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Live Each Day to the Dumbest

Author : Jim Benton
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The hilarious and bestselling series from Jim Benton continues! It's not easy being a middle-schooler, and nobody knows that better than Jamie Kelly. There are surprises around every corner: some good, some bad, all dumb. But when Jamie inherits a trunk of her grandmother's things, she never expects to find the biggest surprise of all -- Grandma's diary. Violating the privacy of a diary is something Jamie would never do . . . unless she was absolutely certain that she wanted to do it. And when she does, she learns that, deep down, everyone is exactly the same. Dumb. Jamie still has no idea that anyone is reading her diary, so please, please, please don't tell her. And definitely don't tell her that she's the star of her very own Dear Dumb Diary movie, available on DVD. (Her glamorous ego might not be able to handle it.)

Dumbness Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Author : Jim Benton
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Jamie Kelly is back and dumber than ever in this super-awesome four-color Dear Dumb Diary special edition! Life at Mackerel Middle School is as dumb as ever—but Jamie Kelly may have finally found the key to fame, fortune, and fabulousness. Together with Isabella and Angeline, she's come up with a moneymaking idea, and it has to do with food. Everyone likes food! They're going to be rich! The only problem? They have to come up with something that people actually want to eat. Jamie has some sophisticated thoughts on food, like, "She was manipulating us like dough. Like the sweet, delicious dough that we are. And she was baking us into the type of delicious cookies you can only get from dough like us. And she was putting sprinkles of us on top of us, and—forget it. I'm hungry. I want some cookies." This is sure to go well.

Live Each Day to the Dumbest

Author : Jim Benton
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It's not easy being a middle-schooler, and nobody knows that better than Jamie Kelly. There are surprises around every corner: some good, some bad, all dumb. But when Jamie inherits a trunk of her grandmother's things, she never expects to find the b

How God Delivered Me from a Spirit of Fear

Author : Sheena Harrell
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People are searching for happiness, everyone is searching for something. They don't know what it is; you may not even know what it is. I was searching for something for years and I thought it was a man, I realized it wasn't. When I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour; I realized I found what I was looking for. I'll tell you for sure you're missing a relationship with Jesus Christ; you're missing His love, His peace, His joy, and His healing power. You want to know the true meaning of happiness? It's not finding that right job, or the right man/woman, the right home, the right friends; it's not fitting into some organization. It's not being popular, or having everything you have ever wanted. It's not money. True happiness involves accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour; and allowing Him to free you. Sheena Harrell is a motivational speaker and an inspiring violinist. Sheena aims to encourage and motivate people through the word of God by telling people the experiences she went through and to show everyone how God delivered Sheena from a Spirit of fear. Sheena suffered a heart attack at the age of 20, and it was a wake up call for her to get her life together. But what Sheena did not realize was God had a plan for her life, and God was going to do many marvelous things through her to show the world by Sheena's testimony that God exists.

Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

Author : Frank Meeink
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Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead is Frank Meeink's raw telling of his descent into America's Nazi underground and his ultimate triumph over drugs and hatred. Frank's violent childhood in South Philadelphia primed him to hate, while addiction made him easy prey for a small group of skinhead gang recruiters. By 16 he had become one of the most notorious skinhead gang leaders on the East Coast and by 18 he was doing hard time. Teamed up with African-American players in a prison football league, Frank learned to question his hatred, and after being paroled he defected from the white supremac.

Living Fearless

Author : Jamie Winship
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Jamie Winship spent nearly 30 years living and working in conflict zones, and during that time he has learned an important truth: all human conflict originates from fear, and fear originates from a false view of God, ourselves, and others. Until we exchange what's false for what's real, we will never experience being fully alive, fully human, and fully free. Unpacking the power of knowing our true identity in Christ, Winship takes us on a journey of telling ourselves the truth, changing our mindsets, and experiencing actual life transformation that leads to radical courage in the face of all that life throws at us. With humor, clarity, and real-life practicality, Living Fearless is your invitation to listen closely to what God is trying to say to you about himself, about the person he created you to be--and also about all those other people he created and loves. If you want to discover the incredible difference abiding in Christ will make in your life and faith, get ready to do "a new thing" with God.

The Symphony of Life

Author : Daryl L. Peterson
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Author Daryl L. Peterson loves his country and the military that serves it; he enjoys baseball and joking with family and friendshe has written poetry all his life. This collection is in honor of his father, John J. Peterson, a man who went quietly through the noise, hate, disappointments and sorrows of life and did not become bitter and who taught Daryl what life was all about. So May It Ever Be If God should beckon us this day With His love and outstretched hand, And he should whisper softly to us As He leads us to that promised land, Fear not, as you journey down this road, Even though the path you do not know. For I comfort those who are left behind With this promise, we take leave and go. One who makes such a supreme sacrifice Will meet with angels unaware. As he or she trods down this path On one of lifes busy thoroughfares. God renews our faith and lifts us up And gives to us brighter and higher goals, For when God is with each one of us It tends to still our distressed souls.

I ve Got Some Lovin to Do

Author : Julia Park Tracey
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It is July of 1925 when, on a whim, fifteen-year-old Doris Bailey decides to keep a diarya place where she can openly confide her dreams, hopes, and ambitions. Doris is flirtatious, untamed, and romantic, imagining herself in and out of love with each passing day. In this first volume of Th e Doris Diaries, her great-niece, Julia Park Tracey, shares Doriss journals capturing a year in the life of a precocious teenager in the rapidly changing world of the mid-1920s. Doris chats on the telephone and dances to records on the Victrola. Not only does she flirt, kiss, and ride in cars with boys, but she also sneaks out, cuts school, and chops off her hair. While Doris constantly pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior for a young girl, she retells juicy gossip from St. Helens Hall, a military academy dance, and an Oregon dude ranchsharing an unforgettable glimpse into a treasure trove of authentic American life in the Northwest. Ive Got Some Lovin to Do, with commentary, footnotes, and photographs, presents an entertaining portrayal of an American girl brimming with curiosity, a zest for life, and a hunger to experience love for the first time.>

Harlequin American Romance July 2014 Bundle

Author : Tina Leonard
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Harlequin American Romance brings you four new all-American romances for one great price, available now! This Harlequin American Romance bundle includes The Rebel Cowboy’s Quadruplets by USA TODAY bestselling author Tina Leonard, The Texan’s Cowgirl Bride by Trish Milburn, Runaway Lone Star Bride by Cathy Gillen Thacker and More Than a Cowboy by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Cathy McDavid. If you love small towns and cowboys, watch out for 4 new Harlequin American Romance titles every month! Romance the all-American way!

Pronoia Paranoia

Author : Harsh Sangani
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Nothing is new here, it’s accumulation of all the beliefs I have came across through my path. Some may criticize, some may laugh, some may admire, and some may love this book. Our job is to comprehend and cleanse our thoughts. Give it a time and trust me it gets better gradually. Potato-potato is the same, so is pronoia-paranoia. It’s all about how you bend your thoughts and how you are flexible with it.