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Living Through Poetry

Author : Nadine Ebri
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Living Through Poetry: The World Through Our Eyes was written by Mrs. Nadine Ebri's third grade class during the 2015-2016 school year. Nadine Ebri is a graduate of the University of North Florida where she majored in Elementary Education. She has taught for three years in high-poverty schools in Jacksonville, Florida and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Educational Leadership. Nadine's passion for teaching and love for poetry inspired her to awaken each student's inner poet. The 18 poems in this book are original pieces written by her students who hope to show children around the world that being a student has no limits, and that writing has no boundaries

Living Through Poetry

Author : Rosalva Bermudez Venegas
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Living through poetry is a book filled of emotions that are exposed. A unique style of expression used to touch on many complex life scenarios. Poetry that has a story which will allow its readers to identify with one or more. Ultimately, we all can relate more often then we imagine. Living through poetry gives many a voice in their hurt and healing towards their triumph. The book is about family, love, parenting, sickness, heartbreak, and more.

Living Life Through Poetry

Author : Sandra Renee Whiting
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Both of my books are about everyday life through poetry whether it is about friendship, love, depression, marriage or inspiration.

Living Life Through Poetry

Author : Beatriz Michelle Velazquez
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A poetry driven book Inspired by Maya Angelou Scripture Driven


Author : Channel Mendoza
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Affliction was written based on trauma, pain, and heartache in the form of poetry. I took my life's struggles and made poems. I have been doing that my whole life. Whenever I was sad, mad, happy, or even confused, a man who became a father figure to me and a mentor would tell me to put it in a notebook. With his encouragement, that's where it began. For the past thirty years, I battled so many demons. The title Affliction is defined as pain and suffering. I want my pages to speak my truth but also connect with my readers. I feel the hurt you're feeling. Mentally and physically, I have been through a lot in this life. You're not alone. I am diabetic, and at times I battle fear and so many emotions while dealing with injections. I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of six. But through all my afflictions, I am here, I am a survivor. Without those afflictions, I wouldn't be the mother . . . wife . . . sister . . . best friend . . . daughter . . . granddaughter . . . college graduate . . . career-driven woman that I am today. I can say, "Yes, I made it!" I made it through all that pain, and even despite being sabotaged at times throughout my career. Every day, as the sun sets and I open my eyes, I am working on being a better me. I want my readers to know that no matter the race, ethnicity, or sex, when you're battling so much and can't fathom the thought of existing or want to give up, I want you to know that I see you, you will get through this, and I love you.

Living with Cancer Thru Poetry

Author : Joree Williams
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This is a book of poetry that unfolds showing all the emotions felt through living with Cancer. A disease most people know well, through living with it themselves or through a family member or a friend who has suffered the same battle. Joree does not conceal the anguish and pain nor does she hide the joys and thoughts of overcoming...

Living Through Poetry

Author : Aken V. Wariebi
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Aken V. Wariebi calls herself "A Student of life." A graduate of both Rutgers and Syracuse Universities, she loves to help others and make a difference in their lives as they too make a difference in hers. She believes that the life we live, breathes on the path we walk and on this path we shine either a light or create a sense of darkness on our fellow man. This leaves an influence, none the less, which creates a lesson, builds a bridge or creates destruction. She believes however that the light is indeed what living is all about and hopes that this book provides just that; a touch of light in all of us. Ms. Wariebi is originally from Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa and currently resides in the United States. "Aken Wariebi's poetic collection covers terrain that speaks to the very souls of people in search of refuge. Her poems are in fact from her soul. And she has generously shared them with us to absorb. A refreshing read and one that is upbeat-this voluminous collection covers topics ranging from A Diet of Love to Running Scared. Each selection touches an area that one might consider taboo while still addressing its familiarity to many. I salute Aken for her in-depth soul searching and erudite ability to illuminate life's challenges, both big and small." Keith A. Alford, PhD, ACSW Associate Professor and Baccalaureate Director, School of Social Work, Syracuse University "Wisdom haunts these pages...sometimes in rhyme and sometimes straight with no chaser but always from a vantage point not easily accessed. Aken Wariebi is an exceptional poet who offers words of encouragement and faith and shares her worldview with verve, clarity and conviction. Living Through Poetry is an astonishing accomplishment." Djed Snead, Author "Aken Wariebi's new book of poetry dances with your soul. The poems reflect a deep understanding of life and all the complexities that make us human." Curtis K.Rivers, Mood Makers Books

Life Through Poetry

Author : Margie Scott-Black
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This part of the author's collections focus on Life and Death, for we were born to live and yet to die. It encourages its readers to live a God fearing life so that they can receive the rewards that God has in store for us in the end.

My Walk of Life Through Poetry

Author : Byron Choate
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I am a veteran with a minority owned business as well as a member of the Covington Who's Who Register. There are times when Justice seems out of reach. There is no better Justice then: "Poetic Justice for the Spirit. I give thanks to God for all of my accomplishments

Living Triumphantly

Author : Bennie M. Thompson
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Giacomo Leopardi s Search for a Common Life Through Poetry

Author : Frank Rosengarten
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This book traces the life of Giacomo Leopardi by examining four different yet interrelated aspects: his social origins and class in relation to his evolving conception of nobility; the mixture of idealism and misogynism in his attitude toward women and in his conception of love; his poems and prose on the theme of Italian independence; and his philosophical materialism as expressed in his poetry, intellectual diary, and essays. Frank Rosengarten pays particular attention to the ways in which the thought of Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche illuminates Leopardi s world view. He also devotes a section of the book to the different personal, moral, and philological components of Leopardi s humanism. Throughout, he maintains a sharp focus on the connections between Leopardi s life and the historical period in which he lived. The major themes and human concerns expressed in Leopardi s writings relate to his life experiences and to the historical period in which he lived. Of central interest are nobility and love, since Leopardi s perception of these two themes evolved and changed as he acquired a more general and universal conception of life. This fascinating combination of classical and modern perspectives on life and literature is highlighted throughout the book."

