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Love Life and Elephants

Author : Daphne Sheldrick
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"Astonishing...You may be tempted after the last page to sell all your possessions and join [Sheldrick's] cause."—The Boston Globe The first person to successfully raise newborn elephants, Dame Daphne Sheldrick has saved countless African animals from certain death. In this indelible and deeply heartfelt memoir, Daphne tells of her remarkable career as a conservationist and introduces us to a whole host of orphans—including Bushy, a liquid-eyed antelope, and the majestic elephant Eleanor. Yet she also shares the incredible human story of her relationship with David Sheldrick, the famous Tsavo National Park warden whose death inspired the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the orphans' nursery, where Daphne works to this day. From her tireless campaign to preserve Kenya's wildlife to the astonishing creatures she befriended along the way, Love, Life, and Elephants is alive with compassion and humor, providing rare insight into the life of one of the world's most fascinating women.

An African Love Story

Author : Daphne Sheldrick
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Daphne Sheldrick's best-selling love story of romance, life and elephants, An African Love Story: Love, Life and Elephants is an incredible story from Africa's greatest living conservationist. A typical day for Daphne involves rescuing baby elephants from poachers; finding homes for orphan elephants, all the while campaigning the ever-present threat of poaching for the ivory trade. An African Love Story is the incredible memoir of her life. It tells two stories - one is the extraordinary love story which blossomed when Daphne fell head over heels with Tsavo Game Park and its famous warden, David Sheldrick. The second is the love story of how Daphne and David, who devoted their lives to saving elephant orphans, at first losing every infant under the age of two until Daphne at last managed to devise the first-ever milk formula which would keep them alive. 'Compulsively readable', Mail on Sunday 'An enchanting memoir', Telegraph Daphne Sheldrick has spent her entire life in Kenya. For over 25 years, she and her husband, David, the famous founder of the the giant Tsavo National Park, raised and rehabilitated back into the wild orphans of misfortune from many different wild species. These included elephants, rhinos, buffaloes, zebra, eland, kudu, impala, warthogs and many other smaller animals. In 2006 she was made Dame Commander of the British Empire by the Queen.

The Tsavo Story

Author : Daphne Sheldrick
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An Elephant Called Eleanor

Author : Daphne Jenkins Sheldrick
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Still Life with Elephant

Author : Judy Reene Singer
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“Brimming with humor and hope, Still Life’s a charmer.” —People Neelie Sterling never did listen well. Always preoccupied with an inner monologue, she even missed the fact that her veterinarian husband, Matt, was having an affair with his colleague, who is now pregnant. Thrown into a tailspin, Neelie distracts herself with her horse-training business, until she discovers that Matt is part of a group planning to go to Zimbabwe to rescue a badly injured elephant. Thinking she can repair her relationship with her estranged husband, Neelie gets herself included on the trip. But she never expected that Africa—and a very special animal—will teach her how to love again.

The Orphans of Tsavo

Author : Daphne Sheldrick
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The Unsung Heroes

Author : Daphne Sheldrick
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The Elephant Letters

Author : G. Bradshaw
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The Elephant Letters tells the moving story of Billy and Kani, two African Elephants. While they were born on the same day, the two young cousins live very different lives. Kani roams the Kenyan savanna with wild Elephant herds, struggling to survive the onslaught of poachers and other humans. His cousin Billy lives in a zoo facing loneliness and hardship after being orphaned and taken from Africa. The cousins' letters to each other over the years provide a unique, inside view of Elephant lives that invites children and adults around the world to learn about Elephants and how they can help save this magnificent species.

Animal Wisdom

Author : Linda Bender
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How is it that pets are able to travel thousands of miles through unknown territory to reunite with their beloved humans? How can dogs detect cancer with up to a 98 percent accuracy rate, and foresee epileptic or diabetic seizures in their owners? How do animals seem to know an earthquake is coming long before the world's best seismologists? In Animal Wisdom, veterinarian and animal advocate Linda Bender offers a wealth of amazing stories and research-based evidence indicating animals have deeply perceptive—even extrasensory—abilities. She shows us that animals are extremely perceptive, intuitive, and psychic and provides step-by-step practices for honing your natural ability to communicate with them, so that you too can learn to understand their urgent messages about peace, happiness, and the future of the planet. Animal Wisdom is for animal lovers and anyone who seeks a deeper, more spiritual connection to these beautiful creatures. From the table of contents: Foreword by Linda Tucker PART I: The Fabric of Creation Chapter 1: The Ecology of Paradise Chapter 2: How Can We Know What Animals Are Thinking and Feeling? PART II: What Animals Want Us to Know Chapter 3: You Are Loved Chapter 4: You Are Already Living in Paradise Chapter 5: You Don't Have to Figure Everything Out Chapter 6: Dying Isn't Bad PART III: The Connection of All Creatures Chapter 7: How to Connect Telepathically with Animals: A Practical Guide Chapter 8: The Animals Speak for Themselves Chapter 9: Heeding the Cries of the Nonhuman World Afterword by Andrew Harvey

