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Little Farm in the Ozarks

Author : Roger Lea MacBride
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Its 1894 and Rose Wilder and her parents are settling into life in Missouri. Soon the school year will start, and Rose wonders if she will like her new classmates and teacher as much as she did in her old town?

Laura Ingalls Wilder Farm Journalist

Author : Stephen W. Hines
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Before Laura Ingalls Wilder found fame with her Little House books, she made a name for herself with short nonfiction pieces in magazines and newspapers. Read today, these pieces offer insight into her development as a writer and depict farm life in the Ozarks—and also show us a different Laura Ingalls Wilder from the woman we have come to know. This volume collects essays by Wilder that originally appeared in the Missouri Ruralist between 1911 and 1924. Building on the initial compilation of these articles under the title Little House in the Ozarks, this revised edition marks a more comprehensive collection by adding forty-two additional Ruralist articles and restoring passages previously omitted from other articles. Writing as “Mrs. A. J. Wilder” about modern life in the early twentieth-century Ozarks, Laura lends her advice to women of her generation on such timeless issues as how to be an equal partner with their husbands, how to support the new freedoms they’d won with the right to vote, and how to maintain important family values in their changing world. Yet she also discusses such practical matters as how to raise chickens, save time on household tasks, and set aside time to relax now and then. New articles in this edition include “Making the Best of Things,” “Economy in Egg Production,” and “Spic, Span, and Beauty.” “Magic in Plain Foods” reflects her cosmopolitanism and willingness to take advantage of new technologies, while “San Marino Is Small but Mighty” reveals her social-political philosophy and her interest in cooperation and community as well as in individualism and freedom. Mrs. Wilder was firmly committed to living in the present while finding much strength in the values of her past. A substantial introduction by Stephen W. Hines places the essays in their biographical and historical context, showing how these pieces present Wilder’s unique perspective on life and politics during the World War I era while commenting on the challenges of surviving and thriving in the rustic Ozark hill country. The former little girl from the little house was entering a new world and wrestling with such issues as motor cars and new “labor-saving” devices, but she still knew how to build a model small farm and how to get the most out of a dollar. Together, these essays lend more insight into Wilder than do even her novels and show that, while technology may have improved since she wrote them, the key to the good life hasn’t changed much in almost a century. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist distills the essence of her pioneer heritage and will delight fans of her later work as it sheds new light on a vanished era.

A Journal of the Seasons on an Ozark Farm

Author : Leonard Hall
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First published in 1956, Leonard Hall's affectionate chronicle of the round of the seasons on a working farm in the eastern Missouri Ozarks is now available in a quality paperback reprint. These beautifully written essays on country sights, sounds, customs, animals, and people will have great appeal to a new generation of readers who are discovering the joys of rural self-sufficiency. Older readers will rejoice at the opportunity to renew their acquaintance with Len and Ginnie Hall and their adventures on Possum Trot Farm. Hall, a naturalist and a newspaperman, describes such homely farm chores as dehorning a calf so clearly that one paragraph teaches just how the work is done. His accounts of the events that mark the changing seasons—migrating geese, budding trees, hunting, fishing, butchering, and simply walking through fields and woods—are remarkable for their unpretentious nostalgic beauty. “Leonard Hall is a mid-Twentieth Century Thoreau…There is nothing ponderous or pontifical in his writing. It is direct and clear as befits the surroundings in which he works and writes. When his musings lead him to express opinion about farm policy, or man's relation to the land, he doesn't labor the point but gives it to you short and sharp. It comes on you like a pepper-ball in a mouthful of the country sausage he temptingly describes.”—Chester C. Davis, foreword, first edition, Country Year

Farm Management in the Ozark Region of Missouri

Author : Harrison Morton Dixon
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A Boy from the Ozarks B W

Author : Otto Benton
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Small Farm Today

Author :
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Little Town in the Ozarks

Author : Roger Lea MacBride
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Moving to town with her parents when hard times befall Rocky Ridge Farm, young Rose Wilder is bewildered by the speeding trains, well-dressed town folk, and fast-paced lifestyle of town life and yearns for the beauty and peace of the farm. Simultaneous.

