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Long Beach Wild

Author : Adrienne Mason
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Each year, more than a million people visit the spectacular sweep of sand that stretches along Vancouver Island's west coast between Tofino and Ucluelet to watch waves crash ashore on a series of beaches-essentially one long beach separated by small rocky headlands, a shoreline steps away from howling wolves and towering red cedars. In Long Beach Wild: A Celebration of People and Place on Canada's Rugged Western Shore, local resident Adrienne Mason uses her intimate knowledge of the area and a selection of historic and contemporary photos to explore the region's rich natural and cultural history. Mason shows how Long Beach was shaped by many forces, including volcanoes, glaciers, and torrents of water. She describes how the deposits of gravel and silt that this tumult left behind allowed offshore kelp beds and sea otters to thrive and supported the growth of countless other organisms, from lichens and ferns to waterfowl and deer. She also describes how First Nations people found inspiration and sustenance in the area for thousands of years, hunting whales on the open ocean using harpoons with mussel-shell blades and great lengths of cedar bark rope. As well as describing the traditions of the area's First Nations, Mason

Inclusion of Five Rivers in California s Wild and Scenic Rivers System in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System

Author :
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Wild Flowers of the Pacific Coast

Author : Emma Homan Thayer
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Published in the late 19th century, this work of botany contains numerous full-page watercolor sketches based on drawings made in the field.

Balboa Films

Author : Jean-Jacques Jura
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From 1913 through 1918, Long Beach, California, was home to the largest independent film company in the world, the largely forgotten Balboa Studio. Founder Herbert M. Horkheimer bought the studio from Edison Company in 1913, and by 1915 Balboa’s expenses exceeded $2,500 a day and its output hit 15,500 feet of film per week. Bert Bracken, Fatty Arbuckle, Henry King, Baby Marie Osborne, Thomas Ince, and William Desmond Taylor began their careers with the studio. In 1918, Horkheimer stunned the industry by declaring bankruptcy, shutting down Balboa, and walking away from moviemaking. The closing of the studio effectively ended Long Beach’s runs as a major film location and left many wondering about the true reasons behind Horkheimer’s decision. Most of Balboa’s films have been lost, and little has until now been written about the studio. This book first explores the history of filmmaking in Long Beach and then fully details the story of Balboa. The extensive filmography includes length, copyright date when available, cast and credits, and a plot summary.

The Wild Duck Chase

Author : Martin J. Smith
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THE WILD DUCK CHASE is the basis for “The Million Dollar Duck,” a documentary feature film, directed by Brian Golden Davis and written by Martin J. Smith, premiering at The Slamdance Film Festival in January 2016. The book takes readers into the peculiar world of competitive duck painting as it played out during the 2010 Federal Duck Stamp Contest-the only juried art competition run by the U.S. government. Since 1934, the duck stamp, which is bought annually by hunters to certify their hunting license, has generated more than $750 million, and 98 cents of each collected dollar has been used to help purchase or lease 5.3 million acres of waterfowl habitat in the United States. As Martin J. Smith chronicles in his revealing narrative, within the microcosm of the duck stamp contest are intense ideological and cultural clashes between the mostly rural hunters who buy the stamps and the mostly suburban and urban birders and conservationists who decry the hunting of waterfowl. The competition also fuels dynamic tensions between competitors and judges, and among the invariably ambitious, sometimes obsessive and eccentric artists--including Minnesota's three fabled Hautman brothers, the "New York Yankees" of competitive duck painting. Martin Smith takes readers down an arcane and uniquely American rabbit hole into a wonderland of talent, ego, art, controversy, scandal, big money, and migratory waterfowl.

The Lure of Long Beach

Author : George B. Somerville
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Born To Be Wild

Author : Catherine Coulter
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Suspense and passion collide in Los Angeles in this contemporary suspense novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Catherine Coulter. Mary Lisa Beverly plays the woman everyone loves to hate. A soap-opera phenom, she's just won her third Daytime Emmy for her role as Sunday Cavendish on Born to Be Wild. But the drama grows all too real when someone tries to kill her—and she must turn to the last man she’d expect to help her…

The Wild Side Guide to Vancouver Island s Pacific Rim

Author : Jacqueline Windh
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The Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island's wild west coast, with its picturesque coastal villages of Tofino and Ucluelet and expansive wave-washed sands of Long Beach, has become one of Canada's top tourist destinations. In The Wild Side Guide to the Pacific Rim, longtime Tofino resident, wilderness traveller, author and photographer Jacqueline Windh shares her secrets about travelling around the region. Whether the reader is in search of a campsite under the stars or a five-star hotel, the locals' favourite diner or fine international cuisine, mellowing out on a quiet beach walk or being pampered in a world-class spa--Jacqueline Windh has it covered.The Wild Side Guide to the Pacific Rim provides necessary facts and information on how to get there, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, as well as the little stories and inside scoops that will enrich any visitor's experience. With Windh's beautiful photography accompanying the text, this useful guide will serve as an inspiration to visit and an enduring reminder to return to this beautiful place again.

Benson s Wild Animal Farm

Author : Bob Goldsack
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Benson’s Wild Animal Farm in Hudson, New Hampshire, opened to the public in 1927. Due in part to the evolution of the automobile, the attraction grew in size and attendance to become one of New England’s major family destinations. Benson’s was a zoo to the public, a work station for many circus animal trainers and performers, and a source of summer employment for generations of local teenagers. The attraction closed in 1987 and a bit of Americana faded away, but its memory remains vivid to many. The property was sold to the state for the development of a highway, which never materialized. In 2009, after years of negotiations, the town purchased the land from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation with plans to develop it into a large park filled with picnic areas, walking paths, and bicycle trails. A Benson’s museum is planned for the future.