The Constitution of Canada

Author : Jeremy Webber
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The book introduces and describes the principal characteristics of the Canadian constitution, including Canada's institutional structure and the principal drivers of Canadian constitutional development. The constitution is set in its historical context, noting especially the complex interaction of national and regional societies that continues to shape the constitution of Canada. The book argues that aspects of the constitution are best understood in 'agonistic' terms, as the product of a continuing encounter or negotiation, with each of the contending interpretations rooted in significantly different visions of the relationship among peoples and societies in Canada. It suggests how these agonistic relationships have, in complex ways, found expression in distinctive doctrines of Canadian constitutional law and how these doctrines represent approaches to constitutional legality that may be more widely applicable. As such, the book charts the Canadian expression of trans-societal constitutional themes: democracy; parliamentarism; the rule of law; federalism; human rights; and Indigenous rights, and describes the country that has resulted from the interplay of these themes. 'The Constitution of Canada is a masterpiece – an outstanding and original study of the Canadian constitutional experience by one of Canada's leading legal scholars. Webber explains the history, characteristics and resourcefulness of the living constitution in non-technical and illuminating language. He also shows how the constitution is shaped by the engagement and interaction of the diverse people of Canada, who are simultaneously subjects and active citizens of it – a dynamic he calls “agonistic constitutionalism”.' James Tully, Distinguished Professor, University of Victoria 'Jeremy Webber has given us a rich, contextual account of Canada's constitution. Webber moves beyond the confines of constitutional texts and judicial decisions and grounds his account in the circumstances of the country's history. Only such an account can capture the deep diversity that is the hallmark of Canada's constitutional culture.' Peter Russell, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

Elephants and Me versus PTSD

Author : Rhonda Boldra/Dot Zaeske
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Suzy Conner had always been told that elephants don’t forget. Even if you are given shock treatments your memories do come back. Fifty years later, was she losing all hope and faith in God? “No, I cannot lose my faith in you, Lord, You got me this far.” “Go for a walk, Suzy.” Throwing her camping gear in the trunk of her car, she drove until the car was out of gas to a forest path in Tennessee where she found a deer that guided her way. This is Suzy’s story of coming back confronting herself, the past trials, tribulations, and her own faith in God who had fed her Tidbits of info and knowledge over the last fifty years so she would have the wisdom to battle to keep her sanity and not lose it this time like she did when she was a child. The title Elephants and Me is based on truth: I have always wondered does that make me part elephant, because I couldn’t forget either.

Sartre s Life Times and Vision du Monde

Author : William L. McBride
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First Published in 1997. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

When Elephants Weep

Author : Jeffrey Masson
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For more than 100 years, scientists have denied that animals experience emotions, yet this remarkable and groundbreaking book proves what animal-lovers have known to be true: wolves, tigers, giraffes, elephants and many other creatures exhibit all kinds of feelings - hope, fear, shame, love, compassion. From Ola, the irritable whale, to Toto, the chimpanzee who nursed his owner back to health, this book collects together for the first time a vast range of case histories which show the extraordinary complexity of the animal world, and the tumult of emotions that govern it.

The Elephant In The Bed What s Blocking Your Sex Life

Author : Johanna Sparrow
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Most, if not all, of my friends have heard of the old saying about the elephant in the room or even the pink elephant or white elephant in the room. But, did you know that they are all addressing a problem that no one wants to acknowledge, not even you? In relationships, the elephant in the room seems to be out of control. So, what do you do when the elephant leaves the room and climbs into your bed? I can surely tell you that when I had an elephant in my bed, it was awkward as hell, and my sex life was nonexistent. No matter what size bed you have, you will never have enough room to fit you and your significant other in comfortably. This book will help you to recognize what’s blocking your sex life and affecting your relationship as a whole. Now that you’ve got your eyes on the elephant in your bed, I want you to walk its big ass right out your front door and out of your life forever.

My First Girlfriend Nature

Author : Satyendra Sonkar
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The author's first girlfriend, nature, is the first part of the book. He is explaining the beauty of nature. The beauty of nature is too beautiful and is never understood by the stupid humans. Nature is being polluted by human beings. Too much increase of the earth's temperature is a very critical situation for human beings. The ice glaciers are melting due to global warming. Forests, rivers and seas are destroyed by humans alone. The beautiful nature is weeping many times, but nature can get angry and destroy everything in a second. The author warns us that it may be 2099 and the entire country may be covered by sea or big earthquakes may occur. These predictions have been made by some scientists. In modern times, love and humanity are dying. Nature is weeping and upset, while the humans are fighting each other. The conditions are not good for surviving on the earth. His philosophy is to change the human nature and love the beautiful nature. "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart". In the second part of the book, the name of the story is Anunnaki. They came from heaven. It deals with the real story of human life in the 5000 BC-how human race came on earth. The author also tries to explain why the Anunnaki is disappeared. This story is too mysterious. The history of science and technology and philosophy are used in his books. The Anunnaki came to earth and they spread more knowledge, science and technology and provided good culture. The humans gained too much from them. The Anunnaki had long wings and flew in the sky. The Anunnaki is the most thrilling topic. The new SUPERHERO COMES IN INDIA... "IT MAY BE 2099 WHEN THE ANUNNAKI COMES BACK TO EARTH..."

