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Living in Style How We Live

Author : Adriano Sack
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A narrated look at the interiors of notable homes from around the world, designed and decorated by top-tier interior designers and architects.

The Way We Live in the Country

Author : Stafford Cliff
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A full-color photo book celebrates country living--from the lavender fields of Provence and woodsy English cottages to Montana weekend ranches and Mexico's traditional adobe haciendas.


Author : Nina Freudenberger
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A visual delight and an inspiration for every bibliophile with a growing home library, this dream-and-drool design book features some of the most jaw-dropping book collections of homeowners around the world. Interior designer Nina Freudenberger, New Yorker writer Sadie Stein, and Architectural Digest photographer Shade Degges give readers a peek at the private libraries and bookshelves of passionate readers all over the world, including Larry McMurtry, Silvia Whitman of Shakespeare and Co., Gay and Nan Talese, and Emma Straub. Throughout, gorgeous photographs of rooms with rare collections, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and stacks upon stacks of books inspire readers to live better with their own collections. Praise for Bibliostyle “Featuring enviable private libraries and packed floor-to-ceiling shelves, this beautiful volume makes a compelling case for books as décor.”—New York “Freudenberger spotlights the splendid, enviable personal libraries of literary figures whose owners obviously care about their book collections and have actually read them, too.”—The Boston Globe “This is a coffee table book that makes you think as well as admire and desire.”—Sydney Herald “Offers a look into the fabulous homes of book lovers the world over, showcasing how their interior design is built around the tomes they love most.”—CN “The photographs of rooms with rare collections, floor-to-ceiling shelves, and stacks upon stacks of books will inspire readers to live better with their own collections.”—Publishers Weekly “Nina Freudenberger teams with Sadie Stein of The New Yorker and photographer Shade Degges of Architectural Digest to showcase beautiful photographs of the private libraries of book lovers from all over the world.”—BookRiot

Living the Life More Fabulous

Author : Tricia Cusden
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Living the Life More Fabulous will be pounced on by older women who will find it instructive, reassuring and like a best friend, full of friendly advice' Joanna Lumley There has never been a better time to be an older woman. We are fitter, healthier and living longer than at any time in history. My intention is to show you how to live your extra bonus of time as fabulously as possible. Living the Life More Fabulous is an irresistible guide to feeling great, whatever your age. Featuring topics such as beauty, style, confidence and health it provides advice on how to live an engaged life and keep an active mind. Whether you are looking for ideas to update your look, improve your general well-being or take an exciting or much-needed new direction, this book will encourage and empower you to live your life to the full.

The Synergistic Life Style

Author : Ron Travis
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Ron's book, "The Synergistic Life Style - How To Set Goals And Live A Balanced and Abundant Life", contains fourteen chapters covering the different areas of our lives that we should set goals and strive to achieve in: Commitment - Goals - Budget - Feedback - Problems - Spiritual - Mental - Emotional - Physical - Marriage - Children - Support Group - Financial - Work. Ron and June have taught senior high school students and beginning couples in church classes and seminars during the past 40 years. They have now followed these young people long enough to know that the teaching points contained in this book work. Ron and June have learned many of the principles shared in the book while experiences problems in their lives, which they share with the reader. They know that if you fail in one area of life, it will have a negative effect in other areas. There are so many threats to individuals and families that are trying to live an abundant life. The negative influences are greater today because of the fast pace of life, and the delivery systems for these influences on our children. The threats include: divorce - negative influence from the media - materialism - absentee fathers - alcohol and drug use by one of the parents - the availability of alcohol and drugs around schools - pornography on the internet - morality not being taught at home - medical depressiuon - and a need for both parents to work just to keep up. Each chapter includes Ron's beliefs about the things needed to live an abundant life. When you add up all of the lessons learned in each chapter, the synergistic result will be a balanced life greater than the sum of each area..

