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Looking for JJ

Author : Anne Cassidy
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A gripping and emotionally searing novel from a talented author, Looking for JJ explores the circumstances and motives behind the murder of a child - by her friend. Six years later, JJ has now been released, and has a new identity. But is there any way that she can lead a "normal" life?

Finding Jennifer Jones

Author : Anne Cassidy
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The long-awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed LOOKING FOR JJ Kate Rickman seems just like any other nineteen-year-old girl. She goes to university, she dates nice, normal boys and she works in her local tourist office at the weekend. But Kate's not really normal at all. 'Kate' is in fact a carefully constructed facade for a girl called Jennifer Jones - and it's a facade that's crumbling fast. Jennifer has spent the last nine years frantically trying to escape from her horrifying past. Increasingly desperate, Jennifer decides to do something drastic. She contacts the only other girl who might understand what she's dealing with, breaking every rule of her parole along the way. Lucy Bussell is the last person Jennifer expects any sympathy from, but she's also the last person she has left. FINDING JENNIFER JONES is the powerful sequel to the highly acclaimed, Carnegie Medal nominated LOOKING FOR JJ. It is a tense, emotional thriller about guilt, running away and wondering if you can ever truly know yourself.

Looking for JJ

Author : Anne Cassidy
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Study Guide

Author : Supersummary
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SuperSummary, a modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, offers high-quality study guides for challenging works of literature. This 58-page guide for "Looking for JJ" by Anne Cassidy includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis covering 27 chapters, as well as several more in-depth sections of expert-written literary analysis. Featured content includes commentary on major characters, 25 important quotes, essay topics, and key themes like Guilt, Innocence, and the Possibility of Change and Childhood Trauma and Neglect.

The Homicide Report

Author : JoAnna Carl
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Eve K. Sandstrom’s The Violence Beat was “an impressive debut.”* Here the national bestselling author of the Chocoholic Mystery series brings back crime reporter Nell Matthews in a novel about a crimesolver’s secret past—and a killer’s hidden motive… Crime reporter Nell Matthews doesn’t have to go far for a gripping lead story. In fact, the Grantham Gazette’s own basement pressroom has become the scene for the paper’s next explosive headline. Nell and her boyfriend, Detective Mike Svenson, have stumbled on a trail of press ink leading to the body of copy editor Martina Gilroy. And just before dying, she whispered one final word: Alan. Alan was Nell’s father—a man who vanished from her life when she was a child…a man who was implicated in the murder of her mother. For Nell, investigating the story behind Martina’s death means sifting through her own past to discover the truth about her father, exposing a long-buried secret, and surviving the deadline—her own. “The Nell Matthews series will attract legions of new fans. A nicely plotted mystery…[Sandstrom] knows her way around the pressroom.”—The Sunday Constitution “Thoroughly enjoyable.”—I Love A Mystery *New York Times bestselling author Margaret Maron Includes a preview of The Smoking Gun and JoAnna Carl’s The Chocolate Book Bandit.

Unlocking the Rebel s Heart

Author : Alison Roberts
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When a temporary fling… Turns into a lifetime together! Paramedic Benjamin is the beating heart of Cutler’s Creek, and it’s no secret settling down is off his agenda. Yet when locum doctor Joy literally crashes into his life, the attraction between them is electric. Finding themselves working together, they do everything to ignore the growing temptation. But when Joy sees the real man behind the bachelor, she knows she’s lost to him forever! “I loved everything about Falling for the Secret Prince. Alison has written great characters and managed to put in fun moments that leave you laughing. She’s managed to pull at my heartstrings and make me sigh. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more books from her.” -Goodreads “I loved this story! It was emotional, tense, and very moving. They were both amazing characters…and make for a very gripping read.” -Goodreads on Saved by Their Miracle Baby

No Virgin

Author : Anne Cassidy
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Prequel to No Shame, which has been nominated for the CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019 From the author of the critically acclaimed, LOOKING FOR JJ, shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize in 2004 and the Carnegie Medal in 2005. A raw, powerful, moving tale about a girl attempting to deal with the aftermath of a sexual attack. My name is Stacey Woods and I was raped. Stacey is the victim of a terrible sexual attack. She does not feel able to go to the police, or talk about it to anybody other than her best friend, Patrice. Patrice, outraged, when she cannot persuade her to go to the police, encourages Stacey to write everything down. This is Stacey's story. A tautly told and important book, perfect for readers of Asking for It by Louise O'Neill.

No Shame

Author : Anne Cassidy
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Nominated for the CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2019 The powerful companion to NO VIRGIN. From the author of the critically acclaimed, LOOKING FOR JJ, shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize in 2004 and the Carnegie Medal in 2005. Stacey Woods has been raped and now she has to go through a different ordeal - the court trial. But nothing in life it seems is black and white and life is not always fair or just. Suddenly it seems that she may not be believed and that the man who attacked her may be found not guilty . . . if so Stacey will need to find a way to rebuild her life again . . . A tautly told and important book, perfect for readers of Asking for It by Louise O'Neill.

Memoirs of a Hoodstar

Author : D. Durand Hall
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In 2008, the United States Supreme Court ruled Californias prison system as unconstitutionally cruel and overcrowded. The decision mandated the downsizing of a prison system that had risen to become the largest in America. How did California become the king of imprisonment, and what prompted the mass incarceration of a generation of minority males? Memoirs of a Hoodstar is a real look at one mans life as he goes from a serious hustler to prison inmate. Jamal ends up behind bars after living a life of crime, and although he deserves some punishment, he soon begins to realize the huge number of African American males behind bars is more than punishment: its a political game and hes just one of the pawns paying a priceless price. Greedy men like Big Al make loads of dough on the California penal system, and nobodys stopping them. Jamal hopes that the madness will stop, but who will stand up for prison inmates? D.Durand Hall provides the uncut truth behind the barbaric imprisonment of Californias notorious department of Corrections but also reveals how ex-cons can turn their lives around.

An Enemy s Funeral

Author : Lorraine Ducksworth-Rogers
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The Sidney family is not shocked to hear the news about JJ. JJ (James Earl Sidney Jr.) is Satan on Earth in the flesh. For years, he has roamed the streets of New Orleans, creating enemies. His bad reputation is his power and prestige. He finally meets his match when he crosses the wrong friend. Meanwhile, after years of humiliating others, he decides that he has a change of heart. But, is he too late? JJ soon finds God and through Him, saves many lives as he realizes that ‘no man is an island of his own’.