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Losing the Signal

Author : Jacquie McNish
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Winner of the Canadian National Business Book Award 2016 Shortlisted for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award 2015 In 2009, BlackBerry controlled half of the US smartphone market. Today that number is less than one per cent. What went so wrong? Losing the Signal is the riveting story of a company that toppled global giants before succumbing to the ruthlessly competitive forces of Silicon Valley. This is not a conventional tale of modern business failure by fraud and greed; instead, the rise and fall of BlackBerry reveals the dangerous speed at which innovators race along the information superhighway. With unprecedented access to key players, senior executives, directors, and competitors, Losing the Signal unveils the remarkable rise of a company that started above a bagel store in a small Canadian city and went on to control half of the US smartphone market. However, at the very moment BlackBerry was ranked the world’s fastest-growing company, internal feuds and chaotic growth crippled the company as it faced its gravest test: the entry of Apple and Google into the mobile phone market. Expertly told by acclaimed journalists Jacquie McNish and Sean Silcoff, this is an entertaining, whirlwind narrative that goes behind the scenes to reveal one of the most compelling business stories of the new century.

Losing The Signal

Author : Jacquie McNish
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It was a classic modern business story: two Canadian entrepreneurs build an iconic brand that would forever change the way we communicate. From its humble beginnings in an office above a bagel store in Waterloo, Ontario, BlackBerry outsmarted the global giants with an addictive smartphone that generated billions of dollars. Its devices were so ubiquitous that even President Barack Obama favoured them above all others. But just as it was emerging as the dominant global player, BlackBerry took a dramatic turn. Losing the Signal is the riveting, never-before-told story of one of the most spectacular technological upsets of the 21st century. Unlike Enron, which was undone by its executives' illegal activities, or Lehman Brothers, which collapsed as part of a larger global banking crisis, BlackBerry's rise and fall is a modern-day tale of the unrelenting speed of success and failure. It is a thrilling account of how two mismatched CEOs outsmarted more-powerful competitors with a combination of innovation and sharp-elbowed tactics; and how, once on top of the world, they lost their way. The company responded too slowly to competitors' innovations, and when it finally made its move, it stumbled with delayed, poorly designed and unpopular smartphones. A little more than a decade after Research In Motion introduced the BlackBerry, it is now struggling to survive. Its share of the US phone market fell from 50 per cent in 2009 to about one percent in 2013, showing just how aggressive, fast and unforgiving today's global business market can be.

CWTS CWS and CWT Complete Study Guide

Author : Robert J. Bartz
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The must-have guide to the CWTS exam, updated for 2017 CWTS Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Study Guide is your number-one resource for comprehensive exam preparation. Updated to study in 2017 and beyond, this book takes a multi-modal approach to ensure your complete confidence and ability for the big day: full coverage of all CWTS exam objectives reinforces your conceptual knowledge, hands-on exercises help hone your practical skills, and the Sybex online learning environment provides flashcards, a glossary, and review questions to help you test your understanding along the way. An objective map and pre-assessment test allow for more efficient preparation by showing you what you already know and what you need to review—and the companion website's complete practice exams give you a "dry run" so you can pinpoint weak areas while there's still time to improve. If you're serious about earning your CWTS certification, this book is your ideal companion for complete and thorough preparation. Learn critical concepts and apply essential skills in areas like hardware and software, radio frequency fundamentals, surveying and installation, support, troubleshooting, security, and more. This guide gives you everything you need to approach the exam with confidence. Master 100 percent of the CWTS exam objectives Use effective planning tools to get the most out of your study time Practice your skills with hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios Access online study aids that let you review any time, any place The CWTS certification gets your foot in the door of a growing industry, and is a stepping stone to the industry standard CWNP certification. The exam will test your abilities in all fundamental areas of Wi-Fi technology, so it's important that your study plan be complete and up-to-date. CWTS Certified Wireless Technology Specialist Study Guide is your ideal solution for comprehensive preparation.

