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Looking Back at Bulk Carriers

Author : Andrew Wiltshire
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106 colour images of bulk carriers including specialised vessels for the carriage of ore, cement, coal and self-discharge in addition to the many different types of conventional bulkers and ore/oil vessels.


Author : Mike C. Bishop
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Drafted into the Roman army and forced to campaign in northern Britain against their will, German warriors of the Usipi tribe are driven to mutiny. With an island full of angry Romans to the south of them and hostile Britons all around, they capture three warships and embark upon a daring voyage to their homeland and freedom. Their path is not easy, for they must confront their own inexperience, dissension in their ranks, the forces of nature, hostile action from both the Britons and Romans, and finally the twin spectres of disease and hunger. Based on a true story recounted by the Roman historian Tacitus, this is the story of a mutiny. The Romans had a word for it: seditio.

Somali Piracy

Author : Jade Lindley
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Maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia was first recognised as a global concern in 2008 after the hijackings of World Food Programme vessels. It remains a serious impediment to international maritime trade and a significant risk to seafarers. Bringing a criminological perspective to the subject, this book presents an analysis of Somali piracy by means of Routine Activity Theory and regulatory pluralism. Based on data from a range of sources, including published documents and in-depth interviews with representatives of industry, government, and international organisations, the study concludes that no one institution or policy will suffice to control Somali piracy. Accordingly, a number of different actors and institutions have a role to play in reducing the supply of motivated offenders, the vulnerability of prospective victims, and in enhancing guardianship. The book envisages a holistic counter-piracy program based on a pluralistic regulatory model that is sustainable within the region, and managed by the region, providing the best opportunity for both the immediate future, and for long-term success. This study will be essential reading for criminologists, public policy and legal scholars, as well as policy makers and regulators in countries affected by and dealing with piracy, and international professional advocacy groups operating in the maritime space.

Cargo Preference

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries. Subcommittee on Merchant Marine
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Advanced Introduction to Maritime Law

Author : Todd, Paul
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Written by leading scholar Paul Todd, this Advanced Introduction draws on the author’s decades of experience researching and teaching maritime law, offering a clear and concise introduction to the core areas of the field. In addition to providing a primer on the substance, it explains the worldwide applications of English law, and surveys the sources of law and how to locate them. It also highlights some of the difficulties in interpreting the law and pinpoints which individuals have been instrumental in doing so, and in making and developing the law.

Echoes Of Honor

Author : David Weber
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Her enemies think she has been executed, but Commodore Honor Harrington is actually interned on the prison planet Hell, from which she is determined to escape. Reissue.

Mechwarrior Dark Age 8 Fortress of Lies A Battletech Novel

Author : J. Steven York
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After his victory at New Aragon, Duke Aaron Sandoval has the embattled Republic in his debt. But Sandoval’s hidden agenda has more to do with his own power than any loyalty he ever had to the Republic of the Sphere. He’ll spare no expense to achieve his ultimate goal. When the Duke becomes the target of an assassination attempt, he realizes that his attempts to build a coalition against the invading House Liao are failing. Many planetary governors prefer capitulation to war. What he needs is a new ship and a new approach. To launch his new campaign, Sandoval sends his nephew Erik, fresh from the frontlines, to Shensi. His job is to convince the governor to join his uncle’s alliance instead of making peace with Liao. Although Erik is honored to be the Duke’s strong right hand, he’s convinced that his uncle’s arrogance is getting the better of him. But what Erik doesn’t yet realize is that his uncle will sacrifice anyone to achieve his dreams of glory...

Sea Breezes

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Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board

Author : United States. National Labor Relations Board
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Fairplay International Shipping Weekly

Author :
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