Surviving in Wild Waters

Author : Carla Mooney
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Imagine a peaceful voyage at sea, with puffy clouds overhead and the gentle rise and fall of the waves. Now imagine that you're lost. There's a hurricane looming on the horizon. Sharks begin to circle your boat. And you're down to your last sip of fresh water. Accidents on the water can lead to life-and-death struggles. See how the strong survive.

Wild Thoughts from Wild Places

Author : David Quammen
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In Wild Thoughts from Wild Places, award-winning journalist David Quammen reminds us why he has become one of our most beloved science and nature writers. This collection of twenty-three of Quammen's most intriguing, most exciting, most memorable pieces takes us to meet kayakers on the Futaleufu River of southern Chile, where Quammen describes how it feels to travel in fast company and flail for survival in the river's maw. We are introduced to the commerce in pearls (and black-market parrots) in the Aru Islands of eastern Indonesia. Quammen even finds wildness in smog-choked Los Angeles -- embodied in an elusive population of urban coyotes, too stubborn and too clever to surrender to the sprawl of civilization. With humor and intelligence, David Quammen's Wild Thoughts from Wild Places also reminds us that humans are just one of the many species on earth with motivations, goals, quirks, and eccentricities. Expect to be entertained and moved on this journey through the wilds of science and nature.

Wild Oats Or The Strolling Gentleman

Author : John O'Keeffe
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Author : Dan A. Nelson
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Now hikers can find the best dog-friendly hiking trails in western Washington. Author Dan Nelson provides information about leash laws, hiking methods most suitable for different-sized dogs, and how to choose routes where your dog will be least likely to disturb other hikers. Fun factor included, of course!These hikes are as varied as the hikers and their dogs. You'll find hikes from easy three-mile trips, such as Twin Falls, to a nine-mile hike on Blankenship Meadows Ramble. DiscoverPoodle Dog Pass and Dog Lake, too! Dramatic landscapes with awe-inspiring peaks, alpine meadows, wilderness lakes, and tumbling creeks are sure to please.

Merchant Vessels of the United States

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From 1894/95-1935/36, pt.6 of each volume is issued separately, with titles, 1894/95-1902/03: Code list of merchant vessels of the United States; 1903/04-1935/36: Seagoing vessels of the United States.

Early Long Beach

Author : Gerrie Schipske
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Few other cities can boast of the natural assets, the people, and the events that shaped the first 50 years of their history, as can the city of Long Beach, California. First inhabited by the Tongva people, the land was taken away by the Spanish, then granted to "friends of the King," who in turn sold parcels to real estate speculators working with the railroads. It was called many names before Belle Lowe suggested in 1884 that the townsite be known for its eight miles of long beaches. Its oceanfront provided a resort area, a landing strip for early aviators, a fishing industry, a port for shipbuilding and trade, and a location for the US Navy to anchor its "battle fleet" in 1919. However, discovery of oil in 1921 transformed the city, bringing incredible wealth and an explosive growth in population. By 1938, the city's population was 200,000 and would be a major factor in the Southern California war effort.

The Long Beach Peninsula

Author : Donella J. Lucero
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Serving as the link between Pacific waters and Willapa Bay on the southwestern tip of Washington state, the Long Beach Peninsula has carved its niche as protector and provider since the Chinook tribe first set foot on its shores. Though teeming with life in and around the ocean, its treachery has proven as striking as its beauty. From Lewis and Clark to the many species of birds that flock here yearly, this coastal region hosts a wide range of visitors and has become a thriving center for tourism as well as a haven for those who love the sea.

Baseball in Long Beach

Author : Tom Meigs
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Organized baseball in Long Beach dates to 1910, when the Long Beach Clothiers of the Southern California Trolley League played opponents wherever a streetcar could take them. Exhibition games later featured Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, and other Major League barnstormers. Homegrown talent includes Baseball Hall of Famers Bob Lemon and Tony Gwynn. Pioneering entrepreneur Bill Feistner built the first accommodating baseball park in 1922 at Redondo Avenue and Stearns Street in the shadow of oil-rich Signal Hill. When ballplayers weren’t on the Shell Park diamond, they worked the derricks.

Rosie the Riveter in Long Beach

Author : Gerrie Schipske
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During World War II, an unprecedented number of women took jobs at aircraft plants, shipyards, munitions factories, and other concerns across the nation to produce material essential to winning the war. Affectionately and collectively called “Rosie the Riveter” after a popular 1943 song, thousands of these women came to the U.S. Army–financed Douglas Aircraft Plant in Long Beach, the largest wartime plane manufacturer, to help produce an astonishing number of the aircraft used in the war. They riveted, welded, assembled, and installed, doing man-sized jobs, making attack bombers, other war birds, and cargo transports. They trained at Long Beach City Schools and worked 8- and 10-hour shifts in a windowless, bomb-proof plant. Their children attended Long Beach Day Nursery, and their households ran on rations and victory gardens. When the men came home after the war ended, most of these resilient women lost their jobs.

Sea and Pacific Motor Boat Handbook

Author : Sea and Pacific Motor Boat
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I Love the Beach Poetry Long Walks Night Runs Riding My Bike Sunsets and Smelling My Own Feet

Author : Edwin Estuya
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this is a summary of his daily thoughts which he wrote every night. He loves the beach, poetry, long walks, night runs, riding his bike, sunsets and smelling his own feet. though this is not a perfect commercial grade book, this is a story of a persons life. a true story of his wanderings. his convictions. his passions. his dreams. his frustrations. his love. yes. these thoughts come from his heart. this is his story of his road to greatness if theres ever one for him. a true story to tell the whole world and the ones left behind.