The Pursuit of the Ideal

Author : Steven S. Schwarzschild
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Steven Schwarzschild--rabbi, socialist, pacifist, theologian, and philosopher--is both the last of the major medieval Jewish philosophers and the most modern. He is in the tradition of the Jewish thinking that began with Sa'adia Gaon and reached its highest expression in Maimonides. These thinkers believed that Judaism must confront some systematic view of the universe. Sa'adia did this with Kalam, ibn Gabirol with Neo-Platonism, and Maimonides with Aristotelianism. Schwarzschild does it with Neo-Kantianism. From this confrontation, Schwarzschild derives important insights into the nature and structure of contemporary Judaism and Jewish existence in the post-modern world. Menachem Kellner brings together thirteen of Schwarzschild's Jewish (as opposed to straightforwardly philosophical) writings. Included are important discussions of messianism, death of God theology, ethics, aesthetics, and politics. The common concerns underlying these essays are Neo-Kantian idealism and messianism. In an afterword written especially for this book, Schwarzschild shows that these two foci are really one. In an introductory essay, Menachem Kellner explores the philosophic underpinning of Schwarzschild's non-Marxist socialism, pacifism, and messianism; and of his critiques of Christianity, political conservatism, and Zionism.

The Best of Life Love and Levity

Author : William Spencer Jr.
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This clever collection of poems offers the reader an inspiring start to the day, or delightful prose to close a trying day in a light-hearted way. Upon opening the cover, you may be drawn it to sit and absorb the entire book in one sitting. Over time, many poems will speak to you, and are sure to be revisited and reflected upon by the thinking reader.

Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story

Author : D. T. Max
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The acclaimed New York Times–bestselling biography and “emotionally detailed portrait of the artist as a young man” (Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times) Since his untimely death by suicide at the age of forty-six in 2008, David Foster Wallace has become more than the representative writer of his literary generation—he has become a symbol of sincerity and honesty in an inauthentic age, a figure whose reputation and reach grow by the day. In this compulsively readable biography, D. T. Max charts Wallace’s tormented, anguished, and often triumphant battle to succeed as a novelist as he fights off depression and addiction to emerge with his masterpiece, Infinite Jest. Written with the cooperation of Wallace family members and friends and with access to hundreds of Wallace’s unpublished letters, manuscripts, and journals, this revelatory biography illuminates the unique connections between Wallace’s life and his fiction in a gripping and deeply moving narrative that will transfix readers.

Taming My Elephant

Author : Amulungu, Tshiwa Trudie
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In Oshiwambo, the elephant is likened to the most challenging situation that people can face. If an elephant appears in the morning, all planned activities are put on hold and the villagers join forces to deal with it. For Tshiwa Trudie Amulungu, the elephant showed up on many mornings and she had no choice but to tame it. Growing up in a traditional household in northern Namibia, and moving to a Catholic school, Amulungu’s life started within a very ordered framework. Then one night in 1977 she crossed the border into Angola with her schoolmates and joined the liberation movement. Four months later she was studying at the UN Institute for Namibia in Lusaka Zambia, later going on to study in France. Amulungu recounts the cultural shocks and huge discoveries she made along her journey with honesty, emotion and humour. She draws the reader into her experiences through a close portrayal of life, friends and community in the different places where she lived and studied in exile. This is a compelling story of survival, longing for home, fear of the return, and overcoming adversity in strange environments. It is also a love story that brought two families and cultures together.

Rescue Your Love Life

Author : Henry Cloud
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You don’t have to sink or swim in your marriage. Sail off into the sunset with the love of your life. Most marriages need rescue at one time or another. So when you need help, it’s usually due to those thoughtless things you do or say that break the delicate connection between husband and wife.Before you face storms in your marriage (or if you’re already in one), turn to psychologists and best-selling authors Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend. They offer real solutions and biblical insight for couples who want to keep the wind in their sails of romance.You’ll fi nd forty practical, irresistible ways to steer clear of, or resolve, all the “dumb” things that can scuttle our most cherished relationship. Insightful advice, along with true stories from the authors’ clinical practice, will strengthen your marriage or help get it back on course. Discover how to... Avoid Bringing Out the Worst in Each Other Get Exactly What You Need Out of Marriage Rebuild Trust After Great Betrayal Reignite Sexual Passion Accept That There Are No Perfect 10s and Very Few 9s Reconnect, Even When All Seems Hopeless Love When You Don’t Even Like Escape Stupid Temptations to Be Unfaithful Whether you’re simply sailing in choppy waters or braving a relational typhoon, reach for this lifeline—Rescue Your Love Life—so you and your mate can recapture the fun, happiness, and romance you deserve.