Looming Transitions

Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service


Author: Amy Young

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519622341


Page: 166

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When you go abroad to serve, you're thinking about the language, the losses, and the excitement. When you return home you're thinking about your friends and family, the losses, and the relief. Most aren't thinking about the process of transition-and yet if you do, it can make the difference between a smooth entry and re-entry, or a decidedly bumpy landing. Veteran of serving abroad Amy Young is the perfect companion to guide you through the much-neglected process of transitions. Practical in nature, Looming Transitions places a strong emphasis on Keeping your soul fertile as you stay grounded in Christ Looking for the lighter moments Learning about yourself Helping others Making lists Leaning into grief as you prepare for your transition"

Transitions of Energy Regimes


Author: Holger Berg

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3844102256


Page: 352

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Transitions of energy regimes are phenomena that have profoundly affected economies and civilisations over the last 600 years. The shifts from wood to coal, from coal to oil and the potential change to another resource that might be pending now have influenced the ways in which we work, produce, and live. Though they are fundamentally influenced and steered by economic forces these changes have seen little analysis from the viewpoint of economic theory. This book seeks to contribute to filling this gap. To this avail, it firstly provides insight into the historical and present transitions that have taken place. It then gives an overview of the existing economic approaches to energy regime transitions and develops a new interpretation based on evolutionary economics. For this, an approach based on complexity theory and complex adaptive systems is created and applied and the mechanisms behind regime changes are interpreted according to this framework. The analysis is supported by further research into certain aspects of transitions: Historical and present research on resource depletion is compared, the working of path dependence in the constitution and decline of the oil regime is analysed, and the role of entrepreneurship in a regime change from the oil regime towards a potential renewable energy regime is investigated. The book closes with an appraisal of energy regime transitions as a future field of research for evolutionary economics.

Serving Well

Help for the Wannabe, Newbie, or Weary Cross-cultural Christian Worker


Author: Jonathan Trotter,Elizabeth Trotter

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532658540

Category: Religion

Page: 422

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Are you dreaming of working abroad? Imagining serving God in another land? Or are you already on the field, unsure about what to do next or how to manage the stresses of cross-cultural life? Or perhaps you've been on the field a while now, and you're weary, maybe so weary that you wonder how much longer you can keep going. If any of these situations describes you, there is hope inside this book. You’ll find steps you can take to prepare for the field, as well as ways to find strength and renewal if you’re already there. From the beginning to the end of the cross-cultural journey, Serving Well has something for you.

Worst-Case Economics

Extreme Events in Climate and Finance


Author: Frank Ackerman

Publisher: Anthem Press

ISBN: 1783087080

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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Worst-case scenarios are all too real, and all too common. The financial crisis of 2008 was not the first or the last to destroy jobs, homeownership and the savings of millions of people. Hurricanes clobber communities from New York to Bangladesh. How bad will the next catastrophe be, and how soon will it happen? Climate and financial crises are serious events, requiring vigorous responses. Yet public policy is trapped in an obsolete framework, with a simplistic focus on average or likely outcomes rather than dangerous extremes. What would it take to create better analyses of extreme events in climate and finance, and an appropriate policy framework for worst-case risks? ‘Worst-Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance’ offers accessible and surprising answers to these crucial questions.

Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Principles and Practices


Author: P. Abdul Salam,Sangam Shrestha,Vishnu Prasad Pandey,Anil Kumar Anal

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1119243157

Category: Science

Page: 264

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Water, energy and food are key resources to sustain life, and are the fundamental to national, regional and global economies. These three resources are interlinked in multiple ways, and the term “nexus” captures the interconnections. The nexus has been discussed, debated, researched, and advocated widely but the focus is often on the pairings of “water-energy” or “water-food” or “energy-food”. To really benefit from the nexus approach in terms of resource use efficiency it is essential to understand, operationalize and practice the nexus of all three resources. As demand for these resources increases worldwide, using them sustainability is a critical concern for scientists and citizens, governments and policy makers. Volume highlights include: Contributions to the global debate on water-energy-food nexus Examples of the nexus approach in practice from different regions of the world Perspectives on the future of the nexus agenda Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Theories and Practices is a valuable resource for students, research scholars and professionals in academic institutions with strong interests in interdisciplinary research involving geography, earth science, environmental science, environmental management, sustainability science, international development, and ecological economics. The volume will also be useful for professionals, practitioners and consultants in /NGOs, government, and international agencies. Read an interview with the editors to find out more: https://eos.org/editors-vox/working-towards-a-sustainable-future

Systemic transitions

past, present, and future


Author: William R. Thompson

Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan

ISBN: 9780230608467

Category: Political Science

Page: 294

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We are all familiar with the popular and academic analyses of the ongoing and future ascent of China. Two of the associated questions are whether and when China might succeed the United States as the lead state in the world system. These are interesting questions, albeit ones that are not likely to be answered in the immediate future. An alternative focus examines instead periods of systemic transition – eras in which it is conceivable that a new leader might emerge at the expense of an older system leader. Framing the question this way presumes that a) future systemic transitions remain a possibility and b) transitions do not occur abruptly but may require several decades to set up structural situations in which a transition might take place. Neither of these assumptions are carved in stone and are open to question. It may be that future systemic transitions are unlikely. Or, it may be that they will not occur as they have in the past. All of these possibilities are assessed from a variety of different perspectives.

Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt

Hearing Before the Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, Second Session


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs. Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia

Publisher: N.A


Category: Economic assistance, American

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Challenging Reality

In Search of the Future Organization


Author: Christopher Barnatt

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780471970729

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 318

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The author of this book is concerned with the shifting boundaries of organisational achievement across time. He looks at how future forms of organisation may develop as the next millennium looms closer given the constantly changing nature of "reality." This thinking is based on how the social and technological constraints placed upon organisations have evolved in irregular and often giant steps since the dawn of civilisation, and how the late-20th century is not the only period in history to be leading its children into an almost unknowable future. Challenging Reality is an enlightening look at the past, present and future of our world and how change and turmoil have affected, affect, and will affect social and organisational structures.

A Life of Creative Purpose

Embrace Uniqueness, Explore Boldness, Encourage Faith


Author: T. H. Meyer

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539196969


Page: 170

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What if you knew your calling beyond a shadow of a doubt? How might that change your outlook on life, your faith? "You'll come away from this wise and insightful book with a clearer understanding of how you are uniquely gifted to contribute to the world, and why it's imperative that you honor your creative calling." Michelle DeRusha, author of Katharina and Martin Luther: The Radical Marriage of a Runway Nun and a Renegade Monk "TH Meyer looks at the glass ceiling the world has placed between 'creatives' and 'non-creatives' and shatters it. This those who have felt they are not creative, too timid, or simply too late to the life they were called to live, Meyer says, 'Pish-posh.' She delivers on her promise to help people embrace uniqueness, explore boldness, and encourage faith." Amy Young, author of Looming Transitions: Starting & Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service and founder of The Messy Middle blog. In a Life of Creative Purpose, each chapter leads you on a journey to ponder your own creative path and what God may be calling you to do, today. For the individual reader looking to examine more deeply, their creative purpose, or a group seeking to collectively spur each other toward their God-given gifts, talents, and life as a 12-week, 6-week, or 4-week study guide, this book is an expedition into listening to God's voice and discovering your unique purpose in him.