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The Lives of Rocks

Author : Rick Bass
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A New York Times Book Review Editors’ Choice A Rocky Mountain News Best Book of the Year Finalist for the Story Prize At once expertly crafted and undeniably moving, these ten stories deftly explore our immutable connection with nature. The centerpiece of the collection is the arresting title story, in which a woman alone in her mountain cabin confronts a terminal illness. In the equally remarkable “Her First Elk,” the same character recalls her most memorable and significant hunting experience. Set in locations ranging from Montana to Texas to Mississippi, the remaining stories further illuminate the consequences of our attitudes toward the environment and each other. This masterly collection lays bare the essentials of life with unparalleled passion and grace.

The 7 Rocks of Life

Author : Steven Mazzurco
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There are two stories in life: The past & the one that is being created everyday. Many stories are often expired stories that we should be learning from instead of presently living in it, causing it to control our lives. In this inspiring book you will learn the 7 Rocks Of Life that will give you balance and clarity in filling up your cup of life properly. You will be able to create a life & a story that inspires you and those around you.What do you want YOUR story to be?You see life is a series of at bats but you must keep swinging in the right areas of life to see you create your story your heart desires. Everyone has his or her own swing to achieve it. But there are fundamentals to every swing you take. These are the 7 areas of life that will be discussed in this book are:Contents· Chapter 1 Spiritual· Chapter 2 Relationships· Chapter 3 Income Streams· Chapter 4 Health· Chapter 5 Organizational In Life· Chapter 6 Finances· Chapter 7 Personal Growth


Author : Joe Perry
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Joe Perry’s New York Times bestselling memoir of life in the rock-and-roll band Aerosmith: “An insightful and harrowing roller coaster ride through the career of one of rock and roll’s greatest guitarists. Strap yourself in” (Slash). Before the platinum records or the Super Bowl half-time show or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Joe Perry was a boy growing up in small-town Massachusetts. He idolized Jacques Cousteau and built his own diving rig that he used to explore a local lake. He dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. But Perry’s neighbors had teenage sons, and those sons had electric guitars, and the noise he heard when they started playing would change his life. The guitar became his passion, an object of lust, an outlet for his restlessness and his rebellious soul. That passion quickly blossomed into an obsession, and he got a band together. One night after a performance he met a brash young musician named Steven Tyler; before long, Aerosmith was born. What happened over the next forty-five years has become the stuff of legend: the knockdown, drag-out, band-splintering fights; the drugs, the booze, the rehab; the packed arenas and timeless hits; the reconciliations and the comebacks. Rocks is an unusually searching memoir of a life that spans from the top of the world to the bottom of the barrel—several times. It is a study of endurance and brotherhood, with Perry providing remarkable candor about Tyler, as well as new insights into their powerful but troubled relationship. It is an insider’s portrait of the rock and roll family, featuring everyone from Jimmy Page to Alice Cooper, Bette Midler to Chuck Berry, John Belushi to Al Hirschfeld. It takes us behind the scenes at unbelievable moments such as Joe and Steven’s appearance in the movie of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (they act out the murders of Peter Frampton and the Bee Gees). Full of humor, insight, and brutal honesty about life in and out of one of the biggest bands in the world, Rocks is “well-paced, well-plotted…a mini-masterpiece” (The Boston Globe).

Life on the Rocks

Author : Philippa Nikulinsky
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Life On the Rocks is a unique exploration of extraordinary flora and fauna that lives on granite outcrops in Western Australia. The book combines the unique skills of renowned botanical artist Philippa Nikulinsky, with the scientific and biological insights of botanist Dr. Stephen Hopper. The exquisite paintings feature species ranging from diminutive mosses to large trees, from tiny shrimps of rock pools to agile rock wallabies.

The Rocks

Author : Grace Karskens
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The Rocks is Sydney's earliest surviving neighbourhood. Grace Karskens builds up a vivid picture of the lives of its earliest white inhabitants. A wealth of historical documents, pictures, maps and archaeological evidence allows her to recover the words and gestures, tastes and habits, aspirations and fears, of the dealers, publicans, labourers, artisans, watermen, washerwomen, servants and prostitutes who lived there. What sort of town did these people make? What did it look like? How did they treat their neighbours? And what of other human relations--how did men and women behave sexually? What did they think was 'moral' behaviour? What were their marriages like? How did they bring up their children? Grace Karskens shows it was a place very different from the usual images of a brutal 'gaol colony'- it was, rather, a preindustrial town, a face-to-face society, marked more by movement and opportunity, dialogue and negotiation than by coercion, discipline and punishment.


