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The Little Prince

Author : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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An aviator whose plane is forced down in the Sahara Desert encounters a little prince from a small planet who relates his adventures in seeking the secret of what is important in life.

Managers as Little Prince

Author : Khurram Ellahi
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This is the First Book from Pakistan which looks at Business & Management through lens of poetry & fiction. Author (Khurram Ellahi) has used poetry as a tool to look at current issues of Business & Management sciences. Book starts with the thesis that how poetry & fiction has already influenced physics, psychology and other fields of knowledge. In this book Author has used the novel Little Prince written by Saint Exupery to attend the long lasting dilemmas of Business & Management. New thinking approach has been introduced to attend the old problems of management. Book also looks at conventional approach of attending those dilemmas and how thinking like Little Prince can help Managers. This is first of its kind endeavor from Pakistan. Author Khurram Ellahi is a lecturer at a public university. He is pursuing his PhD in leadership. Book has been published with Auraq Publications self-publishing platform.

The Little Prince Strategy for Authentic Happiness

Author : Prof. Alex Llantada CIP
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This book is useful for those people who believe that a different path awaits for them and those who sense something better but don't know what it is yet. The Little Prince tugs at your clothes to tell you things he wants to get done because he does know what is good for you. He says so insistently . . . fearlessly. Millions of people have read The Little Prince as kids. And those reflective ones have been left with a sensation that there's something else behind each character's words. A glimpse of guidance of wisdom is perceived. Innocent wisdom is, therefore, valuable. It is absurd that having in our hands the key to happiness since we were children, we resort to the Prince of Machiavelli (consciously or unsconsciously) to sort out our lives. Intrigues, selfishness, distrust, disloyalty—all are part of the strategy we use day by day: the Machiavellianism. That strategy is the root of sadness, suffering in companies, countries, and in our own lives. Why not let your childhood's old buddy walk along with you?—that Little Prince that annoys you with weird questions. Why not give your childhood's buddy—that little price who asks awkward questions—the opportunity to walk along with you. Let that little fellow guide you to authentic success on an adventurous journey through an infinite and unfamiliar world: your inner self.

The Little Prince Painting Book

Author : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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The Little Prince Painting Book contains 31 beautiful artwork illustrations taken from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's original story of 'The Little Prince', revised by Elizabeth M. Potter. Use crayons, coloured pencils or water colours to give the illustrations a personal touch. Join the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry community and find yourself enchanted by the magical passion of inspiring colouring.

The Little Prince on the Planet Earth

Author : Carlos Gomes
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Welcome to the journey through the universe of magic and emotion! The new Planet Little Prince collection brings us to the most pure knowledge of our infancy: the imagination! Throught its time machine, the little prince is capable of taking us to the most fantastical and beautiful planets. Embark on the reading and come with us to this amazing adventure! See you soon!

Untold Stories of the Little Prince

Author : Nikola Misovic
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The Little Prince wakes up in the middle of the desert since the snake’s poison didn’t send him home. He embarks on an adventure that will take him to a hidden forest. Along the way, he meets creatures who are struggling on their own journeys: a turtle racing with a hare, a desperate hedgehog crying because nobody can hug him, a grasshopper who believes his destiny is to grow wings, a wise buffalo, a withering flower growing from a crack in a rock and dreaming of floating in a lake... The Little Prince learns principal life lessons from the animals and plants. And, kind as he is, the boy tries to help them all. But who will help him return to his world and beloved rose?

Caught ya Again

Author : Jane Bell Kiester
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"Holy Moldy Bread Contest! Kiester strikes again with four more stories plus mini-lessons, writing workshops, and a complete grammar reference. Solid classroom-proven techniques turn students into better writers. Includes teacher keys, tests, and special notes for the home school teacher. A time-saver that really works!"

The Changing Face of Folklore

Author : Michael Golden
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Effective Databases for Text Document Management

Author : Shirley A. Becker
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"Focused on the latest research on text and document management, this guide addresses the information management needs of organizations by providing the most recent findings. How the need for effective databases to house information is impacting organizations worldwide and how some organizations that possess a vast amount of data are not able to use the data in an economic and efficient manner is demonstrated. A taxonomy for object-oriented databases, metrics for controlling database complexity, and a guide to accommodating hierarchies in relational databases are provided. Also covered is how to apply Java-triggers for X-Link management and how to build signatures."

Fantasy Literature

Author : Mark A. Fabrizi
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Fantasy literature, often derided as superficial and escapist, is one of the most popular and enduring genres of fiction worldwide. It is also—perhaps surprisingly—thought-provoking, structurally complex, and relevant to contemporary society, as the essays in this volume attest. The scholars, teachers, and authors represented here offer their perspectives on this engaging genre. Within these pages, a reader will find a wealth of ideas to help teachers use these texts in the classroom, challenging students to read fantasy with a critical eye. They employ interdisciplinary, philosophical, and religious lenses, as well as Marxist and feminist critical theory, to help students unlock texts. The books discussed include epic fantasy by such authors as Tolkien and Le Guin, children’s fantasy by Beatrix Potter and Saint-Exupéry, modern fantasy by Rowling and Martin, and even fairy tales and comic books. The contributors offer provocations, questioning the texts and pushing the boundaries of meaning within the fantasy genre. And in doing so, they challenge readers themselves to ponder these tales more deeply. But through each of these chapters runs a profound love of the genre and a respect for those who produce such beautiful and moving stories. Furthermore, as with all the books in this series, this volume is informed by the tenets of critical pedagogy, and is focused on re-envisioning fantasy literature through the lens of social justice and empowerment. Prepare to be challenged and inspired as you read these explorations of a much-loved genre.