A Global History


Author: Elisabeth Townsend

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861899955

Category: Cooking

Page: 144

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Other than that it tastes delicious with butter, what do you know about the knobbily-armoured, scarlet creature staring back at you from your fancy dinner plate? Food writer Elisabeth Townsend here charts the global rise of the lobster as delicacy. Part of the Edible Series, Lobster: A Global History explores the use and consumption of the lobster from poor man’s staple to cultural icon. From coastal fishing in the Middle Ages to the Industrial Revolution and modern times, Townsend describes the social history of the consumption of lobsters around the world. As well, the book includes beautiful images of rarely seen lobsters and both old and contemporary lobster recipes. Whether you want to liberate lobsters from their supermarket tanks or crack open their claws, this is an essential read, describing the human connection to the lobster from his ocean home to the dinner table.

Lobster at Home


Author: Jasper White

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684800772

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 9673

Guides the home cook through the steps of picking a lobster at the grocery store and then steaming, boiling, or grilling it

California Lobster Diving

Biology, Gear Selection & Rigging, Regulations, Techniques, Cooking & Eating, where to Hunt


Author: Kristine C. Barsky,Steven M. Barsky

Publisher: Hammerhead Press

ISBN: 9780967430522

Category: Fishing

Page: 107

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Biology of the Lobster Homarus Americanus


Author: Jan Robert Factor

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780122475702

Category: Medical

Page: 528

View: 5898

The widely distributed American Lobster, Homarus americanus, which inhabits coastal waters from Canada to the Carolinas, is an important keystone species. A valuable source of income, its abundance or rarity often reflects the health of ecosystems occupied by these crustaceans. This comprehensive reference brings together all that is known of these fascinating animals. It will appeal to biologists, zoologists, aquaculturalists, fishery biologists, and researchers working with other lobster species, as well as neurobiologists looking for more information on the model system they so often use. Key Features * First comprehensive book on the American lobster since Herrick's century-old monograph * Provides crucial background for neurobiologists who use this crustacean as a model organism * Contains a comprehensive treatment of the lobster fishery and its management

I, Lobster

A Crustacean Odyssey


Author: Nancy Frazier

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 1584659629

Category: Nature

Page: 254

View: 3955

A consideration of the lobster in history, myth, art, literature, and cuisine

The Lobster Coast

Rebels, Rusticators, and the Struggle for a Forgotten Frontier


Author: Colin Woodard

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101078073

Category: History

Page: 384

View: 7066

“A thorough and engaging history of Maine’s rocky coast and its tough-minded people.”—Boston Herald “[A] well-researched and well-written cultural and ecological history of stubborn perseverance.”—USA Today For more than four hundred years the people of coastal Maine have clung to their rocky, wind-swept lands, resisting outsiders’ attempts to control them while harvesting the astonishing bounty of the Gulf of Maine. Today’s independent, self-sufficient lobstermen belong to the communities imbued with a European sense of ties between land and people, but threatened by the forces of homogenization spreading up the eastern seaboard. In the tradition of William Warner’s Beautiful Swimmers, veteran journalist Colin Woodard (author of American Character: A History of the Epic Struggle Between Individual Liberty and the Common Good) traces the history of the rugged fishing communities that dot the coast of Maine and the prized crustacean that has long provided their livelihood. Through forgotten wars and rebellions, and with a deep tradition of resistance to interference by people “from away,” Maine’s lobstermen have defended an earlier vision of America while defying the “tragedy of the commons”—the notion that people always overexploit their shared property. Instead, these icons of American individualism represent a rare example of true communal values and collaboration through grit, courage, and hard-won wisdom. From the Trade Paperback edition.



Author: Richard J. King

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1861899947

Category: Nature

Page: 216

View: 5266

Other than that it tastes delicious with butter, what do you know about the knobbily-armoured, scarlet creature staring back at you from your fancy dinner plate? From ocean to stock pot, there are two sides to every animal story. For instance, since there are species of lobsters without claws, how exactly do you define a lobster? And how did a pauper’s food transform into a meal synonymous with a luxurious splurge? To answer these questions on behalf of lobster the animal is Richard J. King, a former fishmonger and commercial lobsterman, who has chronicled the creature’s long natural history. Part of the Animal series, King’s Lobster takes us on a journey through the history, biology, and culture of lobsters, including the creature’s economic and environmental status worldwide. He describes the evolution of technologies to capture these creatures and addresses the ethics of boiling them alive. Along the way, King also explores the salacious lobster palaces of the 1920s, the animal’s thousand-year status as an aphrodisiac, and how the lobster has inspired numerous artists, writers, and thinkers including Aristotle, Dickens, Thoreau, Dalí, and Woody Allen. Whether you want to liberate lobsters from their supermarket tanks or crack open their claws, this book is an essential read, describing the human connection to the lobster from his ocean home to the dinner table.

Crab, Shrimp, and Lobster Lore

Gathered Amongst the Rocks at the Sea-shore, by the Riverside, and in the Forest


Author: William Barry Lord

Publisher: N.A


Category: Crabs

Page: 122

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Last Night at the Lobster


Author: Stewart O'Nan

Publisher: Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1952535204

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 1203

The Red Lobster chain restaurant perched in the far corner of a run-down American mall hasn't been making its numbers and headquarters has pulled the plug. But manager Manny DeLeon still needs to navigate a tricky last shift with a near-mutinous staff and the final onslaught of hungry retirees, lunatics and office parties. All the while, he's wondering how to handle the waitress he's still in love with, what to do about his pregnant girlfriend and where to find the Christmas present that will make everything better. Stewart O'Nan has been called 'the bard of the working class', and Last Night at the Lobster is a masterclass of precision and empathy.

The Florida Spiny Lobster

How to Catch It, Its Biology, a Crawfish Cookbook, and First Aid for Minor Diving Injuries


Author: John Kappes

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

ISBN: 158112970X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 108

View: 9442

The Florida Spiny Lobster tells what every crawfish hunter ought to know about his quarry, what equipment he ll need, where to find them, and how to catch them. It also provides some tried and true recipes for those lucky lobster hunters who get some of these spiny delicacies as far as the kitchen. It also delves into the rules and regulations covering its capture and gives some common sense suggestions on how to safely manage the hunt. In writing the section on the biology of the spiny lobster the author takes great care to keep everything within the grasp of the average reader. Unnecessary scientific terminology is avoided while making an effort to answer every question that is likely to be asked about the crawfish. Every lobster hunter is likely to experience some kind of injury while seeking his prey. Fortunately, diving injuries are rarely serious. First aid for the most common minor injuries is covered in the last part of The Florida Spiny Lobster. 2008 Florida Publishers Association President's Book Award Finalist for Best Adult Book