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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps Compressors and Systems

Author : Helmut Bannwarth
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Based on the very successful German editions, this English version has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the developments of the last years and the latest innovations in the field. Throughout, the author makes excellent use of real-life examples and highly praised didactics to disseminate his expert knowledge needed by vacuum technology users and engineers in their daily work at industrial plants, as consultants or in design offices. He covers in detail the most modern liquid ring pumps, with chapters dedicated to maintenance, explosion prevention and general procedures for safety at work with this technology. The whole is backed by a large repository of frequently needed technical data, unit conversions, formulae and current industrial, technical and legal norms without drawing on unnecessary complex or theoretical mathematics. The result is the ideal hands-on introduction to vacuum technology, ranging from fundamentals to in-depth expert knowledge on liquid-ring vacuum pumps.

Ludwig s Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

Author : A. Kayode Coker, PhD
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The fourth edition of Ludwig’s Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume Three is a core reference for chemical, plant, and process engineers and provides an unrivalled reference on methods, process fundamentals, and supporting design data. New to this edition are expanded chapters on heat transfer plus additional chapters focused on the design of shell and tube heat exchangers, double pipe heat exchangers and air coolers. Heat tracer requirements for pipelines and heat loss from insulated pipelines are covered in this new edition, along with batch heating and cooling of process fluids, process integration, and industrial reactors. The book also looks at the troubleshooting of process equipment and corrosion and metallurgy. Assists engineers in rapidly analyzing problems and finding effective design methods and mechanical specifications Definitive guide to the selection and design of various equipment types, including heat exchanger sizing and compressor sizing, with established design codes Batch heating and cooling of process fluids supported by Excel programs

Leak Free Pumps and Compressors Handbook

Author : G. Vetter
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A survey of leak-free centrifugal and positive displacement pumps -- Properties and design criteria for magnetic drives on pumps -- Zero-leakage pumps equipped with permanent magnetic drive -- Leak-free centrifugal pumps in plastic -- Canned-motor pumps : an important contribution to leakage-free operation -- Standardized chemical pump with canned motor in flameproof enclosures -- Canned motor and magnetic drive systems : a comparison -- Reciprocating metering pumps in leak-free design -- Leakage-free metering of fluids in fully automated processes -- Process diaphragm pumps -- Diaphragm compressors -- Liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors with magnetic drive -- Leak-proof Roots vacuum pumps.

Synthetics Mineral Oils and Bio Based Lubricants

Author : Leslie R. Rudnick
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Highlighting the major economic and industrial changes in the lubrication industry since the first edition, Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants, Second Edition outlines the state of the art in each major lubricant application area. Chapters cover trends in the major industries, such as the use of lubricant fluids, growth or decline of market areas and applications, potential new applications, production capacities, and regulatory issues, including biodegradability, toxicity, and food production equipment lubrication. In a single, unique volume, Synthetics, Mineral Oils, and Bio-Based Lubricants, Second Edition offers property and performance information of fluids, theoretical and practical background to their current applications, and strong indicators for global market trends that will influence the industry for years to come.

VACUUM SYSTEMS Mihir s Process Engineering Guidebook

Author : Mihir Patel
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This book outlines the normal process design procedure for definition of Vacuum Systems parameters along with guidelines and specific criteria for development of Vacuum Systems sizing by the Process Engineer. It covers the main features of the design of systems which utilize Vacuum. Similarly, effort has been taken to include salient points and information for knowledge augmentation and usage in engineering by the process engineers. This guidebook is same as Vol I Chapter 15 from Overall Handbook i.e. “Mihir’s Handbook of Chemical Process Engineering”. Full version can be purchased at

Cyber Physical Systems Design and Application for Industry 4 0

Author : Alla G. Kravets
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Managing Air Quality and Energy Systems

