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Linguistic Behaviour

Author : Jonathan Bennett
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A reprint of the Cambridge University Press edition of 1976, with new introduction by the author.

Theories for Explaining Linguistic Behaviour in Gender Interaction

Author : Jan H. Hauptmann
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Essay from the year 2006 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Linguistics, grade: 1,3, Queen's University Belfast (School of English), course: Sociolinguistics, 10 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Already in the 1960s and 70s have feminist linguistics started to examine language on the basis of gender questions. Numerous works focused on the problem whether women are discriminated through a more powerful “male” language use and how sexist language might be avoided. Within the subject, several different theories arose. This essay will at first demonstrate the development process of two main theories dealing with gender and language (the so called dominance and the difference-theory) and afterwards assess their adequacy in explaining linguistic behaviour in gender interaction. In 1973, Robin LAKOFF, a feminist linguist at the University of California, laid the foundations for a methodical and academic research on the subject of women’s language. Her most important works Language and Woman’s Place and Women’s Language threw light upon the possibility of discrimination through language use. A very important example for such a case might be LAKOFF’s observation of the way how women see themselves and which role they are holding within the American society. Thus, LAKOFF does not only examine the specific language used by women, but also the language used about women . Since language is guided by our thoughts, she considers it to be a mirror of the speaker’s subconsciousness . In order to investigate this phenomenon more closely, LAKOFF scrutinized her own expressions as well as expressions of friends and acquaintances. Furthermore, she analysed conversations in the television programme. As the field of this small study was very restricted, no universality is claimed for its results , but as an outcome, several criteria are established that are seen as typical for women’s language. These standards are as follows:

Aspects of Linguistic Behaviour

Author : M. W. Sugathapala De Silva
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Brain Behaviour Interfaces in Linguistic Communication

Author : Yury Y. Shtyrov
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The Grammatical Thought and Linguistic Behaviour of Juan de Vald s

Author : Kormi Anipa
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Linguistic Behaviour

Author : Jonathan Francis Bennett
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First published in 1976, this book presents a view of language as a matter of systematic communicative behaviour. Professor Bennett discusses the problems involved in topics such as teleology, belief and intention, form and content, meaning, convention, and syntactic structure, whilst underlining the importance of behaviour in both human and non-human forms of communication. For the major points of reference in Bennett's discussions, a select bibliography is included, which roots his thesis in a broader corpus of linguistic and philosophical study. This book will be of interest to the student and scholar as well as to the general enthusiast of the philosophy of language.

An Introduction to the Psychology of Language PLE Psycholinguistics

Author : Peter Herriot
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Originally published in 1970, this was Peter Herriot’s first book. In this objective, critical evaluation of a rapidly expanding field, Professor Herriot examines language as skilled behaviour, generative linguistics and psychology, behaviourist approaches to meaning, language acquisition and impairment, and language and thought. He stresses throughout the necessity for empirical research and for experimental verification of hypotheses; he also feels that language behaviour should be analysed in a comprehensive form, placing emphasis not only on structural aspects but also on the importance of meaning and context to any account of language. Today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

The Linguistics of Speech

Author : William A. Kretzschmar
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This insightful study proposes a unified theory of speech through which conflicting ideas about language might be understood. It is founded on a number of key points, such as the continuum of linguistic behaviour, extensive variation in language features, the importance of regional and social proximity to shared linguistic production, and differential frequency as a key factor in linguistic production both in regional and social groups and in text corpora. The study shows how this new linguistics of speech does not reject rules in favour of language use, or reject language use in favour of rules; rather, it shows how rules can come from language as people use it. Written in a clear, engaging style and containing invaluably accessible introductions to complex theoretical concepts, this work will be of great interest to students and scholars of sociolinguistics, dialectology and corpus linguistics.

Aspects of linguistic behaviour

Author :
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Linguistic Culture and Language Policy

Author : Harold F. Schiffman
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By looking closely at the multilingual democracies of India, France and the USA, Harold F. Schiffman examines how language policy is primarily a social construct based on belief systems, attitudes and myths. Linguistic Culture and Language Policy exposes language policy as culture-specific, helping us to understand why language policies evolve the way they do; why they work, or not; and how people's lives are affected by them. These issues will be of specific interest to linguists specialising in multilingual/multicultural societies, bilingual educationalists, curriculum planners and teachers.

Teaching English Through Integrated Education in Lower Primary School

Author : Anna Parr-Modrzejewska
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This book is a voice in the ongoing discussion on the communicative nature and consequences of content and language integrated learning (CLIL). The innovative character of the present study rests upon its context on the one hand, and its perspective on the other. The numerous accounts available in international research literature on this topic typically concern naturally bilingual educational contexts, and focus on the effects of CLIL on the levels of subject knowledge attainment or improvement of second language skills (e.g. Várkuti, 2010; Pessoa, 2007; Jäppinen, 2005). The present study was designed as a comprehensive research into the effects of CLIL in the context of English as a foreign language teaching at lower primary level. Outside the naturally bilingual educational context, cross-curricular instruction is practiced at the level of secondary education but it is hardly ever present in primary school, and even more rarely in the lower primary classroom. Therefore, the author aims to fill the existing gap in literature on the subject in this particular context.The book attempts to provide a thorough qualitative and quantitative analysis offering a wider perspective on the nature and consequences of CLIL methodology on lower primary students' linguistic behavior and executive control. The former aspect is described and discussed on the examples of real language use in the classroom that is rich in multiple code switches characteristic for naturally bilingual contexts. The latter, being a psycholinguistic feature, was measured by means of a Stroop test and subjected to a statistical analysis. Executive control was measured through reaction times in conflict conditions against a control group. The discussion following the description of a longitudinal study led to a conclusion that, over time, young learners have developed a cognitive flexibility and inhibition control as a result of constant voluntary code-switching, displaying conscious control over selective inhibition of competing lexemes. The results suggest a considerable advantage of CLIL at lower primary level in EFL educational contexts.

Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries

Author : Ar?n Bayraktaro?lu
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This volume includes 14 papers investigating politeness phenomena in Greece and Turkey, the cultural cross-roads of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It reflects current research and provides observations of and findings in patterns of linguistic politeness in a geographical area other than the much studied English speaking ones. The book appeals to professionals and students interested in a broader perspective of language use in its social context.Articles in the collection are empirically rather than theoretically oriented and examine realisations of politeness in relation to social parameters. The chapters have been arranged in pairs (Greek/Turkish), treating the following related issues: firstly a more general ethnographic picture of the two societies, the variables of power/status in classroom and other interaction, solidarity in advice-giving and the use of approbatory expressions, service encounters and the differential use of language by males and females, the use of interruptions in television talk, and finally compliments.

Language and Age Changes in linguistic behavior the transition from childhood to adolescence

Author : Eva Daub
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Seminar paper from the year 2001 in the subject American Studies - Linguistics, grade: 2 (B), University of Bonn (Rhein. Friedrich-Wilhelms-University, Bonn), course: Proseminar, 11 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Language is one of the most powerful emblems of social behavior. In the normal transfer of information through language, we use language to send vital social messages about who we are, where we come from, and who we associate with. Since the 1960s, a number of sociolinguistic studies have been carried out to reveal the significance of the interplay between language variation and language change and the effects of social factors on the language of different speaker groups within a speech community. Regional variation and variation due to social class and gender differences have been much discussed in those studies. To a lesser extent sociolinguists have focused on age, ethnicity and networks as social factors. In the following, I will try to describe such differences and the effects of age on the language of speaker groups, namely children and adolescents. I will deal with the linguistic characteristics of both age groups as a steady and continuous development rather than comparing both stages of life with each other. [...]

The Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive Linguistics

Author : Jeannette Littlemore
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The Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive Linguistics is a comprehensive and accessible reference resource to research in contemporary cognitive linguistics. Written by leading figures in the field, the volume provides readers with an authoritative overview of methods and current research topics and future directions. The volume covers all the most important issues, concepts, movements and approaches in the field. It devotes space to looking specifically at the major figures and their contributions. It is a complete resource for postgraduate students and researchers working within cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics and those interested more generally in language and cognition.

Standardization Ideology and Linguistics

Author : N. Armstrong
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The authors explore some of the ways in which standardization, ideology and linguistics are interrelated. Through a number of case studies they show how concepts such as grammaticality and structural change covertly rely on a false conceptualization of language, one that derives ultimately from standardization.

Linguistic Landscape in the City

Author : Elana Goldberg Shohamy
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Elana Shohamy is a professor and chair of the language education program at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University, where she teaches, researches and writes about multiple issues relating to multilingualism: language policy, language testing and language in the public space. --

A Linguistic Description and Computer Program for Children s Speech RLE Linguistics C

Author : Geoffrey J. Turner
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This book presents a framework for the linguistic analysis of speech and a computer program to process the results of this analysis. The model of description for the linguistic analysis is that known as ‘scale-and-category’ grammar. It is particularly suited for a study of how people use their language, and especially for a sociologically-oriented study of linguistic behaviour. By incorporating a concept of ‘delicacy’, it enables the investigator to vary, according to his particular interests, the amount of detail he enters into at various points in the description. The present authors have made use of this facility and discuss the special interests, sociological and psychological, that influenced their choice of detail. The computer program analyzes the grammatical structures written in a linear notation. A second version has been written which allows easy modification to handle a variety of grammatical schemes, and the program has application to the processing of the analysis of sequential behaviour in general, especially where there are complex relations between the units analyzed.

Bertrand Russell Language and Linguistic Theory

Author : Keith Green
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Although there has been a significant revival in interest in Bertrand Russell's work in recent years, most professional philosophers would still argue that Russell was not interested in language. Here, in the first full-length study of Russell's work on language throughout his long career, Keith Green shows that this is in fact not the case. In examining Russell's work, particularly from 1900 to 1950, Green exposes a repeated emphasis on, and turn to, linguistic considerations. Green considers how 'linguistics' and 'philosophy' were struggling in the twentieth century to define themselves and to create appropriate contemporary disciplines. They had much in common during certain periods, yet seemed to continue in almost total ignorance of one another. This negative relation has been noted in the past by Roy Harris, whose work provides some of the inspiration for the present book. Taking those two aspects, Green's aim here is to provide the first full-length consideration of Russell's varied work in language, and to read it in the context of developing contemporary (i.e. with Russell's work) linguistic theory. The main aims of this important new book, in focusing exclusively on Russell's work on language throughout his career, are to place Russell within the changing contexts of contemporary linguistic thought; to read Russell's language-theories against the grain of his own linguistic practice; to assess the relationship between linguistic and philosophical thought during Russell's career, and to reassess his place in the history of linguistic thought in the twentieth century. As such, this fascinating study will make a vital contribution to Russell studies and to the study of the relationship between philosophy and linguistics.

Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking

Author : Distinguished Professor of Folklore and Anthropology Richard Bauman
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Classic case studies surveying the use, role and function of language and speech in social life.

Linguistic Behaviour

Author : Jonathan Francis Bennett
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