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Loving to Survive

Author : Dee L.R. Graham
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Have you wondered: Why women are more sympathetic than men toward O. J. Simpson? Why women were no more supportive of the Equal Rights Amendment than men? Why women are no more likely than men to support a female political candidate? Why women are no more likely than men to embrace feminism--a movement by, about, and for women? Why some women stay with men who abuse them? Loving to Survive addresses just these issues and poses a surprising answer. Likening women's situation to that of hostages, Dee L. R. Graham and her co- authors argue that women bond with men and adopt men's perspective in an effort to escape the threat of men's violence against them. Dee Graham's announcement, in 1991, of her research on male-female bonding was immediately followed by a national firestorm of media interest. Her startling and provocative conclusion was covered in dozens of national newspapers and heatedly debated. In Loving to Survive, Graham provides us with a complete account of her remarkable insights into relationships between men and women. In 1973, three women and one man were held hostage in one of the largest banks in Stockholm by two ex-convicts. These two men threatened their lives, but also showed them kindness. Over the course of the long ordeal, the hostages came to identify with their captors, developing an emotional bond with them. They began to perceive the police, their prospective liberators, as their enemies, and their captors as their friends, as a source of security. This seemingly bizarre reaction to captivity, in which the hostages and captors mutually bond to one another, has been documented in other cases as well, and has become widely known as Stockholm Syndrome. The authors of this book take this syndrome as their starting point to develop a new way of looking at male-female relationships. Loving to Survive considers men's violence against women as crucial to understanding women's current psychology. Men's violence creates ever-present, and therefore often unrecognized, terror in women. This terror is often experienced as a fear for any woman of rape by any man or as a fear of making any man angry. They propose that women's current psychology is actually a psychology of women under conditions of captivitythat is, under conditions of terror caused by male violence against women. Therefore, women's responses to men, and to male violence, resemble hostages' responses to captors. Loving to Survive explores women's bonding to men as it relates to men's violence against women. It proposes that, like hostages who work to placate their captors lest they kill them, women work to please men, and from this springs women's femininity. Femininity describes a set of behaviors that please men because they communicate a woman's acceptance of her subordinate status. Thus, feminine behaviors are, in essence, survival strategies. Like hostages who bond to their captors, women bond to men in an effort to survive. This is a book that will forever change the way we look at male-female relationships and women's lives.

Sweet Love Survive

Author : Susan Johnson
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The award-winning, bestselling author of Brazen and Pure Sin brings her brand of steamy sensuality to this shattering tale of forbidden love. Kitty Radachek played to perfection her role as the demure wife of a powerful army commander she could never love . . . until a stolen kiss from a daring cavalry captain awoke in the countess a flaring passion more devastating than the fires of war that raged around them. Captain Apollo Kuzan was a gloriously handsome prince who’d triumphed on the battlefields—and in bedrooms—all across Russia. He knew Kitty had no business being in his arms, yet beneath her cool exterior lay a woman of fierce sensuality he couldn’t resist. And in the midst of a nation’s upheaval, their reckless liaison would hold two hearts captive—as the hungry flames of passion threatened to burn out of control.

Living Beyond Survival Laughing Loving Sharing Life

Author : Van Johns
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Growth is a continuous process that begins at conception. Come, let us review the history events from a past life. As we take this walk together through time, think with expectation of a growing process.

Can True Love Survive High School

Author : Natalie Standiford
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Is it True Love? (Circle the correct answer.) 1. You are dating an incredible boy named Stephen. He's good-looking, sexy, kind, funny, and smart. But you can't stop fantasizing about Sean, the hottest senior in school. Are you really in love with your boyfriend? Yes or No 2. You think about your high school teacher 24/7. You plot to hide in his bedroom closet and surprise him. Are you in love or out of your mind? In Love or Delusional 3. You and your boyfriend, Rob, spend Saturday nights playing video games, sharing pizza, and hanging out with his friends. Is this love or friendship? Boyfriend or Buddy 4. You meet a guy who makes your heart race and your knees weak. You are soul mates, the perfect match, cosmically meant for each other. You decide to bail high school and run away and marry him. Are you in love or brainless? In Love or Crazy Holly, Madison, and Lina are looking for true love. But how can you tell when it's real? What is true love anyway? For the answers, open this book and read on ... because Holly, Madison, and Lina are about to run smack into the truth about love!

