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Logical Bridge Play

Author : Hugh Kelsey
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The book to turn you from a good bridge player into a master. As Hugh Kelsey says in his introduction, the brilliant card player achieves his results with a combination of logic and flair. And although many people may think flair plays a disproportionate part, the expert player, in fact, produces his sometimes unbelievable results almost entirely by the application of logic. LOGICAL BRIDGE PLAY teaches you just how to apply logic to your card play in making the correct inferences and deductions, and in assessing the timing - the opportunity to become a master player is yours for the taking.

Logical Bridge Play

Author : Hugh Walter Kelsey
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Teaches Logical Bridge

Author : Marshall Miles
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Being Good Being Logical

Author : James W. Forrester
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Forrester eloquently argues his new system of deontic logic (a special branch of logic involved with obligation and permission) pitting it against standard systems and fitting it into a general logic of practical reasoning. He manages all this with a comprehensive discussion of the general principles of deontics, the semantics of "should" and "ought to do" in standard deontic logic, and a map of what he thinks the logic ought to do to achieve moral realism. Paper edition (unseen), $24.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

The Golden Rules Of Bridge

Author : Paul Mendelson
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In bridge, there are thousands of rules, guidelines, and understandings - but which are golden? Many players enjoy their game without knowing some of the most significant underlying facts about the game, making mistakes which ruin their scores. With some gentle and entertaining reading, all players can improve their game hugely, just by knowing the Golden Rules of Bridge. From thirty years of teaching and playing, Paul Mendelson presents a book containing what he considers are the golden rules of bridge: the techniques and tips which occur most frequently and which provide the biggest edge against your opponents, and offer the biggest scoring advantages. He explains the thinking and logical reasoning behind each element - bidding, declarer play, defence - to ensure that readers remember and understand why they do what they do. These tips and techniques will transform your results and enjoyment of the game, whether you play social rubber bridge or Chicago, club teams events or duplicate pairs. If you play an Acol-based system or any of the many natural bidding systems available, knowing the Golden Rules will improve your score and frustrate your opponents, leaving you in the best spots and them with the tough decisions.

Koncepts of LR Logical Reasoning for CAT Other MBA Exams 3rd Edition

Author : Gajendra Kumar
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The 3rd edition of the revised & updated book “Koncepts of LR - Logical Reasoning for CAT & Other MBA Exams” is the benchmark in the learning process for Logical Reasoning. The book is the result of an extensive analysis of the past year exams papers. It now incorporates CAT questions from the past 20 years and 8 years of IIFT, & XAT questions. The book introduces Critical Reasoning for the first time. The books major focus is on Problem Solving Caselets and it provides numerous examples, past questions and practice caselets. The entire book has been divided into 21 chapters which provide conceptual inputs along with Solved Examples followed by Exercises in 5 difficulty levels viz. Concept Applicator, Concept Builder, Concept Cracker, Concept Deviator and Data Sufficiency, with detailed solutions. The Author has taken the onus of formulating questions on his own with his expertise in the domain. The result being, more than 1600+ questions incorporated in the book each with detailed solution, a feature not available anywhere otherwise. This book serves the purpose for all the aptitude test takers looking to crack exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT & other MBA exams.

Problems for Metagrobologists

Author : David Singmaster
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This book is a collection of over 200 problems that David Singmaster has composed since 1987. Some of the math problems have appeared in his various puzzle columns for BBC Radio and TV, Canadian Broadcasting, Focus (the UK popular science magazine), Games and Puzzles, the Los Angeles Times, Micromath, the Puzzle a Day memo pad and the Weekend Telegraph. While some of these are already classics, many of the puzzles have not been published elsewhere previously. Puzzle enthusiasts of all ages will find here arithmetic problems, properties of digits; monetary problems; alpha-metics; Diophantine problems; magic figures; sequence problems; logical problems; geometric problems; physics problems; combinatorial problems; geographic problems; calendar problems; clock problems; dissection problems and verbal problems. Contents:General Arithmetic PuzzlesProperties of DigitsMagic FiguresMonetary ProblemsDiophantine RecreationsAlphameticsSequence PuzzlesLogic PuzzlesGeometrical PuzzlesGeographic ProblemsCalendrical ProblemsClock ProblemsPhysical ProblemsCombinatorial ProblemsSome Verbal Puzzles Readership: General public. Key Features:The problems are generally original, though some are corrections or extensions of known problemsA number are open-ended, leading to unsolved problems for the readerKeywords:Metagrobologists;Alphametics;Magic Figures;Clock Problems;Diophantine "I believe the book will be welcome by amateur, as well as professional, metagrobologists. Many of the puzzles could be used as warm-up exercises to engender creative atmosphere in a math class. I am sure that many a math teacher will agree with this assessment." Alexander Bogomolny Cut The Knot

