Love and War

War changes one family forever...


Author: Dee Williams

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0755373057

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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When the war changes family life forever, a mother finds strength in her East End community. Dee Williams writes an evocative saga in Love and War, as she follows a family through their wartime endeavours. Perfect for fans of Pam Evans and Harry Bowling. Living in their two-up-two-down in Rotherhithe in 1938, Eileen and Ronald Wells lead a happy and settled existence with their three daughters, all of whom have jobs, boyfriends and promising lives ahead of them. But soon the storm clouds of war engulf Europe and they suddenly find their idyllic family life thrown into chaos. Throughout the country young people hasten to join up, and Eileen watches anxiously as her two older girls do the same, one in the air force and one in the land army, while the youngest goes into a factory. With her family scattered and the war getting worse by the day, Eileen throws herself into the community, always on hand to help friends and neighbours when tragedy strikes, while savouring any rare moments of celebration. What readers are saying about Love and War: '[Dee Williams'] stories are so brilliant, there is at least one page in every book that reduces me to tears, I am so drawn into the story' 'I absolutely loved this book. From the moment I opened the cover I knew it would be a fab read. Story was great, characters were lovely and it took me back into a previous era. Cried buckets towards the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books set in the war, about a great friendship and hard times' 'This is one of the best books I have ever read - it's brilliant with a great unexpected ending'

Psychology of Friendship and Enmity, The

Relationships in Love, Work, Politics, and War


Author: Rom Harré

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440803757


Page: 499

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This two-volume exploration of what might be termed "interpersonal war and peace" reveals why individuals and groups coalesce or collide, and how more positive relationships can be achieved.

Reporting for Doodie


Author: J.L. Smith

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468910280

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: N.A

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What would you do if you were a (suddenly) single grandmother and both of your daughter and son-in-law were sent off to war at the same time, leaving you as primary caregiver for your 2-year old grandson??? You'd do exactly what I did... Report for Doodie ! So many events inspired this book...some happy, some frustrating, some sad...but My story starts with one incredibly funny incident that served as an epiphany to share my story. This was not the first time I was "Reporting for Doodie", but it was the first time I was doing it all alone. Or so I thought...I discovered a secret vault filled with friends I never knew I had. Sadly, I also lost a few along the way. I found myself in the midst of an unexpected divorce, facing the possible loss of my home and making a major career change, when someone, somewhere took a look at my proverbial "plate" and thought..."there's a little corner of her plate that isn't taken, she needs a toddler to care for...oh, and at the same time, let's throw in a rarely-heard-of medical condition to make her life even more interesting". I hope you enjoy my account of how this beautiful child saved me from myself and how I used "The Secret" to channel the inner strength my mother gave me...all compliments of the U.S. Military.

Thirteen Soldiers

A Personal History of Americans at War


Author: John McCain,Mark Salter

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476759677

Category: History

Page: 384

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A personal history of war from bestselling authors John McCain and Mark Salter, told through the stories of thirteen remarkable American soldiers who fought in the nation’s major military conflicts, from the Revolution of 1776 through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a veteran himself, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and a long-time student of history, John McCain brings a distinctive perspective to the experience of war. With Mark Salter, Thirteen Soldiers tells the stories of real soldiers who personify valor, obedience, enterprise, and love. You’ll meet Joseph Plumb Martin, who at the tender age of fifteen fought in the Revolutionary War; Charles Black, a freeborn African American sailor in the War of 1812; and Sam Chamberlain, of the Mexican American War, whose life inspired novelist Cormac McCarthy. Then there’s Oliver Wendell Holmes, an aristocratic idealist disillusioned by the Civil War, and Littleton “Tony” Waller, court-martialed for refusing to massacre Filipino civilians. Each story illustrates a particular aspect of war, such as Mary Rhoads, an Army reservist forever changed by an Iraqi scud missile attack during the Persian Gulf War; Monica Lin Brown, a frontline medic in rural Afghanistan who saved several lives in a convoy ambush; and Michael Monsoor, a Navy SEAL, who smothered a grenade before it could detonate on his men in Iraq. From their acts of self-sacrifice to their astonishing valor in the face of unimaginable danger, these “inspirational accounts of thirteen Americans who fought in various wars…aptly reveal humanizing moments in such theaters of cruelty” (Publishers Weekly).