Saturday in Africa

Author : Patricia Schonstein
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Better Living Through Criticism

Author : A. O. Scott
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The New York Times film critic shows why we need criticism now more than ever Few could explain, let alone seek out, a career in criticism. Yet what A.O. Scott shows in Better Living Through Criticism is that we are, in fact, all critics: because critical thinking informs almost every aspect of artistic creation, of civil action, of interpersonal life. With penetrating insight and warm humor, Scott shows that while individual critics--himself included--can make mistakes and find flaws where they shouldn't, criticism as a discipline is one of the noblest, most creative, and urgent activities of modern existence. Using his own film criticism as a starting point--everything from his infamous dismissal of the international blockbuster The Avengers to his intense affection for Pixar's animated Ratatouille--Scott expands outward, easily guiding readers through the complexities of Rilke and Shelley, the origins of Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones, the power of Marina Abramovich and 'Ode on a Grecian Urn.' Drawing on the long tradition of criticism from Aristotle to Susan Sontag, Scott shows that real criticism was and always will be the breath of fresh air that allows true creativity to thrive. "The time for criticism is always now," Scott explains, "because the imperative to think clearly, to insist on the necessary balance of reason and passion, never goes away."

Poems to Live by

Author : Joan Murray
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A collection of poems focuses on themes of loss and remembrance, hope during dark times, war and rumors of war, and prayer when belief is difficult, and includes "Survivors--Found," a poem inspired by the events of September 11, 2001.

Living Through Conquest

Author : Elaine Treharne
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Living Through Conquest investigates the production and use of English through the tumultuous eleventh and twelfth centuries, as it competed for political and social prestige with Latin, and, later, French. English texts in this period are seldom addressed by scholars, particularly within their specific manuscript contexts; this study is thus the first to uncover the importance of English to kings, clerics and congregations, and its sustained dynamism andrichness, even as English culture and society was changed so dramatically by the invasion of the Vikings in the earlier eleventh century and subsequently of the Normans.

Truth Through Poetry

Author : Carol Sue Sorensen Thavenet
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This is a book of rhyming poetry. Poetry about many facets of life about and including crime, passions, feelings, character, religion, politics, personal improvement, personal issues, children, the raising of our children, families, discipline, our responsibilities, encouragement and so much more. It is about compassion and answers to questions with no apparent answers. The message is communicated through rhyming poetry - easy to read and understand - no hidden meanings - just plain text for easy comprehension to identify with. It is a personal letter to you - shared feelings that affect us as passing souls in our lifetime. It includes an observation of many years - both of long ago and the present. It contains issues like anger, frustrations, and self control. It is also an attempt to awaken the sensibilities of those with a short attention span - to the serious issues that affect us all in this day and age. Poetry to perhaps make you think, stirring your feelings as mine has been stirred. Hopefully, you too, will read and then say "Yes, oh yes, I can identify with this!" And also included are poems that will plant a big smile on your face!Humorous or dead serious, it is all about the TRUTH!

My Story Through Poetry

Author : Sharon Newmann
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This book summarizes my life and how I went from adversity to despair and how I achieved victory and triumph after a long struggle with Depression. It is a message of hope for those who have been abused and that there is a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It is through Christ and gaining help from Christian individuals, who greatly impacted my life by sharing their stories of triumph over despair due to abuse in their childhoods. They taught me HOW TO LIVE LIFE in a seemingly hopeless state of mind. I give honour and praise to our wonderful GOD and my LORD JESUS CHRIST, who is also my BEST FRIEND! I hope the reader is encouraged and helped by my sharing my story, interspersed with the poems the Lord gave me in my struggles and, afterwards, poems of victory. JESUS remains my best friend and I hope He will be yours, too!

Making Sense of Women s Lives

Author : Michelle Plott
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Making Sense of Women's Lives presents a wide range of writings about women's lives in the United States. Michele Plott and Lauri Umansky have drawn on their experiences as both students and professors to assemble the collection. Seeking to provide as full a sampling from a diverse and intellectually vibrant field as one volume permits, the editors have also chosen writing that makes an enjoyable read. A few of the selections here represent the undisputed 'classics' of the field. More of them constitute simply the works, drawn from academic and nonacademic sources alike, that could make a difference in understanding what it means to be female in America. Making Sense of Women's Lives is intended as the primary text in Women's Studies courses. With that usage in mind, Plott and Umansky have provided brief introductions to each article to help students understand the author's perspectives. Thought and discussion questions follow each selection. The book contains, as well, numerous "Flash Exercises" suggestions for class exercises and activities. The editors have used these activities in their courses over the past decade, in conjunction with readings in this volume, and have found that the full complement of materials coalesces into an intellectually powerful introduction to Women's Studies. A Collegiate Press book

Comforting a Woman s Heart Through Poetry

Author : Keisha L. McAllister
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Poetry through life

Author : Erika Wilburn
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Poems written from teen years.