The Self Sufficient Life and How to Live It

Author : John Seymour
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Embrace off-grid green living with a new edition of the bestselling classic guide to a more sustainable way of life from the father of self-sufficiency. For over 40 years, John Seymour has inspired thousands to make more responsible, enriching, and eco-friendly choices with his advice on living sustainably. The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It offers step-by-step instructions on everything from chopping trees to harnessing solar power; from growing fruit and vegetables, and preserving and pickling your harvest, to baking bread, brewing beer, and making cheese. Seymour shows you how to live off the land, running your own smallholding or homestead, keeping chickens, and raising (and butchering) livestock. In a world of mass production, intensive farming, and food miles, Seymour's words offer an alternative: a celebration of the joy of investing time, labor, and love into the things we need. While we can't all be able to move to the countryside, we can appreciate the need to eat food that has been grown ethically or create things we can cherish, using skills that have been handed down through generations. With refreshed, retro-style illustrations and a brand-new foreword by Alice Waters, this new edition of Seymour's classic title is a balm for anyone who has ever sought solace away from the madness of modern life.

Why Do We Live

Author : B. P. Pai
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Why Do We Live? A Simple Answer to a Complex Question is an analytical book that prompts readers to think about the realities of life. It was written to make us understand the complexities around us and to see through the complex behavior of different groups of people. Author B. P. Pai researched many different faiths, only to discover different answers to the same basic questions. The existence of thousands of concepts of Gods and rituals made me to go into the basic question as to why there are different answers to the same enquiry. The author also asks why people fight when both sides have relatively same answer. This motivated me to go deep into the various misconceptions that create disturbance in the world, Pai says. Born in India, B. P. Pai has been a student of religion his whole life. After earning degrees in economics, philosophy and business management, he worked with the National Airline of India for 38 years and in Maryland in the USA for 15 years. Now retired, he lives with his wife in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He is working on his next book. Publisher's website: http: //

Married for Life Sentence

Author : E. Smith Davidson
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A wife with the apostolic back ground trying to live and love a man that started out on their wedding night cheating. She was nine months pregnant with his child and he was out making another child with his old childhood sweetheart. . The Biblical teachings are saying no, to divorce and she and her husband are stuck in the union until death. Every true woman of faith should be able to see some of herself in this dairy and either we will hold strong to the faith or we will question it . Apostolic teachings are all she know and all she will know, from child hood to death.

101 Optimal Life Foods

Author : David Grotto
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In this revolutionary guide, leading nutritionist David Grotto shares everyday foods that will help to remedy health issues large and small. From headaches to joint pain, acne to anxiety, chronically cold feet to depression, 101 Optimal Life Foods takes on thirty of the most common health issues–and shows you how to introduce healing fare to your diet through delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes. Inside you’ll discover that • Chocolate, tea, and dried plums reduce the signs of aging skin. • Combining walnuts and cherries can lead to the best sleep of your life. • Artichoke leaves bring relief from common stomach ailments. • Oysters can alleviate the effects of crippling migraines. • Wasabi helps treat bad breath. More than twenty-five years of clinical experience have shown Grotto just how powerful food can be in the lives of his patients. Now his individualized meal plans make it easy for you to incorporate healing foods into your own diet, using such tempting recipes as Cherry Zinger Smoothie, Tropical Fruit and Shrimp Gazpacho, and Mediterranean Grilled Bluefish. By combining the most flavorful, nutritious foods in the world with the latest breakthrough research, Grotto will help you become the healthiest you’ve ever been in your life!

Aging and Human Longevity

Author : M.-F. Schulz-Aellen
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The proportion of elderly people continues to increase in the western world-nearly a quarter of the population will be over 65 years by the year 2050. Since aging is accompanied by an increase in diseases and by a deterioration in well-being, finding solutions to these social, medical and psychological problems is necessarily a major goal for society. Scientists and medical practitioners are therefore faced with the urgent task of increasing basic knowledge of the biological processes that cause aging. More resources must be put into this research in order to achieve better understanding of the cellular mechanisms that underlie the differences in life span between species and to answer the difficult questions of why some individuals age more quickly than others, and why some develop liver problems, some have heart problems, and others brain problems. The results of such a wide program of research will provide important information about the causes of many life-threatening and/ or debilitating diseases of old age; it will help find ways to prevent some of the ailments that result from aging, and it may well lead to discoveries enabling the prolongation of human life.

