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Cheltenham s Nights Awesome Sights

Author : Prof Bey El
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[Most of the people living in this area of Cheltenham would be amazed when they see the sights of their town from a night-time perspective. The field research available in this wonderous digital e-publication shares the exploration of the illuminated local time-space of Cheltenham. The primary researching tool is an Apple 11 Pro Max and the emphasis is night photography using the mobile technology of the smartphone in the expression of a contemporary approach towards image rendering, online digital distribution & the mechanical exploitative capacity of the photographic processing of desktop publishing. Most people living outside the scenic area of Cheltenham will see for the first time an academic voyage of an MA photographic intent to promote & truly honour the experiences from briefly living in Cheltenham. The accompanying visual literacy of this e-book also holds a deep affinity towards the creative practice of creative writing in the formulating patterns of prose, poetry, poetical quotes, letters, short stories, and the personal storytelling of one’s artistic life experiences form an autoethnographically nature.]

Sir John Soane Influence on Architecture from 1791

Author : Oliver Bradbury
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Sir John Soane?s Influence on Architecture from 1791: A Continuing Legacy is the first in-depth study of this eighteenth-century British architect?s impact on the work of others, extending globally and still indeed the case over 200 years later. Author Oliver Bradbury presents a compelling argument that the influence of Soane (1753-1837) has persevered through the centuries, rather than waning around the time of his death. Through examinations of internationally-renowned architects from Benjamin Henry Latrobe to Philip Johnson, as well as a number of not so well known Soanean disciples, Bradbury posits that Soane is perhaps second only to Palladio in terms of the longevity of his influence on architecture through the course of more than two centuries, from the early 1790s to today, concluding with the recent return to pure revivalism. Previous investigations have been limited to focusing on Soane?s late-Georgian and then post-modern influence; this is the first in-depth study of his impact over the course of two centuries. Through this survey, Bradbury demonstrates that Soane?s influence has been truly international in the pre-modern era, reaching throughout the British Isles and beyond to North America and even colonial Australia. Through his inclusion of select, detailed case studies, Bradbury contends that Soane?s is a continuing, not negated, legacy in architecture.

Baily s Magazine of Sports and Pastimes

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Baily s Magazine of Sports Pastimes

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Medieval Saints Lives

Author : Emma Campbell
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Contending that the study of hagiography is significant both for a consideration of medieval literature and for current theoretical debates in medieval studies, this book considers a range of Old French and Anglo-Norman texts, using modern theories of kinship and community to show how saints' lives construe social and sexual relations. Focusing on the depiction of the gift, kinship and community, the book maintains that social and sexual systems play a key role in vernacular hagiography. Such systems, along with the desires they produce and control, are, it is argued, central to hagiography's religious functions, particularly its role as a vehicle of community formation. In attempting to think beyond the limits of human relationships, saints' lives nonetheless create an environment in which queer desires and modes of connection become possible, suggesting that, in this case at least, the orthodox nurtures the queer. This book thus suggests not only that medieval hagiography is worthy of greater attention but also that this corpus might provide an important resource for theorizing community in its medieval contexts and for thinking it in the present. EMMA CAMPBELL is Associate Professor of French at the University of Warwick.

The Boy s Own Annual

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Register 1847 1923

Author : St. Peter's College, Radley, Eng
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Local and Personal Laws

Author : Great Britain
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Clifton College Register

Author : Clifton College (Bristol, England)
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Jack s Shirt Deano s Bottoms

Author : Tim Pocock
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With over four decades supporting Carlisle United, travelling to more than 100 grounds to cheer them on in close to 1,000 games, author Tim Pocock has written this memoir to celebrate his sporting life with the Blues. He uses his personal match reports to bring a contemporary feel to his memories, from being abused by the Paddock, pulled over on the motorway by a United legend and nearly assisting a United goal. A former Carlisle fanzine publisher, Tim has written the book as a labour of love. It isn’t a balanced, objective history - it is for those who, like him, see the football world through Blue tinted glasses. Expect the follow-up in five years to celebrate United winning the Champions League.