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Love Acceptance and Forgiveness

Author : Jerry Cook
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How can the Church be a healing force in the world? In this long-time bestseller now revised and update, authors Jerry Cook and Stanley C. Baldwin suggest that it is only when believers admit their own brokenness that they can love, accept and forgive those who are hurting around them and put out the welcome mat to their community. They offer clear teaching about the Church in a hurting world, and as veteran leaders who practice these principles; they speak from experience, not theory. Through touching true stories and practical guidelines for connecting with fallen, sinful people, Cook and Baldwin announce the good news. The church is not broken and it is the broken people who can change the world.

Love Acceptance Forgiveness

Author : Jerry Cook
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"You're nothing but a bunch of garbage collectors!" That's the kind of reaction Pastor Jerry Cook has received over the years as he and his church have gotten serious about showing love, acceptance and forgiveness. When Jerry and his wife came to East Hill Church in 1965 total membership was 23. In the next 14 years they grew to over 4,500 by "becoming the Body of Christ in their own community". To share his provocative approach to ministry, Jerry teamed with free-lancer Stanley Baldwin to produce a highly readable account of how he has applied biblical principles to real people seeking real love, real acceptance and real forgiveness. You'll meet and learn about: the adulterous minister with no place to go the doper saved by special appointment how to make your church a spiritual forcedeveloping a philosophy of church ministry equipping everyone in the church to serve turning members loose to minister the crucial role of the family handling hassles in the Body of Christ why every church must become a servant. Here is a book full of hope and help for everyone, from Christians looking for reality in their churches, to pastors and other leaders seeking to provide that reality.

Love Acceptance and Forgiveness Equipping the Church to Be Truly Christian in a Non Christian World Large Print 16pt

Author : Jerry C. Baldwin
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Equipping the Church to be Truly Christian in a Non - Christian World You're nothing but a bunch of garbage collectors! That's the kind of reaction Pastor Jerry Cook has received over the years as he and his church have gotten serious about showin...

To Love Mercy

Author : C. Samuel Storms
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Dr. Storms explains how coming to a more Biblical understanding of people has transformed his own life and ministry. To Love Mercy will help readers formulate a biblical model for understanding people--and show them how to weigh the importance of both people and doctrine when the two don't mesh.

Acceptance Forgiveness and Love

Author : Austin Terry
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"I like Jesus but I don't want anything to do with the church!" That is a frequent mantra of young people today. Almost everybody you talk to can share a bad experience they had with the church. If you do word association with the term "church" you will probably get responses like, "judgmental," "critical," "condescending," "out of touch," "insignificant," and "old fashioned." This is hard to hear for those of us who have always loved the church. But we should pay attention. We are doing something wrong. The church has a message of acceptance, forgiveness, and love but it is not being heard. This book is not a how to repair the church book. It is more like a journal. It is an honest look at what is going on with the church and how some are seeking ways to allow the church to be a place of grace. It is about putting Christ at the center without delineating a circumference. If you are a church leader, this book will probably make you uncomfortable. If you have turned your back on the church, this book might give you hope once again. If you are interested in joining the conversation about how to be the church this book will be a good place to begin.

Until It Happens to You

Author : S. Mitchell
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A fictional approach is used as the author shares experiences from the time she was born throughout most of her adult years. As her journey takes her through stages of understanding, acceptance and forgiveness, she realizes that the relationships with most of those in her life were integral parts of her overall existence. Her ability to keep smiling in spite of the dysfunction, abuse, and disappointment she has faced, makes this fictional character, Rebecca, an example of the magnitude of faith, hope and prayer. As she examines her relationship with her mother, Liza, she is forced to acknowledge that their emotional disconnect was there from the start. Secrets and lies result in the type of heartbreak and pain that seem too much to bear. With faith and her husband, Eli, by her side, Rebecca finds the strength to persevere, and the ability to forgive one of the most shocking revelations of all.

Accepting the Gifts of Forgiveness

Author : Donna Ing
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This book is about revealing to yourself your own power through forgiving the idea that anyone else in your life is stronger than you are. What does acceptance of the gifts of forgiveness mean? From love flows forgiveness. In love forgiveness is received. Who can this book help? This book is for all who are seeking peace in times of crises. Key points: 1. Forgiveness means giving over, not giving up. 2. Forgiveness flows from the awareness of love. 3. Find the love within self so that forgiveness comes naturally. What are the gifts of forgiveness? You will receive a sense of freedom, a sense of personal awareness, a sense of peace and personal power. The power of peace is a part of the revelation that comes from forgiving all the limits that have kept you so occupied in the world that you couldn't understand who you are. The gift is recognizing that you have a right to something better, the right to be free, and the right to live comfortably without asking anyone else's permission. Forgiveness brings about inner illumination - enlightenment. What's the process of forgiveness? First, recognize what is required to be forgiven and understand that you are required to forgive yourself as you forgive others. Thinking, "I have nothing to forgive myself about," is delusional and a denial of your greatest capabilities. Second, be willing to allow yourself to be all right (even if you are wrong). Forgiveness doesn't make you wrong, but the ego makes you believe that if you forgive, it is an admission of giving up. Third, feel the willingness to let the situation go. Finally, realize that you are a container for greater things than you have allowed. Let yourself be filled up with a whole new viewpoint, feeling about the person or situation, and a whole new perspective of how it can work.


Author : Lucy Fuchs
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Understanding forgiveness as the heart of the Christian message.