Author : Steve Backshall
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Steve Backshall's love affair with the mountains has taken him to some of the world's wildest places, environments that have the power to make a human being feel very small, very vulnerable and very alive. MOUNTAIN: A LIFE OF THE ROCKS is an account of his most breathtaking expeditions: heading into the 'Death Zone' on the roof of the world in the Himalayas, and picking a precarious route up hundreds of metres of rock in the Arctic and Alps. There are expeditions of exploration, as Steve makes the first ascent of jungle peaks and scales the tabletop mountains of the 'Lost World', Venezuela's Gran Sabana, in search of undiscovered animal species on their summits. Steve recalls his apprenticeship in the art of mountaineering with the Indian army, and the terror and near-disaster of some of his more ill-fated adventures, including the aftermath of the fall that should have ended his life. This is a tale of terror and ecstasy, a book that tries to get to the heart of why we risk our lives to climb and conquer. But most of all, MOUNTAIN is a love letter to the wilderness, from one of the world's most adventurous spirits.

Life on the Rocks

Author : Peg O'Connor
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Addiction and recovery are, at their core, about the meaning of life. Life on the Rocks is the first book to address addiction and recovery from a Western philosophical perspective, offering a powerful set of tools sharpened over millennia. It introduces some of the core concepts and vexing questions of philosophy to help addicts and those affected by their addiction examine and perhaps transform the meaning they make of their lives. Without assuming any familiarity with philosophy, Dr. O’Connor illuminates issues all addicts and their loved ones face: self-identity, moral responsibility, self-knowledge and self-deception, free will and determinism, fatalism, the nature of God, and their relations to others. Life on the Rocks is an indispensable guide to the deeply philosophical concerns at the heart of every addict’s struggle. Peg O’Connor, PhD, is professor of philosophy and gender, women, and sexuality studies at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota. She is the author of the popular Psychology Today blog “Philosophy Stirred, Not Shaken” and contributor to the Pro Talk series at

Rocks a Very Short Introduction

Author : Jan Zalasiewicz
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Rocks, more than anything else, underpin our lives. They make up the solid structure of the Earth and of other rocky planets, and are present at the cores of gas giant planets. We live on the rocky surface of the planet, grow our food on weathered debris derived from rocks, and we obtain nearly all of the raw materials with which we found our civilization from rocks. From the Earth's crust to building bricks, rocks contain our sense of planetary history, and are a guide to our future. In this Very Short Introduction Jan Zalsiewicz looks at the nature and variety of rocks, and the processes by which they are formed. Starting from the origin of rocks and their key role in the formation of the Earth, he considers what we know about the deep rocks of the mantle and core, and what rocks can tell us about the evolution of the Earth, and looks at those found in outer space and on other planets. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

My Life Rocks

Author : Marianne Rule
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Pet lovers since the 1970s know that the most reliable companion is one made of solid rock!My Life Rocks features color photos of a googly-eyed pet rock enjoying activities that rocks (and good humored people) enjoy, such as searching for buried treasure, pet sitting, playing poker, and training garden gnomes.Filled with miniatures and tiny details, each scene provides plenty of inspiration for pet rock owners to unearth their pet's personality and encourage its growth and maturity. Rock on!

Real Life On the Rocks With a Twist

Author : Terry Mooney
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Real life is a series of ups and downs; for some the downs seem far more frequent and ominous than the ups. The key to a peaceful, contented life is to find a balance between accepting reality as it is and creating our own reality as we dream it. It takes determination and work, but real life is what it is, a combination of good and bad, happy and sad. What is smooth sailing one day may end up stranded on the rocks the next. But whatever happens, always seek to add your own personal twist to make it your life and no one else's. Real Life, On the Rocks ... With a Twist! is an eclectic collection of real-life experiences told in a style reminiscent of Erma Bombeck. Read about a bear attempting to open a dumpster while standing on the lid, something we all tend to do in our own lives. Transcend generations as you read about a young girl boldy making a stand against a neighborhood bully. Warmth and humor guide the reader through the struggles and challenges of family, friendship, career, and personal loss for a young woman making her way through life on her own. Issues of love and self-esteem are presented with refreshingly subtle irony. Written with keen insight and lighthearted wit, Real Life, On the Rocks ... With a Twist! is a toast to humanity and a celebration of the human spirit.