Cut the Crap Start Really Living Your Life

Author : Stan Swig
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A new approach to not coping with lifes trials and tribulations, but thriving to a happy and worry free mind. You will learn to appreciate and love life as never before. You will see how to put up a barrier against peer pressure so that you will never again be aff ected by it. Let this book serve as your launching pad for your rebirth as highly motivated, self-confi dent goal achiever.

Living in a Step Family Without Getting Stepped on

Author : Kevin Leman
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"When two families unite, they don't blend, they collide," says Dr. Kevin Leman, bestselling author of The New Birth Order Book. But he also believes, "You can blend a family without breaking it. The principles in this book will help you wage the battle of blending your family-and come up not only a survivor but a winner!" By understanding the impact that birth order has on each family member, parents are better equipped to ease the transition into a new, different but functional family unit. Using his signature humor and real life examples, Dr. Leman provides both insight and practical advice about discipline, self-respect, parental authority, and the importance of the marriage relationship.

Living in Freedom

Author : James G. Groth
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It is amazing what God has done for us, how overwhelming this is, how unrestricted it is, and how it upsets every natural principle upon which we depend and naturally build our lives. In Living in Freedom, author James G. Groth shares an understanding of God's grace, the new covenant, and the role they play in our lives by exploring: • the current world situation and the impact it has on our lives; • the differences and purpose of the covenants and how they affect our lives today; • the problem of basing our lives on our concepts of good and evil; • the historical, conceptual, personal, and relational aspects of the new covenant ; • the mixing the lifestyles of law and grace; and • the concept of forgiveness. Groth also considered what it means to be a new creation, to be born again, and the consequences which take us into a life of freedom, as well as what it means to live by the spirit rather than by the letter of the law. He examines 1 John 1:9 and explains it in context with the times, the struggle of cults, and in the context of Paul's letters. Living in Freedom addresses the true meaning of salvation and encourages Christians to walk in their faith to attain that salvation.

BTEC Introduction Sport and Leisure

Author : Ray Barker
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A full colour textbook for the Introductory Certificate and Diploma in Sport and Leisure. It covers all the units of the qualification, providing comprehensive coverage for students - whatever options they choose. It contains differentiated assessment activities, enabling students to work at their own level.

Living Scripture

Author : Mitch Finley
File Size : 61.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Living Scripture captures the essence of each week's Scripture readings in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format. In a single easily reproducible page, Mitch Finley summarizes the essential message of the week's Scriptures, offers a series of small-group questions for reflection, proposes discussion materila for the family table, and offers ideas for carrying out the message in our day-to-day spirituality.

The Place You Live In

Author : Deanna Klein Shapiro
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Deanna Shapiro looks back at the Jewish immigrant family that shaped her with honesty, understanding, forgiveness, and admiration. Moving with ease and grace between poetry and prose, she addresses familiar themes of immigrant life, such as uprooting, sacrifice, loyalty and the pull and push of assimilation, through a uniquely personal and gendered lens. Gail Reimer Executive Director Jewish Womens Archive Deanna Shapiros latest book, The Place You Live In: A Multigenerational Immigrant Story, is the perfect blend between prose narrative and poetry. Shapiros stunning skill for poetry complements the story of her grandparents journey from Galicia to the Lower East Side of New York City. The book also tells the tale of the familys life in the Bronx and the Catskill Mountains in the 1940s and 1950s. As a descendant of immigrants, readers can easily identify with both the pathos and humor of Shapiros familys story. Its a book to be read and savored slowly, like a tasty home cooked meal. Sandra Stillman Gartner Co-author of To Life! A Celebration of Vermont Jewish Women In this lovingly written memoir, Deanna Shapiro, recalls the perspective of a quiet child in a large, outspoken family, navigating America in the mid-20th century from Tar Beach in the Bronx to False Porch in the Catskills. The complexities of immigration, ambition, and tradition are played out in prose and poetry, the family portrayed with personality and imagery, revealed by Shapiro within a culture of small comforts. Judith Chalmer Author of Out of Historys Junk Jar Deanna Shapiro did the family research many of us only talk about doing. Sharing her very personal memories and reflections of family members and family dynamics in a wonderful balance of narrative and poetry, Deanna takes us into the world of her immigrant family. It is a story which echoes the experience of the hundreds of thousands of Jewish families who left Eastern Europe for the United States at the turn of the 20th Century. It is the story of family, memory, the desire to fit in and assimilate, stories of personal successes and failures. In her quiet, unassuming voice, Deanna touches on the profound changes to family, religion and personal identity that have occurred over the past century. It is a window on from where we have come. Better or worse than where we are? A question for each of us to consider. Rabbi Ira J. Schiffer Associate Chaplain Charles P. Scott Center for Spiritual & Religious Life Middlebury College