My Family for the War


Author: Anne C. Voorhoeve

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101575212

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 412

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Winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder medal for most oustanding children's book in translation. Escaping Nazi Germany on the kindertransport changes one girl's life forever At the start of World War II, ten-year-old Franziska Mangold is torn from her family when she boards the kindertransport in Berlin, the train that secretly took nearly 10,000 children out of Nazi territory to safety in England. Taken in by strangers who soon become more like family than her real parents, Frances (as she is now known) courageously pieces together a new life for herself because she doesn't know when or if she'll see her true family again. Against the backdrop of war-torn London, Frances struggles with questions of identity, family, and love, and these experiences shape her into a dauntless, charming young woman. Originally published in Germany, Anne Voorhoeve's award-winning novel is filled with humor, danger, and romance.


A true love story from the Great War


Author: Colin Powell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499088582

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 632

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Charlie and Violet were born in Portsmouth at the end of , the Victorian era. Their story is the true story of two , young people being born and raised in a great garrison , town, becoming childhood sweethearts, and then being , separated by the Great War. When Charlie returns from , the Western Front, badly wounded, Violet nurses him back , to health but their relationship is affected by the social , changes caused by the war. Women had found new roles , in society and in the home. This story shows how the , conflict changed the lives of ordinary people like Charlie , and Vi and how they had to struggle to build a new society , from the ashes.,

The War on our Doorstep

London's East End and how the Blitz Changed it Forever


Author: Harriet Salisbury,The Museum of London Group

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448117089

Category: History

Page: 512

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London's East Enders are known for being a tough, humorous and lively lot. In the early 20th century, families crowded into single rooms, children played on the streets and neighbours' doors were never locked in case you needed an escape route from the police... World War 2 changed everything. During the Blitz, men set off for work never to return and rows of houses were reduced to rubble overnight. Yet the East Enders' ability to keep calm and carry on cemented their reputation for cheerful resilience. They say Hitler killed off the bugs but, along with the slums, the Blitz destroyed a way of life. After the war families were scattered - some to estates on the edge of London, others to isolated high-rise blocks. The old East End communities were gone forever. Told by the residents themselves, The War on Our Doorstep is an eye-opening, moving and laugh-out-loud depiction of the history of London's East End and what it means to be an East Ender.

You Are the Light of the World


Author: Timothy Martin

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460214285


Page: N.A

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What began as a simple email blog turned into a powerful and truly candid memoir of Timothy Martin's year-long experience in Afghanistan. Written in the same land that holds the memories of our fallen brothers and sisters, Martin undergoes a transformational journey. Join one inspired man as he opens his heart and explores his burning faith in God-you may just find a piece of yourself.

When Daddy Came Home

How War Changed Family Life Forever


Author: Barry Turner,Tony Rennell

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473505151

Category: History

Page: 416

View: 8760

Compelling and moving real-life accounts of the impact on family life of the return of the troops at the end of the Second World War. Summer 1945. Britain was in jubilant mood. At last, the war was over. Soon the men would be coming home. Then everything would be fine: life would get back to normal. Or would it? Six long years of war had profoundly changed family life. For years, Dad had been a khaki figure in a photograph on the wall, a crumpled letter from overseas, an occasional visitor on weekend leave. Now he was here to stay, a stranger in a group that had learned to live without him - and was not always prepared to have him back. Most homecomings were joyful, never-to-be-forgotten moments of humour and hope. Others were hard. And there was no one to deal with the tears and the trauma. It would take hope and courage for families to live and love together again.