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Racial Adjustments in the Methodist Episcopal Church

Author : John Hamilton Reed
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Great Men and Great Movements

Author : Charles Betts Galloway
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The Christian Educator

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Less Than Conquerors

Author : Doug Frank
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Although evangelicals enjoyed repect and leadership in American society in the decades before the Civil War, their fortunes declined precipitately in the wake of the industrialism, modernism, and secularism of the next half-century. But the 1920s evangelicals felt like an embattled minority within a largely unbelieving culture, and perceived that history was very much out of their control. Frank examines the spiritual significance of these events by placing them against a biblical understanding of the gospel. He sees in the confidence and self congratulation of the turn-of-the-century evangelicals a protrait of the spiritually rich of the Bible who must lose their riches before they can come to know God truly. Harmful uses of the gospel are explored through dispensational premillenialism, the 'victorious life' theology, and the revivalism of Billy Sunday. Altogether, Less Than Conquerors is a call to replace the blurred and self-serving gospel of a besieged subculture with the genuine gospel of Jesus Christ.

Friends Weekly Intelligencer

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The Friend

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The Gospel of Leadership

Author : Ryan Krupa
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This book is an odyssey into the truth of leadership’s nature and essence. Written for aspiring leaders, teachers of leaders, and followers, the aim is to practice awakening a leader’s potential. The book mirrors and reflects the inner nature of the leadership journey. It is written in a contemplative style and uses dialogue to exercise a leader’s will, intelligence, and spirit. The techniques taught in these chapters are dialogue, meditation, and contemplation. The author seeks to teach leaders how to exercise the power of will and the power of intelligence to make the kinetic chain of knowing, willing, and acting morally and intellectually strong. Reading this book serves as a leadership development exercise. This book is a teaching tool designed to demystify what takes place in the interior nature of a leader. It examines a leader’s soul, as it is exercised and strengthened in preparation for the cardinal act of leading, and it analyzes the act of making practical judgments, an act that demands the cultivation of a discerning mind to see and know the truth to be acted upon. Based on a true story, these chapters are a reflection on the formation of a leader and a realization of twenty years of research. The author studies the question: What does it take to develop a leader? Deliberations on eight years of guiding leaders on moral and intellectual quests in search of true freedom are revealed.

The Church and the Left

Author : Adam Michnik
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Helps explain the powerful coalition between the Catholic Church and the dissident Left in the Polish revolutionary movement, and describes the unique makeup and direction of the Polish social revolution. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

The Friend Or Advocate of Truth

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Beacon Lights of Christian History

Author : Albert Walkley
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