A Decent Life

Author : Todd May
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You're probably never going to be a saint. Even so, let's face it: you could be a better person. We all could. But what does that mean for you? In a world full of suffering and deprivation, it's easy to despair--and it's also easy to judge ourselves for not doing more. Even if we gave away everything we own and devoted ourselves to good works, it wouldn't solve all the world's problems. It would make them better, though. So is that what we have to do? Is anything less a moral failure? Can we lead a fundamentally decent life without taking such drastic steps? Todd May has answers. He's not the sort of philosopher who tells us we have to be model citizens who display perfect ethics in every decision we make. He's realistic: he understands that living up to ideals is a constant struggle. In A Decent Life, May leads readers through the traditional philosophical bases of a number of arguments about what ethics asks of us, then he develops a more reasonable and achievable way of thinking about them, one that shows us how we can use philosophical insights to participate in the complicated world around us. He explores how we should approach the many relationships in our lives--with friends, family, animals, people in need--through the use of a more forgiving, if no less fundamentally serious, moral compass. With humor, insight, and a lively and accessible style, May opens a discussion about how we can, realistically, lead the good life that we aspire to. A philosophy of goodness that leaves it all but unattainable is ultimately self-defeating. Instead, Todd May stands at the forefront of a new wave of philosophy that sensibly reframes our morals and redefines what it means to live a decent life.

Living an Abundant Life

Author : Sandy Forster
File Size : 71.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Get inspired to unleash your full potential and enjoy a life of wealth and abundance with this story collection from the creator of Have you been searching for ways to live a truly fulfilling life? Do you want more happiness, wealth, good health and joy? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then Living an Abundant Life will provide you with the answers you seek to living a truly amazing life! In this book you will learn some of the best kept secrets on how to enrich your life beyond your wildest dreams from some of the greatest international leaders and teachers in today’s world, including Neale Donald Walsch, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. Inside you will discover. . . . Why your attitude is the essence of your ultimate success Stop sabotaging yourself and get what you desire How to transform your life despite your current circumstances How to find your own definition of abundance even through adversity And more! If you want more out of life, love, and the world around you, then Living an Abundant Life is the life guide you’ve been waiting for.

Animal Theology

Author : Andrew Linzey
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Animal rights is animal theology. The author argues that historical theology, creatively defined, must reject humanocentricity. He questions the assumption that if theology is to speak on this issue, 'it must only do so on the side of the oppressors.' His theological query investigates not only the abstractions of theory, but also the realities of hunting, animal experimentation, and genetic engineering. He is an important, pioneering, Christian voice speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Living Your Life s Purpose

Author : Tony Dungy
File Size : 72.35 MB
Format : PDF
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52 selections from Tony Dungy’s New York Times bestseller The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge, now in a weekly format! With a reading for every week in the year, this book will lead you to go deeper in your work, with your family, and in your faith. Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy shares keys to discovering your calling and living an “uncommon life” full of purpose. Perfect for sports teams, small groups, or personal reflection, The Uncommon Life Weekly Challenge books will show you how to create a life of real significance and impact in your world. Read all seven! The complete Uncommon Life Weekly Challenge series includes the following: Achieving Your Potential Building Your Team Developing Your Core Living Your Life’s Purpose Maximizing Your Influence Strengthening Your Faith Strengthening Your Family