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A Country Year

Author : Sue Hubbell
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A “delightful, witty” memoir about starting over as a beekeeper in the Ozarks (Library Journal). Alone on a small Missouri farm after a thirty-year marriage, Sue Hubbell found a new love—of the winged, buzzing variety. Left with little but the commercial beekeeping and honey-producing business she started with her husband, Hubbell found solace in the natural world. Then she began to write, challenging herself to tell the absolute truth about her life and the things she cared about. Describing the ups and downs of beekeeping from one springtime to the next, A Country Year transports readers to a different, simpler place. In a series of exquisite vignettes, Hubbell reveals the joys of a life attuned to nature in this heartfelt memoir about life on the land, and of a woman finding her way in middle age. “Once in a while there comes along a book so calm, so honest, so beautiful that even the most jaded or cynical readers have to say thank you. . . . This is such a book” (The San Diego Union-Tribune).

Living a Country Year

Author : Jerry Apps
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Tales of growing up on a Midwestern dairy farm in the 1940s, month by month, with aphorisms and recipes, from the bestselling author of Country Wisdom.

Maine Farm

Author : Stanley Joseph
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A tribute to the everyday rewards of rural living. The authors record the rhythms of their work and days, along the way providing advice and instruction on dozens of traditional country arts and crafts. 250 full-color photos.

Country Homes in Australia

Author : Country Style
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Created by the team from Australia's much-loved Country Style, led by editor-in-chief Victoria Carey, this book is a celebration of the gorgeous rural homes and incredible characters who have filled the pages of the magazine over the past 30 years. Be inspired by the heartwarming tales and amazing renovations undertaken by families throughout regional Australia. From historic cottages dating back to the 1800s to converted churches and characterful homesteads, each story is accompanied by sumptuous photography and details of the transformations that each house has undergone. Our rural renovators have also demonstrated fantastic creativity, from sourcing and restoring vintage furniture to producing their own artworks. Some have even gone on to launch businesses based on these skills. Producers share their stories of how they have coped with the drought, including moves into biodynamic and organic farming, and how others are developing sidelines such as gin-making or artist-in-residence programs. Above all, you'll hear about the wonderfully supportive communities in country areas and discover what makes living in regional Australia such a remarkable experience.

The Year of Living Danishly

Author : Helen Russell
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* NOW WITH A NEW CHAPTER * 'A hugely enjoyable romp through the pleasures and pitfalls of setting up home in a foreign land.'- Guardian Given the opportunity of a new life in rural Jutland, Helen Russell discovered a startling statistic: Denmark, land of long dark winters, cured herring, Lego and pastries, was the happiest place on earth. Keen to know their secrets, Helen gave herself a year to uncover the formula for Danish happiness. From childcare, education, food and interior design to SAD and taxes, The Year of Living Danishly records a funny, poignant journey, showing us what the Danes get right, what they get wrong, and how we might all live a little more Danishly ourselves. In this new edition, six years on Helen reveals how her life and family have changed, and explores how Denmark, too – or her understanding of it – has shifted. It’s a messy and flawed place, she concludes – but can still be a model for a better way of living.


Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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An overview of the benefits of multi-year humanitarian financing (MYHF), this study explores how MYHF can reach its full potential and identifies lessons learned from past practices, including the need to better target beneficiaries and make timely investments.

The Country Year book Or The Field the Forest the Fireside

Author : William Howitt
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George Strait

Author : Mark Bego
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Here is a comprehensive look at one of the biggest stars in the hard-driving, often heartbreaking world of country music. A chronicle of Strait's journey from playing Texas honkytonks to his big break in 1981, when he released Strait Country, to his stunning success just four albums later, when he debuted at number 1 on Billboard's country music chart. The white-stetsoned Strait is one of America's top concert attractions, and the Country Music Association named him Entertainer of the Year. Told with all the warmth, honesty, grit, and passion of the legendary artist himself, this is the story of the man behind the superstar myth -- of the family that shaped his youth, of his relationship with his wife, Norma, and of the tragic auto accident that killed his teenage daughter . . . and changed his life forever. Sure to be a revelation and an inspiration to his millions of fans.

Pensions at a Glance 2009 Retirement Income Systems in OECD Countries

Author : OECD
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This third edition of Pensions at a Glance updates in-depth information on the key features of mandatory pension systems—both public and private—in the 30 OECD countries, including projections of retirement income for today’s workers.

At Home on this Earth

Author : Lorraine Anderson
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The first chronological presentation of U.S. nature writing by key women authors of the last two centuries.