Introduction to Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Author : Dr Robert Keyse
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1997 was the 'Year of the Electron' because it marked the centenary pf the celebrated discovery of the smallest of the fundamental particles that make up ordinary matter, and which has proved to have so many remarkable properties that, after light, it has become the most widley used of the particles in scientific and technogical applications. STEM is a discipline of importance to a growing number of microscopists. This book is essential reading for undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers requiring an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to this rapidly growing, state of the art technique.

The effect of hearing loss on neural processing

Author : Jonathan E. Peelle
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Efficient auditory processing requires the rapid integration of transient sensory inputs. This is exemplified in human speech perception, in which long stretches of a complex acoustic signal are typically processed accurately and essentially in real-time. Spoken language thus presents listeners’ auditory systems with a considerable challenge even when acoustic input is clear. However, auditory processing ability is frequently compromised due to congenital or acquired hearing loss, or altered through background noise or assistive devices such as cochlear implants. How does loss of sensory fidelity impact neural processing, efficiency, and health? How does this ultimately influence behavior? This Research Topic explores the neural consequences of hearing loss, including basic processing carried out in the auditory periphery, computations in subcortical nuclei and primary auditory cortex, and higher-level cognitive processes such as those involved in human speech perception. By pulling together data from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, we gain a more complete picture of the acute and chronic consequences of hearing loss for neural functioning.


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This book explains practical aspects of Electromagnetic Compatibility testing and design without resorting to lengthy mathematical derivations. After reading the book, the designer can immediately incorporate measures like PCB design, filtering, shielding, grounding, cable routing at the design stage of the product development cycle, without worrying too much about theory. This will save both his money and efforts that would be otherwise be required if he tries to modify a frozen design.

For the sake of convenience, the book has been divided into two parts. Part I has six chapters dealing with EMC fundamentals, EMC standards and EMC test methodologies. Part II of the book has five chapters dedicated to EMC design methodologies namely filtering, shielding, PCB design, grounding & bonding and cable routing..

And last but not the least, the book ends with an introduction to CE marking - a mandatory compliance mark placed on products intended for export to the European Union.

Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide

Author : Neal Allen
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Today's rapidly changing technology offers increasingly complex challenges to the network administrator, MIS director and others who are responsible for the overall health of the network. This Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide picks up where other network manuals and texts leave off. It addresses the areas of how to anticipate and prevent problems, how to solve problems, how to operate a healthy network and how to troubleshoot. Network Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide also provides basic technical and troubleshooting information about cable testing, Ethernet and Token Ring networks and additional information about Novell's IPX(R) protocol and TCP/IP. Examples are shown as either diagrams and tables, or screen captures from Fluke instruments. Network professionals will appreciate the guide's "real world" orientation toward solving network crises quickly, by guiding readers to solutions for restoration of end to end data delivery as quickly as possible. The network novice will learn from the simplified descriptions about networking technology in the Appendices.

Integrated Electronics

Author : S. Sarkar
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Ocean Optics X

Author :
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Dynamic Mode Decomposition

Author : J. Nathan Kutz
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Data-driven dynamical systems is a burgeoning field?it connects how measurements of nonlinear dynamical systems and/or complex systems can be used with well-established methods in dynamical systems theory. This is a critically important new direction because the governing equations of many problems under consideration by practitioners in various scientific fields are not typically known. Thus, using data alone to help derive, in an optimal sense, the best dynamical system representation of a given application allows for important new insights. The recently developed dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) is an innovative tool for integrating data with dynamical systems theory. The DMD has deep connections with traditional dynamical systems theory and many recent innovations in compressed sensing and machine learning. Dynamic Mode Decomposition: Data-Driven Modeling of Complex Systems, the first book to address the DMD algorithm, presents a pedagogical and comprehensive approach to all aspects of DMD currently developed or under development; blends theoretical development, example codes, and applications to showcase the theory and its many innovations and uses; highlights the numerous innovations around the DMD algorithm and demonstrates its efficacy using example problems from engineering and the physical and biological sciences; and provides extensive MATLAB code, data for intuitive examples of key methods, and graphical presentations.