Looking at Rocks

Author : Jennifer Dussling
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From the backyard to the local bank, rock hounds can identify common rocks wherever they go with this rocking illustrated guide. Illustrations.

Rocks and roses or Phases of life

Author : Vincent Robinson
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Life on Intertidal Rocks

Author : Cherie Hunter Day
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This pocket-sized field guide identifies plants and animals that live in the intertidal zone of the rocky coast, from Cape Cod north to the Bay of Fundy, in tide pools, caves, and crevices, and on rocks, wharves and pilings. Explains intertidal ecology and how these fascinating and varied creatures--sea slugs, crabs, rockweeds, star fish, and many others--survive in the harsh and ever-changing environment between the limits of high and low tide.

Between Religious Rocks and Life s Hard Places

Author : Greg Albrecht
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This easy-to-use resource offers 101 meaty responses to tough questions you'll field from family, friends, and co-workers. Or even yourself. Greg Albrecht doesn't know it all or pretend to, but he never backs away from heartfelt dialogue on subjects as diverse as cremation, homosexuality, church-hopping, mental illness, and cohabitation. Beyond a firm defense of the faith, he presents answers to issues small and large, to dilemmas that have bedeviled believers for generations. At the heart, these 101 questions and answers provide fodder for thoughtful inquiry, and scriptural enlightenment minus mangled proof texts. Best of all, Albrecht doesn't condescend, doesn't assume, but just responds to authentic concerns with timely answers.

Forget the Die Its Learn to Live It

Author : Karen Knox
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A LIVE-it program is designed for long-term, lifestyle improvements with the goal of optimum health-physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Forget the Die-its; Learn to LIVE-it! will inspire and motivate you to make lifestyle changes, one area at a time, by sharing easy to understand information on topics like nutrient density, protein needs, lethal labels, rest and surrender, water, how to be thankful, exercise, sunshine, and even goal setting. A LIVE-it program is based on principles, education, and encouragement advocating lifestyle changes for long term, overall health improvement. Education must precede motivation. Before one can be moved into action, there must be understanding. Knowledge indeed creates the power to change.

Rocks of Ages

Author : Stephen Jay Gould
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"People of good will wish to see science and religion at peace. . . . I do not see how science and religion could be unified, or even synthesized, under any common scheme of explanation or analysis; but I also do not understand why the two enterprises should experience any conflict." So states internationally renowned evolutionist and bestselling author Stephen Jay Gould in the simple yet profound thesis of his brilliant new book. Writing with bracing intelligence and elegant clarity, Gould sheds new light on a dilemma that has plagued thinking people since the Renaissance. Instead of choosing between science and religion, Gould asks, why not opt for a golden mean that accords dignity and distinction to each realm? At the heart of Gould's penetrating argument is a lucid, contemporary principle he calls NOMA (for nonoverlapping magisteria)--a "blessedly simple and entirely conventional resolution" that allows science and religion to coexist peacefully in a position of respectful noninterference. Science defines the natural world; religion, our moral world, in recognition of their separate spheres of influence. In elaborating and exploring this thought-provoking concept, Gould delves into the history of science, sketching affecting portraits of scientists and moral leaders wrestling with matters of faith and reason. Stories of seminal figures such as Galileo, Darwin, and Thomas Henry Huxley make vivid his argument that individuals and cultures must cultivate both a life of the spirit and a life of rational inquiry in order to experience the fullness of being human. In his bestselling books Wonderful Life, The Mismeasure of Man, and Questioning the Millennium, Gould has written on the abundance of marvels in human history and the natural world. In Rocks of Ages, Gould's passionate humanism, ethical discernment, and erudition are fused to create a dazzling gem of contemporary cultural philosophy. As the world's preeminent Darwinian theorist writes, "I believe, with all my heart, in a respectful, even loving concordat between . . . science and religion."

