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Walking on Water

Author : Stephen Myers
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An authoritative history of London's lost rivers

London s Lost Rivers

Author : Paul Talling
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From the sources of the Fleet in Hampstead's ponds to the mouth of the Effra in Vauxhall, via the meander of the Westbourne through 'Knight's Bridge' and the Tyburn's curve along Marylebone Lane, London's Lost Rivers unearths the hidden waterways that flow beneath the streets of the capital. Paul Talling investigates how these rivers shaped the city - forming borough boundaries and transport networks, fashionable spas and stagnant slums - and how they all eventually gave way to railways, roads and sewers. Armed with his camera, he traces their routes and reveals their often overlooked remains: riverside pubs on the Old Kent Road, healing wells in King's Cross, 'stink pipes' in Hammersmith and gurgling gutters on streets across the city. Packed with maps and over 100 colour photographs, London's Lost Rivers uncovers the watery history of the city's most famous sights, bringing to life the very different London that lies beneath our feet.

London s Hidden Rivers

Author : David Fathers
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London has many rivers, but they are often hidden under centuries of development. Rivers like the Walbrook, the Fleet or the Westbourne have left their mark on the city, and still form an important part of our subterranean world. David Fathers traces the courses of London’s Hidden Rivers in a series of detailed guided walks, illustrating the traces they have left and showing the ways they have shaped the city.

London s Lost Rivers

Author : Tom Bolton
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"The Thames is not London's only river. Traces of the capital's many forgotten waterways still remain--for thos who know where to look. London's lost rivers invites you along the routes of the city's lost rivers and deep into its history, with ten guided walks that combine clear maps and directions with richly detailed anecdotes. [It] reveals a subterranean network that spreads from picturesque Hampstead in the North to the suburbs of the South, and runs beneath some of London's most iconic sites and historic areas. Follow these forgotten trails, and the city's past is brought to vivid life, populated by famous and infamous characters."--Back cover.

The Lost Rivers of London

Author : Nicholas Barton
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Underground London

Author : Stephen Smith
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What is visible to the naked eye has been exhaustively raked over; in UNDERGROUND LONDON, acclaimed travel writer Stephen Smith provides an alternative guide and history of the capital. It's a journey through the passages and tunnels of the city, the bunkers and tunnels, crypts and shadows. As well as being a contemporary tour of underground London, it's also an exploration through time: Queen Boudicca lies beneath Platform 10 at King's Cross (legend has it); Dick Turpin fled the Bow Street Runners along secret passages leading from the cellar of the Spaniards pub in North London; the remains of a pre-Christian Mithraic temple have been found near the Bank of England; on the platforms of the now defunct King William Street Underground, posters still warn that 'Careless talk costs lives'. Stephen Smith uncovers the secrets of the city by walking through sewers, tunnels under such places as Hampton Court, ghost tube stations, and long lost rivers such as the Fleet and the Tyburn. This is 'alternative' history at its best.

Swimming to Heaven

Author : Iain Sinclair
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Urban Avant Gardes

Author : Malcolm Miles
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Urban Avant-Gardes presents original research on a range of recent contemporary practices in and between art and architecture giving perspectives from a wide range of disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences that are seldom juxtaposed, it questions many assumptions and accepted positions. This book looks back to past avant-gardes from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries examining the theoretical and critical terrain around avant-garde cultural interventions, and profiles a range of contemporary cases of radical cultural practices. The author brings together material from a wide range of disciplines to argue for cultural intervention as a means to radical change, while recognizing that most such efforts in the past have not delivered the dreams of their perpetrators. Distinctive in that it places works of the imagination in the political and cultural context of environmentalism, this book asks how cultural work might contribute to radical social change. It is equally concerned with theory and practice - part one providing a theoretical framework and part two illustrating such frameworks with examples.

London Underground

Author :
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London s Waterways

Author : Derek Pratt
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London boasts not only one of the most famous and awe-inspiring rivers of the world, but is also home to beautiful and majestic canals such as the Grand Union and Regents Canal - ever popular with tourists and increasingly sought-after by waterside residents. Tucked away in the city are also lesser-known (and in some cases completely hidden) waterways, which this book magically opens up for the reader. Rivers flow through shopping centres and across tube platforms as well as creating surprisingly rural settings within the capital. This visually stunning and often unexpected look at the iconic landscapes, beautiful scenery and secret places all around London's waterways is the first book of its kind. By the same author as the popular Waterways Past and Present and The Thames: A Photographic Journey from Source to Sea, this book teems with fabulous photography and fascinating information, giving readers a unique insight into both well-loved and relatively unexplored aspects of London. With its stylish design, beautiful photography and quirky captions, this gorgeous coffee table book is the perfect gift for inland waterways enthusiasts, as well as tourists and Londoners.

London and the Thames Valley

Author : Denis Smith
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This book deals with the civil engineering heritage of the capital and Thames Valley. The development of London has attracted the design and construction skills of a range of eminent civil engineers and contractors. The work of Sir Marc and I K Brunel, the Rennie family, Robert Stephenson, William Cubitt, Sir Joseph Bazelgette, and many others is included.The books in this series have all been designed specifically as guide books for exploring these landmarks, and provide the reader with a ticket into Britain's engineering history.

A Hidden River

Author : Anthony Pino
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A Hidden River is a collection of stories and poems dealing with the themes of humanity's assault on its environment and on itself. After long years of federal service, the writer returned to California and found it overrun with industrial, defense and residential development and obsessed with violence. He responded to this condition with poems of fantastic revenge, nostalgia and sorrow, such as "Plum Valley --- Joaquin and Me," "Apricot," and "Red Cadillac." Some stories and poems also deal with our society's violent disregard for human civility and the continuing presence of violence against other human societies. These would include "The Amazing Death of J. J. Finkelstein" and "An Ode to My Mexican Pot." Any country willing to kill or disparage its own will certainly not stop at mauling others. "The War Bird" and "Mars, 2003" are poems of dread, anticipating prolonged, exploitative war. Pax Vobiscum.

Hidden River

Author : Adrian McKinty
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Disgraced after succumbing to a drug addiction, former Northern Ireland detective Alexander Lawson learns that his high-school sweetheart has been murdered and finds himself on the run after witnessing a second killing, a situation that is complicated by a corruption scandal. By the author of Dead I Well May Be. 35,000 first printing.

Under London

Author : Frank Leonard Stevens
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River Effra

Author : Jon Newman
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London Souvenirs

Author : Charles William Heckethorn
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The American Monthly Review of Reviews

Author :
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London Tales

Author :
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Everybody s Historic London

Author : Jonathan Kiek
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Author : Paul Watkins
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