Standard Methods of Contract Bridge Complete

Author : DK Acharya
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The book "Standard Methods of Contract Bridge Complete" comprises of a methodical study and critical analysis of bidding, play, defence and other strategic instruments of contract bridge. In order to make a clear conception of all the norms, options and techniques, more than 200 deals have been illustrated thoroughly. The book compiles a systematic consolidation and logical explanation of all sorts of theories, conventions, norms and techniques of modern systems of Contract Bridge. Such unique and comprehensive compilation may provide immense assistance to the new generation of bridge players to develop and improve skill and strategic maturity for much better performances even upto the national level. Even the experienced players may prefer this book for consultation from time to time. The chapters on bidding explain most of the popular systems, artificial conventional bids and logical illustration of the correct norms of bidding under various situations. The bidding, in general, has been explained according to Standard Americal System. Whether it is bidding, play or defence, the most vital art is to take the correct decision at the correct time for the correct method, strategy, option or technique to be adopted for a profitable result. This book has the speciality that can empower a bridge player with thorough explanation on each of techniques separately for taking the crucial and appropriate decision.

It s a Funny Thing Humour

Author : Antony J. Chapman
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It's a Funny Thing, Humour contains the papers presented at the International Conference on Humor and Laughter, held in Cardiff in July 1976. The symposium provides a platform from which authors from different professional and personal background can talk about their own definition and analysis of humor. The book is structured into 10 main sections that reflect the structure of the conference and presents various studies and research on the nature of humor and laughter. Contributions range from theoretical discussions to practical and experimental expositions. Topics on the psychoanalytical theory of humor and laughter; the nature and analysis of jokes; cross-cultural research of humor; mirth measurement; and humor as a tool of learning are some of the topics covered in the symposium. Psychologists, sociologists, teachers, communication experts, psychiatrists, and people who are curious to know more about humor and laughter will find the book very interesting and highly amusing.

Trends in Logic

Author : Vincent F. Hendricks
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In 1953, exactly 50 years ago to this day, the first volume of Studia Logica appeared under the auspices of The Philosophical Committee of The Polish Academy of Sciences. Now, five decades later the present volume is dedicated to a celebration of this 50th Anniversary of Studia Logica. The volume features a series of papers by distinguished scholars reflecting both the aim and scope of this journal for symbolic logic.

Marshall Miles Teaches Logical Bridge

Author : Marshall Miles
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Knowing How Essays on Knowledge Mind and Action

Author : John Bengson
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Knowledge how to do things is a pervasive and central element of everyday life. Yet it raises many difficult questions that must be answered by philosophers and cognitive scientists aspiring to understand human cognition and agency. What is the connection between knowing how and knowing that? Is knowledge how simply a type of ability or disposition to act? Is there an irreducibly practical form of knowledge? What is the role of the intellect in intelligent action? This volume contains fifteen state of the art essays by leading figures in philosophy and linguistics that amplify and sharpen the debate between intellectualists and anti-intellectualists about mind and action, highlighting the conceptual, empirical, and linguistic issues that motivate and sustain the conflict. The essays also explore various ways in which this debate informs central areas of ethics, philosophy of action, epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of mind and cognitive science. Knowing How covers a broad range of topics dealing with tacit and procedural knowledge, the psychology of skill, expertise, intelligence and intelligent action, the nature of ability, the syntax and semantics of embedded questions, the mind-body problem, phenomenal character, epistemic injustice, moral knowledge, the epistemology of logic, linguistic competence, the connection between knowledge and understanding, and the relation between theory and practice. This is the book on knowing how--an invaluable resource for philosophers, linguists, psychologists, and others concerned with knowledge, mind, and action.