The Rocks of the Cross

Author : Jose Herrera
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The Rocks of the Cross is a novel based on a true story. It is the story of Christ revealing Himself in the life of this father named Paul, as he journeys to be in the life of his son Jason. This story is designed to encourage parents to be actively engaged in the lives of their children, and to make a positive and long-lasting impact in their lives. It calls for committed parents to shape this generation and future ones, by actively participating in the greatest service of all: humanity. It is also a story of hope, adversity, tenacity and triumph. Triumph proven sweeter when we allow God to lead the way. Although this is a love story of a father and son, this book will also speak to a much larger audience. I say this, as we all have difficulties to traverse in life, and no one is immune from those. But, yet, it is during those adverse episodes that the essence of our character, of what we believe in and on, is tested and ultimately revealed. No matter what you are going thru in life, this story will inspire you to seek God first, and seek the higher ground in life, to have the confidence that all things work out for God's plan, and that you are precious to Him in His divine plan, created just for you. Life is simply a test, and in can be made easier as you learn how prayer help us communicate with God, and how His Hand is always there for us, reaching out to us, embracing us, and pointing us to His ways and path. It does not matter where we are at - what matters is where is He in our hearts.I will fulfill my vows to the Lord in the presence of all his people. Psalm 116:14 (NIV)I pray The Rocks of the Cross serve to guide mothers and fathers, to remain engaged in the lives of their children. It is also my prayer, as this book is inspired by my unwavering faith and love for Christ, that it serves to edify your lives and those of your children, so that each of you as mothers and fathers, see firsthand how the impact of your words, decisions or lack thereof, affect the lives of those that the Lord has entrusted to you for a short while.This book is born out of a desire to inspire and enlist mothers and fathers on the solemn role they have in the lives of their children. This book is also God's deep desire placed in my heart to write it and share it with you, and hopefully - you will incorporate it to your lives and make a difference in the lives of your children.

Life in Antarctic Deserts and other Cold Dry Environments

Author : Peter T. Doran
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The McMurdo Dry Valleys form the largest relatively ice-free area on the Antarctic continent. The perennially ice-covered lakes, ephemeral streams and extensive areas of exposed soil are subject to low temperatures, limited precipitation and salt accumulation. The dry valleys thus represent a region where life approaches its environmental limits. This unique ecosystem has been studied for several decades as an analog to environments on other planets, particularly Mars. For the first time, the detailed terrestrial research of the dry valleys is brought together here, presented from an astrobiological perspective. Chapters include a discussion on the history of research in the valleys, a geological background of the valleys, setting them up as analogs for Mars, followed by chapters on the various sub-environments in the valleys such as lakes, glaciers and soils. Includes concluding chapters on biodiversity and other analog environments on Earth.

Where the Rocks Say Your Name

Author : Brenda Hasiuk
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Brenda Hasiuk's debut novel details eight weeks in the lives of four teens in a hardcore mining town in northern Canada. Ally and Toby, life-long locals, Rina, a Sarajevo refugee, and Adam, the returning urban native warrior get lost in each others_ individual and collective mythologies as they find love, friendship, violence and tragedy in one long, last summer. Unflinchingly honest, and disturbingly poignant, this story captures the displacement of _northerners_, the struggle for identity, and the restlessness of teens in isolated communities. In a place that makes them feel lonely, they try never to be alone; and in lives confounded by rituals and restraints, their search for meaning is illusive.

Reading the Rocks

Author : Brenda Maddox
File Size : 32.59 MB
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A SUNDAY TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR FOR 2017 A rich and exuberant group biography of the first geologists, the people who were first to excavate from the layers of the world its buried history. These first geologists were made up primarily, and inevitably, of gentlemen with the necessary wealth to support their interests, yet boosting their numbers, expanding their learning and increasing their findings were clergymen, academics – and women. This lively and eclectic collection of characters brought passion, eccentricity and towering intellect to geology and Brenda Maddox in Reading the Rocks does them full justice, bringing them to vivid life. The new science of geology was pursued by this assorted band because it opened a window on Earth's ancient past. They showed great courage in facing the conflict between geology and Genesis that immediately presented itself: for the rocks and fossils being dug up showed that the Earth was immeasurably old, rather than springing from a creation made in the six days that the Bible claimed. It is no coincidence that Charles Darwin was a keen geologist. The individual stories of these first geologists, their hope and fears, triumphs and disappointments, the theological, philosophical and scientific debates their findings provoked, and the way that as a group, they were to change irrevocably and dramatically our understanding of the world is told by Brenda Maddox with a storyteller's skill and a fellow scientist's understanding. The effect is absorbing, revelatory and strikingly original.