types of high blood pressure, its causes, symptoms, risk factors, and complications. YOUR BEST TREATMENT OPTIONS: A full range of choices from diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to prescription medications, complementary methods, and alternatives. A GUIDE TO NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS: Your go-to resource for healthy herbal remedies, essential foods, safe supplements, and other natural ways to lower blood pressure. THE MOST COMMON MEDICATIONS: A quick-reference guide to popular prescribed drugs, possible side effects, how to use them safely, and if they're right for you. STRESS MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES: Simple lifestyle changes, sleeping tips, physical activities and exercises to help you control hypertension and stress. A PREVENTION PLAN JUST FOR YOU: A customizable approach to lowering high blood pressure that lets you design the plan that works for you-naturally.

Natural Cure for High Blood Pressure: 30 Days Step By Step Lower Blood Pressure


Author: Ashley K. Willington

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1304900436

Category: Health & Fitness

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This eBook provides you with a more natural way to reduce your blood pressure within a month’s time. What you do today and in the next 30 days will make a remarkable difference on how quickly your blood pressure returns to normal. Another thing that makes this eBook different from others is that it can help you prevent Hypertension without using anti hypertensive medication. With drugs and medications out of the picture, we envision a long-term Natural Cure that effectively combines diet and exercise while eliminating vice and stress. Professionally written by someone with a personal experience overcoming High Blood Pressure, our content can be very self-empowering! It equips you with more knowledge, not only on the Symptoms, Causes, and Risk Factors which accompany High Blood Pressure, but also on Lifestyle Measures that help prevent it. This eBook to change your life, it will change your outlook as you learn to give more importance to prevention, management, and control.

The Wonder of DASH Diet

The No-Fluff Guide to Lowering High Blood Pressure, Losing Weight Fast, & Improving Health with the DASH Diet - Delicious Recipes & Meal Plan Included


Author: Annabel W. Williams

Publisher: Living Plus Healthy Publishing


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 100

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The DASH diet, far from being a fad diet, was actually developed by the US National Institutes of Health as a way for some patients to have a lowered blood pressure without having to take medications. The word DASH comes from “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension” but it does so much more. It has been studied extensively and found that not only does the DASH diet lower blood pressure but it lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, heart failure, diabetes and kidney stones. Weight loss is practically inevitable if you follow the DASH diet, which is another boost. Not only do you get healthier but you get thinner as well. In "The Wonder of DASH Diet", you will learn: - Exactly what is the DASH Diet - truth & myths - What is hypertension and what are the effects of diet on hypertension - How does the DASH Diet help lowering your blood pressure? - How to get started with the DASH eating plan? - How to follow DASH diet when you are eating out? - How to set your DASH goals - How to apply DASH diet as part of a weight loss program - Easy-to-make, delicious DASH diet recipes for breakfast, lunch, & dinner - A 7-day DASH diet meal plan that anyone can follow - And much more...

Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks

A Revolutionary Program for a Longer, Healthier Life


Author: Stephen T. Sinatra

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 9780307487773

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 416

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The numbers speak for themselves. More than 50 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure—and yet despite the billions we spend on medication, the death rate from high blood pressure has risen 36 percent in the past decade. Clearly, the time has come for a radical new treatment plan. And that’s exactly what Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra delivers in this invaluable new book. All too often people with high blood pressure get the same frustrating advice from their doctors: lose some weight, lay off the salt, and fill a bunch of prescriptions. One of the nation’s leading authorities on cardiovascular disease, Dr. Sinatra offers a different approach. Through an eight week plan that takes into account your lifestyle, medical history, and special needs, this book will dramatically lower your blood pressure while at the same time reducing or even eliminating your need for medications. Inside you will discover • How to diagnose high blood pressure and get the help you need fast • A meal-by-meal diet plan you can start following today • The relationship between hypertension, cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke • The special risk factors for women, the elderly, and African Americans • Easy, enjoyable exercises you can make part of your daily routine • How dietary supplements work and which ones are best for you • Which medications to use—and which to avoid • Finding the stress-reduction program that works for you Clearly written, user friendly, grounded in science and common sense, and full of inspiring case histories and delicious recipes, Lower Your Blood Pressure in Eight Weeks is the one book that deals with all the factors involved in hypertension. This program has worked wonders with hundreds of Dr. Sinatra’s patients. Now it will do the same for you! From the Trade Paperback edition.