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Ten Thousand Light years from Home

Author : James Tiptree
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Ten Thousand Light Years From Home

Author : James Tiptree Jr.
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'Unquestionably one of the brightest-burning talents in the constellation of science fiction' The New York Times Written under the pseudonym James Tiptree Jr., the pioneering and outlandish tales of Alice B. Sheldon are some of the greatest science fiction short stories of the twentieth century, telling of dystopian chases, alien sex and the loneliness of the universe. 'What her work brought to the genre was a blend of lyricism and inventiveness, as if some poet had rewritten a number of clever SF standards and then passed them on to a psychoanalyst' Brian Aldiss 'Feminist dystopian fiction owes just as much to this woman - who wrote as a man - as Margaret Atwood' Vox

200 Billion Light Years from Home

Author : Barry Klemm
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Sixteen very diverse people from entirely different time zones simultaneously collapse in a coma and wake up in a featureless dome, that can make itself transparent when it wishes. They are on a highlights tour of the known universe, beyond the last days of planet Earth, beyond the Milky Way, heading, as we all are, for the end of the universe. And when they get there, they are going to stop it from happening.

Eight and a Half Light Years from Home

Author : David White
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Eight and a Half Light Years from Home By: David White A spaceship with corrupted software crashes on a cold February evening in front of a Coast Guard helicopter. Immediately, the incident is reported to the Secretary of Defense who orders the craft and beings on board to be transported to Area 51 by a NASA exo-biologist roused from his sleep in the middle of the night. “I became an exo-biologist because there were so few exos that nobody could prove me wrong.” The exo-biologist and the aliens discuss human oddities for eight and a half light years, before their software is corrected. They leave, only to return to obtain a nuclear weapon to destroy the hated Mouse people.

10 000 Light years from Home

Author : James Tiptree
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The Light Years

Author : Chris Rush
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Lambda Literary Award Finalist | A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice Named a best book of 2019 by Parade The Light Years is a joyous and defiant coming-of-age memoir set during one of the most turbulent times in American history "This stunningly beautiful, original memoir is driven by a search for the divine, a quest that leads Rush into some dangerous places . . . The Light Years is funny, harrowing, and deeply tender." —Kate Tuttle, The L.A. Times "Rush is a fantastically vivid writer, whether he’s remembering a New Jersey of 'meatballs and Windex and hairspray' or the dappled, dangerous beauty of Northern California, where 'rock stars lurked like lemurs in the trees.' Read if you loved... Just Kids by Patti Smith." —Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly “As mythic and wild with love, possibility, and danger as the decades it spans, you’ll read The Light Years with your breath held. Brutal, buoyant and wise to the tender terror of growing up, Chris Rush has written a timeless memoir of boyhood in the American wilderness.” —Emma Cline, author of The Girls Chris Rush was born into a prosperous, fiercely Roman Catholic, New Jersey family. But underneath the gleaming mid-century house, the flawless hostess mom, and the thriving businessman dad ran an unspoken tension that, amid the upheaval of the late 1960s, was destined to fracture their precarious facade. His older sister Donna introduces him to the charismatic Valentine, who places a tab of acid on twelve-year-old Rush’s tongue, proclaiming: “This is sacrament. You are one of us now.” After an unceremonious ejection from an experimental art school, Rush heads to Tucson to make a major drug purchase and, still barely a teenager, disappears into the nascent American counterculture. Stitching together a ragged assemblage of lowlifes, prophets, and fellow wanderers, he seeks kinship in the communes of the west. His adolescence is spent looking for knowledge, for the divine, for home. Given what Rush confronts on his travels—from ordinary heartbreak to unimaginable violence—it is a miracle he is still alive. The Light Years is a prayer for vanished friends, an odyssey signposted with broken and extraordinary people. It transcends one boy’s story to perfectly illustrate the slow slide from the optimism of the 1960s into the darker and more sinister 1970s. This is a riveting, heart-stopping journey of discovery and reconciliation, as Rush faces his lost childhood and, finally, himself.