An American Adventure

Author : William Stearman
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A memoir of extraordinary scope, William Lloyd Stearman's reminiscences will attract those interested in early aviation, World War II in the Pacific, life as a diplomat behind the Iron Curtain, the Vietnam War, and the ins and outs of national security decision making in the White House. Stearman begins with a description of his childhood as the son of aviation pioneer Lloyd Stearman. He then covers his naval combat experiences in the Pacific War and later struggles as one of the Navy's youngest ship captains. Following graduate school, he moved to the front lines of the Cold War and writes about his life as a diplomat who negotiated with the Soviets, spent nine years in Berlin and Vienna, and was director of psychological operations against North Vietnam. His reflections on seventeen years with the National Security Council at the White House are of special interest.

Kimball s Dairy Farmer

Author :
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The Wisconsin Agriculturist

Author :
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Ozark County Heart Boyhood Memories of a Dora Missouri Farm

Author : Jr. Martin Capages
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The author's recollections of life on a Missouri Farm in the late1950s. The short saga of the transition of a career Marine Corps family to the cultural changes on a deeply rural, small, south central Missouri farm.

Out of the Ozarks

Author : William Nelson Ruggles
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Footprints from the City to the Farm

Author : George Martin Nathaniel Parker
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The Pastor s Helpmate

Author : Altha Murphy
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For shy little hillbilly Altha Murphy, it was a long journey from the Ozark foothills to serving in twenty-one churches during a forty-six-year period. In this memoir, The Pastor's Helpmate, Murphy shares her personal stories and anecdotes of what it was like to be the wife of a pastor who served in churches in the backwoods, small towns, and the inner city. Filled with poignant insights, Murphy illustrates how God has worked in her life. She expresses the doubts, fears, and perplexities she and her husband, Truett, experienced throughout their life with the church. The Pastor's Helpmate illustrates how she found comfort in the Bible and through relationships with parishioners, neighbors, family members, and students. She describes how her life was enriched by all of the people she met throughout the years. With honesty and humor, Murphy provides a peek into the day-to-day life of a pastor and his family. From good to bad, and sad to funny, The Pastor's Helpmate relates the joy gained from the lifetime bonds that were formed and the lessons learned during her long journey.

The Ozark Region Its History and Its People

Author :
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Ozarks Land and Life p

Author : Milton D. Rafferty
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"The Ozark Mountains reach into Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, forming a region with great natural beauty and a distinctive cultural and historical landscape. This comprehensive volume, a fully updated edition of a beloved classic, reaches into history, anthropology, economics, and geography to explore the complex relationships between the Ozarks' people and land through times of profound change. Drawing on more than thirty years of research, field observations, and interviews, Rafferty examines this subject matter through a range of topics: the settlement patterns and material cultures of Native Americans, French, Scotch-Irish, Germans, Italians, African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in the region; population growth; the guerrilla warfare and battles of the Civil War; the cultural transformations wrought by railroads, roads, mass media, and modern communication systems; the discovery, development, and decline of the great mining districts; the various forms of agriculture and the felling of the region's vast forests; and the built landscape, from log cabins to Victorian mansions to strip malls. This new edition also explores the new and potent forces which have reshaped the region over the last twenty years: tourism and the growing service industry, suburbanization, rapid population growth and retirement living, and agribusiness. Lavishly illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs, maps, and charts."--Publisher's description.

A Girl of the Ozarks

Author : Elizabeth Montgomery Summers
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A Daughter of the Ozarks

Author : Alanson Mason Haswell
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Ozark Pioneers

Author : Vickie Layton Cobb
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In the early 1800s, rugged and self-sufficient pioneers left their native homelands to tame the wild Ozark territory. These early settlers left their mark on history, as they settled Taney County, and became Missouri's first families. With family stories and photographs passed down from generation to generation, Ozark Pioneers shares the experiences of the first residents of the area. Family names such as Allen, Coggburn, Smith, Whorton, Layton, Bollinger, Brittain, and Rittenhouse appear throughout the history of Taney County, demonstrating the roots and growth of the wild Ozark territory. From the bloody days of battle in the Civil War, to the continuous fight against the outlaws in the Bald Knobber era, these pages detail the courage, hardships, and strength of theses founding families in an untamed land.

The Drummer Boy of the Ozarks

Author : W. S. Kirby
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