Author : Brian D. Fath
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Bringing together a wealth of knowledge, the Handbook of Environmental Management, Second Edition, gives a comprehensive overview of environmental problems, their sources, their assessment, and their solutions. Through in-depth entries, and a topical table of contents, readers will quickly find answers to questions about pollution and management issues. This six-volume set is a reimagining of the award-winning Encyclopedia of Environmental Management, published in 2013, and features insights from more than 500 contributors, all experts in their fields. The experience, evidence, methods, and models used in studying environmental management is presented here in six stand-alone volumes, arranged along the major environmental systems. Features of the new edition: The first handbook that demonstrates the key processes and provisions for enhancing environmental management. Addresses new and cutting -edge topics on ecosystem services, resilience, sustainability, food-energy-water nexus, socio-ecological systems and more. Provides an excellent basic knowledge on environmental systems, explains how these systems function and offers strategies on how to best manage them. Includes the most important problems and solutions facing environmental management today. In this second volume, Managing Air Quality and Energy Systems, the reader is introduced to the general concepts and processes of the atmosphere, with its related systems. This volume explains how these systems function and provides strategies on how to best manage them. It serves as an excellent resource for finding basic knowledge on the atmosphere, and includes important problems and solutions that environmental managers face today. This book practically demonstrates the key processes, methods, and models used in studying environmental management.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Author : W. Hakim Faragallah
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Very Good,No Highlights or Markup,all pages are intact.

Hermetic Pumps

Author : Robert Neumaier
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The development of hermetic (sealless) pumps over the last half century are traced and recent design innovations are described. The current state of the technology is analyzed. The design, performance, and application of hermetic centrifugal pumps and rotary displacement pumps are studied.

Geothermal Power Generation

Author : Ron DiPippo
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Geothermal Power Generation: Developments and Innovation provides an update to the advanced energy technologies that are urgently required to meet the challenges of economic development, climate change mitigation, and energy security. As geothermal resources are considered renewable and can be used to generate baseload electricity while producing very low levels of greenhouse gas emissions, they can play a key role in future energy needs. This book, edited by a highly respected expert, provides a comprehensive overview of the major aspects of geothermal power production. The chapters, contributed by specialists in their respective areas, cover resource discovery, resource characterization, energy conversion systems, and design and economic considerations. The final section provides a range of fascinating case studies from across the world, ranging from Larderello to Indonesia. Users will find this to be an essential text for research and development professionals and engineers in the geothermal energy industry, as well as postgraduate researchers in academia who are working on geothermal energy. Provides readers with a comprehensive and systematic overview of geothermal power generation Presents an update to the advanced energy technologies that are urgently required to meet the challenges of economic development, climate change mitigation, and energy security Edited by a world authority in the field, with chapters contributed by experts in their particular areas Includes comprehensive case studies from across the world, ranging from Larderello to Indonesia

Chemical Process Retrofitting and Revamping

Author : Gade Pandu Rangaiah
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The proposed book will be divided into three parts. The chapters in Part I provide an overview of certain aspect of process retrofitting. The focus of Part II is on computational techniques for solving process retrofit problems. Finally, Part III addresses retrofit applications from diverse process industries. Some chapters in the book are contributed by practitioners whereas others are from academia. Hence, the book includes both new developments from research and also practical considerations. Many chapters include examples with realistic data. All these feature make the book useful to industrial engineers, researchers and students.

A Practical Guide to Compressor Technology

Author : Heinz P. Bloch
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A Complete overview of theory, selection, design, operation, andmaintenance This text offers a thorough overview of the operatingcharacteristics, efficiencies, design features, troubleshooting,and maintenance of dynamic and positive displacement process gascompressors. The author examines a wide spectrum of compressorsused in heavy process industries, with an emphasis on improvingreliability and avoiding failure. Readers learn both the theoryunderlying compressors as well as the myriad day-to-day practicalissues and challenges that chemical engineers and plant operationpersonnel must address. The text features: Latest design and manufacturing details of dynamic and positivedisplacement process gas compressors Examination of the full range of machines available for theheavy process industries Thorough presentation of the arrangements, materialcomposition, and basic laws governing the design of all importantprocess gas compressors Guidance on selecting optimum compressor configurations,controls, components, and auxiliaries to maximize reliability Monitoring and performance analysis for optimal machinerycondition Systematic methods to avoid failure through the application offield-tested reliability enhancement concepts Fluid instability and externally pressurized bearings Reliability-driven asset management strategies forcompressors Upstream separator and filter issues The text's structure is carefully designed to build knowledgeand skills by starting with key principles and then moving to moreadvanced material. Hundreds of photos depicting various types ofcompressors, components, and processes are provided throughout. Compressors often represent a multi-million dollar investmentfor such applications as petrochemical processing and refining,refrigeration, pipeline transport, and turbochargers andsuperchargers for internal combustion engines. This text enablesthe broad range of engineers and plant managers who work with thesecompressors to make the most of the investment by leading them tothe best decisions for selecting, operating, upgrading,maintaining, and troubleshooting.

Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems

Author : CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety)
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In recent years, process safety management system compliance audits have revealed that organizations often have significant opportunities for improving their Mechanical Integrity programs. As part of the Center for Chemical Process Safety's Guidelines series, Guidelines for Mechanical Integrity Systems provides practitioners a basic familiarity of mechanical integrity concepts and best practices. The book recommends efficient approaches for establishing a successful MI program.

Pumps and Compressors

Author : Marc Borremans
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A practical guide to the majority of pumps and compressors used in engineering applications Pumps and compressors are ubiquitous in industry, used in manufacturing, processing and chemical plant, HVAC installations, aerospace propulsion systems, medical applications, and everywhere else where there is a need to pump liquids, or circulate or compress gasses. This well-illustrated handbook covers the basic function, performance, and applications for the most widely used pump and compressor types available on the market today. It explains how each device operates and includes the governing mathematics needed to calculate device performance such as flow rates and compression. Additionally, real-world issues such as cavitation, and priming are covered. Pumps & Compressors is divided into two sections, each of which offers a notation of variables and an introduction. The Pumps section covers piston pumps, radial turbopumps, axial turbopumps, rotating pumps, hydraulic pumps, and pumps with driving flow. The Compressors section covers piston compressors, rotating compressors, turbo compressors, ejectors, vacuum pumps, and compressors for cooling purposes. A virtual encyclopedia of all pumps and compressors that describes the mechanics of all devices and the theory, mathematics, and formulas governing their function Allows the reader to develop the skills needed to confidently select the appropriate pump or compressor type and specification for their applications Pumps & Compressors is an excellent text for courses on pumps and compressors, as well as a valuable reference for professional engineers and laymen seeking knowledge on the topic.

Encyclopedia of Environmental Management Four Volume Set

Author : Sven Erik Jorgensen
File Size : 65.58 MB
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Winner of an Outstanding Academic Title Award from CHOICE Magazine Encyclopedia of Environmental Management gives a comprehensive overview of environmental problems, their sources, their assessment, and their solutions. Through in-depth entries and a topical table of contents, readers will quickly find answers to questions about specific pollution and management issues. Edited by the esteemed Sven Erik Jørgensen and an advisory board of renowned specialists, this four-volume set shares insights from more than 500 contributors—all experts in their fields. The encyclopedia provides basic knowledge for an integrated and ecologically sound management system. Nearly 400 alphabetical entries cover everything from air, soil, and water pollution to agriculture, energy, global pollution, toxic substances, and general pollution problems. Using a topical table of contents, readers can also search for entries according to the type of problem and the methodology. This allows readers to see the overall picture at a glance and find answers to the core questions: What is the pollution problem, and what are its sources? What is the "big picture," or what background knowledge do we need? How can we diagnose the problem, both qualitatively and quantitatively, using monitoring and ecological models, indicators, and services? How can we solve the problem with environmental technology, ecotechnology, cleaner technology, and environmental legislation? How do we address the problem as part of an integrated management strategy? This accessible encyclopedia examines the entire spectrum of tools available for environmental management. An indispensable resource, it guides environmental managers to find the best possible solutions to the myriad pollution problems they face. Also Available Online This Taylor & Francis encyclopedia is also available through online subscription, offering a variety of extra benefits for researchers, students, and librarians, including: Citation tracking and alerts Active reference linking Saved searches and marked lists HTML and PDF format options Contact us to inquire about subscription options and print/online combination packages. US: (Tel) 1.888.318.2367 / (email) [email protected] International: (Tel) +44 (0) 20 7017 6062 / (email) [email protected]

Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants Volume 1

Author : Ernest E. Ludwig
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This expanded edition introduces new design methods and is packed with examples, design charts, tables, and performance diagrams to add to the practical understanding of how selected equipment can be expected to perform in the process situation. A major addition is the comprehensive chapter on process safety design considerations, ranging from new devices and components to updated venting requirements for low-pressure storage tanks to the latest NFPA methods for sizing rupture disks and bursting panels, and more. *Completely revised and updated throughout *The definative guide for process engineers and designers *Covers a complete range of basic day-to-day operation topics

Process Plant Equipment

Author : Michael D. Holloway
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“Process Plant Equipment Book is another greatpublication from Wiley as a reference book for final year studentsas well as those who will work or are working in chemicalproduction plants and refinery…” -Associate Prof.Dr. Ramli Mat, Deputy Dean (Academic), Faculty of ChemicalEngineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia “…give[s] readers access to both fundamentalinformation on process plant equipment and to practical ideas, bestpractices and experiences of highly successful engineers fromaround the world… The book is illustrated throughout withnumerous black & white photos and diagrams and also containscase studies demonstrating how actual process plants haveimplemented the tools and techniques discussed in the book. Anextensive list of references enables readers to explore eachindividual topic in greater depth…”–Stainless Steel World and Valve World, November 2012 Discover how to optimize process plant equipment, fromselection to operation to troubleshooting From energy to pharmaceuticals to food, the world depends onprocessing plants to manufacture the products that enable people tosurvive and flourish. With this book as their guide, readers havethe information and practical guidelines needed to select, operate,maintain, control, and troubleshoot process plant equipment so thatit is efficient, cost-effective, and reliable throughout itslifetime. Following the authors' careful explanations andinstructions, readers will find that they are better able to reducedowntime and unscheduled shutdowns, streamline operations, andmaximize the service life of processing equipment. Process Plant Equipment: Operation, Control, andReliability is divided into three sections: Section One: Process Equipment Operations covers suchkey equipment as valves, pumps, cooling towers, conveyors, andstorage tanks Section Two: Process Plant Reliability sets forth avariety of tested and proven tools and methods to assess and ensurethe reliability and mechanical integrity of process equipment,including failure analysis, Fitness-for-Service assessment,engineering economics for chemical processes, and process componentfunction and performance criteria Section Three: Process Measurement, Control, andModeling examines flow meters, process control, and processmodeling and simulation Throughout the book, numerous photos and diagrams illustrate theoperation and control of key process equipment. There are also casestudies demonstrating how actual process plants have implementedthe tools and techniques discussed in the book. At the end of eachchapter, an extensive list of references enables readers to exploreeach individual topic in greater depth. In summary, this text offers students, process engineers, andplant managers the expertise and technical support needed tostreamline and optimize the operation of process plant equipment,from its initial selection to operations to troubleshooting.

Vacuum Technology in the Chemical Industry

Author : Wolfgang Jorisch
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Based on the very successful German edition and a seminar held by the German Engineers` Association (VDI) on a regular basis for years now, this English edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the latest developments. It supplies in particular the special aspects of vacuum technology, applied vacuum pump types and vacuum engineering in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industry application-segments. The text includes chapters dedicated to latest European regulations for operating in hazardous zones with vacuum systems, methods for process pressure control and regulation and leak detection. All of the authors work or did work at a selection of the most important German companies involved in vacuum technology, and their expertise is disseminated here for engineers working in vacuum technology, chemical process design, plant operation, and mechanical engineering.

Process Technology Equipment and Systems

Author : Charles E. Thomas
File Size : 36.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Developed by the recognized authority in the field, PROCESS TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS, 4e introduces you to the concepts and techniques used in today's most sophisticated manufacturing facilities. This book delivers technical accuracy along with an engaging writing style, and supports readings with full-color graphics and photos that show how systems and equipment operate in the real world. Chapters explore the workings of valves, vessels, and piping; pumps and compressors; motors and turbines; heat exchangers, cooling towers, boilers, and furnaces; reactors and distillation; extraction and separation systems; process instrumentation; and much more. Upholding the tradition of excellence established by the first two editions, PROCESS TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT AND SYSTEMS, 4e can help launch your career as a process technology technician! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers and Thomas Register Catalog File

Author :
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Vols. for 1970-71 includes manufacturers' catalogs.