Ten Thousand Light Years from Home

Author : James Tiptree (Jr.)
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Light Years from Tranquility

Author : Frank Lewandowski
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In the distant future an enemy of Mankind is destroying space colonies, causing human expansion among the stars to come to a halt. Unaware these events have been taking place, Starship Captain Erik Houston is en route back to headquarters. He can't stop thinking about Zama, a female Believer from his last mission. A shocking discovery aboard his ship causes him to question her motives. Despite his concerns he seeks to get reassigned to her planet. Instead, his superiors send his crew and he on a high-risk mission to a star system where two rival species are about to go to war. Some highly improbable events unfold that seem meant to be, almost as if an unseen hand were guiding things. First Officer Fred Montoya, a religious skeptic, begins to feel his long-held views may be wrong. Perhaps there is a God after all. The story offers adventure and a romance that transcends time and space. Light Years from Tranquility is the sequel to Lewandowski's previous novel, Light Years from Paradise.

Light Years

Author : Tammar Stein
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He went to school to learn how to kill me. The Israeli girl who ruined his life. Seven people were killed instead. A single mother of two. A computer programmer. Two college students. A grandmother and her four-year-old grandson sharing an ice cream. And Dov, my boyfriend, my heart, the man I wanted to marry, who was there waiting for me. Maya leaves Israel to study astronomy at the University of Virginia, running from the violence, guilt, and memories of her past. As the narrative switches between Virginia and Israel, we learn about Maya’s life as a soldier, her ambiguous devotion to Israel, and her love for her boyfriend, Dov, who is tragically killed in a suicide bombing. Now, in Virginia, amid the day-to-day pressures of classes, roommates, and fraternity parties, Maya attempts to reconcile her Israeli past with her American future.

The Light Years

Author : Elizabeth Jane Howard
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Elegantly constructed and told with exceptional grace, The Light Years is a modern classic of twentieth-century English life and is the first novel in Elizabeth Jane Howard's extraordinary, bestselling family saga The Cazalet Chronicles. Every summer, the Cazalet brothers – Hugh, Edward and Rupert – return to the family home in the heart of the Sussex countryside with their wives and children. There, they are joined by their parents and unmarried sister Rachel to enjoy two blissful months of picnics, games, and excursions to the coast. But despite the idyllic setting, nothing can be done to soothe the siblings’ heartache: Hugh is haunted by the ravages of the Great War, Edward is torn between his wife and his latest infidelity, and Rupert is in turmoil over his inability to please his demanding wife. Meanwhile, Rachel risks losing her only chance at happiness because of her unflinching loyalty to the family. With cover artwork exclusively designed by artist Luke Edward Hall, this will be an edition to treasure. The Light Years is followed by Marking Time, the second book in the series. 'Charming, poignant and quite irresistible . . . to be cherished and shared' – Times

Light Years

Author : Maggie Gee
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Lottie Lucas is the luckiest person she knows. She has looks, money, three houses and a teenage son she adores … So why is her husband Harold walking out on her? Light Years is also about zoos and the zodiac; the seasons and the stars; and how humans see the natural world. It is a novel about the possibilities of happiness, a surprising and beautiful contemporary love story. ‘In the tradition of the best romantic comedy.’ The Observer ‘Sublimely funny and infinitely subtle, Light Years is pure delight.’ Daily Telegraph ‘Energetic and beguiling.’ Sunday Telegraph 'This is so fine a novel, because so completely a planned and crafted one.' Times Literary Supplement

The Light Years

Author : R.W.W. Greene
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A long-lost battleship and an arranged marriage may hold the key to faster-than-light travel and humanity’s future in R.W.W. Greene’s debut The Light Years Hisako Saski was born with her life already mapped out. In exchange for an education, better housing for her family, and a boost out of poverty, she’s been contracted into an arranged marriage to Adem Sadiq, a maintenance engineer and amateur musician who works and lives aboard his family's sub-light freighter, the Hajj. Hisako is not happy with the deal. The arcane branch of physics it requires her to study broke off a thousand years before, and she is not keen on the idea of giving up everything she knows to marry a stranger and move onto an aging spaceship. Onboard the Hajj, Hisako soon learns her dilemmas are overshadowed by the discovery of ancient secrets, a derelict warship, and a chance at giving the survivors of Earth a fresh start. File Under: Science Fiction [ E=mc2 | Happy wife, Happy life | Marital Bliss | Light Years Away ]

Three Light Years

Author : Andrea Canobbio
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Cecilia and Claudio are doctors are the same hospital. They eat lunch together almost every day; they talk, sometimes even share secrets. Each is enmeshed in a complicated, painful relationship that has technically ended but isn't really over: she is newly separated, with two small children; he's stuck in the apartment building where he grew up, where his senile mother, not to mention his ex-wife and her new family, all still live. Cecilia and Claudio are attracted to each other: magnetically, powerfully. But life has taught them to treat that attraction with suspicion. Then a chance encounter between Claudio and Cecilia's sister, Silvia, shifts the precarious balance of the relationship between the two colleagues. Claudio begins to recognize the damage caused by his wary stance toward everything around him. He has hidden a hunger for life and experience beneath a veneer of apathy, a mask that also conceals a deep well of anguish. And just when Cecilia comes to the realization that she loves Claudio and is ready to commit to a genuine relationship, fate steps in once again.