Accepting God s Forgiveness

Author : C. John Miller
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Do past failures still trouble you? Perhaps regret over a mistake, the betrayal of someone close to you, an undone task, an angry outburst has left you feeling uneasy. You wonder if God really does forgive you. Sometimes he seems like a dark cloud instead of a loving Father. Jack Miller explains that these are symptoms of a troubled conscience. Don't try to ignore your conscience. Instead, shift your focus to what Christ has done for you. Depending on Jesus will free you to accept God's forgiveness and fill you with his peace.

Degrees of Love and Forgiveness

Author : Marty A. Cauley
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The author’s book, Degrees of Love and Forgiveness, demonstrates that God’s love and forgiveness are offered in various degrees, capacities, and strata. Specifically, God’s love is shown to be both conditional and unconditional, volitional yet emotional, infinite although finite. Advanced implications are considered. For example, If God loves everyone infinitely, why does He cast some into Hell? Since typical appeals to freewill responses fail to explain why God would allow sin and suffering, what other answers might be deemed superior? The discussion in the book is far from being merely theoretical, however. Practical ramifications are explored in the fields of Christian victory (nikology), spiritual warfare (polemology), and rewards (misthology). Implications for Christian counseling for those struggling with rejection are integrated throughout the book.

Love by Design Forgiveness by Choice

Author : Anca Ivanenko
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Why do we suffer, when we love? Does the other person cause us pain, or is it the disconnect between reality and the ideal we try to match it against? Could suffering be optional? Author Anca Ivanenko believes that every emotion and every thought is the result of a choice. She shares her poetic musings on the turmoil of love, acceptance, forgiveness and empowerment, in Love by Design, Forgiveness by Choice. In this moving poetry collection, Ivanenkos words flow in rhyme as emotions fill each poem. Readers will fall in love as Two Worlds collide. They will discover why love is A Blessing and a Curse and experience regret when The One comes Too Late. They will learn To Love, to Stop suffering, to forgive A Good Heart and honor its Sweetest Memory. A touching piece, Until We Meet Again, is dedicated to the authors father who passed away. Complemented by an arresting collection of abstract images, Love by Design, Forgiveness by Choice is a memorable anthology that will resonate with everyone who has ever fallen in love or dreams of finding The One.

The Freedom to Love and Live Again

Author :
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God Is Not Mad at You

Author : Joyce Meyer
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In this liberating, fresh approach to one's walk with God, Joyce Meyer tackles a hot spot in the battlefield of the mind: the fear of God's anger. When Joyce Meyer posted ''God's not mad at you'' on Facebook a few months ago, she didn't realize that those five words would trigger thousands of posts of gratitude and relief. She had obviously hit a hot button. Her latest book addresses the fears of those who know God loves them but still fear his anger. ''Where does this concept of God come from?'' she asks in the introduction. ''Perhaps from an angry parent who was difficult to please. Or the pain of rejection from parents or friends who didn't know how to give unconditional love. Perhaps it came from the church! From religious teaching that offered us rules and regulations to follow and implied that we'd be unacceptable to God if we didn't follow them.'' It's a paradox that isn't often discussed by Christian teachers: God loved the world so much that He gave His son to rescue mankind. Yet we tend to think of Him as a stern judge who is ready to punish us at the slightest misstep. In GOD IS NOT MAD AT YOU, Joyce examines the sources of this mixed message and untangles the confusion that most Christians experience. Chapter titles include: - Perfectionism and Approval - The Pain of Rejection - Guilt and Shame - Developing Your Potential - Run To God, Not From Him - Getting Comfortable with God. Joyce's latest book addresses a huge felt need that isn't often discussed within the Christian community: the need to see God as the loving parent that He is, not a petty tyrant who is ready to pounce at the first opportunity. It will disabuse readers of one of the greatest misconceptions within the church and free them to experience His love on an entirely new level.

The Samaritan s Imperative

Author : Michael J. Christensen
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published in 1991

Freudian Theory and American Religious Journals 1900 1965

Author : Ann Elizabeth Rosenberg
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God s Love And Forgiveness

Author : Zacharias Tanee Fomum
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This book by Prof. Fomum treats the way of salvation, notably: 1) God's original purpose in the creation of man. 2) The tragic sin of man and its consequences in time and in eternity. 3) The unparalleled love of God manifested in the redemptive love of Christ on the cross for rebellious man. 4) The sinner's response to God through repentance towards God and faith in Jesus Christ. 5) The victorious new life in Christ. Read it and experience in a new way the love of God for you. Give a copy to your friend, spouse, neighbor, colleague, parents, etc. and they will be blessed.

Loving Yourself as Your Neighbor

Author : Carmen Renee Berry
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The Secrets of Our Sexuality

Author : Gary R. Collins
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Epidemic of Joy

Author : Randal Earl Denny
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There was an outbreak of joy in the Early Church that can be ours!

Forgiving Our Grownup Children

Author : Dwight Lee Wolter
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Every family that laughs must cry as well. Despite the best of intentions, no family can live up to the artificial sitcom standards of normality. Whether the cause is unrealistic expectations or cruel abuse, no family grows into a loving entity without experiencing real, heartfelt pain.For years, adults have been encouraged to look back -- to trace the problems of their new lives to the frustrations and trials of growing up. However, once these adults trace their pain back to their parents, they rarely are given constructive outlets for turning the disappointments of the past into hope for forging healthy relationships with their parents. Instead, parents are often made to feel like scapegoats who are to blame for everything.Instead of reversing the blame, Forgiving Our Grownup Children helps parents come to terms with their imperfect parenting of imperfect children. This sensibly written book is filled with examples of parents and adult children who recognize and admit their limitations and mistakes. An insightful, helpful aid for families still aching from the wounds of the past, Forgiving Our Grownup Children offers constructive answers for families in search of healing.