Global Health Statistics 2014

Author : World Health Organization (WHO)
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WHO's annual World Health Statistics reports present the most recent health statistics for the WHO Member States. All reports are available for download in Adobe PDF and excel when applicable at

Living Age

Author :
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A Natural Year

Author : Wendyl Nissen
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A Natural Year follows writer Wendyl Nissen's life in the peaceful New Zealand countryside over one year. It's the story of what happens in her garden, her kitchen and her life over twelve months, and the thoughts inspired by each passing season. She writes about the freedom that she has found in ageing and the joy that comes along with it. She addresses her depression, anxiety and the mental well-being she's gained from her back-to-basics lifestyle and the practical things she does to live in a sustainable, natural way. With photographs taken at her home in Northland, Wendyl shares 100 new recipes, including how to make yeast from grapes, yoghurt using chilli stalks and many others she has discovered. In a world which can be full of stress and confusion, A Natural Year is a guide to a simpler, less complicated life.

My Year of Living Dangerously An American Soldier in Afghanistan revised B W edition

Author : William Jones
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What is it like to deploy to Afghanistan? Take a glimpse inside a yearlong experience told through photos and uncensored commentary. Bill "Rooster" Jones volunteered for duty in Afghanistan in September 2007 through August 2008 and served as an Engineer in both the mountainous Hindu-Kush region in the north and the violent and dangerous Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. He kept in touch with friends and family religiously, chronicling his journey through photos and a running commentary that is direct, descriptive, and often humorous. This book captures what he saw, felt, and thought throughout his tour. Unlike most books about war, this story is not about politics, strategy or tactics. It explains what it was like to be there. Rooster captures the essence of place - the smells, sights, and feelings that we would all experience if we had been in his boots. Join Lieutenant Colonel Jones and see what it is like to work and travel in a war-torn country.--Book review.

Limping through Life

Author : Jerry Apps
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Limping through Life A Farm Boy’s Polio Memoir Jerry Apps “Families throughout the United States lived in fear of polio throughout the late 1940s and early 1950s, and now the disease had come to our farm. I can still remember that short winter day and the chilly night when I first showed symptoms. My life would never be the same.” —from the Introduction Polio was epidemic in the United States starting in 1916. By the 1930s, quarantines and school closings were becoming common, as isolation was one of the only ways to fight the disease. The Sauk vaccine was not available until 1955; in that year, Wisconsin’s Fox River valley had more polio cases per capita than anywhere in the United States. In his most personal book, Jerry Apps, who contracted polio at age twelve, reveals how the disease affected him physically and emotionally, profoundly influencing his education, military service, and family life and setting him on the path to becoming a professional writer. A hardworking farm kid who loved playing softball, young Jerry Apps would have to make many adjustments and meet many challenges after that winter night he was stricken with a debilitating, sometimes fatal illness. In Limping through Life he explores the ways his world changed after polio and pays tribute to those family members, teachers, and friends who helped him along the way.

Littell s Living Age

Author : Eliakim Littell
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Model Living Standards Measurement Study Survey Questionnaire for the Countries of the Former Soviet Union

Author : Raylynn Oliver
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Living Standards Measurement Survey Working Paper No. 130.This document presents a set of Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) questionnaires that have been developed for use in the Russian-speaking countries of the former Soviet Union. The questionnaires are available in English and Russian, as well as in an electronic format. The document describes in detail how to modify the questionnaires for use in any specific country. The author guides the questionnaire writer through the modification process, illustrating the important aspects of LSMS surveys, the translation and field-testing procedures, and a section-by-section description of the types of modification that are likely to be required to suit particular goals and circumstances.Also available in Russian : (ISBN 0-8213-3935-4) / Stock No. 13935

The Parliamentary History of England from the Earliest Period to the Year 1803

Author :
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The Parliamentary History of England from the Earliest Period to the Year 1803

Author : William Cobbett
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Healthy Living Centres

Author : Geoffrey Purves
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By exploring the design process this book looks at the relationship between the architectural and medical professions to see how the next wave of Government health policies can be best provided for. The aim is to raise the quality of health buildings in the primary care sector. Greater flexibility will be required as the medical profession moves towards a pro-active attitude to Healthy Living Centres rather than the traditional reactive treatment to cure disease. This is a hands-on 'how to do it' guide to satisfy changing policy objectives, offering an up to date methodology to encourage a holistic approach to health care buildings which will be of interest to both architectural and medical professionals.