The Light Years Beneath My Feet

Author : Alan Dean Foster
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Abducted by aliens to be sold as pets in a more civilized part of the galaxy, earthlings Marcus Walker and a scruffy dog named George (speech-enhanced to increase his market value) have managed to escape their captors. Walker loves being humankind's first galactic traveller - until he remembers he hasn't a clue where his home is or how to get there. So the erstwhile commodities broker becomes a chef, whipping up delicacies for demanding alien palates. Of course he never imagined that the way back to Chicago would involve swapping his easy-living adopted planet for an all-out, age-old war many parsecs away. But hey, it's all for a good cause, h has George and their two fellow escapees for company, and what else is there to do, besides avoid nasty aliens? Plenty, it turns out.

1 001 Lightyears Entertainments

Author : David Loeff
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Thousands of years after humanity colonized other worlds, only seven of those have allied as the Galactic Commonwealth. These seven, self-styled, enlightened worlds set themselves apart from hundreds of so-called barbarian worlds. While the worlds of the Commonwealth have access to superior technology, its literature has become formulaic and tame. Much of the folklore told on the known barbarian worlds, and by the starfarers who travel between them, has roots in an ancient Earth literature, once known as the Arabian Nights Entertainments. A sampling of the coarse and unsophisticated, yet less predictable and bland, literature and folklore of the barbarian worlds is presented here as 1,001 Lightyears Entertainments. Contents: In the Bag Life Changing Encounters A Girl of Gloune The Dog's Golden Dish The Beauty with Incredible Feet Hafwen's Tale The War of Men and Jinn Hafwen Concludes her Tale The Collector Nouredan and Nesjella Before the Cock Crows The Bard Who Kept His Head New Directions

Light Years Away

Author : SudhirK Routray
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Light Years Away covers the wonderful things of our universe and the possibilities beyond our visible range. As the name suggests most of the subject matters of the book are of distant objects like our neighbouring stars, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, galaxy clusters and superclusters. In the final chapters the possibilities beyond the observable limit and beyond our universe have been looked at carefully. But the facts of solar system and earth have not been ignored. The whole view of the creation has been presented in a lucid format. The basic questions that we encounter like, where is the end (boundary) of the universe, what can be the nature of the extra universal things, is light the fastest; why we are unable to explain the universe etc have been addressed in a scientific and logical but unsophisticated way. Of course some back ground in the subjects like physics and astronomy can help in the better understanding into the matter. But for any enthusiast of space and cosmos irrespective of the back ground and age Light Years Away will be a satisfactory text.

Light Years from Home

Author : Mike Chen
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Light Years from Home by Mike Chen will be available Jan 25, 2022. Preorder your copy today!

Project Light Years to Heaven

Author : Werner Blignaut
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This story is about an adventure with suspense filled with romance and laughter that also has a bit of science fiction, but not to graphic. David is an only child with an artist for a mom, who passed away years ago, and a scientist for a dad that won two Nobel prizes for his technology discovery and designs. David's dad past away mysteriously when David was in his last days of graduating from university, with a PHD like his dad. Attending his dad's funeral and came home to an empty house was a difficult time for him finding himself followed by government people everywhere he goes. He found romance and love all together with hidden secrets his dad left behind. Uncovering the truth about his dad's life and sudden death and the amazing secrets he dad kept from him, sharing and experiencing it all with his new love Melissa, who was his old school friend. All through this adventure David is pursued with questions, revealed secrets, amazing discoveries, uncovering the truth and the government and finding true love.

Light Years Await

Author : Rudy J. Gerber
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What it was like to be a lawyer judge and academic in the last half of the 1900s.

Light Years

Author : Brian Clegg
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The fully updated 2nd edition of this critically acclaimed book covers the exciting developments in light science of the past five years. Light Years is an engaging survey of everything we know of the universe's most enigmatic phenomenon and the remarkable people who have been captivated by it.