Love and Survival

Author : Charles J. Sullivan
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Are the words fictional or factual? It's your decision. This book explains how all life, along with the humans, entered into this world, and gives an insight into its possible destiny. The book has only two characters, the Supreme Being (Sube) and Mother Nature (Mona). They explain the importance of Love and Survival, and how our destiny depends upon how well we follow these two rules.

The Love Shy Survival Guide

Author : Talmer Shockley
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The author explores the condition of love-shyness, its links with Asperger's syndrome, and how it differs from common forms of shyness.

My Survival Love

Author : Nyatombek Modi
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The story is about a young woman who have been struggling in life with her family background history. This history doesn't just concern her family but herself as . The main thing that she's afraid of is her losing the man she have only loved "'Deng" whom she dearly loved with her all heart. But also knowing that there is no way she could ever have him,just kills her by the inside. And the fact that she lied to Deng and by letting Deng have the idea that she doesn't cared about him is the regrets that she then realise. But it was too later. She's also living under her family plot, this plot was the start of her not "knowing" what will the world brings to her in the next future. She's a young woman who was raise by her uncles and only knows the men life without her knowing; her real biological parents or the love of a family. But for how long will it take her to let go of the past and live the presents. Will she wins over the love of her man Deng? who knows, or will she learn to let go of what is not meant for her.

Loving Hating and Survival

Author : Andrew Hardwick
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First published in 1997, Living in the Global Society reflects on the fundamental concept of global economy as the driving force for development, and examines how ethical values can direct this towards the welfare of humankind in a future where peace will reign. The contributions stem from an international conference held in Rome on ‘Economic Growth, for What Kind of Future?’. The book examines four main themes: development and underdevelopment; globalization in the fields of economics, finance, trade, migration and culture; the shape of the world to come through management of resources and goods; and finally the challenge of globalization moving from fragmentation towards social growth based on cooperation and integration. It is suggested that only a civil society that is also developed at an international level can provide the basis for a true global democracy and true peace. This book asks, how far are we along the path towards its creation?

The Love Shy Survival Guide

Author : Talmer Shockley
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"In his groundbreaking book, Talmer Shockley (himself a love-shy individual) presents a thoroughly accessible and motivating read for those suffering from love-shyness... Pay attention to his words of wisdom. They will help you find the partner that you so richly deserve" - Nick Dubin, author of Asperger's Syndrome and Bullying For many people, romantic and sexual relationships are complex and cause feelings of anxiety. For people who are love-shy, this anxiety is so overwhelming that it can make finding a partner feel like an impossible dream. Although relatively unrecognised, and therefore often undiagnosed, love-shyness is a condition which causes an intense phobia of romantic and sexual situations. This book is designed to help Love-Shys overcome this fear and allow themselves to meet, date, and eventually maintain romantic relationships with members of the opposite sex. A self-confessed Love-Shy, Talmer Shockley explores the condition, its links with Asperger's Syndrome and how it differs from normal shyness. He gives candid advice on how to deal with being love-shy, make dating an enjoyable experience, and survive the “relationship jungle”. While love-shyness is predominately a male problem, it can also affect women, and the book offers tips on relationship success for both sexes. Refreshingly honest and insightful, The Love-Shy Survival Guide provides essential advice for love-shy people wanting to overcome their anxiety and form successful romantic relationships.

Poetry Politics Love and Sex Survival Tools and Hard Truths

Author : Lonnie Hicks
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For those who appreciate the creative brilliance of a true poet, Lonnie Hicks' unique and thought-provoking collection, Politics Poetry and Love: Survival Tools and Hard Truths - Story-Plays and Poems from the Progressive Side, will inspire even the most cynical of souls. Hicks' anthology is comprised of controversial and modern-day issues such as the environment, politics, the poetic craft and relationships. His vast experience as a CFO of the largest independent media organization in the United States coupled with interviews from people from all over the world result in a lyrical masterpiece exemplifying hard truths and insightful musings. Hicks' first-person narratives capture intense emotions, grapple with human and world problems, and bring the reader to unexpected revelations about life, politics and the world in which we live.