The Bridge Game

Author : Nicolae Sfetcu
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A comprehensive guide of bridge game: online games, variants, suits, hand evaluation, bidding systems, techniques, strategy, tactics. Contract bridge, usually known simply as bridge, is a trick-taking card game of skill for four players, usually sitting around a table, who form two partnerships, or "sides". The partners on each side sit opposite one another. The game consists of two main parts – bidding (or auction) and play; the rules of play are rather simple and similar to other trick-taking games. However, the bidding and associated conventions are much more complex, and represent the true learning barrier to new players. Also, there is an immense variety of techniques in play of the hand, whose effective use requires learning and experience.

Roberts Rules for Bidding and Playing Winning Bridge

Author : Loyd O. Roberts
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Logical Positivism

Author : A.J. Ayer
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Edited by a leading exponent of the school, this book offers--in the words of the movement's founders--logical positivism's revolutionary theories on meaning and metaphysics, the nature of logic and mathematics, the foundations of knowledge, the content of psychological propositions, ethics, sociology, and the nature of philosophy itself.

The Foundations of Mathematics and Other Logical Essays

Author : Frank Plumpton Ramsey
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Play Bridge Now

Author : Montgomery Coe
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This primer is written so that any rank beginner of novice can learn the basics of bridge and immediately play the game on a competent level. Step by step Montgomery Coe shows readers the rules of play, correct bidding techniques, opening bids and responses and the scoring standards to make bridge a fun and challenging game. Examples, illustrations and sample hands are provided throughout the book so that players can enjoy the game of bridge after one quick reading. table { }tr { }col { }br { }td { padding: 0px; color: windowtext; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; text-decoration: none; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; vertical-align: bottom; border: medium none; white-space: nowrap; }.xl66 { font-family: "Franklin Gothic Book", sans-serif; border: 0.5pt solid windowtext; }

Playing with the Bridge Legends

Author : Barnet Shenkin
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Since winning the world's most prestigious pairs event in his early twenties, with the equally precocious Michael Rosenberg, Barnet Shenkin has continued to build a an impressive bridge career. Over the last 25 years, he has had the opportunity to play with and against some of the best in the world, and in this book he recounts his favourite hands and stories. While much of his early career was based in Scotland and England, Barnet now lives in Florida and is becoming well-known on the US tournament scene. The book comes to a climax with the US team's record-breaking world title win in January 2000, an event which Barnet covered as a journalist.

Emanuel Lasker

Author : Isaak Linder
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The ChessCafe World Chess Champions Series Emanuel Lasker was a great chess fighter, thinker and researcher. He was possessed of gigantic playing strength, retaining the title of World s Number One Chessplayer for 27(!) years. Even after losing his crown, he kept his ability for a long time, as shown by his victories and prize-winning finishes in immensely powerful international tournaments when he was 54 (Moravska-Ostrava 1923), 55 (New York 1924), 56 (Moscow 1925), and even at 66 (Moscow 1935)! One of the chief postulates of the Second World Champion was the battle of honor. On the chessboard, lies and dishonesty have no place. These words of Lasker could serve, even today, as an example to every young chessplayer of how to relate to the Great Game. Emanuel Lasker was the first in history to achieve a universal style. This was a Style of the Future, which is why the Second World Champion would not be understood by many of his contemporaries, who believed that he had no style at all. Lasker s games of chess, like his entire chess legacy, will live forever! Join Russian chess historians Isaak and Vladimir Linder as they take you on a journey exploring the life and games of the great world champion Emanuel Lasker.

On the Logic of Ordinary Conditionals

Author : Robert N. McLaughlin
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On the Logic of Ordinary Conditionals offers a formal treatment of the logic of a type of conditional found in natural speech which differs substantially from the material conditional of propositional logic and from the conditionals afforded by theories of possible worlds. Conventional and necessary conditionals are studied as well as factual ones.